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  2. two days ago on mamamoo’s official Instagram account (@mamamoo_official), just because we don’t have much new content.
  3. Seventhwonder6

    Noelle Foley

    Her Instagram is pretty much dedicated to food, it’s amazing 🤤🤤
  4. some clothes make you look bigger or thinner. she seems to have some curves, but not that much to be considered chubby. she’s just healthy.
    This is definitely a must have if you are a fan of tight clothes!
  5. Yes, science does say that biologically they're still a woman. And that there are only 2 genders which I would agree with, you're a male or female. But why not let people be male OR female? Science isn't the answer to everything which is why there isn't a "cure" for people with gender dysphoria nor any perfect undertsanding of it. Science shouldn't dictate every aspect of society. Until there is some kind of true treatment for people to have (if they choose to) then why not let people transition? It's better for them, doesn't affect you in any way and puts them at less risk of harming themselves, a worryingly common trend in the trans community. Telling trans people they're wrong and can't be anything but their biological gender won't change their minds at all, they can't control it. In fact, it'll probably just make them feel even worse. As long as they aren't making up bullshit genders/pronouns, and hormone treatment isn't being forced on kids who can't consent to it, let them do whatever makes them feel comfortable in their own skin
  6. This file contains two clips, so you're getting two videos for the price of one! Nicole plays with her belly a bit and shows how fat and wide she has become, then decides to go out and show her new self to the public, ordering a large meal at a local fast food restaurant, in the end her tummy is all bloated and in need of some rubbing, which hopefully you can provide... (Stay tuned for the next PoV clip, where you will rub her stuffed gut!) 😍


  7. Nothing better than tight lingerie and cake 🐷


  8. Unfortunately no. I wish I had the talent to create something like that from scratch. The cover mostly consists of an advertisement image I "borrowed" and then slightly edited so as to make it a better fit for the main character. I've toyed with the idea of commissioning an original illustration from among the pool of talented FA artists but never actually gotten around to making the pitch. If I did, I think something like that and/or other scenes and characters might be fun!
  9. I suspect they are brand new since D23 was yesterday, good look of her too, suggest she might not be as skinny as she seemed to be in the recent photos i posted.
  10. "Anyone who understands science is a transphobic Hitler!" Reeeeeeeeee
  11. Today
  12. I tease you and show you how good I'd be with my mouth


    Definitely worth the money. You're force feeding videos are always outstanding. Hopefully in future vids we see more jiggle/slapping of you're belly/butt
  13. Luv4pears

    Kelly Brook

    Way to lift up and see what's underneath! 🤔😋
  14. ^ Her VPL is amazing!
  15. I dance for you in lingerie, feeling myself and my chubby body. DISCLAIMER: music is played in the background!


  16. Hello everyone, feeling sexy with my pudgy tummy and thick thighs 






    Shots from the upcoming clip, stay tuned today!


    I am also pleased to announce a new sale offer, lasting 72 hours and offering 30% discount on the clip below! Enjoy my belly getting filthy with whipped cream at the garden, there are quite some surprises hidden in the video, go find them out! 🍑

    Remember that the dividends I earn on every sale go straight to my tummy! 😛



    [30% Discount] Flabby Belly Gets Creamed Outside

    PRICE: $10.99 $7.69!

    (Expires on Tuesday, August 27th @ 23:59)



    It's a sunny day and Nicole wants to exhibit her belly on the garden, she has made herself a strawberry dessert for this ocassion, would you like to see her belly getting stained with the whipped cream? Would you like to see her fat ass progress as well? Then come and watch it! 🐷 🍑


    Buy It Now!


  18. Well, you could've just said you're disappointed with her decision but you've chosen to remember her as she was - but instead you decided to make derogatory comments about her/him. Your posts and the comments you've liked in this thread make it difficult to conclude that you're not anything other than you appear to be.
  19. I went on a movie date recently, and when I sat down a button on my dress just popped off! 😅 🐷 I also had to lift the armrest up so my thick hips could fit into those tiny seats. Maybe they didn’t notice? 😳

  20. I hope you like this stuffing photoset, I stuff and pose and play with my fat ass...in each shot there’s something sexy waiting for you 🐷🐷 enjoy !! 🥰


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