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  • DangerousCurves

    Hi everybody! New here, just trying to see what's out there, lol!

  • Taytay

    Lonesome Organist Rapes Page-Turner by the Dresden Dolls

    He told me that I knew just what to laugh at
    And I wanted to but I just couldn't ask if he would take it back so I could know for certain
    So on the bench I watched his left hand crossing
    While doubling entendres with the voicings
    He said "oh darling, you're charming, please don't find it alarming
    If I pull this stop out to free up a hand for heavy petting"

    Now there there
    I'm a friendly man
    I joke about sex because it's funny when you're frightened

    So silently I sat and turned the pages
    Recalculating our respective ages
    Over my shoulder he muttered if I get any older
    You can hack my wrists off with your choice of objects no I'm kidding

    Don't be scared
    I'm a friendly man
    I joke about death because its funny when you're frightened

    This is as far as I could get he jabbed a needle in my neck
    Erasing all the evidence but there were matchsticks in my pants
    And if a rock should hit my head and I remember what he did
    You'll be there very first to know
    Maybe I'll find out why this damn thing wont stop bleeding

    He told me that I showed a great potential
    That given I turned heads and pages fame would be a piece of cake but
    Practice was essential
    So like a stupid child I believed it
    And golly who would ever had agreed if
    I had been schubert or mozart
    Devoted to the fine art of perfecting absolutely everything inconsequential

    Don't be sad I'll come back again
    I joke about trash cause it takes class to be enlightened

    So several decades have gone by
    I am still sitting by his side
    I turn the pages faithfully
    He turns his head and smiles at me
    And with a wink he said "I doubt
    We would be anywhere without
    Your gift for keeping truth and consequence from meeting! Ah!"

  • Ni Ki

    New Video out now at Curvage Clips

    How to Eat a Cake

    "Cake eating challenge"


    Can I eat all this cake?

    Should I be ladylike and eat with a spoon?

    Or with my hands?

    Or no hands?

    Should I sit at the table?

    Or on the floor?

    Or on my bed?

    Clothes on or off?

    I'm feeling like a little piggy :wub:


  • j_low888  »  Goddess shar

    You are one gorgeous lady!

  • Goddess shar

    I love to pose.. ??




  • Taytay

    Stumbleine by the Smashing Pumpkins 


    Boredoms in the bathroom shaking out the loose teeth
    Sally's in the stirrups claiming her destiny
    And nobody nowhere understands anything
    About me and all my dreams
    Lost at sea
    Jack it up judy set your heart alight
    Mayfair mistress of the satellites
    Misspent youth- faking up a rampage
    To hold off the real slaves
    Paid off and staid
    And what you never knew
    Can never get to you
    So fake it
    I'll be your stumbleine
    I'll be your super queen
    And make you
    Jukebox fuckup hanging round the drugstore
    No matter what you say he'll be back for more
    Mommy's in the manger with the little kids
    She's got her reasons, got my forgets
    Of tears and idle threats
    And no matter what they do
    They can't get to you
    So fake it
    I'll be your stumbleine
    I'll be your super queen
    And make you me
    Come around ruby I could never sleep alone