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17+ mins!

Lauren decides to watch a yoga instructor video and attempts to mimic the workout!

In this video the yoga poses are posted as Lauren tries her hardest to do them in real time. Let’s just say Lauren moves and looks nothing like the instructor!😂🥵

Yoga is supposed to be so calming but you can hear Laurens deep breathing and see the sweat run down her face as she gives it her all but still falls so short.

what’s the problem? Well… her fat gut, oversized tits, portly ass and thighs all take up too much room when trying to twist like a pretzel! 😂


Edited by LaurenLush

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Fat yoga is the best kinda yoga imo! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Although everything is more difficult at Lauren’s size, in a way she’s actually incredibly flexible and athletic, hauling that big fat body around. 🤤🤤🤤 The comparisons to the instructor are jaw dropping, in a good way of course! Lol I guess when your BMI is that high the poses are gonna look a little different 😍😍😍😍, the big fat belly always getting in the way and making things so much more difficult and the massive tits overflowing and even almost suffocating. 🥵🥵🥵💦💦💦 Also, the skin tight outfit leaves nothing to imagination 😈😈😈, the cellulite filled thighs look like they could burst from those shorts any minute! 💥🤤🤤🤤 Hot hot hot video with lots of sexy positions and really shows how much work goes into moving that big delicious bod 🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥

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Guest terranceandphillip

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So despite what this clip's name implies and what Lauren's cute and nearly constant complaints throughout suggest, this video is anything but a failure - literally the furthest thing from!  First off, as expected, Lauren succeeds (that is, not fails) in creating yet another adorably cute, fun, and charming clip.  And secondly, though she won't admit it, Lauren is actually pretty alright at all this yoga bullshit.  Sure, there's a couple of the positions/poses/stretches where there's just too much lovely, pudgy fluff in the way to let it happen in the conventional way, and maybe once or twice Lauren's beautiful face gets all but lost in the marvelous acreage of her majestic cleavage, but the fact remains: Lauren Lush's undeniably ample and beautifully voluptuous body can do or at least approximate the majority of these movements the ancient Hindu fathers believed brought the practitioner closer to unison with God and to the reality of the divine in each wonderfully created unique and glorious human being.

It's actually quite awesome to see Lauren doing these yoga moves - so these are things that a human body with a moderate level of strength and flexibility should be able to do (with practice, of course), but usually we only see a fit, skinny body like the one Lauren shows as the model demonstrating the technique doing them.  And yeah, that's kind of hot, but what's even hotter is seeing such an extravagantly plump and beautifully rounded body like Lauren's being able to do the exact same fucking things!!  Seeing where all of her wonderful, pudgy chub goes as she performs these movements is seriously such a fucking turn-on!! 💗

The setting of this clip is also really fitting and deserves mention.  Lauren is in the grassy, calm tranquility of what I assume is probably her backyard, and you can literally hear birds chirping in the background throughout the entire clip.  Planned or not, it's really perfect for what Lauren's doing here:  the ambiance is amazingly peaceful and soothing.  And I love how Lauren went with a more natural look.  Of course, she does an amazing job with her makeup, but she's just as lovely without it, and that's what's appropriate for this sort of content.  Also, her hairdo's cute as fuck. 💗

Finally, a personal word to @LaurenLush: I imagine some of your lamenting and negative self-talk in this video might just be for content's sake (what some folks maybe like to hear), but I want you to know that your body is amazing and is capable of doing amazing things.  You literally showed that skinny-ass bitch of a yoga model how a real woman does this shit and how she can look fucking amazing doing it.  And if yoga really is, as the Hindu masters have always said, a technique designed to bring humanity into unity with the divine, it's a wonderfully and incomparably beautiful human body like yours that will without a doubt make that elusive dream a reality!!! 

Response from the author:

You made me feel so special. Thank you T

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