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  1. First of all, i've been into fat fetish since i was 15, in my puberty i always turn on by feederism, fat bellies, stuffing, etc. Even i masturbate with this kind of fetish And now i'am around 18, and i wonder if i go into relationships with girl i like, can i "turn on" and having a normal sex with her? because i've been masturbate to those fat fetish porn category of course i like this girl physically, she's beautiful, have a "normal" body. i'm worried that i can't have a normal sex with her this is so depressing to me
  2. yess that is what i mean, idk rapid gain almost goes straight to the belly
  3. do you wonder why getting fat because overeating, stuffing, feedee, or fast weight gain in a short time, almost the fat is going to the belly in other case people who had slow weight gain, the fat is more equal in their body like the belly is not as big as the feedee type of weight gain
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