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  2. That is one big culo de manteca de cerdo
  3. John Smith

    Bebe Rexha

    Politics aren't something to keep for yourself, but to interact and share within. Also, you'd pretty much shared a politically oriented opinion of your own regardless, since whether claiming being apolitical or opposong somebody else's political views are political. We are into a forum officially oriented into the admiration for curvy-to-fuller-figured woman, Fat Admiration and Body Expansionist Fetishism: people are still nowithstanding bickering a lot about their political views here (then let's be honest: the admins, mods and some of the favorite members here are somehow fostering some chatting in favor to a peculiar subset of the American political spectrum) even if technically, we shouldn't. But she's not one of ours: she's an artist involving into a democracy. She has the full right to use her own business model and platform to express and share her views-- which are fyi what any branch of arts might does. Anyway, what she does has no harm nor violation to anyone's rights and freedom, unlikely to Texas...
  4. They use Cass I'm all for the Finals less go !!!
  5. groink

    Former athletes

    Mary Pierce, "the body"... January 2019
    Strength to strength, Kitty’s videos are always well worth parting with your hard earned cash with. It’s no wonder she’s piling on the weight at a somewhat (amazingly) alarming rate, this girl can EAT! She never seems to stop. If you’re a fan of belly-busting stuffings, this is for you.
  6. I think you know the answer to that. Who is it?
    Amazing as always. When I think you’ve peaked you somehow continue to outdo yourself. Buy this video and support the amazing work shar has done.
    Amazing stuffing. You gain so fast and going so much sexier. Sexy jiggling and nice few burps.
  7. Today
  8. I click and “no posts/user not found” shows up. Did she block me? Did I creep her out without even knowing she exists?
  9. This show, kind of a comedy about the trials and tribulations of a fat woman, isn't bad. But if you like fat girls, check out Episode 4 and the BBW pool party. Some gorgeous fat women on there.
  10. Tho11899

    Tiffany Keller

    Her party life is going to make her bigger surely ! It seems that her boobs want to spill out from her lingerie top
  11. adecourv

    Demi Lovato

    Just on a computer screen, that look is killing me
  12. A jornalist from a popular serious channel in Italy contacted me talking about a project for a service about plus size people and how they use they figure in a creative way for they advantage to live from it, models etc. 

    Im not sure if I should consider it, if its could be positive or turn against me. What would other models do? 🤔

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    2. Dr. Feeder

      Dr. Feeder

      I'm not a model, but my 2 cents: Ask to see examples of other shows this journalist has worked on and other shows this channel has done. If they're exploitative you might want to stay away.

    3. BigBunny


      @Dr. Feeder those are very good advices thank you. 

    4. biggirlsok


      What the Dr said,  also ask about anything they can do about concealing your privacy (blurred face, changed voice, etc) Although I speak on that more as a precaution, still remember getting chewed out by my last boss for being on the local news with my uniform on.

  13. Spoil me like the plump piggy princess I am 💖🐷🍭👑






    1. BigBunny


      Beautiful pics

    2. FattyFreya


      @BigBunny thank you 💖💖

  14. Bill Clinton was 1992 and 1996 dude.
  15. Good evening! Last weekend I was at a comics festival and.. I was recognized by a Curvage user! It was a very exciting moment, ahah! I was totally unprepared for this eventuality and when he asked me if I was "Luna Hellborn" I was in shock! :D

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    2. Chevalier


      @BigBunny nothing to fear in this day and age as long as you do right by people. Gifts smooth things over easily, plus in essence you're only doing things in a more visible way.

      I don't really mind if my stuff is discovered if it isn't leaked.

    3. BigBunny


      @Chevalier you say that because you never had to deal with stalkers 😅 some can really scarpe you. Plus wouldnt be nice if I am with my dad at mall and some guy say hey youre big bunny? I love your videos. Would be akward 😂

    4. Chevalier


      Lol that's another story. I just meant someone who can be subtle, sounds like you like me 😊. I wouldn't hassle you if I saw you while with your child or on personal time. But yeah that's good interview topic idea @BigBunny

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