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    Another amazing video! The way her belly rests on her lap and how her love handles spill over her leggings are magnificent. Great burping throughout and I don't think that shirt is going to be sticking around for too much longer.
    It's always great to hear just how happy and excited that Laura is about gaining. She also describes some simple struggles that she experiences. It's crazy to think that those shorts (a) used to be jeans and (b) used to actually fit! Definitely looking forward to see what 2020 has is store for this gorgeous girl and can't wait to see more of her (literally).
    I might not know Portuguese, but I know if she keeps eating like that then there's gonna be bigger better things soon! Great video that shows just how much she's able to put away and how she's gotten so big so far.
    Laura's starting off 2020 right by smashing some donuts and showing off that big belly. In this video Laura is your "little girl" who will only get rewarded with donuts if she does some jumping jacks. Of course she wants the donuts so she's a good girl and jumps around to get her reward. It's amazing to see just how soft and jiggly her belly is and you can tell it's only going to get bigger by the way she shoves the donuts into her mouth.
    I don't think my jaw has ever actually dropped before but when that number came up it certainly did. Amazing to see how far Laura has come and how much further she wants to grow! Her belly just keeps growing wider and hanging lower. You can really tell how much bigger she is when she's on all fours and slapping her belly. Another great video and can't wait to see what 2020 has in store!
    If you haven't already purchased the first version of this then do yourself a favour and grab that too. It's incredible to see just how much bigger Laura is almost a year and a half later. You can tell those shorts have outstayed their welcome as they are starting to split at the sides. Her top tries its best to cover all that growing body, but there's only so much it can do. She chugs down the weight gain shake with ease and it's easy to see why she keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Some nice belly play and camera angles that really show off how wide she's gotten and how much lower her belly hangs. At one point you'll definitely be jealous that you aren't her chair! Another great video from a gorgeous gaining girl!
    Laura somehow manages to contain her belly in a tight sports jumper in order to get to the gym. She tries to do a couple of different exercises, but the only weight that Laura is able to lift up now is her belly when she needs to button her pants. There are also a couple of cute burps while she tries to do some dumbbell curls. When she gets home she measures herself and provides a comparison of her numbers from earlier this year. Safe to say all that food has been going to the right places!
    The term 'workout' is used loosely (something that Kitty's clothes are not) to describe what occurs in this video. Kitty tries on some old workout gear which unsurprisingly don't fit like they used to. She does a nice array of exercises and it is clear that she is definitely unable to move like she used to. She finishes off the workout with a nice snack just to make sure that any potential calories, that may have been lost, quickly find their way back to her growing body. Overall another great video that shows that this girl's weight is just going to keep on going up!
    I was actually a bit stunned by the number. But I guess I shouldn't have been considering how dedicated Kitty has been to getting fatter. Keep it up!
    A nice little tour of a not so little body. Amazing to see just how soft and jiggly all of that fat is. Also your boobs might be a G cup but they get an A+ grade! Looking forward to future videos to see how much further your belly will stick out in comparison to your already gigantic boobs. Great video!
    Quite simply if you want to watch a gorgeous girl with a great belly hang be ravenous then this is for you. Laura is always on the hunt for some food to satisfy her growing body with some decent burps along the way to make sure there's always room for more.
    Wow you demolished that ice-cream in no time! You eat it so effortlessly that it barely even looks like its filling you up at all. Some nice side views and close ups of your belly at the end (always love the view of a hanging belly from underneath). Also given the size of your breasts it's no wonder you always drop food on them! Great video and looking forward to you stuffing even more.
    Nice to have a reference point from which you'll grow. You can tell that you really do enjoy gaining and I've got a feeling that you'll be smashing past that goal in no time!
    You can really tell she enjoys her food in this one. She very greedily stuffs piece after piece of the cake in to her mouth. Great video which demonstrates just how gluttonous she's becoming!
    Fantastic time lapse of a gorgeous girl! Not only was it amazing to see 3 months growth in 15 minutes but it's just great to see how much she was able to gain in a relatively short period of time. Great concept.
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