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  1. pepi91

    Giorgia Colella

    She has a nice physique, but she prefers to be thin, and she has proven it time and time again.
  2. Non avrei mai pensato di vederti riempire e ingrassare con gusto! Sei bellissima!
  3. Come già detto, va a periodi. Siamo pochi ma ci siamo.
  4. pepi91

    Giorgia Colella

    I no longer see his profile on Instagram.
  5. pepi91

    Giorgia Colella

    They are the champions of bodypositivity and then lose weight ... mah
  6. You have beautiful curves! so you like your face. Benvenuta!
  7. Hello and welcome! A new Italian girl here, how nice! Your belly must be so much more and more beautiful! Mangia più che puoi!
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