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    Loved the different positions that Laura shows off in this video. It won't be much longer until her belly is touching the floor when on all fours 😍 Great belly play with plenty of jiggling!
    Love when a try-on video also doubles as an exercise video as that's how much effort Laura has to put in to attempt to squeeze into these clothes. Couple of classic outfits and some newer clothes that didn't get to be worn for long at all! Love the secretary dress at the end. That fabric must be made out of something extremely special! Another great vid from Laura!
    If you haven't been following Laura's weight gain, firstly what's wrong with you and secondly get on it now! Was honestly shocked with how much Laura has put on since her last weigh-in in October, was definitely not expecting that much additional weight! However, when I saw how much she outgrew the measuring tape I knew that we were in for a special number. With the way that Laura chugs the weight gain shakes at the end, I'm wouldn't be surprised if she surpasses her goal by the time its the next weigh-in. Great video as always and Laura is simply massive!
  1. You had a great body before, it's much better in the after though 🥵 hope the after is the new before photo now! Would love to see those shorts in the before make an appearance 😜
    Absolutely gorgeous. Love watching every bit of her shake even as she does something as simple as just walk towards the camera! Her belly looks like it has a massive smile in the second half of the video. With the amount of attention and food it's been getting, it's no wonder why!
    Laura is definitely a spy which you could see from a mile away Love how you can hear the outfit start to tear apart whenever she sits down. It's amazing that all the buckles could stay connected as she devours the whole pizza! Would love to see this outfit again in 3 months time as you tackle your second misson, two pizzas!
    When Laura struggled to even fit her arms into this jacket you knew that it was going to be an unlikely fit! She would definitely have a cold belly if she went outside with this jacket on. Love the end as she struggles to get her socks and shoes on with her massive belly getting in the way.
  2. I'm sure there's a little bit of room left for some more food. And if there isn't, there will be in an hour or so 😂
    If you ever need a visual representation of gluttony, then this is it! You can really tell that she enjoys everything she eats, and she can eat a lot. Smashes through wings, breadsticks, pizza and cake and constantly spills out of her bra (no surprise). Great vid, looking forward to the next 200lbs!
  3. That jumper fits perfectly if you ask me 😁 Also, I feel like that last picture explains why the chair broke! You look great!
    I would be more than willing to offer up my pancakes to Laura any time she asked for them! Great little teasing video. She must've been looking in a mirror because everything she says definitely applies to her Love how her belly rests on the table and the best part is that it isn't even all her belly on the table. Laura just keeps getting wider and we've only just gotten into February 🥵
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