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  1. Last summer before her tour she said in one of her lives that she wanted to go to the gym to try and get in shape, but it doesn't look like that happened.
  2. Her face looked pudgy in this interview. Plus I found a video of her singing from the side view.
  3. Found some more pics where you can see her stomach better. Her belly button pokes through the dress
  4. She wore a tight dress to an award ceremony last night
  5. A couple of screenshots from her new performance just posted on Facebook
  6. A few screenshots from Twitter from the live she had earlier
  7. Couple of pics from Insta. The first one is new from when she was in Portugal for New Year's. I think the second one where she's eating is from last year on the tour.
  8. From a podcast she was just on tonight
  9. From her Instagram story yesterday, her gut at the gym
  10. Few images of Selena in the white dress
  11. Quick clip of Selena from an Instagram story, you can see her belly protruding
  12. Here's a compilation of Lauren's gut throughout this year
  13. Found this pic of Kalani and her gut in a black dress from earlier this month
  14. A couple pics from the past couple of days
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