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  1. This is unlike most of my other videos i've posted! This one i can 100% say is my best STUCK VIDEO YET!!!! There is alot of acting in this so heres the story line! Kayla has lived her romantic lifestyle at home as a feedie who just eats all the food! her foodie fling likes it but is annoyed because he's fixing the house and while he's asking for help kayla can only think about her next snack! its very distracting since her fling leaves all his meals and snacks around for her eyes to catch!. While kayla trys to help her lover she ends up getting super stuck in the ladder she can barely get out with such a huge fat gut! kayla has clearly been packing on too many pounds that how can she get to her next snack stuck in the ladder. NOT ONLY THAT but the snacks clearly make her gassy too. When she finally frees her self she grabs all the snacks to gorge her self but no matter how much she tries its not enough. She wants her flings oreos that he left out. So she sneaks to get them when he leaves ! But while she is eating them he catchs her stuffing her self ! PS !! there is alot of weight gain talk in this including dirty talk like belittling me because im such a fat ass! but its also a compliment as well!! Also i moan when i eat the food!


  2. Kayla has gotten so big and fluffy, she decides to go for a midnight snack<3 While eating donuts she decides its time to show the chair she outgrew but with surprise the chair breaks apart from not handling her big juicy thighs and her huge ass! after all that she shows her new measurements for her newest huge gain!! clothes dont fit, nothing fits, and kayla is stuck


  3. In this video you will find: 🐷 Belly play and... OMG she just had to sit down to play with her belly differently, but she got stuck. Stuck in the bin! Oppppssss.. 💗Fat belly and ass!!!💋I try to get it out...💋 Poor baby😈 Is fat!😍


  4. in this video you will find: got stuck in the door, she can't get through... 🐷❣️ she is too fat!!


  5. You find Winnie pacing and worrying wonder what to do with no honey anywhere! “O what am I gonna do without any honey??” asks Winnie. Luckily Winnie has you for a friend! You tell Winnie about a secret snack spot filled with the most delicious of morsels, it’s just a little out of the way. You have to follow the rainbow path and through the small tunnel and then you’ll have found the spot with the most nom-y treats your eyes have ever seen! There does happen to be a small snag— the tunnel is so tight around that bears buns! Huffing and puffing but focused on snacks, PoohBear makes it in and is wide eyed with delight at the amount of treats in front of them! Seeing that many snacks has Winnie big eyed going from treat to treat until totally stuffed. Packing some snacks for the road winnie heads out just to get stuck again but this time worse. Way way worse. “Are you sure the tunnel didn’t shrink?” “Did it swell up?” “There's no way I got that big from eating!” wiggling and moving and pushing and trying their hardest winnie can’t budge and has to wait for more friends to come to the rescue while this hips are jammed between the walls. “O bother”


  6. Kayla was ditched in the woods but it doesnt take long for someone to notice shes all alone. The stranger offers her a ride but she must go through the window. Her big fat tummy roll gets her stuck because it wont go over. What will kayla do if she cant get in? . He helps push her butt and she manages to suck in and get her self in. Now after all tht hard work kayla wants her butt and belly rubbed by the stranger. Guess it all works out in the end for a cute chubby girl


  7. Kayla gets under the chair to try and reach her air freshner to find out she is really stuck and cant get out. She realizes her big boobs and big ass have alot to do why she cant move. She then starts to panic begging for help to get out kicking and squirming !


  8. Title says it all. Anyone know good stuff involving big girls squeezing themselves into tight spots? Bonus points if they get stuck ❤
  9. BBW, Stuffing, Romance, Weight Gain, Stuckage. Alana, formerly a reluctant babysitter and bonafide high school bombshell, has partaken in a decade of lazy indulgence and been forced to endure its consequences. Now single, overweight, and recently unemployed, Alana's quest for redemption starts now. The Fence By polarisdreamer Part 1 “I can hear you Trevor! Better stay quiet or else I’ll find you!” Alana warned, as she continued to enjoy the late-summer’s sunset lounging poolside at her next-door neighbor’s house. Babysitting was normally a profession Alana loathed, although to be fair, Alana loathed most things that required more than a token effort. School was a bore. Sports were bleh. Her boyfriend, Scott, was an exception, but still.. She’d been determined to laze around and relax to her heart’s content since high school graduation. This was the last summer she had to enjoy herself before she went off for her freshman year of college. Real life was just around the corner and she wanted to soak in as much carefree time as possible! Babysitting normally got in the way of that but looking after Trevor was the exception. Trevor was her boyfriend’s little brother. Alana couldn’t be bothered to remember the details, but the short and pudgy youngster was only nine or ten years old or something like that. Way younger than Scott, and frankly, nothing like him. Unlike his stud of an older brother, Trevor was content to do anything she asked for the slightest portion of her attention. As a perfect example, tonight Scott had blown her off to travel with his parents to an ‘accepted students’ event at the local college that had recruited him to play football. She’d tried to convince him to skip the event in order to attend a party with her, but no. He never put her needs first. Instead of having fun at a party Alana was stuck babysitting his little brother. Luckily, Trevor was easy. Rather than faithfully fulfilling her duties as a responsible babysitter, Alana had enticed Trevor into a little game of hide and seek. He’d be hiding, she’d be seeking. The only thing was.. once Trevor excitedly went off to hide, Alana didn’t go looking for him. Rather, she stripped down to her bikini, parked her perfectly formed ass on a lounge chair by the pool, and resolved to absorb every ounce of sunlight she could before the big burning ball of gas went down. Her plan had worked like a charm for about an hour, till just a moment ago. She’d heard a crashing sound from her parents’ yard, it sounded like one of their metal trash cans falling over. What the heck was that boy doing? From her reclined position, Alana had no visual clue as to what had happened, she was too short to see over the fence anyway, so she didn’t even bother standing up just yet. As the echo of her sharp voice reverberated across the side of the house, she could hear a groaning response. “Alana! *sniff* Help I’m stuck!” Trevor’s voice whimpered, as Alana let out a short sigh of frustration. “Give me a minute I gotta go around the fence.” Alana groaned, as she slowly got up from her lounge chair. “Hurry! It hurts!” Trevor’s voice pleaded with some urgency. Normally Alana wouldn’t have bothered rushing, but Trevor sounded distraught. She didn’t want to get in any trouble if he’d somehow hurt himself. Rather than make the long walk to the front of the house to the fence’s gate, Alana went to a certain plank that was quite loose. Loose enough in fact to easily nudge out of place and tilt to the side. This little secret had allowed Alana to sneak, unnoticed, into her boyfriend’s bed many times behind both their parents backs. Trevor watched as a plank swung out of the way and Alana’s head poked through the gap. She had long brown hair, almost reaching to her butt. First, she looked left, then she looked right and spotted him. He’d been spying on her from the top of a narrow metal trash can. He’d hardly had time to react when his unsteady position caused the lid to slide out from under him. His youthful belly had plugged his descent into the tall trash can, but it had also wedged him into a compromising position. He’d tried to silently wiggle himself free, but he’d only succeeded in tittering over and smacking into the ground. He was no closer to freeing himself when Alana slinked through the gap in the fence and walked over to him with a disapproving look on her face. Her hourglass frame carried all 125lbs she carried masterfully. She may have had a soft looking tummy, but Alana’s perky c-cup breasts, curvy hips, brown eyes, and seductively attractive face had cemented her status as the second most popular girl at Madison Heights High School. Despite what her peer’s may have thought, in Trevor’s eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And, the most intimidating.. When she stopped her judgmental strut, her feet were only mere inches from his face. He looked up and saw his 18-year-old babysitter towering over him. She always looked like a giant to him since she was 5’6 and he was only 4’5 but gazing at her from the ground made her presence all the more uncomfortable for him. “Found you.” Alana teased in a joking fashion to try and take Trevor’s mind off the fall. Seeing the poor kid’s lower lip quivering motivated her next sensitive sounding question, “You okay?” “I’m stuck..” Trevor embarrassingly admitted, as Alana eyed the way the kid’s overweight midsection plugged the top of the trash can. “Ooh Trevor, you gotta learn how to put the Twinkies down.” Alana casually commented much to Trevor’s inner horror. It was one thing for his mother to tease him about his baby fat, it was another thing to have his first crush point it out. She wasn’t even done yet, after a breath, Alana tilted her head, eyed his stomach, and continued, “This is what happens when you always eat too damn much.” “I..” Trevor nervously muttered, as his young mind searched for a way to spare himself this humiliation. He wished he looked like his big brother, big and muscly, then Alana would like him. “Haven’t I told you? You gotta stop eating so much? The weight isn’t gonna magically disappear when you hit puberty. Do you want to be fat for the rest of your life?” Alana asked, as she crouched next to him and prodded his pudgy tummy with her lavishly pedicured fingernails. Trevor’s tongue went numb the moment Alana touched him. He wasn’t just embarrassed anymore; this was pure humiliation. He prayed for her to stop teasing him, but she pressed him again, “Well? Do you wanna be fat for the rest of your life??” “No..” Trevor muttered, as he solemnly wished he could turn invisible. Alana was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but in the moment, he wished she could feel the humiliation she was forcing him to endure. If she knew how embarrassing it felt to be stuck in front of a crush, she’d never tease him like this again. “Well, you will be if you can't say no to sweets.” Alana concluded with a pinch to his love handles. Her touch sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn’t be more intimidated. Just when it seemed like the torment would continue, Alana’s face revealed a warm smile. To Trevor’s relief, the following words out of her mouth were, “Now come on, give me your hands, let’s get you out of there. No more hide and seek. How about we jump in the pool? Then I can order dinner.”
