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  1. Oh please! someone take me to the US, i just want a feedee girl to feed and fill with love and affection

    1. Caroline2305


      Im here 

    2. Pekito


      Hello cutie, would you like to be my feedee?

  2. Que maravilha você está em São Paulo na minha cidade, bem que eu queria te encontrar e que você fosse minha feedee 😍
  3. Me: I finally got a good job, now I can feed a feedee 🤩

    also me: Unfortunately there is no feedee where I live 😞

  4. Ah que legal você está vindo para minha cidade, espero que você aproveite muito e coma bastante ^^
  5. Tumblr_l_298221236577337.jpg

    I confess I love it 😍

  6. I finally had my first experience of feeding a beautiful feedee, it was the best experience ever. Best of all, see her happy and smiling at being pampered and praised. I love to see people smiling 🙂 I want to do it again, maybe with my own feedee 😊

  7. any feedee be able to help me make a dream come true? 🥺 I want to see if feedee can eat this whole cake, here's 2kg of cake 😉


  8. one of the most beautiful things in the world is to see the beautiful progress of a girl gaining weight. I think the transformation from a thin person to a fat person is very beautiful 😍

  9. Good morning, I hope to be able to find the feedee of my dreams. have a great day filled with love, care and food 😊

  10. Happy Birthday to me 🥳🎂🎁🎈🎉

    1. Creamy Baby

      Creamy Baby

      Congratulations!  I wish you chubby beauties💋

    2. Pekito


      Thanks cutie 😍

  11. I just wanted a feedee for me to feed and pamper 🙂

  12. Alguma linda garota que deseja ser alimentada, mimada, amada e engordada? 🙂

  13. I just wanted a pretty girl to feed, pamper, love and make very fat 😊

  14. Alguma garota feedee brasileira, que deseja ser alimentada e mimada?

  15. Onde estão as belas garotas feedee do Brasil para alimentar e mimar?

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