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  1. Ajayy

    The Thin College

    You know everybody is asking about all of the possibilities of the feasting ring and stuff, but i’m Wondering.. what’s he gonna do about the whole Emily freak out thing and her being basically naked there. That’s gonna add a whole new layer onto the whole “stalker Jason” thing. Like he’s going to be in huge shit over that. Anyways, I love the story and check back everyday for more chapters. Keep up the amazing work.
  2. Ajayy

    Taylor Swift

  3. Ajayy

    The Thin College

    Haha, I can’t wait!
  4. Ajayy

    Selina Waterman Smith

    5 lb weight gain? She said 5 kg weight gain. That’s like 11 lbs.
  5. Ajayy

    The Thin College

    Can’t wait for more, I love your writing.
  6. Ajayy

    The Thin College

    Love the story, can’t wait for more
  7. Ajayy

    2019 Predictions Thread

    Haha I wish. But I’m going to say it’s not gonna happen to Grande or Kendall, as much as I wish it would. My three bets are: 1. Camilla cabello - ten to fifteen pounds (that could be wishful thinking tho) 2. Chloe Moretz - I agree with you on this, ten to twenty pounds 3. Mia khalifa - fifteen to thirty pounds hopefully her boyfriend won’t disappoint with the food!
  8. Ajayy

    Camila Cabello

  9. Ajayy

    Ana Cheri (Fitness Model)

    *caption* i really hope she stays in Italy then...
  10. Ajayy

    Camila Cabello

    Well here’s to hope then...
  11. Ajayy

    Camila Cabello

    Didn’t see any of these posted so, you can see she is getting a little tubbier.
  12. Ajayy

    Camila Cabello

  13. I’m new to gaining... what do you all recommend to do?

    1. mrfatfatfatlover
    2. S77
    3. LenaVonCurves


      Lots of Carbs

      Lots of Sugar

      Weight Gaining Shakes 

      Lots of Soda 

      and limit movement 

      late night eating before bed

      and you’ll be there no time 😘