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    I love her videos because she’s so down to earth and actually relates to the viewer. I love old clothes try on videos because I love seeing how far women have come and I’d say Lush Lauren has come a long way although I wouldn’t mind seeing her wear these outfits out I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble for indecent exposure either! Check out the video it’s a must watch
    Lola Bunny has never looked better than in this video Space Jam really messed up with its casting. Nothing to be disappointed with this video. The confidence and sexiness it’s a definite must watch 10/10
    This video gives a whole new meaning to “Hot for Teacher” the role playing is perfect this is a definite must watch 10/10 two thumbs up
    The cover photo does not disappoint with this video. If you want to watch the sexiest jiggling video ever this is the ticket. I’m talking Academy Award worthy, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. 10/10 would recommend
    Following Kitty from the very beginning and watching her transformation even in her older video compared to now she’s someone who genuinely enjoys doing this you can always tell from her voice especially in this video how excited she is with everything and she has every right to be for her accomplishments. We love you Kitty and look forward to the continuing journey and thank you for sharing every step with us. Gone is that skinny little model she’s still a model just more for us to love.
    I’ve seen a lot of blueberry clips over the years but this is by far the best one. The acting and the role play of the video is spot on. The effects were amazing. Casey just killed it! I would definitely recommend. This is the first clip I’ve bought and certainly not disappointed. Thanks Casey for the clip and for all the amazing content!
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