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My Morning POV


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Custom Request. ❤️

Ever wondered what a typical morning in my life looks like? What I eat for breakfast, how I climb into the shower, walk stairs, squeeze myself into my car, how I put on leggings, or you just want to know how much of my belly I see? 

I speeded the end up where I eat my actual breakfast because I was chewing and breathing like a brainless fat pig and I thought That wouldnt be pleasing to listen to. Prepare for a lot of heavy breathing. 😮💨 

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Honestly the way you climbed into the bathtub or walked the stairs and your immense heavy breathing was just sexy. I would watch you jiggle all that everyday and that’s your breakfast? No wonder you are gaining that fast 😍

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This video was a gem, you don’t see many like it. I really enjoyed watching I got out of breath along with you going up and down the stairs. There was a part where you asked the viewers if they could measure their thigh for comparison, mine was 18 inches. That aside great video and I loved the pov angle and getting to see belly jiggles from your eyes. 

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Thank you so much!

So if I remember correctly mine is almost double your size, right? 😍 I am too lazy to look it up again 😂🙈

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Loved every second of it and I gasped seeing moist critical on your tv 😂 that just gives you beside your super sexy figure 100 points for humor and I just know you are wifey material. 
Also the way your belly rolls together while you sit on your toilet, god damn

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What a video. Seeing everything from your perspective and getting an insight into your everyday life was extremely hot. 🥵 How every movement exhausts you and how your fat shakes. Plus your heavy breathing oof. 🥵 You're really lazy and eat a lot for breakfast, so it's no wonder you are gaining so much weight so quickly. The way you lay on your couch, eating sweets and playing with your belly was just awesome. 😍 And when you measured your thighs, I was shocked. They are so thick. 😮 Mine are just about 47 cm.

Thank you so much for sharing your typical morning with us. ❤️ 10 out of 10 video. I loved every part of it. 🥰

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Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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