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  1. more of softcore kind of mind. pornhub is fucking terrible. tumblr went downhill into a fire. and youtube is out here shadow banning fat fetish related content in multiple ways. you watch a video of some woman being fat and then get recommend black head, skin care , and children's toy videos for some dumb fucking reason. it's almost as if...almost like...youtube is playing a passive aggressive game of psychology warfare. like they want to stamp out the horny with out outright banning people so they throttle the shit out if their search and recommend videos experiences. my mind is to soft core oriented and uninspired to care about "le epic hot sexy spicy sex film videos online for free that's porn that is also sexy" not a fan of the way social media is going these days 😔🤙
  2. i grew up a religious lad and was raised to not be a dick head. family wasn't to in depth with living moral life, but my parents just wanted all the kids to be a right path. i often saw depiction of a young pre teen with a model poster in their room as tacky and in bad taste. i never took the "those immoral sinners" route i just never liked overly sexualized women in media. i just never clicked with why people would want that. then i saw queen latifah in bringing down the house and i was like "fucking ohh, i'm just different then. ight" i would often just straight up browse videos of fat women on youtube...for like hours...so much so that a internet explorer pop up ad generated a plus size dating site once while randomly while was showing a video to my brother in later years... and that's how i learned about user data being used for marketing when i younger...i also member discovering a fat krystal from starfox on google images and discovering the realm of fat fetish fueled artists on deviantart and often explored many realms of fetishes similar. i just loved fat fetish art and fat furry art. they did a whole lot of wacky ass shit with their artistic abilities that i just mad vibed with man. walked out of that shit show realizing that i was sexually submissive person who just loved the idea of being skinny with a fatter partner. still need to loose weight tho , but fat fetishism bought me a lot of peace in life. it taught me how to cum in my darkest and loneliest hours. i will always have a special place in my heart for fat fuckers even tho i've shifted to a more under 400 and forever anti fastfood type territory for moral reasons in shit i may never be able to be into a feederism weight gain relationship and support unhealthy eating habits to bizarre levels. but i like understand it man. soft bodies make my dick hard
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