  10. Beau decided to try and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, and decided to test out if she could fit comfortably in the tub. Needless to say, her fat ass and thighs make her get stuck! She calls the maintenance man in to help grease her up and lift her out!


  11. In This Video: Naughty school girl. STUCK. Tight clothes. Dirty talk. Belly play. Belly plops. ~6 minutes A long time fantasy has been brought to life for Casey, finally. Back when Casey was in school, she has a very vivid memory of her school having to order a larger desk for one of her classmates because they were too large to fit in the standard sized desks. Ever since then, it's a fantasy that her mind often circles back to. Well, lucky her - Candice showed up to Casey's house with an old fashioned school desk to play with (you should've seen those 2 fatties trying to carry it inside lol)! Casey was shocked when she sat down to learn that she was genuinely stuck due to the immense size of her swollen gut. She heaves her enormous belly up to rest on the desk and starts to play with it. Casey is so turned on feeling just how stuck she is in that desk. She offers multiple angles of her huge gut as she plays with it, exploding out of her little school girl outfit. Eventually, Casey tries to stand up for you and it's QUITE a struggle but eventually she pulls it off and gets up. She has to twist her body around to get unstuck. SO DAMN HOT. 🔥 ---------------------------------------- REVIEWS: Your sweet reviews are always so appreciated! You are able to leave a review after downloading the file. Be sure to click on the stars otherwise it won't save. Thank you for supporting me always 🖤 ---------------------------------------- CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM or contact support.


  12. Jinkies! If you like Stuckage, struggling, a fat ass, a masked villain, and always had a thing for nerdy Velma this is the clip for you! Halloween is almost here and we all need a bit of fun in our life and this roleplay will give you just that. Come here with a sense of humor because it is over the top (and funny) scobby doo we all love mixed with naughty sexy bits we all need. The Masked Monsters lair has been found, but a trap has been laid! Velma is left all alone with no friends to find the bad guy... all is well but she looses her glasses and as we all know she can't see without her glasses! As she crawls to find them her plump body becomes stuck under a bench and she can't seem to get out! Her ass sticks out but no matter how much she wiggles she is stuck tight. And that is how the masked monster finds her, ass up in the air and her fat body stuck tight. He teases her a bit and by the end she is struggling super hard and finally gets free. But she is caught again and dragged off to his bed where witty banter is had while he cuffs her hands and ties up her legs slapping her ass for good measure. Funny Sexy Role Play is amazing!!!!


  13. I play around the park get stuck a few times knowing i need to get fatter and then just realize im way to fat to run around. I get soo tired i have to lay down just to take a breath i play with my belly as one of my feeders ask me questions about my weight goals gains and differences since being bigger ❤️


  14. Evil Stepmother(Redux)BBW, XWG, DarkAs Sara stood there in the hot shower lathering soap all over her body, she felt every inch of her massive weight gain. Her large breasts, her thick thighs that touched almost all the way to her knees, her bloated flabby belly hanging down heavily, and her widened butt all felt so soft and equally engorged with her unintended gluttony. She stood there toweling off from her shower when she realized she forgot her clothes in her room. Embarrassed of her weight and fearing more humiliation from Evelyn she sat in the bathroom and thought of what lead her to this grief.It was not more than a year ago Sara was out of a job and dropped out of college due to lack of money, she moved in with her father(Jim) and stepmother(Evelyn). Sara was always a perky and happy person in school, but after living with Evelyn and her strict rules her happiness was replaced with sadness and her perky nature with a somber reflection of her past life. Sara had to do what Evelyn said if she didn't her father would find out about all kinds of lies and failures Evelyn would make up. Jim usually believed Evelyn as his trust of Sara was broken by many failures at college and a few lies from Evelyn. Months of rules and threats lead to punishments of forced feeding and humiliations of Sara’s weight by Evelyn, and all that lead up to her current slump.Her memories of the past where cut short by a banging of the door and Evelyn's voice “Don't use all the water again fatty.”Sara cringed as the door swung wide open and Evelyn burst in with a look of disgust on her face ”Oh damn Sara did you get up last night and eat us out of food again you look bigger then ever” Evelyn said standing Sara up and grabbing her large belly rolls shaking them. She walked around Sara pinching and grasping her body all over till finally she pushed Sara over to the scale.A look of dread came across Sara as she neared the scale it was her least favorite part of the humiliation she endured ”On the scale piggy lets see how much my prized hog weighs” Evelyn demanded pushing Sara unto the scale. The scale counted up till it reached 298lbs Sara could not see the numbers without looking over her belly and she knew Evelyn did not want her to see ”Well piggy looks like your almost fit for market!” Evelyn said typing something into her phone then slapping Sara on the butt. “Get dressed you great big flabby butterball nobody wants to see you naked...Run! Piggy! Run!” Evelyn demanded slapping Sara on the butt again. Sara ran into her room thunderous steps echoing thru the house by the time she got down the hall she was out of breath.“Damn her” Sara said under her breath safely in her room. Sara got dressed and sat in her room playing on her laptop for a few hours till she felt horrible hungry. Looking down at her bloated engorged body she tried to just sit there and ignore her hunger. Suddenly as if on cue a wonderful banquet of food smells filled the house, and Sara's willpower melted she stood up and began to sneak downstairs in her jammies(stretched out sweatpants and a white tank that barely covered her belly). Her steps were far from quiet at her weight it was hard to waddle around and not make all kinds of racket.“Hmmm as I planned lets see how long you can hold out piggy” Evelyn whispered to herself finishing up on the banquet of food she just prepared some of it laced with appetite stimulants. Sara arrived in the kitchen to see the table loaded with food and drinks as if made for 6 people, her stomach rumbled loudly.“Ah I see you have found my feast, well its not for you fat piggy its for some guests that are coming over, so control you raging hunger for a few hours” Evelyn said turning to see Sara come into the kitchen.“What am I supposed to eat that looks like all the food?” Sara asked sheepishly looking at the banquet of food her stomach rumbling again even louder. Evelyn left the room without another word she ducked around a corner and waited for some eating noises. Sara looked around the kitchen and found there was literally no more food in the house. Turning to the table she stared at it licking her lips, she looked around to see if Evelyn is gone. Slowly Sara walked towards the table, her heart began to race, she licked her lips in anticipation, looking about she began eating the foods she was sure wouldn't be missed.As Sara was going to stop and walk away Evelyn came into the room suddenly “Ah Ha I knew you could not resist a tasty feast you blubbery pig, well if your gonna eat you might as well eat ALL OF IT!!” Evelyn said angrily forcing Sara into a chair and began shoving food into her face. Sara tried to resist but she knew it would be worse if she did slowly she began to eat and eat, the forced feast was obviously more then she intended to have for breakfast. Evelyn enjoyed ever moment of it her control of Sara was slowly becoming more absolute she could make Sara as fat and helpless as she wanted. Evelyn always hated Sara when she first met her thin beautiful body, being beautiful herself Evelyn was always jealous of anyone she thought was better looking then her. She stuffed Sara till the whole feast was gone every last crumb, sitting there too full to move Sara was exhausted and bloated.“There piggy you got everything you wanted now rest up lunch is on its way soon” Evelyn said rubbing Sara's overstuffed belly. “Don't worry it will be as big as breakfast too so there will be plenty for your piggy belly to enjoy” Evelyn said whispering in Sara's ear and patting her belly lightly. With those few enjoyable moments gone Evelyn snapped a few pics of Sara from different angles adding “There now your father has proof of how much you are abusing his generosity with your gluttony!”