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    Laura is definitely not wrong, she is always bigger in every new video comes out! She has a big plate of pasta that would easily be enough to feed 2 or 3 people. She shovels forkful after forkful of pasta into her greedy mouth and does some trademark Laura burps. Great seeing her lick the plate clean to ensure that she gets every little bit of food available. Her huge belly is on full display and it's amazing how much more of an additional struggle it becomes for her to bend over once that belly is full!
    When you had to go out in public to do the weigh-in, I knew that meant good news for what the number was going to be. The scales certainly didn't disappoint! Crazy to think that this is the smallest that she'll ever be again.
    That has to be one of, if not, the strongest buttons in the world. It's a thing of beauty watching all of Laura's fat escape from their jean prison cell. It's no wonder that Laura keeps on packing on the pounds as she slams down a couple of beers and devours a fair amount of pasta. She's only going to be bigger in the next video!
  1. When comparing these pictures I think it's pretty clear that you've visited the gym for the last time Laura 😜

    19.10 to 21.09.png

    Laura looks stunning and huge in a dress that is quite clearly not designed to be worn by someone her size Although her belly always steals the show, it's clear that she is fattening up everywhere as she eats donut after donut! You can really tell how heavy her belly is as she struggles to lean forward to grab another bite and as she rolls back over to have another well earned rest. At the rate she is going, 200kg will be in reach next year 😁
    Great summary of CBWs weight gain so far! If you've only just discovered her (like I have) then I would definitely recommend this one to get up to speed with this growing girls gain!
    There would be no work getting done with this secretary in my office. A variety of angles in the clip to showcase all of Laura's growing belly. It's clear by the pure joy in her eyes, as she eats each donut, that she's only going to get even fatter.
  2. What a difference two years can make! Can't wait until the pic on the right is the "before" πŸ˜‹

    laura compare.jpg

    1. Christoph Allen

      Christoph Allen

      I think you can double this weight Fatty. Your one of the best looking feedees out here. Thank you for your gain.

    2. acdc34434


      OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! 😍

    Every cheerleader should have to be the size of Laura at a minimum. Much more entertaining to watch all that fat bouncing around It's amazing that Laura can get in the air at all with how much weight she's been piling on. Love how she's out of breath after doing basically two movements, but she powers through. Great slow motion at the end of the video just to cap it all off
  3. For those of you not subscribed to her onlyfans. A little comparison from September last year to her latest clip uploaded today.
    What I would give to be those hands 😍 No matter where they go there is always some fat to grab hold of! Laura's body is just growing bigger and wider and this video shows just how soft and heavy all her fat is. Great fat play video!
    Once I see the word stuffing in Laura's video title, I know that it's an instant buy. Laura's belly is busting out of an outfit that is obviously not designed for someone whose gut is getting closer and closer to touching the floor. She greedily stuffs her face with pancakes topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and and syrup and chugs some milk for good measure. It's no wonder she just keeps growing! Nice aerial view that shows how far her belly sticks out in front of her and it's mesmerising how all her body shakes as she shakes the whipped cream can. If this is Laura's regular breakfast routine she'll be hitting 200kgs in no time πŸ˜‹
  4. If we could get a clone of you to star in a video that would be amazing πŸ˜‹ otherwise you and Carmen lafox in the same video would just about blow my mind!
    It's so hot how out of breath Laura gets by just doing little things like playing with her big belly. She chugs three beers and let's out some amazing burps in this one. It's crazy to think how something as simple as putting on heels has become near impossible due to her growing body getting in the way! Great fat chat, burps and belly play throughout. You won't be disappointed!
    The girl on the left was beautiful but the girl on the right is even better!!! Amazing to see how far Laura has come in just 3 years. What once used to be able to be grabbed with just one hand now takes two and you can definitely tell it takes a lot more effort to play with that body then what it used to πŸ˜‹ Great comparison video and the side on views are simply breathtaking. Looking forward to seeing this re-made again with another 101lbs added 😁
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