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  1. donnied80

    Hello Everyone.

    I think you fit pretty well here indeed! From your last set of pics I've seen there is a gorgeous lady with you.. can you tell us more about you? Have you started piling the pounds on by accident or on purpose? Your girlfriend was the one who started you on this path or is she just following your development out of curiosity? Thanks, and keep having fun!
  2. donnied80

    My girlfriend's weight gain

    Wow, how do you feel at the thought that this could be the last year of a 2 digits weight for your partner?? I wish you an happy above 100kg new year!
  3. donnied80

    My girlfriend's weight gain

    Moving in with a 'meat-lover' partner usually can only bring some 'damage' to the waistline of an already softening lady. Surely it had this effect on my girlfriend waistline, which I would define positive, meaning the scale moved positively towards higher numbers..
  4. donnied80

    Office weight gain

    Many thanks for your comment le_gone! Indeed it's a pleasure for me telling about my girlfriend's gain! I've rejoiced so much in watching at her going through all the stages, from skinny to chubby, that I still enjoy recalling it all. But I am curious about your wife! Have you written your story somewhere here on curvage? And it's true, since my girlfriend's coworkers spotted her love for good food and her hearty appetite, they really put it to good use. They had so much fun spending the weekends cooking together, and at times when I was joining them later during the day and asking how much "sampling" had they already done, they just couldn't stop laughing for how embarrassing it was to confess it all. But still, when the food was finally on the table, my girlfriend would have gone for generous portions with a big smile on her face, making her friends hilarious. I think her colleagues really enjoyed having her as "one of them", and so they probably appreciated watching the pounds piling on until she really became one of them (and even softer than some of them): Did your wife started out skinny as well?
  5. donnied80

    Office weight gain

    Exactly! I don't think they ever thought 'Let's sabotage that skinny minx and make her fat'. I think they considered her as 'the intruder' initially, because she was younger, fresh out of college, AND skinny, much skinnier than them. Then they were just happy to discover she wasn't actually 'from another planet'. On the contrary she had much more in common with them, she was a mature girl AND shared some of their passions, as the one for good food. So it was pretty natural to build up the team by cultivating those shared passions. Most of her colleagues were on their late 30, 40, and with a love for good food they all were carrying their share of extra flab around their waistline, but, as you say, they wanted to indulge themselves without feeling too guilty next to a fit 25 years old chick. They were probably delighted to see that that skinny chick was able to eat more than them, so they started cultivating that shared passion big time. My girlfriend used to send me text messages initially saying she couldn't believe how much THEY were eating, with a lot of smiles, because she was finding it funny. Then it came out she was not eating any less than them, and at times even a bit more, gaining the reputation of a little glutton with a lucky metabolism. But that didn't last long. Soon after she started to pile on the pounds while her colleagues started complimenting her and, if anything, food became even more part of their friendship. We are from southern Europe, where skinny chicks are considered hot, but motherly ladies like their kids well fed! And they did a good job in transforming my young girlfriend into one of them, chubby office lady!
  6. donnied80

    Office weight gain

    Absolutely right! Indeed I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend wouldn't have gained, or at least not so much, if she had kept going along with her college friends. Also because among them she used to be known as 'the thin girl' for years, so they would have probably reacted differently to the pounds creeping on her, and she wouldn't have let herself go much far. On the contrary she moved far away from our college and her old acquaintances, and landed in a office that is to say the least 'food friendly'. Her colleagues were mainly from southern Europe (France, Spain and Italy), not much into junk food, but definitely in love with good cooking, both homemade or from restaurant. So, trying all the small and new restaurants in the office's surrounding, sharing recipes, bringing homemade delicacies at work and cooking together at night became soon part of her new world. Then, add the fact that all of her colleagues were already carrying some extra weight, they were all happy to see my girlfriend indulging in their same passion for food, none of them ever criticized her for piling on the pounds herself, and at home her boyfriend (me) more than welcomed the newly added weight.. all of this created the perfect conditions for her to let herself go a bit and loosen the belt (actually, loosening the belt worked only at the beginning.. then it was more 'going up a size..')
  7. donnied80

