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  1. Absolutely amazing transformation 😍 Best part is, you're only going to get even bigger!
  2. I know I certainly wouldn't be complaining if this was to happen! Two gorgeous girls feeding each other sounds like a great idea to me 😍
  3. Can't wait to watch you grow even bigger this year Ysabel! I have no doubt that you'll be able to achieve your goal and look forward to the next one being set 😜
    The sheer size of Laura's belly never ceases to amaze me! Love how she is able to use her belly to hold things in place.
    Love Ysabel's dedication to keep making content for us even though she isn't feeling well. Great little video of Ysabel playing with her belly with a couple of different angles as if she's on top of you. Looking bigger as always and on the way to hopefully 140kgs by the end of this year 😜
  4. Looking forward to seeing this same view in a couple of months time 😋
  5. If you can keep pushing yourself and eating the way you have for the last six months then I think that 150kgs would definitely be achievable this year. Now that would be a sight to see 😍 Looking forward to whatever goal you have in mind and seeing more fat on that gorgeous body 😘
    If I ever had a maid, this would be the one I'd want to have working for me! Laura's huge belly overflows her shorts in the first scene. I love how much of her belly hangs below the benchtops as she reaches over to grab some pizza. She then changes into her cow maid outfit which is definitely a little too tight as the front cover gives her a double belly. She eventually frees all of her belly from being restricted and stuffs herself with the pizza. There is barely a moment where she is talking without there being food in her mouth. Couple of different angles of her growing belly and my favourite view is her front on as her gut hangs between her thighs.
    I can't believe how much Ysabel has grown (and how much growing she is still going to do)! Various angles and close ups of her growing body feature throughout this video which are all amazing. The clothes try on is definitely a highlight as she struggles to squeeze into, and out of, her skinny girl clothes. I thought she was going to be stuck in her shorts to be honest 😂 The cherry on top is the weigh-in. Ysabel is close to achieving her goal and I'm pretty confident with the way she's been eating, and past experience, that she's going to get there!
    Love how dedicated Ysabel is to doing everything she can to get to 100kgs by the end of this year. As she drinks each shake, day by day, you can tell that it just gets easier for her to chug down those delicious calories! Love seeing how much she is able to grow in just a week by having these shakes. Hoping the daily shakes just become a part of her day now 😜
    A fantastic short little workout video by Ysabel. It truly is amazing how big she has gotten this year and I would definitely recommend watching one of her early videos before this one just to really see the change. She does some stretches and jumping jacks and you can tell that her belly is starting to get in the way. Love how it's really starting to get a bit of hang now 😍 Great vid and a must have at it's current low price!
    Great compilation of all of Laura's weigh-ins up to April 2022 and a good selection of clips to show how she went from a thin girl to an absolute massive pig 😍 It's amazing seeing the transformation of Laura's belly go from just a little bit of pudge to the massive hanging beauty that it is today! At the end she teases us with a glimpse of how much wider her belly is. We already know that it surpasses the 60inch measuring tape that she has and my guess is that it will be 78 inches round 😋 however, I'm hoping to be proven wrong and that it's over 80! Looking forward to the newest weigh-in next week to see the results of all of Laura's hard work over these past seven months.
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