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You know what Lauren is craving? Being PREGNANT🥵

Lauren indulges on what she misses the most about being a big fat watermelon and how horny it made her!

Blossoming into a huge fertile, feminine goddess has been everything Lauren has always wanted and now she wants it again. 
Plump Lauren up again. Lauren never want to see her feet again! 🥵

(this video concept was highly requested so I’m excited to share this custom with you!)

Edited by LaurenLush

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You have to be the sexiest BBW MILF I have ever seen! It's so incredibly hot hearing you go on about how much your body fattened up during your pregnancy. Giving you amazing large tits, an even fatter belly, a massive soft ass, and enormous thighs! Then to hear you say how much you want to go back to being that fat pregnant Goddess is such a turn on! Just imagining you blowing back up into a gluttonous, gorgeous pregnant Goddess again gets me horny! You'd definitely drive all the men in the neighborhood crazy over you! This video had me hooked on, watching every part of you jiggle and bounce, and listening to your sweet sensual voice! You have no idea how badly I wanted to feel your soft body! You are a sexy fat MILF!

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This is such a well written review! Thank you! 

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Where… where do I begin? I guess I’ll start with usually I don’t go for breeding/pregnant content but this video is mindblowingly good. You can tell Lush deeply and intensely craves the feeling of being heavier and ultra fertile in her womanhood, and letting her hunger for that and growing bigger pair perfectly into actually making her a fertility goddess type of figure. It seems clear to me that the thought of adding more rolls and curves with fresh fat to her beautiful frame really turns her on as she closes her eyes, gives a knowing grin and softly moans as she grabs her soft gut. The thought that she NEEDS more, and more, that is fanning the proverbial fire in her belly is incredibly hot. I had to struggle to not melt inside watching that part in specific - fantastic stuff!

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