“What...No please...I will do...as you ask Evelyn...just don't tell dad!” Sara said gasping for breath while sliding her now tight sweatpants under her stuffed belly and lifting her shirt over it. “Oh please...don't tell him Evelyn...I will do whatever you tell me no questions or resistance!” Sara pleaded still a bit out of breath rubbing her exposed, overstuffed belly.“Anything huh” Evelyn thought for a moment building tension “Oh piggy we are gonna have so much fun with you!” After those words Evelyn called an Asian cuisine place and order a massive lunch for delivery. “Well lunch will be here in a several hours lets let that breakfast turn into fat shall we piggy” Evelyn patted Sara's belly a few more times and left the room.“Oh what have I done this is gonna be terrible for my figure I will never get in shape or find any men with that witch fattening me like some hog in a fair” Sara whispered to herself rubbing her engorged belly. Sara slowly realized she was powerless to stop it too with all her money and lively hood coming from her father, she was at Evelyn's mercy and that thought made her heart sink.Evelyn did not let up either she was if anything more determined that ever to fatten Sara to near immobility. After a few more months of nearly constant feasts and humiliation Sara looked no longer like a thin beauty, and more like someone who has absolutely no control around food at all. Her life was controlled so completely by food she nearly constantly thought of it and forgot completely how to eat reasonable portions of food. Sara now looked at herself after showering and examined the damage of one full year under Evelyn's forceful stuffing: her breasts where at least EE cup and hung to the sides of her massive belly which hung more then halfway down her thick thighs that now are touching all the way to her knees and rolling over, her butt is now so wide it was hard to clear doors without waddling thru them sideways. Evelyn finally stopped forcing herself upon Sara, but it was too late Sara had become all to accustomed to stuffing herself like crazy everyday. Whenever Sara would stop or try her massive belly and engorged body would tell her it felt horrible hungry and she would gorge even more then she intended to not eat. This cycle was left unbroken for so long Sara had completely forgotten about anything else her old life, finding a boyfriend, living her dreams, now all she cared about was satisfying her gluttony.“Hmm good job” Evelyn said quietly watching Sara gorge herself in the kitchen “One less person more beautiful then me and now who else could be roped into my clutches...” Evil Stepmother II Evelyn had destroyed Sara's will and fattened her to such massive proportions that there was no way Sara would ever be skinny again. Sara was now close to 500 pounds at her small height the weight made her more round then tall, she had trouble clearing doorways with her bulging flab, her gut so large it covers her lap sitting or standing, her breasts so large she looked like pumpkins were under her shirt, her hips and rear so wide she had to walk thru most doors sideways and even then she still touched the frame, her legs so massive they looked like sausages ready to explode.Evelyn was not satisfied though her desire to fatten someone grew as Sara did. She needed someone else who's figure she could expand. Looking thru Sara's phone as she gorged herself Evelyn found someone who just might fit, Sara's old friend from college who was also down on her luck and owed a lot of money to a lot of people. A quick few phone calls later she had finances setup to cover the plan she had in mind.Fiona was in debt so badly she would do anything to fix it all, and she had no idea how she would even start. Luckily for Fiona a phone call was made to her from Sara's phone, but it wasn't Sara it was Evelyn.“Sara tells me you might be in a tight spot financially” Evelyn says with an evil grin watching Sara rub her bloated overstuffed gut.“Yea I am can you help me a little help would be fine but if you can help me get outta debt I will repay you however I can” Fiona says desperate to eliminate this debt.“Anything huh... I might just have something in mind you could help with, but it will require you to live here with me and Sara to help around the place is that ok” Evelyn said hoping she had her in her grasp.“Really oh that would be great I just lost my job though are you sure I can pay off my debt helping you this way” Fiona asked hoping with all her might that this was gonna work.Evelyn just smiled the largest evil smile she could muster as she patted Sara's bloated gut “Yes that is fine without a job you will be able to help out around here more let me text you the address go ahead and bring all your things here as soon as you can I will take care of all those other expenses and your debt slowly of course I don't have the money for all of it at once” Evelyn lied she did have all the money set aside from her massive investments and financial mastery.“Oh thanks you so much this means the world to me” Fiona said starting to pack her things up to leave. Fiona had little possessions almost no furniture and an air mattress. It took her little time to pack up all her things and start making her way to Evelyn and Sara. She hoped this would fix all her problems and debt, what she didn't know was Evelyn had other plans.A day or so later Fiona arrived at the door of her new home for the time being knocking happily. Evelyn opened the door and let her new guest in showing her to the kitchen where a meal awaited.“Come let us eat my dear a good meal in your new home to celebrate, and there is the simple matter of signing this contract for your employment here” Evelyn said handing her a paper and pen.“Oh that's fine I assumed there would be some employment contract of sorts, what kind of work would I be doing” Fiona asked signing the paper without reading it then handing it to Evelyn.“Cooking and cleaning up after Sara eats it gets messy in here and I just can't clean it all by myself” Evelyn said putting the contract in a yellow envelope. “Now stand up here real quick for a photo I want to make sure we have that for our records” Evelyn took a picture of Fiona's profile.“Oh is Sara here now” Fiona questioned after the photo. “I was hoping to catch up on things and see how she has been”“No Sara is busy I am sure she will be here when you are eventually” Evelyn lied knowing very well Sara is locked up in the basement being force fed a very large weight gain milkshake. “Mostly I will be having you clean up around the place Sara has changed dramatically since she dropped out of college you maybe surprised when you see her” Evelyn said with a concerned look on her face.“Sara? Different I will believe it when I see it she was so bubbly and happy before I doubt she could have changed that much” Fiona said while eating the meal, for some reason the more she ate the hungrier she became. “Excuse me I must be hungry today” Fiona said appologizing for her gluttony.“Don't say I didn't warn you my dear, and you help yourself to as much as you want while your here I am very well to do and as part of your contract you are given free meals and as many snacks as you want” Evelyn said pushing food toward Fiona smiling.“Oh ok that is good cause apparently I am starving right now” Fiona said happily eating more of the food on the table. Before she knew it Fiona had eaten all the food on the table and was still hungry.“I hate to be rude but do you have more food I am actually still hungry” Fiona asked sheepishly.“Sure my dear right thru here” Evelyn said guiding Fiona thru a small doorway and down some stairs. “I am going to close the door behind us my dear its temperature controlled down here” Evelyn mentioned kindly opening a heavy looking metal door.“Wow is this a giant fridge that is awesome” Fiona said looking around the giant room filled with tons of shelves and more food then a family of 6 would need in a month.“Yes actually it is not a fridge though more a storage room Sara likes to eat a lot and I need to be well stocked” Evelyn said leading her down an isle of food. To a large sturdy table surrounded by several odd looking wide chairs. “Ignore the hardware on the chairs they are more for decoration I bought them from an antique dealer online and he never mentioned this stuff” Evelyn said referring to the cuffs sturdily attached to the arms and legs of the chair.“I wonder what they were used for” Fiona asked looking at them curiously.