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    Casey you have blown up recently and its really starting to show!! Look at how those panties are struggling to contain your growing body. I don't know how you expect anyone to pay attention at work after receiving a video like this 😍😘 I cant wait to see what the future brings this piggy
    You can see how turned on she gets lying to her doctor saying she'll TRY and lose weight. We all know Casey can't control her gluttony, it's only a matter of time before she blows up and is hardly recognizable to her doctor. There is nothing hotter than watching Casey jiggle her growing body while eating pizza😍 Here's to the next hundred pounds Casey 😍😘
    The best $7 I've ever spent 😍 Love hearing about how huge you want to be in the not so distant future. With the way you've been growing its only a matter of time before you hit your next milestone, I'd say that'll be very soon 🐷
  1. Woah... Casey, you have ballooned in such a short time!! You have been such a greedy piggy lately and it's most definitely showing. I can't wait to see that top rip trying to contain your ever growing body. Don't worry you'll leave the bed one day... When it breaks under your weight and you have to get onto the replacement 😜😘🐷
    Watching Casey talk about how her uncontrollable gluttony has affected her life is so incredibly hot! You can see how little she cares of the others opinions while proudly playing with her growing gut. I wonder what other embarrassing moments will happen over the next 100lbs as she continues to indulge in her ravenous lifestyle?!?
    Casey has become so fat and jiggly that her belly looks like a big ball of fat hanging down on all fours. You can tell she gets so turned on from how out of shape she is and constantly growing fatter!!! it's only a matter of time until Casey's soft fat bellg hits the ground... And with her insatiable appetite I'd say that'll be sooner than later 🐷
    After watching Casey absolutely devour that burrito in mere minutes all while being stuffed to the brim, you realize how much of a greedy pig she really is. Casey has gotten so fat so quickly and loves to talk about her weight gain, and when you're as goregous as her why wouldn't you 😍 Casey truly loves gaining weight and being a fat lazy pig, and her dedication to the new lifestyle of gaining are admirable, especially because she has no self control... or signs of stopping anytime soon With an appetite and belly like Casey's I'd say it's time for a button popping video
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