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  1. Ya know I saw the beginning of this video already and I just want to say your appetite definitely looks like it increased 2 pizza's! But the real question is can you do 3! Only one way to find out Amazing vid ❤️
  2. I wrote a message be sure to check it out when you have time :D 

  3. It's Very nice how your belly Couldn't Contain Any of your Garments Also What do you think is going to happen on your next Few Meals? XD ❤️
  4. This is The Exact Reaction "Why am I gaining Again? Oh right Almost everybody loves it!" Moments like these have never been better when you surpass your current weight vs what you expect Time for a Resize! ❤️
  5. Thanks for the upload I knew you couldn't resist stuffing again Miss Dani I mean look how soft you look Any sweets or junk food you put in your body is only going to make you fatter and your body won't want to settle for being healthy since its so used to eating Unhealthy! You should just give in and let the fat take over right? I mean what's the harm. ❤️
  6. I am Amazed you Drink 3 Soda Liters a day my God I want you fatter & bigger About the Chairs I think you will find as fast as your gaining weight you may break a chair somewhat soon! I have a request also do you think you can do 2 soda liters for your next stuff video or would it be too much and too difficult? ❤️
  7. Love How big You are Getting Want to just say How Helpful you've been as a Content Creator on Curvage ;)

    1. MissSugarPlumpFairy


      Omg thank you so so much! That is so sweet of you ❤️

    2. Kevinmorad


      Yep I also Don't Mind throwing in a Donation soon If It's okay with you ;)

  8. Hi So how are you handling yourself with Mobility is it getting any harder as of recent? I love your triple chin & Belly Will you get a 4th chin Soon? I guess we just have plenty of time to find out Because from the looks of it Your body has a problem to recover from the food you feed it & if you take it into consideration there is no way out I know you can only gain weight Dani! ❤️
  9. I honestly think she should have worn the 7x like a T shirt of that to a restaurant. either way You look beautiful ❤️
  10. If you weren't sexy enough You are becoming so much more Hot Honestly I am hoping you post more soon! ❤️
  11. I mean it doesn't really matter plus you probably get a lot of stares which is good! XD
  12. Yeah I think I will do the same then I am such a generous person by buying out most of your product XD
    Thank you For posting yet again Lauren Honestly every video you improve on something But All I want from you is to keep your food to yourself and build on that beautiful body shape of yours I also want your body shape to grow Please continue to Make Videos as I continue to support each one I like! You will be well fed I know This may also sound weird to some but I want your weight on me I can handle it right now Don't worry! ❤️
  13. Damn & Yet I still want you bigger Did you gain Weight after getting covid? I hope you are 500lbs+ now! I think you are definitely Getting Fatter Your Pants look way to Tight Girl!!! Is there anyway I can make out a Donation to The heaviest Gainer on Curvage?! ❤️
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