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  1. r3nuk

    Weight Update 4

    You are a very pretty fat girl and fat in all the right places
  2. I like the chaos ... it works, you sometimes get a nice surprise of a good video in a pic thread and vice-versa ... which if they were strictly segregated you would not get. After all they are all just multimedia files does it really matter if there is a little leakage between the types?
  3. Not sure why people are getting excited about her personality .... she is clearly troubled ... but that's not why she is really of interest to any of us here lets be honest. She is a very nice example of a girl who just keeps getting bigger, even after lipo she's now practically the same size as she was before it and was that 6 months ago? Best thing we can do is just enjoy what's happening and not try and put any of our views over her rather bizarre world, its screwed up be she's big and getting bigger which is something I hope we can all enjoy
  4. Looks like she's being silly in the house but she is looking huge
  5. One question ... at what point does she move the this forum into the proper "Fat Celebs" one as she now is on TV (well you do need a wide screen but that's kind of always true when watching the last few weeks of something like Big Brother).
  6. Now that didn't take her long ... a LOT shorter than I thought, I do sometimes wonder if she subconsciously wants to get huge but won't admit it to herself?
  7. I think its really only a very short time before she's back to her pre-lipo size especially eating stuff like that .... probably less than a year and we should hopefully see her get big which will be the fun part. Wonder if she will try to hide it when it starts?
  8. r3nuk

    Lady Gaga

    She always does seem to fatten up on tour .... could be fun to watch again
  9. I suppose knowing her love of stuffing herself .... the real question will be how long will it be before the surgeons hard work is ruined?
  10. r3nuk

    Anyone know this girl??

    No but I did find more of her on the below link http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=164102601
  11. That has to be the cutest belly reveal ever ....
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