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This time last year, Em and Rach tried to fit into the back of the Ford Focus. This year they're around 50lbs fatter.

They try their luck in the driver's seat, a place neither of them have been in a long time. Without adjusting the seat, the girls try to squeeze every flabby inch of their massive bodies into such a small space. The steering wheel digs into their giant bellies. Rach struggles to even get in after the seat is adjusted to move all the way back.

passersby stare at these plump princesses, Rach and Em decide once again to shove themselves in the back seat and see if Rach's husband can handle all the soft, pillowy fat that engulfs him.

Afterwards, they get a little
sneaky public belly play in. We should find more small spaces to squeeze into.

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It would be great to see 4 girls of such a size in that focus or a bit smaller car. The most atractive view in such a videos are side views while girls are getting in the car :) We can see then how the whole car goes down when each girl is getting into it :P I saw many similar vids and those where girls made the car struggle the most to hold them were the best:) Quite often few there were few girls inside the car and 2 or even 3 girls were bouncing on the edge of boot/trunk:) I am wondering if such a focus could pull 4 of such a beauties uphill in deep sand hmmm hehe I guess we will never find out :P

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