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I was feeling pretty good after our session, but I think I needed more. My lust overtakes me and I look back down at you: helpless on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I just couldn’t be finished with you, not yet. I walked back down while you hug your stomach; it seems like you don’t notice me because you aren’t staring in my direction, but I get back down and I use one leg to turn you over so you are laying on your back, facing up at me. “I think you’ve been spending too much time down here, babe. Why not meet the rest of the company?” I say. I then reach down at your shirt and literally rip it off of you. You don’t even fight me because you know you’ll lose. I then move down and start to strip your pants, finally taking away all of your dignity by leaving you in nothing but your underwear. “Let’s go meet the higher-ups.” Next I lift you over my shoulder once more, draping you across like a scarf.


We then hike back up the stairs once more and just like before, I dig my feet into each step I take and your stomach gets pressed in deeply to my shoulder with each one. As we reach the top of the stairs, I toss you into the elevator and leave you on the floor as I step in and hit the button for the floor of the cafeteria. “I think it’s time I get something to eat. Gotta keep up my strength right?” I chuckle as I look down at you. “Celia, I don’t think I can take anymore.” You make out with a hoarse voice. “Oh quiet you. You should know by now that you can’t stop me and I can do whatever I want. In fact…” I then decide that, since this elevator ride is a little slow, that I need a seat. I walk over to you on the floor with each of my feet on either side of your frame and squat down onto you with my thick thighs splayed out in front me while they surround your head. “Just be a good boy and sit there, please.” I say playfully. I can tell that you want to say something, but before you start, I close my legs together and my thighs completely squash your face. I can tell that I’m completely covering your entire upper body. I feel your legs start to kick and you bring your knees up and try to knee my backside, but it’s no use. My fat is like soft armor that protects me, let alone the fact that I just have much more muscle than you too. I feel your knees continue to jab me lightly, but I take it all very easily, receiving no damage at all. I open my legs again and you’re just panting for breath. “See?” I say, “I encourage you to try and struggle, but you should know that it won’t get you anywhere.” I then bring my legs in and squat back up, reach down and take you with me over my shoulder once again. We arrive on our floor.


It’s around lunch time now and the cafeteria that I eat at is for the executives.  Even among them, I’m top dog though.  They already know about my, “activities” with the lower level employees. I bring you over to the lunch counter and order my food. The man behind the counter is looking at me with a scared look because he doesn’t want to be next. “Right away miss!” He takes down my order and runs to make it. “Celia! Hey there!” I turn around and it’s three of my coworkers all staring at you. The two women who didn’t say anything yet are just looking at you, almost like they are about to laugh. They probably find it pathetic how easily I can dominate you.  “Hey there guys. Good numbers this week, right?” I chat with them. We talk for a while, the whole time with you on my shoulder. “Oh! How silly of me, I forgot to introduce you guys to our IT department. He would say hello to you if my muscle wasn’t digging into his ribcage, haha!” I gesture to the group while they laugh in amusement as well. “Hey guys, watch this…” I say. I then go over to one of the chairs and climb up on it, keeping a firm grip on you over my shoulder. “This guy is little, but also so strong!” I then jump down off the chair and land on my two feet with a huge impact that almost feels like it shakes the room. And with that impact, I feel one of your ribs pop as soon as I land. It was bad enough when I would take deep steps, but jumping down from two feet? I can’t imagine how much pressure went on you just then! You almost feel like you are about to throw up, like a professional fighter just gut punched you, but all you do is gasp and groan. “Oh quiet you!” I snap in your direction, “Seriously guys, he’s just been making noises all day. Little man can’t hold his own against a dainty woman like me, haha!” You just feel utterly humiliated all the while my coworkers continue to laugh along with me. I was always glad that they are just as amused with my “hobby” as I am.


Noticing that my lunch is ready I say to the group, “Okay guys, gotta get back to the old grind.” I grab my food and head out to my office, still keeping you hoisted on my shoulder. It doesn’t even feel like you’re fighting anymore. I do like it when you struggle, but I can’t exactly blame you with all the damage you’ve taken. Not that I feel bad enough to let you go free. As I near my office, I find Stacey. She’s my secretary and also a BBW, but still not MY size. She is about 4 inches shorter than me, doesn’t have much tit size to speak of, but her belly has quite a bit of heft. I would say I still outweigh her by 120 pounds, but that doesn’t mean she’s small. I actually hired her because I thought she would want to join me in my squashing and carrying endeavors, but truth be told, she’s actually been more annoying and judgmental than anything else. She always says the same thing when I bring a tiny man to my office, “Oh dear, Miss Celia, another one?” She said, interrupting my thoughts. Her nerdy glasses coming down her face, I almost feel a bit disappointed in her.  It really is us plus size women who should run the world, but it’s girls like her who hold us back. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t ugly by any means, it’s just her attitude. Girl needs more spine.


