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I went all-inclusive and smuggled out 40 sweet dessert cakes out of the buffet!

Together with lots of cola I lay down in the bathtub of my hotel room. 

The first plate with 20 dessert cakes went in fast but the second plate was a hell of a job!

You you will see me suffering in the bathtub while I force myself to finish the second plate.

During the video I am also doing belly play and especially lots of belly button playing and fucking!

And also jiggling, burping and lots of fat talk! Also I show you how fat and huge is getting my ass!


Again my stomach did grow allot more after this stuffing video!

That's a fact. 



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I want to thank everyone who is downloading my videos for their support! 💖
Without you I couldn't start and do this weight gain journey.

With each download I can buy more food.
More food = more fat = more weight 😁!


I am already looking forward to my next weigh in video because I can feel my body getting heavier with each day! 😊


Big Kiss 💋



P.S. Here some old photos of me...

1374187164_12366220_969594589769702_6658416566548119195_n(1).thumb.jpg.1673421ccb46e247ecb44cb5a22b8aac.jpg   11110386_849864451742717_5261114878364140993_o.thumb.jpg.d81a703af95b4130bc8d6ade0e50d055.jpg

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Guest Plump_Belly_Lover

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This is a excellent video! You look great in the tub, and I am amazed when I watch you on the video and compare that to the before pictures you have put up. You now have a three roll belly that is tremendous, and a delightfully deep little belly button!! WOW! You do indeed have enough candies there for two or three, or maybe even four or five people, and when you eat you truly do stuff your mouth so full that you cheeks puff out. Oh my!! Your hair is dark and lovely, your face simply beautiful, your lips red and sexy, and your body simply marvelous!! I also love your accent when you talk. You genuinely feel like the sweet, girl next door type, who started getting chubby, and now you are unable to stop. It was fun to watch!! Thank you for sharing it. I would have given it TEN stars, but could only give five. 😍😍😘🥰

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This video is great, and I respect you as well as the person/people behind the making of the video. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll support that 100%! However, I can’t afford to pay as much as requested for the videos you’re providing. Best of luck and I will continue to follow your progress with any free photos or content you provide on any forums or platforms as you go along your journey. Keep it up! 🤙

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Ysabel starts off in a sexy lingerie set, in the tub, and excitedly explains why she’s surrounded by soda and sweets. Her belly fat is bunched into multiple rolls and for a decent amount of time you can’t tell she’s wearing panties because the straps cut deep into her soft sexy rolls. Soon Ysabel starts shoving the mini cakes into her mouth as she moans and her cheeks bulge. Never letting herself finish the last bite of cake before pushing a new bite between her lips. Nearly halfway done with the first plait she begins to rub her belly, all the while giving sexy looks to the camera. She mentions how much she loves to eat and how it’s making her fat. Giving us multiple positions as she eats, her belly morphs into different shapes from a bloated single belly to nearly a triple rolled belly. It’s not long before she’s leaning back with thick thighs spread and slapping her belly while moaning through a mouthful of cake. The moans getting louder as she begins finger fucking her bellybutton. It’s at this point I realize the vid isn’t even halfway finished. This vid has so many hot moments and not a second is wasted. She even gets messy towards the end from grabbing and slapping her gut with cake covered hands. An absolutely incredible video!

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The only thing sexier than watching Ysabel stuff is watching her enjoy playing with her growing body and this video has plenty of both!

Ysabel is an absolute piggy as she stuffs cake after cake in her mouth. She also grabs her belly and plays with her belly button very sexually. 

By the end her belly has ballooned and you can tell she is absolutely stuffed! Looking forward to how much fatter she'll be by the end of the year 😍

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Ysabel is dedicated to her gain! The way she eats and how much she has transformed her body shows that even once she hits her goal of 100kg she will not stop. I hope your legs are ready to support all that weight you will gain. I think the all you can eat is a great idea and you should start to do more- until you can’t fit in that tiny tub ! 

Response from the author:

Thank you for your review and yes... I started to see my legs with so much fat...! Today while I was eating breakfast I've noticed and I really loved it!!

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Ysabel strikes again with a fantastic stuffing😍. Very good quality video. She has a beautiful growing belly, face and smile. If you want to help her growing faster, you should buy this vid.

Response from the author:

Thank you @wime I'm so glad you liked it! 😘

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