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Aria has officially turned into such a mindless bimbo breeding machine, with the desire to grow and grow. Her amazing breeding instructor, Wood, has been trying to push her harder and further every day, making Aria their prized cow. After just finishing her massive dinner, Wood urges Aria to continue with dessert, but she’s quite fearful. She just ate SO much, how could she ever fit a single bite more into her mouth? Wood assures Aria they will take care of her… as long as she follows their intense instructions. They push her to bloat and inflate with some whipped cream. She struggles, but is so eager to please, she can’t help but continue! Aria’s belly begins to feel tighter and tighter. Suddenly, she looks down and realize her belly is rapidly inflating! Wood pushes Aria so hard that her body can hardly keep up, rapidly expanding with cream. Aria tells Wood she can’t handle more, but Wood tells her it looks like her body did make some room. They tell Aria to get into breeding position while finishing gulping down the rest of the whipped cream. It begins messily spilling down Aria’s face as she gluttonously follows Wood’s breeding rules. Aria is so big, so massive, she can hardly hold herself up! Wood assures Aria she is absolutely ready for breeding. So, what do you think? Would you breed this slutty cow?

Want mooore of our inflation collab content? Here's some clips below!

Aria's Blueberry Revenge Ft. Wood

Blueberry Bullies Audio Ft. Wood


Edited by Aria_Bbw

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