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  1. I've had an account on here for a little while, but before now, I've mostly just done a lot of lurking Have you been making content for a while, or are you just starting now?
  2. Alright, from someone who has watched a stupid amount of vore videos over the last decade: - Context matters less than you think. A lot of vore video scenarios are really played out (e.g., some pill that shrinks people or lets you swallow people; “I discovered your fetish”; etc.). I usually skip the “intros” because generally they take several minutes, they’re cringy, and they’re more tedium than buildup. A bit of talking in the beginning can work, though, to set up the scene: the end of a first date, a night with your partner, whatever. It just has to be subtle – not directly about vore, but teasing and hinting at what’s to come. - Show off your body! Vore puts a lot of emphasis on the mouth, but it’s just as much about the belly and the rest of your body. I prefer vore, especially same-size vore, with larger models because becoming part of her body is part of the fantasy for me, and on bigger girls it’s a bit more “realistic.” Bring your chest, ass, and thighs into the picture too. - Keep the shots interesting. Watching a uvula for two minutes straight isn’t really that exciting – there’s a lot more you can do with the camera outside of your mouth, even if you don’t feel like talking. Licking and kissing are my favorite parts of teasing. - If you’re doing POV, look into the camera. It’s a little jarring when the model is supposed to be talking to you, but she’s obviously looking to the side. I also think POV in general makes for better and more immersive content than eating gummy bears of little figurines, but maybe other people prefer it the other way around? I hope that’s not too much information! I do work critically with literature in the real world, though, so that might make me pickier about narrative than other people. It also makes means I have a lot of opinions about the media I consume (or the media that consumes me). Feel free to message me if you want me to elaborate on anything.
  3. I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. Being stalked and harassed is a really traumatizing violation, and it robs you of your peace more than people think. I had to deal with that a bit with an ex of mine (though it never got too dangerous), and I recently had to comfort a friend through finally getting an RO against her stalker. It's completely understandable that you needed to take that space for yourself, and I hope you found (and continue to find) the time and energy to take care of yourself and your illnesses. On a completely separate note... The idea of you making vore videos is really exciting! If you're planning on making more vore content, I would really love to see you do some intimate same-size vore videos! I'd be happy to go further into detail, if you'd like.
    Such an enticing predator - would love to see some same-size scenarios! Glad to see you getting into the role... just as I'd be glad to be getting into those rolls 😜
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