“I know what I am going to use them for” as she said this Evelyn rushed toward Fiona pushing her into the chair and quickly cuffing her arms and legs in it. “Now if you had read the fine print of your contract my dear you would have realized I will only financially let you go after you have worked for me for 1 whole year, and in that year have also gained 300 pounds or more” Evelyn said smiling while tightening up the cuffs and attaching the head restraint. “Don't worry I intend it to be much more then 300...Sara my dear you have a friend” Evelyn said walking thru some isles.“You crazy bitch what the hell do you think I am gonna eat till I am a giant blubbery fat ass” Fiona yelled struggling only to realize the chair is bolted to the floor, and she is too weak to break the cuffs. “I am not eating...one...more...thing...” Fiona trailed off as waddling toward her is Sara now a massive version of her former self, a look of defeat firmly on Sara's face.“My dear what makes you think your going to be able to stop me” Evelyn said patting Sara's massive gut. “I assure you that for every bite you don't eat that I am feeding you Sara will have to eat it on top of her normal food, now you tell me how much more food is poor Sara going to have to stuff in here” Evelyn said rubbing Sara's gut.“My god Sara...I don't want her to eat any more then she has to...I will do as you ask” Fiona said in defeat still staring at Sara.“Well then that is good news for you isn't it my piggy” Evelyn said sitting Sara in the opposite chair. “Now ladies lets get lunch ready shall we, poor Sara here has not eaten in 5 whole minutes” Evelyn said cuffing Sarah into the chair and walking toward the massive stores of shelves.“Sara I don't know what happened to you but we should try to escape together” Fiona whispered looking at the sorrow in Sara's eyes.“There is no escape from Evelyn not with all this flab I can barely walk Fiona let alone get away from her grasp, besides even if we escape my livelihood is dependent on Evelyn's opinion of me” Sara said looking at her friend dejectedly.“Ah here we go my piggies a nice feast to start things off right” Evelyn said pushing a heavily loaded cart full of food toward them. “Sara this will just be an appetizer to your piggy gut, but Fiona this will be a great feast to you” Evelyn said looking at them both and loading the foods unto the table.“Why are you doing this to me I...” Fiona asked but was cut short by food stuffed into her mouth.However Fiona never got an answer just more food, and every time she tried to talk more food was shoved into her face. A few times she refused to eat only to find that Sara would get teased and humiliated, then forced to eat a plate of food. This torture was not new to Sara, but to Fiona it just encouraged her to cooperate even more. The day passed and both Sara and Fiona were strapped to the chairs most of the day and force fed so much even Sara was overstuffed. Half way thru the day long feast Evelyn unstrapped Sara just to prove her dominance over her was complete. Fiona just watched in horror as Sara never left the table and just sat there stuffing her own face full of food. By the evening both of them were engorged and sleepy from the forced feasting. Fiona was too full to try to escape and was in some sort of torpor from all the food, in reality she was drugged with sleep aids in the last few bits of her feast.A few moments later Fiona fell fast asleep, and Evelyn forced Sara to take her to the punishment room. The punishment room was a large comfy bed, in a dark windowless room an attached bathroom and a door specially made to look like part of the wall. The room could be gassed with sleeping agents before people entered, and was monitored thru hidden cameras and microphones. It also was equipped with ports and shelves for inserting food secretly into the room. Fiona slept for a long time her before she awoke, a bloating sensation in her gut and the smell of fresh food. She saw around her many shelves loaded with food, a large TV showing Sara sitting at a table of food eating, and a large doorway leading to a dimly lit bathroom.“Awake I see good now here is the deal yesterday was just a sample of what will happen if you don't do what I say regularly” Evelyn's voice was heard seemingly from everywhere. “You will notice food in this room all nice and hot ready for you to eat you have 2 hours if its not all gone by then Sara will get double her normal food for today and that is a lot of food” Evelyn taunted.“Double her normal food, ok fine I will do what I can” Fiona said moving toward the food. “What if I can't finish all this food” Fiona said quickly before she started eating.“Then Sara gets double her normal food for all of today, and let me say this again if you don't eat all of the next few meals as well I will double her food again for each meal it will get doubled” Evelyn said a smile could even be heard in her words.“mmm okmm I willmm” Fiona said in between bites. Fiona struggled to get it all in her stomach there was way to much food, and she was kind of full from yesterday still. Her best efforts was sadly to her not enough and some food remained uneaten.“Ah ha not enough room huh too bad for Sara now I will have to double her food for today” Evelyn said smiling. “I hope you can eat lunch or Sara gets double on double and if you don't have enough room for dinner she gets double on double on double” Evelyn said evil smile on her face looking at Sara.“I..ugh...don't know if I can do this is there any way to be more hungry a pill or something” Fiona said desperate to help Sara from gaining even more weight.“Hmmm I do have these nice shakes I could give you they work wonders for making someone hungry, they helped Sara early on I could give them to you maybe even a double dose...but in order for me to do that you would have to take the double food I was going to give Sara is that a deal” Evelyn gleamed at the mentioning of this.“Sure anything to prevent Sara from eating more” Fiona pleaded.“Ok that works for today, but everyday the first meal you eat must be eaten without the shake and if you can't finish it then I double Sara's food unless you accept a shake then your food is doubled instead of Sara's that is how it will work from now on” Evelyn said this as she mixed up one of her shakes loaded with appetite stimulants. Setting the shake on a shelf in the room “This will get you thru today hopefully... if you need another one for dinner let me know, but if you ask for one for dinner then I give you double dessert before bed.”All this was intense for Fiona she took some time looking into the shake thinking, but ultimately decided to drink it for Sara. The next month went the same as the first day and everyday was more onslaught of food then the last. Fiona was terrible at this she soon began asking for one before supper and suffered thru double desserts for the second month again for Sara. In her mind she was being noble and getting fatter so Sara didn't have too. In reality Sara's broken will and out of control gluttony caused weight gain way more then Fiona realized.With her new piggy locked away from the world Evelyn was able to concentrate on making the house bigger and more comfortable for Sara to get around. Many construction projects later the house was made to hold several large people and the floors reenforced to allow for much more weight to be wandering on them. Evelyn has planned on even Fiona's will breaking at some point and then she would have two piggies to lord her beauty over. Fiona after two months of gorging herself had gained a decent amount going from 135lbs to 187lbs, her flat abs slightly covered by soft flab, her small breasts filling out her bra a bit, her hips taking more of the weight making her pants and panties to small rather quickly, her thighs quickly became softer and jiggly. To Fiona this was fast becoming a nightmare her figure disappearing quickly under a layer of flab and the amount of food she was being forced to eat growing by the day.Many more months passed and after each one Fiona needed the shakes more and more to keep Sara from eating more. With Evelyn in command of her meals and Sara's Fiona soon realized this may never end. To add salt to the wound of her situation Evelyn also told Fiona that if she didn't cooperate she would have her arrested for multitude of crimes she faked photos of and evidence. Upon hearing that Fiona soon realized there was no escape from Evelyn even if she ran away Evelyn could still hurt her badly. These months brought with them much sorrow for Fiona and, her weight rocketed from 187lbs to 259lbs, her stomach now bulging with rolls, her small breasts expanding to an average size, her hips becoming massive making her rear wide enough force her to waddle, her thighs expanding so fast they now touch almost all the way to her knees.Evelyn did not stop she tormented Fiona with her financial burdens and with Sara's weight nearly constantly. Before long a year had passed since Fiona was imprisoned here by Evelyn, and it was at this time Fiona was allowed to walk around the house. Her room she was imprisoned to became her room in the house all the equipment and surveillance removed, as part of another deal involving more food. Fiona could no longer think of leaving her will was broken a year under Evelyn and she had no will to fight anymore. Sara was not free from costs either her weight grew despite Fiona's efforts, because of Sara's own gluttony. Sara's gluttony left her much larger then she was at now 615lbs she was so large standing and walking required assistance, her weight went from 500lbs to 615lbs, her massive gut now covered her knees standing and sitting, her breasts looked like watermelons hanging from her chest, her hips and rear so wide she could cover a person with each cheek and could use no less then two chairs every time she sat down, her legs so massive her cankles hung over her feet. Fiona was not far behind Sara, her weight shot up from 259lbs to 468lbs, her bulging gut now hanging in her lap, her breasts filling in some of Sara's old D cup bras, her hips and rear so massive they matched Sara's in size she had to waddle thru doors sideways and needed two chairs when she sat down as well, her legs also were as big as Sara's bulging over her kneecaps and hanging over her feet.