I give out a bated sigh as she says her judgmental piece to me. “Yes, Stacey. Another one. Now do you want to help me crush this little guy and get to see where I’m coming from with all of this?” “Oh no! I couldn’t possibly Miss Celia. I like your confidence, but I’m just not the type to-“ “Then screen my calls for the rest of the day, kid. Don’t ruin this for me.” I snap back at her. She quickly rushes back to her chair and gets to work. At least she does her actual job well. I walk in and place you and my food on the desk. “Phew, I didn’t realize how long I was holding you until just now. I’m slightly out of breath.” I then lean over and look you in the eyes, “but only just slightly.” I wink. I decide to make myself comfortable and begin to undress and I can see you noticing me. I bet you love seeing my curves and voluptuous body, why not give you more of it? I get down to my bra and panties and I reach into a drawer of a filing cabinet. You see me turn around after obtaining what I grabbed and it turns out to be…. rope. “I need a better table to finish my meal. YOU are going to be that table.” “Celia, wait. Can’t you let me rest while you eat?  I have no more strength.” You plead with me. “Mmmm still resisting. I like it.” Completely ignoring you. 


Having a goddess-like body, you tend to figure out creative ways to squash and crush little victims. I have thought of doing one specific way to you that also allows me to relax while doing it. Even a powerful beauty like me needs to rest sometimes, right? I turn you on your stomach on the desk so your face is facing where my chair is and your legs hang off the front. Basically looking like you are bent over my desk, which does make you look good while you are in underwear, I admit. I take a seat in my chair and wheel it over to you, “Take a good deep breath, hon. I like to eat my lunch slowly.” I warn you. You finally figure out what the rope is for as I begin to wrap it around your head and then around my waist. As wide as I am, I have enough rope to get it around me. I then bring it around tighter, I hear you taking your air in, and within that moment I pull the rope with one hand and pull your head into my belly with the other completely smothering your head in my fat. “Mmmm this is really nice,” you hear me say as I adjust and squirm a little, this ordeal making me a bit sweaty. As hot as I may feel though, it is time for me to eat. I take my food container and place it on your back, open it up and take a good whiff. “Wow that smells really good. That executive cafeteria sure knows what they’re doing.” I start digging in, I do like to eat diligently and cleanly, I prefer taking the time to enjoy quality food to appreciate it more. But, this thought goes away as I feel you start to turn your head and whimper a bit. “Hey, what’s wrong down there? I’m trying to enjoy my meal!” I demand. I push your shoulder down with one hand, but you still keep struggling and it seems like you are starting to panic. “Are you serious right now? It’s only been half my meal and you’re running out of air? Jesus, I’m gonna make you take up swimming or something. You gotta learn to-“ and just before I can finish my insult, you buck your feet off the ground, raising your hips, which in turn, launches the container still half filled with food, right onto my face. I’m now covered in sauces and discarded food, totally covering my beautiful face. Remember how I said I like to be clean with my food? I’m sure you can guess what’s going to happen now…


You still struggle, but you feel me start to untie you so you are able to calm down a little bit at least. I finally am done and you release your face with a sharp desperate gasp. Nothing is said while you still lay your upper body on the table, gasping for air, but you notice that I haven’t said a word for the last minute and this scares you. As well it should. After getting some energy back, you lift your head up and look at me and then go white with fear. You finally figured out what you did as you see me and my death stare which is covered in what used to be my lunch. “Okay, Celia…hold on a second.  I was about to pass out!  You can’t blame me for that!” You are practically begging for your life at this point. Without taking my eyes off you or saying anything, I stand up, grab your arm, and lift you on the desk so that your body is now facing length ways. Fear has set in and you don’t even try to move away or fight. I step up on my chair, then onto the desk with my feet on either side of you.  I am standing directly next to your waist with me facing down towards your feet. All you can see is the back of my body towering over you. My thick thighs, each one bigger than your waist then traveling up to the most gorgeous ass you’ve ever seen. You can tell that there is an abundance of muscle underneath my soft curves.  You generally can appreciate the beauty of my thighs and ass, but now, in this position, you can only see them as weapons. “Listen to me, hon.” I say softly. “I’m a goddess, and as such, I need to stay clean and hygienic. Just now, you’ve undone that. What do you think any other goddess would do in this situation? No, don’t answer that. Let me just show you instead!!!” And as soon as I’m done, raising my voice, I jump up slightly and kick my legs out in front of me. It looked like everything was going in slow motion for you as you feared for your safety. You saw all the ripples in my thick thighs and gigantic behind, the way my muscles operated as I used them to jump up. But just as you get out of your trance, the giant impact of my butt happens and lands on your stomach. You want to let out a giant yell, but it hurt so much that you weren’t even capable. There is a loud crashing sound as I hit my industrial strength desk with you under me. “Mmmm now THAT was kinda hot. But it’s time for the real punishment.” I say.


