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  1. Found a new curvage model that I'd like to introduce to the community, and i know you will all get to want to know her more.


    You can thank me later.


    1. romeos92


      does she have any thread here or profile?

    2. Dingus1396


      Yes, look her up in the search bar on this site.

  2. The hottest beer wench at the beer garden, those curves mixed with that face that could cause a man to cheat is the BEST
  3. If i worked at that pizza shop I'd be noticing you walk in week after week with your belly slowly hanging out more from that shirt with every order, i couldn't help but stare at your belly and offering you complimentary sides for free and maybe my number on the receipt so you could get me to feed you. (Keep wearing those leggings, gotta love a woman who is clearly too overfed for tight revealing spandex and tight shirts, i would have to keep my "Excited 🍆" self under the shelf at work if i saw you in them ordering more snacks 😉)
  4. I would volunteer myself to personally deliver you dougnuts and coffee mixed with heavy cream as you sit behind the desk mindlessly stuffing yourself and plumping up from a lack of action on the field.
  5. https://youtu.be/Lml5QCMEKnQ Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath (Don't worry it's a chill song)
  6. Don't stop eating jess, loving your progress on plumping yourself into a sexy big bellied blonde babe and us guys are into every extra inch. P.S I'm not too good at making these but i thought I'd show off how much you have gained this year. 🐷
  7. Looking very cute and I'd love to feed you and tease you for being so cute yet unable to stop eating herself thicc. Cute as hell smile and curves 🥵🍑
    This video was pretty hot, Jess stuffs herself with McDonald’s, plays with her growing belly (doordash is a great idea for phat girls) and teases the next video as well as her viewers* I'll admit i got turned on myself watching this and I'm disappointed that i do live 5 - 10 minute's walking distance from McDonald’s and don't have jess to walk with to stuff her sexy face and rub her belly. *So looking forward to part 2.
  8. Well let's see... I'd say your looking pretty fat becuase your belly button is pretty visible, not to mention those plump side rolls and full tits as a result of an diet of heavy cream and snacks. Keep it up jess 😍👍
  9. If i were working for you, I'd leave snacks in your office to mindlessly stuff yourself with and try not to 💦 when i see your plump tits try to burst out from that shirt.
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