“Excellent work Fiona I appreciate your help, but your not going anywhere” Evelyn said caressing Fiona's massive rear then patting it.“Yes Evelyn I will stay and help your correct” Fiona said her will long gone many hundred pounds ago with her ability to escape. Evil Stepmother IIIEvelyn laughed evilly as Fiona and Sara sat in her new massive kitchen rubbing their bloated bellies. One of many feasts that day in celebration of another 'guest' in the house. The guest was another person Sara knew this time it was someone Sara hated a former cheerleader captain an Korean woman named Jun Myeong.Jun was a slender and beautiful person by any bodies standards her figure and beauty has gotten her anything she wanted till a few months ago. Jun had a part time job at a local bakery, and a full time job leeching money and free food off anyone she could using her charms and beauty. She regularly went to the gym almost always as someones guest. Recently however she lost her job at the bakery after a customer complained about her being rude to them. Strangely all her usual 'helpers' stopped talking to her as well leaving her with literally nothing but a few changes of clothes, and a bit of makeup. As if on cue Evelyn showed up at that very moment a wicked grin on her face.“I think I can help you my dear a beautiful thing like yourself shouldn't be poor I saw them fire you at the bakery let me help” Evelyn said a concerning look on her face.“Y-You saw that oh it was so embarrassing please any help you can offer would be great right now” Jun said laying on the tears real thick some real most faked tears.“There there my dear don't dry it doesn't suit your beautiful face” Evelyn said wiping tears from Jun's face “lets get you back to my place and get some food in you” Evelyn said looking into her eyes and smiling.“Ok that would be great” Jun said perking right up wiping the rest of the tears from her eyes “You don't also happen to have a place to stay tonight maybe a couch?” Jun said gathering her things while standing.“Of course I do my dear I have a spare room for guests” Evelyn said with a wicked grin on her face.They left rather quickly and headed to Evelyn's place Jun was shocked that it was so massive and elaborate. Hoping for a new income source Jun looked about the place and acted curious about all the decorations. Evelyn fed into her curiosity knowing that it was a game and playing along the part of the rich helpful lady. Sara and Fiona were gorging themselves a forced feast in the basement chained to some chairs while all this happened. Evelyn happily showed off her wealth to Jun and eventually led her to the massive kitchen.“Please my dear you must be hungry eat won't you” Evelyn said offering some lean appearing pasta to Jun.“Oh thank you your kindness is much appreciated” Jun lied checking the food to see if it was lean a quick glance was all she needed before she started eating.“All that embarrassment deserves a drink I think don't you” Evelyn said pouring Jun a harmless looking glass of wine.“Oh thank you how did you know wine was my favorite” Jun responded rather shocked she was being offered expensive wine nearly right away.“I can see a fellow wine aficionado from a mile away my dear” Evelyn said with confidence and a smirk.The food and small talk continued eventually it was late in the day and Jun was rather sleepy from all the wine and the feast of 'lean' pasta. Evelyn lead her to a room upstairs that had its own bathroom and was lavishly decorated. Leaving her 'guest' to sleep Evelyn went to her security room and waited till Jun was fast asleep. Creeping into the room with stealth of a ninja Evelyn gassed Jun while she slept with a large dose of powerful anesthetic. Then after she was sure Jun was out she carried her down to The Punishment Room. A bit of refurbishing was done to suit its new guest instead of a bed it is a large comfy throne with cuffs for hands and feet appearing like lions mouths covering the hands and feet completely. After securing Jun in the throne Evelyn connected her to an IV of chemicals to keep her groggy and sluggish.Not sure how long she was out Jun slowly woke up only to realize she could not leave the incredibly plush and comfy throne she sat in. Her head was foggy as if she had been drinking rather heavily all evening. Jun had more problems then that as she realized an IV was in her arm and some odd chemicals pouring into her. It was not long after she realized this that Evelyn came in to greet her with a massive cart of food and some horribly obese girls Jun kinda recognized one of them. Evelyn wasted no time in making it clear the food was all for Jun.“My dear Queen Bitch it is about high time you be put in your place and learn that you have ruined lives and your beauty offends me greatly” as Evelyn said that she moved the cart next to Jun. “I will ensure that your hungry enough for all of this glorious food and don't worry dear getting fat is all part of being a Queen Bitch you will soon realize that” as Evelyn said that she patted Jun's tone stomach.The embarrassing feast was far more then Jun had ever eaten at once in her life and the drugs she was being pumped full of forced her to nod off afterward. The whole affair was a nightmare for Jun she hoped it would be over when she woke up hours later, but alas it was not the obese girl Jun recognized was there almost the whole time a look of hatred burned in her eyes. She just watched seemingly with glee as Evelyn stuffed even more food into Jun. As Jun dosed off for the second time the face slowly looked familiar to her that is Sara, a girl she hated way back in high school. Jun soon learned when Sara was there she couldn't really leave without help as she was so fat that leaving on her own was not really possible. It was an indescribable amount of time that passed all Jun knew was when she was barely conscious she was being stuffed full of food. The whole time she was awake Sara and Evelyn both made belittling comments about Jun being a Queen Bitch and deserving all the flab she was going to have.“Oh my has our Queen Bitch made such great progress Evelyn” Sara said rubbing Jun's bloated belly during a stuffing.“Indeed Sara she has our work is starting to show and the Queen is starting to look like one” Evelyn said stuffing more food into Jun's face.Try as she may very few words left Jun's mouth instead she just as she tried to beg or plead more food was stuffed into her mouth. Almost constantly asleep Jun had little time to observe the damage all this food was doing to her formerly perfect firm little body; her once small 4'11” frame soon bulged with acceptance of all the food, her tone arms quickly became soft and flabby, her implanted breasts bulged even more from a D cup to a EEE cup, her tone abs quickly advanced down her lap to form a massive bulging gut constantly full, her firm tone thighs quickly bulged touching all the way to her knees, her angelic face quickly softening with multiple chins.“Your fast becoming quite the Queen Bitch look at all this” Evelyn said patting Jun's bulging gut. “Rest assured there will be much more of you my dear Queen a Bitch like yourself will have to learn how queens are really treated” Evelyn says rubbing Jun's bulging gut.Jun fast reached a weight were most of the cuffs were no longer needed and she soon dejectedly accepted that she was far to large to really escape or ever lose all the weight. Her sorrow was only met with more humiliation and forced feeding by Evelyn which made her figure bulge even more; her large EEE breasts engorged to HH breasts her bulging gut expanded to such proportions her lap was covered by her belly sitting and standing, her flabby thighs now hung over her knee caps, and her face now covered flab and bulged everywhere like the rest of her. Being so short Jun soon realized at her current weight she couldn't stand on her own without help a fact Evelyn never let her forget. Soon after this Jun was no longer cuffed and was allowed to feed herself at a steady pace, but if she slowed down Evelyn would force her to engorge herself all day.