You seem confused as if that monumental butt drop wasn’t punishment enough. But I lean back down on you, covering your face with my back fat and just resting on top of you. As I do this, I grab a napkin and start cleaning my face off, all the while, feeling you struggling beneath me. “It’s no use fighting me off this way, babe.” I talk, “I’m laying my full weight entirely upon your pathetic body.” I toss the napkin away, getting most of the food off of me. “I just love feeling you struggle. So helpless against all my fat. Our size difference is enormous. It turns me on so much, actually…” You keep trying as desperately as you can to fight for an ounce of air, but it does nothing except entice my lust a bit further. “There’s nothing you can do here. I’m just so much bigger than you! I can feel your tiny body being compressed into the desk. It feels so good to me…” I give out a sigh. I almost have half a mind to reach down into my panties and start something a bit hotter while I’m in this position, but I notice your struggles start to die down and it’s clear you are at the verge of passing out.  You feel light headed but still panicked as if this is the end. But, I certainly don’t want to kill you, just want to crush you a little bit, because you’re my toy. You wouldn’t be any good to me dead. “Alright, I think you get the idea.” I then lift up and roll off of you. You give out a series of shallow breaths, which is about all you can get. And in the moment the light of the office hits you, you start to get a headache. You were so close to passing out that time. For what you did, maybe I should have let you?


“Okay, bitch boy, you can say sorry now.” I demand. “S…. Sor…… sss……” is about all you can make out. “Jesus, okay if you won’t apologize,” I walk back over to you and lift my belly up like I’m about to drop it down on your face. “Sss… sorry! Sorry….” You make the words out as you see the bottom of my destructive belly looming over your head. I then back off and release it back down. You give out a big sigh of relief, although you still can’t move or talk much. “Okay, that’s good enough I suppose. Now look, I have to redo my makeup because SOMEBODY got my face a mess. I’m going to the bathroom so I’ll be right back.” I walk over to my executive washroom that’s within my office and open the door. “Oh and I know this goes without saying, but don’t run away, ‘Kay?” I let out a playful giggle as I enter the bathroom. You aren’t too sure what to do now. If you leave you’ll lose your job, but if you stay, you will definitely get crushed some more. As you are juggling with the choices, you hear the door to the office open and it’s… Stacey? “Hey- hey there.” She whispers awkwardly. “Come here.” She motions to you to come over. You look at her with some disbelief and give her a face that says, “I just got the shit kicked out of me, how am I supposed to go over there?” She gets the hint after a second, “Oh! Right! Sorry!” She stumbles inside with very little grace and stands over you. “Listen, I’m gonna get you out of here. Miss Celia can get a little, eccentric with her boy toys. I just don’t want to see you get hurt.” Stacey explains. “It seems a bit late for that…” you say sarcastically. “Okay, so I’m going to try to pick you up, here, place your arm over my shoulder like this and umm, I’ll carry you like that…” as Stacey continues to talk to herself, she clearly doesn’t hear me come up from behind you guys and I stand directly behind her with only a foot of space between me and the awkward fat girl. Stacey finally seems to feel the presence behind her and she slowly turns around to see my boobs since I’m a bit taller than her. She looks up at me and gives an slight chuckle smile. “Hey there Stacey. I forgot to get my purse with my makeup in it.” I say calmly, staring daggers into her eyes. “Oh, I can get it for you Miss Celia… in fact! That’s why I’m in here!” As soon as she’s done with her pathetic excuses, I bring my hips back and thrust my belly forward, impacting her own. I can tell there is a major difference between belly bumping you and a BBW, but I’m still bigger than her, which makes me the alpha in the room. Stacey falls backwards and then down onto the floor, also scared and now looking up at me. “Now then,” I say menacingly, “Let’s try something a bit different, shall we?”

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