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  1. Also some side by side comparison pics
  2. I bless you all with more recent Angel Locsin pics. This girl isn’t stoping anytime soon.
  3. New pics of Angel. She just keeps on gaining and it’s amazing.
  4. Some more recent pics of Angel Locsin
  5. Darna’s a Filipino superhero. Think like the equivalent of Wonder Woman here. She was supposed to reprise the role a few years ago but didn’t because of an injury. Pics of Angel in her Darna days. It would be amazing to see her in that costume again with her weight now
  6. Some more pictures of her recently. Side note: She truly is Darna with how much she’s helping people during this pandemic. Would be great to see her in her old Darna costume now (the red bikini like outfit in the first post)
  7. Angel Locsin is a Filipina actress. She was known as FHM’s Sexiest Filipina in 2005 and 2010 and was in the Top 10 for 14 years. She also played the super hero Darna in the 2000s. But recently, she started trending for the weight she’s gained. Here’s her gradual weight gain over the years FHM’s Sexiest
  8. Kyungers


    Update from Feb 2020
  9. Kyungers


    Lee Chaerin better known as CL is a Kpop Star and former member of the girl group 2NE1. She was always thicker than most female idols but recently she gained a lots of weight. Before
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