“There Queeny I hope you realize what poor behavior gets you” Evelyn said patting Jun's bulging gut. “Now you will have to move to another room we must make room for our next guest it is someone you may recognize and your going to help me fatten them like it or not” Evelyn said this to Jun in a hushed tone rubbing Jun's over stuffed belly rolls.“Yes Evelyn” Jun said her will and confidence buried under a think layer of fat. Evil Stepmother IVJun sat groaning on the throne made for her in her room, Fiona feeding her yet another feast for the day. Sarah watched gleeful as ever to see Jun once again stuffed so much she had trouble standing or walking. Evelyn knew she needed a new pet soon or Jun would be so fat she wont be of use. Surfing through Jun's phone Evelyn eventually came across an old friend turned enemy of Jun's. This old friends name was Natasha a 6'4” tall woman from Russian. Natasha had stolen Jun's boyfriend a few years ago and Jun never forgave her. Evelyn saw only one problem with her plan Natasha worked out and was a very strong woman. However everyone has their weakness Evelyn took some time to research Natasha and her contacts.Natasha was at the gym working out like she always did before the class she taught, when she was interrupted. Slowly stopping her workout Natasha angrily stood up to face the person who interrupted her.“Hello my dear I am sorry to interrupt a determined woman so focused on her work, but I hope you can help me out” Evelyn said looking rather kindly her usual evil grin. “I need a strong person who I am willing to pay greatly to help me around my place” Evelyn added.“What does it pay” Natasha said her Russian accent fairly heavy a grim expression on her face. “And this better not be some hogwash about boxes needing unloaded everyday” Natasha added keeping her grim face.“A woman of your strengths oh heavens no I would not waste your talents my dear” Evelyn said a smirk on her face. “It pays very well, and I mean 6 figures well” Evelyn lied still smirking.“Wow...” Natasha said her grim expression vanishing instantly. “Okay deal give me an address and time and I will be there” Natasha said holding her hand out to confirm the deal.“Then we have an accord here this is the information you will need” Evelyn said shaking her hand and then giving her a business card. “My offer is exclusive my dear so make sure when you show up you bring everything you need” Evelyn added smiling evilly. “And my dear I mean everything, no other jobs on the table just mine, I will have a place for you to stay as well” Evelyn added over her shoulder before she walked off.Natasha arrives at a massive house big enough for probably 12 people to live. Evelyn leads Natasha to a rather nice room with an attached gym and lavish full bathroom. A few weeks pass and Natasha receives pay for just living there, as she has not done anything for Evelyn yet. However despite how lavish the place is Evelyn seems to guard the basement from Natasha on a constant basis. The basement door a vault-like iron door and Evelyn frequently goes down to the basement for long periods of time.“Okay thank you for being patient I needed time to get things ready, they took longer then I suspected” Evelyn said to Natasha motioning for her to follow. Evelyn leads Natasha down the basement closing the large vaulted door behind them “Added security my dear sorry can't be to sure.”Natasha just follows nervously now that she literally has no way of escaping the basement. To her shock Natasha finds at the bottom of the stairs 3 massively obese women all gorging themselves on a large feast.“You see my dear I cant have these 3 wandering about its bad for my image, and well this is the best place to keep them” Evelyn said referring to all the food in the area. “They are getting far to large to get about on their own” Evelyn says patting their bellies as she walks around them. “You are going to help get them in better shape to waddle around my dear” Evelyn looks at the 3 and winks secretly.“What happened to them that they got this large” Natasha says approaching them and feeling their fat “Is it genetic or something else.”“Sadly no that could be fixed I am afraid it was exposure to a strange chemical spill” Evelyn makes a sad face and grabs their bellies individually “Can you help me they need to eat a lot to keep the chemicals from killing them.”“That is terrible is there anything else special that needs to be done” Natasha said now a bit concerned.“No my dear they just need loads and loads of food everyday to keep themselves alive, and its just too much for me to do alone” Evelyn says acting distraught. “I need your help to make them stronger and help feed them, it is a full time job alone” Evelyn says setting more food on the table.“Well for what your paying me that works for me” Natasha says helping Evelyn get more food.After finding out her job Natasha gets to work exercising the fatties. Her job made no dent on their weight, due to their increased food intake. However the only food available was the fattening stuff they were eating, and for some reason Natasha seemed locked in the basement after her 3rd week there. Despite her strength and brute force the vaulted door would not move and there seemed no other way out. Sadly Natasha accepted she maybe stuck down here and forced to eat this clearly unhealthy food. Evelyn knew it would only be a matter of time before Natasha soon began getting fat herself, but kept an eye on everything thru video cameras just in case. Without her workout equipment Natasha began using all sorts of other calisthenics to keep herself in shape. However the food here was so fattening and unhealthy in a very deceptive way Natasha was losing the battle. Then each of the obese women down here with her began tricking Natasha to help them stand up during her workouts instead of working out. Slowly their plan was working and Natasha began to soften up. It was at this time Evelyn began her second part of the plan.Natasha was getting furious at her fattening body and her rage only made her want to workout more. However the girls down here keep getting stuck or having problems every time she wanted to workout. Then the food down here became a massive selection of all of Natasha's favorite comfort foods. Her willpower around these foods was practically zero. She justified eating them so much normally with extra workouts at the gym. However now she had no such ability and soon began eating when she was angry instead of working out. The others here left her alone when she was eating and did not bother her, but whenever she worked out they always seemed to get stuck somewhere. Her tall figure hid the weight well but her lack of muscle definition was quickly evident after her favorite foods began showing up. Evelyn knew it was soon time for her third phase of the plan. Natasha became flabby rather quickly after she began eating when she was mad: her once toned arms began to jiggle slightly, her tone abs quickly disappeared under a layer of fat, her tone thighs fattened so much then began to touch, her hips and butt became so large she almost waddled. Having her whole body suddenly become jiggly was not something Natasha was prepared to have happen. She was ashamed of her body and the others there began to shame her for it.At first Natasha was only made more angry at the shaming, which lead to her hiding somewhere and stuffing her face. Then the humiliation became slowly more intense and Natasha could not cope with it. Her willpower slowly melted the more she gained the worse the humiliation got, which lead to her eating even more. It took many months but eventually even Natasha's will broke to the intense humiliation. Natasha was no longer a muscled fitness instructor she was a morbidly obese woman with terrible low self-esteem. At this tipping point Evelyn made things worse for Natasha, she began joining in the humiliation. Cramming nonstop feasts into her mouth made her figure dramatically different: her slightly flabby arms quickly became so fat they hung over her elbows jiggling constantly, her layer of fat around her middle ballooned into a massive roll of fat hanging over her privates, her thighs quickly smashed together all the way to her knees and began to hang over, her hips and butt so large no chair could contain them wobbling constantly. Evelyn knew Natasha was going nowhere but had to be sure she couldn't escape. Having the others help they forced Natasha into a small couch made for two people, her