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  1. Lad

    I Will eat you!

    Mmmm so sexy
    Some of the best vore talk I have heard in a long time. The way Rosie describes how she will devour everything and everyone while playing with her plump belly n boobs is so amazing! Honestly I think the idea of a giant Rosie eating the world is my new favourite apocalypse scenario. Needs to be made into a Blockbuster quick!!!
  2. Do we even have a choice when you're that insatiable?
    Such an amazing video. She completely inhales a pizza, not to mention dessert! All with her beautiful bulging belly trying to burst out of her sweatpants! She really plays into the whole evil baby sitter and the subtle hints eventually lead to being devoured into her already stuffed belly. Like the title says, the Vore Queen is here. No one is safe from her hunger!
  3. Lad

    Ready to sleep

    Would love to massage that beautiful bloated belly after feeding you
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