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Guest 1000curves

Girlfriend is gaining weight on purpose now! (True story)

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Guest 1000curves

Hey I just wanted to make this post to share the long journey it's been. Not sure if I should post this here tho or in another forum since most of the stuff in here are fiction and this is a real experience.  

I've always been attracted to bigger women and weight gain as well but like many have very rarely been able to act on it or tell anyone.

I will try to explain how my girlfriend has gained weight since we started dating and recently decided to start gaining on purpose.


We started dating our first year in college about 4 years ago.  At the time she was about 5 foot 2 and 130lbs.  She used to play sports in high school and was a lot more active then as well as she had more friends to go do things with.  

Our first semester I remember her talking about the freshmen 15 in a joking way and how she didn't want to get it.  She put in a modest effort to stay active by going on walks and such and was able to not gain any weight. 

At the beginning of the second semester a couple things changed.  The walks stopped because she said she didn't want to keep going out in the cold. She also was taking more classes and thus was spending more time inside on the couch.  She started buying more junk food and ordering out more as well (my encouragement helped). 

After the first 2 months one morning she was complaining that one of her pants had become really hard to button.  She eventually gave up and put on a newer pair that fit better.  That week she also started complaining to me that she thought she had gained weight.  I always said she looked great of course and denied it or said she shouldn't worry about it.  A few weeks later she had had enough struggling with her clothes and bought all new clothes a size up.  She kept making remarks around this time too that she had gotten fat and that she was going to lose some weight. She said she weighed in at about 145lbs at this time.  

At this point her diet was horrible. She had developed a habit of eating some cereal when she got up and then would usually head to McDonald's a little later for a late breakfast that she called her real breakfast.  I made sure our pantry was stocked with her favorite snacks as well.  It also became a nightly thing to eat ice cream, often multiple bowls before bed as we watched TV.  

Over the next few months nothing changed.  She would complain every now and then about how she was getting fat or about how she had noticed her belly sticking out and then would say she was going to go to the gym or start dieting but she never did either.  I of course always made sure to tell her she looked great and that I thought she was beautiful, so I'm sure that helped her not try harder to lose weight.

Around the middle of semester 3 she hit 160lbs.  She would still remark about how she has gotten fat and how she hated it.  I would sometimes suggest she could swim or something or offer to buy healthier food to which she would always say no, because she loved food too much.  

I'd say this is around the time when she kind of gave up any pretense of losing weight too.  At this point the biggest things I noticed was how her belly sat in her lap and how her thighs touched and rubbed all the time.  She also had a couple rolls now on her sides.  At first when she was noticing the changes in her body she was embarrassed and assumed that I didn't find her very attractive.  One day she was standing in our bedroom looking at herself in the mirror.  She said she couldn't believe how big her thighs and belly had gotten and was remarking at how she used to be to me.  I replied that I thought she was the most attractive woman I knew.  She scoffed as I tried to explain that I really loved how she looked and thought the weight looked great on her.  In the end she decided it was just cause I was in love with her lol.

After 5 semesters she weighed about 180lbs.  She had moved up several sizes and had kind of accepted that she was fat. But she did complain every time she noticed she had gained more weight.  Eventually one night she was feeling very sad about her weight and was convinced there was no way I could find her attractive at her weight.  After a long talk I decided I should finally tell her how I felt about her weight and that I loved it and loved how she had been gaining weight.  She was surprised and thankfully not horrified but actually curious.  I introduced her to this website and several others.  She got way into it actually.  Started asking me questions about what I thought was attractive specifically and said it was amazing to see how women were embracing their weight instead of feeling shamed for it.  I could tell over the next month that her attitude toward her weight was changing.  She started grabbing her belly sometimes or her sides and started looking at herself differently.  Sex also got really good at this time as I started paying more attention to her fatter parts. 

After a month longer she said one day that she wasn't really worried about her weight anymore and that whatever happened happened.  (At this point she had plateued at 180lbs).  She stayed like this for the next 6 months, just kinda hovering around 180.  She did start watching bbw porn tho and I caught her every now and then just looking into the community in general too.  She asked me too if I wanted her to keep gaining weight to which I did but that only if she wanted to.  


Anyways, here's the big part.  During sex one day I noticed she was much more turned on especially when i was paying attention to her softer parts or when she jiggled.  She told me that she wanted to gain more weight and for us to be like several couples she had read about or followed.  She said she would gain however much I wanted her to gain.  I was shocked.  I tentatively said 30 expecting her to say too much or to shoot that down but she didn't.  

From then on she started eating way more.  I would come home from work to see her sitting at the couch surrounded by food and wrappers.  She gained weight very quickly.  She said she had started getting turned on by it too and started wanting me to stuff her or to tease her.  I couldn't believe it haha.  A few months later she weighed in at 215.  She was a completely different person from before.  Much bigger of course but also much happier now that she had learned to love gaining weight.  After that we didn't really talk about any specific goal anymore but we didn't have to.  All the eating habits and fetish habits continued and so continued to gain as well.  

Right now she weighs 290lbs.  I was just thinking how much I lucked out and finally decided to post about it on here.  :)

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Guest 1000curves

So update is that over the past month she has gotten even more lazy than she used to be.  She is sitting at about 305 rn and we had a huge party when she broke the 300 mark.  (Essentially eat a lot of dessert lol).  She and I haven't really focused too much on the gaining aspect as much, just that she is gaining and that she is eating pretty much all the time.  Most of it has gone to her hips, thighs and butt. But the past several pounds tho have gone more to her belly and sides.  When shes sitting especially her belly rolls up into about 3 rolls and covers her underwear. She also has several rolls up her sides and a few on her back now.  She decided this coming semester for school that she was going to take all online classes too, further extending the amount of time she spends inside, sitting down and eating.  


The few kind of sad parts is she has started to actually struggle to get her shoes and socks on and she can't really sit in any of the dinner table chairs anymore (which means more eating on the couch).  She also gets kind of frustrated with how out of breath she is getting now from really any physical excercize.  For example we were going to go shopping but she was super out of breath and tired by the time we got from our apartment to the car.  It was down one flight of stairs and across one parking garage.  So she changed her mind and went back inside.  I came back to find her passed out on the couch.  She woke up when I got back tho very excited to eat some of the snacks I had brought home.  Anyways, she's been getting discouraged a bit about these small things.  She usually just says oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay to enjoy food so much and to have this kind of body.  But other times she talks about how she wants to try and stop gaining or wants to lose just a little bit of weight.  So far tho this has all been just talk and she hasnt changed anything.  It's still just food food food.  

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Um... if that is true and the dates are correct gaining +170lbs in 4,5 years and +120 in just 18 months is a rate don't even reached by most professional models... Idk if believe this story

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