large butt made it difficult to get out up. Then they cuffed her to the couch by her legs and hands. Month upon month of fattening up had made Natasha weak, she tried to resist but there was just to many of them. It was Jun's turn to have some fun and waddling over to Natasha began to force her to eat.Jun was mad about losing her own dream life to this fattening nightmare, and if she couldn't escape neither was Natasha. Evelyn watched with glee as Natasha was force fed for the better part of two months. By the second months end Natasha was so fat the couch needed to be torn apart so she could stand, and stand she barely did. Natasha was close to 600lbs by the time Jun was done with her escape was not an option for Natasha anymore. Getting out of the basement was no longer possible as she was far to wide for the large doorway. Evelyn was pleased she had ruined another beauty, but as her herd of fattened women grew so did her ambition to fatten even more of them. Evil Stepmother VEvelyn watched through video cameras her hands tented with evil glee, all those beauties fattened. She could hardly contain herself. The next beauty she fattened would have to be truly beautiful to top Natasha she thought. Looking at some of the top clothing stores at the local shopping centers, eventually Evelyn found what she was looking for. Twins she thought with amazement of course twin beauties fattened up that would be grand indeed. Feira and Fiera Fotakis both Greek, both of incredible beauty they had whatever they wanted with little effort. Evelyn did some research on them and found out they have a great desire to spend more then they can pay off. Using her usual tactics Evelyn setup a plan to make sure they both fell into her hands.Feira and Fiera were both at their usual spa on a Wednesday enjoying a lovely massage. Upon their leaving they however found that both their cards were declined, something that shocked them greatly. Worried almost immediately that their life of opulence has come crashing down around them panic began to set in. As rehearsed as her conversation had become Evelyn stepped in, and paid the bill.“My dears you look like you in a tough spot no worries we all deserve to be treated like queens especially on spa day” Evelyn smiled an evil grin.“Oh thank you” both the twins replied in near unison.“Now I would imagine an opulent lifestyle like the one you ladies live can get quite pricy indeed maybe you have a bit more debt then you can handle” Evelyn knew they had far more then they could pay off. “I can expunge all your debts for a small employment opportunity don't worry it is nothing you beautiful ladies cannot handle just something I know you must be good at” Evelyn smiled handing them what looked like applications.“I don't know what would we have to do its nothing illegal is it” Feira replied “It is not gonna be something that involves physical labor is it” Fiera added.“No worries ladies nothing like that at all, the only thing you have to do after filling out those applications is tease and make fun of some very obese women I have in my care” Evelyn waited on their reactions before adding “They are all so very large I think that a few hot young temptresses like yourselves teasing them may just motivate them to be better people” Evelyn handed them both pens smiling a very evil grin.“Wow really that is all we have to do” Fiera questioned “That is something we both enjoy” Feira added happily filling out the paperwork.“Yes I thought as much” Evelyn replied “and you will have free reign of the facilities luxuries something none of the obese women enjoy at all” Evelyn said continuing to smile.Without further words needed Feira and Fiera smiled widely at each other and finished the applications. “Here ya go” they both replied handing the applications to Evelyn.“Excellent my beautiful new assistants please follow me” Evelyn took the applications and filed them in her purse.Leading the twins to their soon to be prison Evelyn knew she would really enjoy this turn of events. A tour of some of the new luxury parts of her home were shown to the twins, and they were given free reign of them all. The first few days were spent getting themselves settled in to their new job and soon to be home. It was the day they were lead into the basement that Evelyn judged their feelings toward her herd of fatties. Appalled by the shear mass of some of the girls Feira and Fiera wasted no time in making them all feel hopelessly obese. Evelyn knew this would keep the others in check and once that set in she would turn the tables on the twins. The only person who knew of Evelyn's plan was Sara as she had watched everyone else bloat to obscenely obese proportions far to many times. Sara took the abuse with stride knowing they would have their turn and it would be sooner then they think.It had been several months and the twins loved their job so much they moved fully into Evelyn's home. The herd however all except for Sara had become so depressed from the constant humiliation, that it was apparent some of them had gotten even larger from it all. Something the twins were quick to point out and add to their humiliation. When Evelyn was absolutely sure their collective moral had gotten lower she sprung her trap. Sara wanted to see them fatten to vast proportions almost as much as Evelyn and that is what Evelyn was banking on. Leaving some full shackles near Sara's bed one morning and a note merely saying 'I know you will enjoy this my dear show them 'my' hospitality to the degree I once shown you'. The plan was set in motion Soon Sarah would cuff them down and fatten them to epic proportions. Having been on the receiving end for so long Evelyn knew Sarah would happily join her in the plan maybe eventually become Evelyn's 'little' helper.That night Sara talked Natasha and Fiona into helping her get the twins cuffed down. Sara had a plan to fatten them as well something she knew would work. It required the help of Natasha and Fiona to pull off. The next day the twins stride down into the basement and begin their humiliation of everyone. Suddenly Fiona and Natasha pounce on them and Sara cuffs them to nearby large sturdy chairs.“Well now what do we have here” Sara said caressing their chests “A couple temptresses who are gonna join our growing herd I think” Sara nodded at Fiona and Natasha.It was a few moments and the plan was executed perfectly by Sara something Evelyn was betting on. The twins were exactly the same in their figures; large FF breasts, slim toneless abs, slim arms, toneless legs, and slim hips. A feast at first to test their limits was all Sara needed soon others joined in. Jun was always happy to take advantage of the weak and helpless especially as she saw her former life in them her anger would only fatten the twins even more. Natasha was too downtrodden to be of much help and Fiona was about the same. Nevertheless Natasha and Fiona watched as Jun and Sara enacted their anger-spurned stuffing upon the twins. Months of ruthless stuffing and humiliation quickly took their toll on the twins figures; their already large breasts expanded to GG, toneless abs quickly lost under tightly packed jiggly guts, slim arms quickly softening and jiggling, toneless legs expanding to flabby thunder thighs, and their slim hips quickly lost under layers of fat. Collectively the herd was happy with their work, but Sara and Jun were far from done.Allowing them to wander the now locked basement a few times Jun and Sara made the barrage of feasts and humiliation worse by the day. Every pound gained was torture for the twins while they enjoyed never having to do anything they hated becoming bulging cows for these fatties to humiliate. Despite their iron will eventually their collective mass was so large it took Natasha to help them stand. The twins now were so obese they weighed as much if not a bit more then Natasha; their breasts swelled to JJ cup size, their bellies tightly packed beach balls of fat, their thighs now touching all the way past their knees, their hips now wide and swaying constantly. It was when they officially became the largest fatties in the herd that Evelyn made her appearance. Watching in awe as Evelyn expressed her power over everyone the twins sat not tied but bound helplessly in fat.