    Office weight gain

    Thanks riptoryx! You are right! I think they have really enjoyed watching my girlfriend losing her lean toned figure and overgrowing her trousers. I mean, not that they ever force fed her or anything like that, they didn't even start the process. The new sedentary job and my girlfriend's hearty appetite started it all, but then her co-workers definitely played a role in keeping things going. Probably, being chubby all of them, they were happy to see she wasn't immune to calories herself. Also, quite a lot of encouragement started to arrive from them "try one of this.. have a slice of that.. oh come on, I've baked it myself, just one more helping, it won't hurt you..". Also the way they were commenting on the weight she was putting on was very positive "oh, nothing to worry about.. it really suits you.. you still look fabulous.. you carry it beautifully". And that could have made sense at the beginning, when she was just filling out a bit and getting some curves. But it sounded quite out of place when she started developing a noticeable belly roll and a set of love handles. I was expecting them starting to suggest diets of any kind and advice on how to slim down again, at that point. Instead, almost nothing. When my girlfriend complained about her new pudginess, only one of her colleagues (the youngest and, by then, already the thinnest) suggested with a smile "maybe you should start riding your bike again". But all the others kept reassuring her "just a few happy pounds.. it's absolutely normal.. no need to worry at all!". And they continued doing so while that belly roll kept thickening and those love handles kept growing softer. And it was clear they were all having fun with her gluttony "ehy Joy, coffee break? I'm sure you have some room for my cake..", but also Joy was enjoying their company. It was quite usual to have dinner with some of them at our/their place or at restaurants, and most of the time it was quite a feast, with much to eat and lot of laugh. My girlfriend, on her side, has never been the kind of girl who gives up easily in front of food. She would have had enough to be more than sated herself, and then accepted some more when offered, maybe looking at me with a shy smile as to say 'what can I do, it just landed on my plate..', but she also used to joke herself and say things like "Oh god, you're going to roll me out of this place if I don't stop now.." or "Gosh, I'm going to explode but can I skip on their dessert?" making all of her colleagues hilarious! And looking at how they were laughing at her exclamations, and encouraging her to have always that extra bit, it was pretty clear they were truly having fun looking at her shovelling so many calories into her softening body. Even now that her pudginess has grown into a sizeable spare-tyre/potbelly, they have never said a thing like "oh poor girl, you have really porked out!", rather they smile at it and if she complains having gone from a washboard to a spare-tyre, they minimize "just the sign you're enjoying a relaxed life.."
  8. donnied80

