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Getting to know Celia



Hey there!  I wanted to write a little bit of an introduction post for those that might be interested in following me so that you can get to know me a little bit.  I want to tell you a bit about myself and talk about some of the most common questions that I have gotten so far.  I figured some might be interested and others can scroll past - no hard feelings! Lol

First, I figured it would be best so start with getting to know a little about me and my interests.  I’m a hardcore Disney and Harry Potter fan so first you can feel free to ask me about any of this to get a conversation going lol.  I mostly love to spend time watching TV and movies with my friends, family, and partner.  I love comedies since I love to laugh, but I also love mysteries, thrillers, and drama.  I have lots of side hobbies that I’m interested in too that you may see in some of my videos as well.  I like to paint, I do some archery, reading, I like puzzles and puzzle games as well.  I like to play video games, board games, and card games.  Mostly anything that will have us all interacting, thinking, and laughing.  I love to travel whenever I can, and I have been very lucky in the past to have seen many places on this amazing planet.  I studied abroad in Florence, Italy when I was in college and that was one of the highlights of my college career.  If I were to describe myself, I would like to say that I am friendly, bubbly, intelligent, and kind.  This is probably not all there is to know about me, so you can always shoot me a message if you want to talk about any of these topics further.  I would love to hear from you!

Next, I’ll talk about the some of the questions I get asked them most and to shed some light on my insights. The first thing most anyone asks me (sometimes before even saying a quick, "Hello" or "How are you?") is they ask about my weight.  My answer has been mostly the same since the start in that I either state that I do not give out that information or I simply say "I give that out for a fee."  There's a lot of reasons behind this, but I'll give the simpler ones for now.  First is that for as long as I can remember society has had this obsession with what we weigh (for good reason or bad).  It's not related to my health ever, but I have had it seen more to judge their attractiveness to my body.  They measure how attracted to me with the number on the scale.  I have gone through a long journey of ups and downs with my weight (physically and emotionally, but that's a story for another blog) and I have realized more and more lately that the number really doesn't matter.  It doesn't measure how happy I am, how beautiful or successful I am, or even how strong I am (again both physically and emotionally).  Also, my weight can range on any given day as much as 5 pounds.  So how can it even be that accurate anyway?  So, I personally prefer to stay away from the discussion in general.  Believe me it’s not to knock and models or customers that are into gaining or into feederism.  That's great and I'm so glad that they are happy with their journey.  

The second most common type of question I would say I get asked is about my relationship status so I figure I can get that out in the open too.  I am in a very happy, committed relationship of almost 4 years now.  He is very supportive of me in general and specifically of this journey of modeling and creating content.  In fact, most people might be surprised to hear that it was his idea.  We both thought that it would be great for my self-esteem and a nice way to earn some side money for us to put into savings.  We all know we've been hit hard with the pandemic, so this is to help with that as well.  It's also nice to see in general how many more people there are in this sexual orientation/lifestyle/fetish (whichever you prefer to call it).  There's always more than I think, and I believe the amount is growing almost every day.

The next most discussed topic is whether I do feeder videos and when they find out that I don’t they usually ask why.  The main reason is the same as I mentioned before about society not treating fat people well.  Society has so many stigmas even to this day about fat people being sloppy, lazy, and eating a lot.  Those stigmas are seen as negative by so many out there and I have actively fought against being that stereotype my entire life.  I know these stereotypes are not true and even when they are, they are not negative.  We are allowed to eat, enjoy ourselves, and take up space.  We don’t owe being thin to anyone and we should be actively encouraging our curves and loving our bodies as they are or as WE want them to be.  That’s one of the biggest reasons as to why I decided to join Curvage to be in this space where it is more welcomed and even celebrated.  So, the way I choose to celebrate my body and therefore create the best content I can is for me to ignore those stereotypes completely and instead concentrate on the type of clips that make me feel the most confident.  I hope that will come across in all the videos you see of me.

Now that I’ve bored you with all this introduction stuff…I better get back to filming some clips ;0).



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