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Plus size pantyhose, decorative tights…?


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I like fancy, stylish, goth, artsy tights and fishnets and pantyhose and even socks (just starting My sock collection). 

I used to buy exclusively from Hot Topic/Torrid and found Snag in the last two years. But I’m greedy and want more. 🤭 


Any pantyhose companies for ladies our size (specifically, huge calves, huge thighs, and a big butt)? I wear a 28 now but I really think My legs are larger than they “should” be (based on clothing manufacturer’s standards). 

Thanks, All! 🩵

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I wish my local Torrid carried a better selection of tights... considering shipping to Canada is $40... I can't bring myself to pay that nonsense so I have to choose from rhe selection at the mall here and they NEVER have the fishnets or thigh highs. 

5 years ago my city had 5 plus size stores and they've closed 4 of them as of this year, so frustrating. 

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