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  1. Some philosophers speak of war as an aesthetic spectacle for the eye of the outsider. You just gave that reflection a whole new meaning. 😍
  2. gricha


    I'd say your curiosity is a good first hint that maybe, gaining more is a nice thing to explore for you. As for our tastes, they are diverse, but obviously we all share a common taste for bigger women. How much is too much? But is there a "too much"? One thing is sure: at 195 for 5'10, you have a good margin anyway, a lot of us would describe you as "just curvy" - explore your heart out!
  3. Well I have another proposition if you want to rest your dough somewhere else... 😚😃😍
  4. I'm glad you considered my suggestion! I'm all yours to go along with you as you find beauty in those gorgeous curves!
  5. I don't know why you need more reputation, le cercle rouge was already enough to make you famous
  6. I can definitely see why he would enjoy your curvier body 😳❤
  7. Thank you. That was already my impression, upon reading various posts in different languages, but it doesn't hurt reading it from an official voice. Also thank you for trusting that we can be civilized in languages you don't have immediate access to. It's refreshing! Obviously 😉 now the second part of my signature (that used to be on two lines 🤔) is more obscure and less easy to guess 😀
  8. It's all in the title. 😆 Ok, in 2 words: Are foreign (=non-English) languages accepted on the board? To what extent? I prefer asking, as I have rude memories of being scold by moderation on other sites for using (even only 3, transparent to English speakers) French words. The answer may already be written in the rules, if so, can you kindly point me to the relevant section? Bonus question: what is your philosophy on moderation? Do you trust users to behave and only react on things reported as offensive/whatever, or are you proactive and check everything? It's kinda related as speaking in a non-English language means a more difficult access for moderation (unless of course you have polyglot mods).
  9. Décidément, j'aime vraiment beaucoup cette silhouette... 😍
  10. Fair enough. If you still need reassurance, you can always send me a message, it will be a pleasure 🙂
  11. Bienvenue! It's a pleasure to see other people from France here 🙂
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