    Office weight gain

    I have been lucky enough to witness my girlfriend transition from college student to office employee, and all the nice adjustment this transition has entailed. My girlfriend, Joy, had been immune to the freshman 15, and remained thin and toned throughout all high school and college years. I met her when she was on her early 20s, when she was thin as a beanpole, but with a nice breast, and a lively personality who fascinated me. She wasn't afraid to eat, she was actually known for her hearty appetite, but as she told me when I joked saying that she could have used a couple of added pounds, no matter how much she ate, she never gained weight. After college she got a trial period of 3 month as employee in an office, where she was the youngest and skinniest woman in her team, weighing 115 lbs at 5'7". It really proved to be a period of transition, under many aspects. Her active, animated college days became 10-12 hours long working days at her cubicle, she had less time to go to the gym regularly, so she soon gave up, in order to spend more time at night at home with me; and having both of us more money and a love for nice food, we started indulging in good restaurants as one of our favourite way to spend our free time. She was also excited by her first job, and willing to give a good impression. It was soon clear that she was succeeding in that, and after the trial period she got a permanent position. Also there was more food involved at the office rather than at college. They had no canteen, so lunch was usually take away or a trip to one of the many small restaurants in the nearby, added to the coffee breaks and treats her older colleagues were bringing to the office. Joy was excited by all those new things, and happy that she was being pampered by her colleagues. She also told me they were amused by her good appetite and lucky metabolism. One day she was telling me about how much she had to eat during the day and laughing she added "My colleagues thought I was the kind of girl eating only salads since I am so skinny.. now they know how wrong they were!" It was quite common for her to give me detailed report of what she had eaten during the day. She had always known I appreciate girls with some meat on their bones and a good appetite, but she used to say she would have never gained weight with her metabolism. But she was proud to at least show me she was not counting the calories. And also her colleagues seemed to be happy having a new friend appreciating their cooking and not shy to go for a dessert to complete her lunch. Long story short.. in a few months the spell was broken, her metabolism couldn't keep her pace and she started to pile on some pounds. Nothing dramatic, we didn't even notice the first 8-10 pounds. They probably went to her butt and thighs, which were too skinny to start with, so they just grew to better fill her slacks. But another couple of pounds were enough to make it clear she was growing into her clothes. From most of her colleagues she received positive comments about how well she was filling out, that she really needed it and so on. That was enough to make her forget her initial surprise and relax. She was not expecting to grow more though. But she did, and carrying 15 or more added pounds it showed. It was evident to me, but her colleagues kept quiet for a while, not with the food, that they kept bringing and sharing with pleasure, but with their commenting on Joy's fattening. Until one day one of them bluntly told her with a smile that maybe it was time to go for a wardrobe upgrade. She pointed at Joy's newborn little belly roll, which was attracting my attention too, but which Joy seemed to ignore. It was quite a cold shower for my girlfriend, because for the first time she was not only gaining weight, but that weight was not giving her a less bony look anymore, it was starting to give her a small potbelly. Of course I was in love with the result, her office pants and skirts were clinging her butt and hips, some of them were even ridiculously tight, for the first time she had developed some proper butt, and a round, soft one. But even more I was in love with her starting fat roll, only her lower abdomen seemed to be affected, but it was a big improvement considering she used to have nothing more than a washboard there. Moreover, that tiny roll was what really made the difference, it was not possible to hide it in her formal attire, consisting mainly of pencil skirts or pants and shirts. With 20 added pounds and a new wardrobe she said it was enough, she was going to control herself more and slim down a bit too. Easier said than done. With her colleagues around her intake wasn't going to diminish at all. And at night she was too tired to go to the gym, so we were either cooking and enjoying our relaxed life at home, or trying some new restaurant, where she used to say "well there is no point in coming to a restaurant and dieting!" So she didn't. We also started going out more often with her colleagues, and I noticed a pattern. Most of them were particularly excited around food, whether home cooked or at restaurant, and they seemed to involve my girlfriend in that excitement, that usually ended in well filled dishes, second helpings and stuffed bellies. I also saw that when Joy was starting to hesitate in front of the dessert menu, they were prompt into encouraging her to have that extra treat. And there were inevitably lot of laughter around the table. And when my girlfriend was complaining about being ready to explode or needing a new wardrobe upgrade, they were also laughing a lot and joking openly about that. I mean, not that they were being mean, my girlfriend was the first one joking and laughing when she was eating too much, her colleagues just seemed to be pleased with noticing it and the obvious result. To conclude, after 2 years she was carrying almost 30 added pounds, and she had surpassed in size a couple of her colleagues. She than slow down, but kept doing justice to her reputation of being a good eater, and kept piling.. in the following 3-4 years another 30 pounds, going from a skinny 115 lbs to a chubby 165! In her working attire she looks now much more a mature office lady than when she started, and in a bikini she is even more a sight, with plump bulges overfilling her swimsuit everywhere (she looks pretty similar to the girl on amd123 profile pic). Sorry for the long story.. but 6 years in her office are not easy to summarize!
  9. Hi fatasslover, I've seen your ex's pics.. my girlfriend used to be as thin as her.. has she gained weight by any chances?

    1. KFD


      Yeah, we banned him a few years back...

    2. donnied80


      I understand.. for sharing his ex pics I suppose..
      Thanks btw!

  10. donnied80

    The Ex-Athelete

    Amazing story! Very well written. I love how realistic Margie's gain is, and how real her personality is. I mean, it's true there are some girls who never had to diet or watch her weight, so that when they start accumulating some pounds they are oblivious or don't care too much. I know one of them very well, being my girlfriend. I loved how Margie is neglectful about her own weight, while Melanie, being more weight conscious, is able to spot even small changes, bot on Margie's body and attitude towards food. Should I try to find some flaws.. I would have preferred a bit more detailed description about how and where those pounds were accumulating, but I loved the part describing her no longer slender calves, going up to sturdy thighs and delectable rounder bottom. I am very curious to see if Margie will realize all of a sudden she is getting fat (how it happens some times to this kind of girls), or if she is going to keep her naive attitude. I am really looking forward to reading next chapters! Really a good job!