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Hey! I'm new here I suppose. I guess I'm a feedee, and i kinda wanna get pretty big. After starting gaining weight I've only gained about 34 lbs over 4 years, but I'm hoping to go beyond that rate! I only weigh 159 or so now, but I wanna get to 250, or maybe as high as 300. I'm kind of unsure.

There are a few reasons I want to gain.

  1. I think bigger women are just more attractive, and I'd like to join those ranks! I love the shape of curves and how it looks underneath clothing. Its just super sexy to me!
  2. As I've started gaining, I get really encouraged by the feeling up taking up more space, by how addicting the way my body starts to jiggle is, and by how I start to fill up clothes.
  3. I guess I have a co-morbid humiliation fetish. I kinda like the idea of 'ruining' myself, of fat peaking out from under shirts, by comments of "she put on weight". That kinda thing.

I hope I have a good time here and I hope you all like the content that I post!


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