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Savannah is in the mood to bloat! One of Savannahs biggest turn ons is chugging a fizzy drink and expanding her already massive gut. In the tiniest outfit Savannah makes her self comfortable and starting chugging, in no time at all she bloated to MAX capacity and looks HUGE. She’s quickly letting out some of the sexiest burps you’ve ever heard and a lot of them too. Lots of sexy belly play and fat chat  in this clip 🥵


{ video includes; chugging, bloating, burping , belly play, Fat chat, pov }


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@SavannahMontana is, quite simply, one of the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, most perfect women alive.

This video starts off with the stunning sight of Savannah sitting on her bed.  The first thing you'll be struck by is, of course, how incredibly beautiful she is - but also look out for the way the mattress is pushed down by her weight.  I think she's made other videos sitting like this and I like to imagine the massive Savannah-shaped indentation in the mattress.

Sav is her usual charming, sweet-natured, ultra-sexy self as she excitedly tells us how she's going to bloat herself silly.  Her smile is a total knock-out and her body is a hymn and testament to the glory and the beauty of FAT.  She's looking so thick and BIG - her weight-distribution is spectacularly perfect.  I absolutely LOVE the way it's not all gone straight to her belly (which is HUGE), but instead all over her perfect body.  She looks so thick and juicy and padded EVERYWHERE.

Sav's face as she chugs is an absolute delight.  There's something magical about the way she wraps her pretty lips around the bottle - about the way she maintains eye-contact as she chugs - about the way you can really clearly see her throat and neck working hard and swallowing.  And for the love of God, LOOK at that ARM she's using to hold the bottle - it's so freaking curvy and thick! 

Two chugs (and plenty of burps) and the bottle is almost HALF GONE.  Please can I just draw attention to the FREAKING SKILL and ACHIEVEMENT on display here.  There's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could drink that much so quickly.  (I think much, much more needs to be made of the sheer TALENT on display in videos like this.)

(Btw, if you're a double-chin aficionado, then prepare yourself, as there are some mind-blowing views of Savannah's gorgeous double-chin, especially in the moments just before she burps)

Soon, this jaw-dropping stunner is getting herself all hot and bothered as she admires her bloated belly.  I LOVED the bit where she angles herself at a kind of quarter-turn and talks about how good her belly looks as it cascades forward onto her thick thighs.  And in the final minutes, she musses up her hair and sweeps it over to one side of her face as she grips her belly-hang - DAMN, it's such an awe-inspiring sight!

My rating?  C'mon it's a Savannah Montana vid, so it's OBVIOUSLY going to be five out of five!

(PS, clear video-quality - you can definitely see Savannah's lovely stretch marks - and thank God no tinny rap music ruining everything.)

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