“My oh my how the mighty have fallen” Evelyn said patting their bulging guts in unison “To think it was months ago that you were both bombshells and now your just flabby pigs like all the others” Evelyn smiled a devious grin. “Sara my dear come upstairs I have a proposal for you” Evelyn said to everyone's shock. Evil Stepmother VI Evelyn lead Sarah upstairs as she did Sarah realized how massive she had become since being trapped in the basement. Hips rubbing the walls and railing Sarah barely made it through the vaulted door. Enjoying the struggle Evelyn snickered for a bit as Sarah struggled before helping her. Being dulled ot the laughter and humiliation Sarah eventually got into the kitchen. Exhausted and out of breathe Sarah sat upon a massive chair that was at a table filled with snacks. Without prompt Sarah began eating the snacks Evelyn patted Sarah on the head as if to confirm her actions as good. Positive attention was something Evelyn never gave any of her prized hogs. Sarah gleamed with a small ray of joy with the attention. “Now my good number one piggy we have to find some new victims i grow bored with these old piggies we need someone fresh any ideas” Evelyn said twirling Sarah’s hair and patting the side of her vast gut. Sarah was distracted by the positive attention for a while before she responded “Yes one person comes to mind she always flirted with me in college Michelle B. Greene I have not seen her in a while” Sarah was not sure why she said that she felt like it was coaxed out of her. “Hmmm perhaps some blackmail and a bit of disreputable attention is in order thanks Sarah you may stay upstairs if you wish I need you to help me this one will be rather...evil” Evelyn says playing with Sarah’s hair then patting her shoulder. Sarah was elated to see daylight the next morning and finally sleep in a comfy bed again. The new bathroom and shower were perfect making her feel very refreshed. The big breakfast she ate hardly seemed a chore and more of a reward for her new position. She hardly felt a prisoner even with just few hours in her new position. Sure she was still required to keep herself fat, but with the power she would soon have over all the others it felt worth it. Evelyn knew after being corrupted Sarah would help her keep the others nice and demoralized. The plan also included making Sarah in charge of the cooking and meal prep for the fatties. It was a perfect solution to the labor required for all the piggies. A week or two of training and some encouraging Sarah was ready to take up her role as second in command. With glee she stuffed and humiliated the others keeping some of them bound for hours beyond needed. Evelyn was more than elated and began working on her plan to reward Sarah for her new efforts. Sarah had become the monster that she once loathed and took great pleasure in stuffing and humiliating the other piggies. A dastardly plan was soon unfurled by Evelyn while complex it slowly began to turn others against Michelle. The time to Evelyn seemed worth it in the end it gave her more time to prepare and to train Sarah. A month had passed and it was apparent Sarah was anxious for someone new. Evelyn was happy to deliver as the time soon became perfect and she executed her ploy. The local news soon received a tip that Michelle was head of a theft ring in the city. While untrue a few pictures and rumors of her crimes quickly turned everyone she knew against her. Evelyn then stepped in as a saving grace and provided the evidence to clean her name but not before the damage was done. With nobody trusting her and seeming the entire city against her Michelle turned to her only saviour Evelyn. Soon after Michelle had her things moved in with Evelyn. Sarah wasted no time introducing herself and Michelle was shocked at how fat Sarah had become. Not wanting to ruin her only home in the city she kept her cruel thoughts to herself for now. Sarah knew she wanted to say something, and soon setup time alone with their new guest. “Wow Sarah I am sorry if it totally sounds rude or whatever but you have gotten like massively obese” Michelle said softly so only Sarah heard her. “I know” Sarah said eating a gallon of chocolate ice cream acting like it hurt her “it is like I have no control around food anymore.” “Well I am sure that is not helping with this” Michelle said pointing to the ice cream and poking Sarah’s gut. Sarah ate the last of the ice cream before responding “I know it isn’t but i can’t stop shoveling food into my face.” “Do you even know what a reasonable portion of food is anymore, wow apparently not fatty” Michelle whispered picking up the ice cream container and throwing it away. Sarah was insulted but knew what was going to happen, and that she needed to have a part in it. Michelle was gullable to a damning fault and frequently believed nearly everything she was told. Sarah knew this and was planning on using it to eventually lure her into the trap. However that basically meant she had to sit here and take the verbal abuse. Sarah also had a plan for that as well playing her part for now she followed into the kitchen. “I am sorry my bloated gut upsets you Michelle” Sarah said brushing her belly up against Michelle’s rear. Startled Michelle turned around suddenly “Do you even know how large that thing is” Michelle said slapping Sarah’s gut. “Well not really it is always so full and bloated” Sarah said getting close to Michelle again. “Hey now I am into girls not whales Sarah, I may have found you attractive before you became a blubbery mass” Michelle said grabbing the sides of Sarah’s gut “But certainly not now” Michelle let go of her gut and made a wincing face. Sarah only smiled as Michelle walked away knowing she may not feel that way once she is as fat as her. The next morning Sarah and Michelle ate breakfast and chatted.“So Sarah how in the world did little you become this whale of your former self, you were so hot before all the flab” Michelle said gesturing.“Honestly Michelle I don’t remember all the details just that one day i was eating in this diner and i saw this oddly dressed lady in a red sparkling dress and a white mask, then things get fuzzy, torture, humiliation, as well as feast after feast this lady stuffed into me, and I am guessing a year or some such later, this...” Sarah said looking scared then patted her gut for emphasis.Michelle looked enthralled by the story and as Sarah finished telling it came to her side. “Oh Sarah that is horrible I am sorry for berading you about it I had thought you did this to yourself” Michelle said hugging Sarah.Evelyn watched things unfurl and knew Sarah was setting something up but was curious where it was going. She just watched and waited curious how Sarah would fatten Michelle up to obese proportions.Sarah continued to play the part she had made up and all the while luring Michelle closer to her. After Michelle was very close to Sarah some months later Sarah sprung the trap. A little gas later and Michelle was out cold Sarah carried her into the basement and cuffed her to a chair that was bolted to the floor in The Punishment Room. Recruiting Evelyn to play the part of the red dress lady in the white mask Sarah began her plan. To add to the story Sarah was cuffed to a large bed when Michelle woke up.“Sarah are you ok” Michelle said trying to get out of her bonds and looking around the concrete room with a large metal door. The walls were barren except for the walls by the door which had large sturdy shelves. The bed Sarah was cuffed to was near Michelle in the middle of the room.“Yeah oh my gosh i can’t move” Sarah said tugging at the bonds she was in “No not again please not again” Sarah said struggling a bit more.“Oh god is this the place where that lady fattened you up Sarah” Michelle said trying her bonds again struggling.No sooner did Michelle finish talking the door burst open and Jun and Natasha pushed several massive carts of food into the room. Following them was Evelyn dressed in a red sparkling dress and a white mask. Michelle was shocked, while Sarah acted like she froze in fear. Evelyn lead Jun and Natasha out of the room cuffing them to a large drum of shake that was soon being pumped into them both. Walking back into the room Evelyn closed the door locking it with a key she had.“I do hope you remember me Sarah I am glad you met a new friend i am in need of a new piggy” hiding her voice Evelyn pushed a cart over to Sarah and snapped her fingers.“I will be good please don’t hurt me” Sarah stopped acting fearful and instead played the part of a more relaxed prisoner.Michelle stared in awe at the food that was soon stuffed into Sarah by this mad woman in red. An entire cart fit into Sarah before the woman turned her gaze to Michelle.“I am not gonna sit here and let you fatten me up lady you are crazy” Michelle fought with her bonds.“No i do not suspect you will that is why you will not be awake” Evelyn said drawing a syringe and stabbing it into Michelle.“Ouch hey...no please... i don’t wanna…. be a fatty” Michelle barely said before she passed out.Evelyn let Sarah up from the bed and Sarah hooked Michelle up to the pump machine while Evelyn took care of the other fatties. As the machine made sure she was at her max capacity it also filled her with sedatives and appetite stimulants. Michelle awoke some time later in a haze she felt a tube down her throat, her stomach painfully full. She saw Sarah being force fed another cart of food by the woman before she passed out again. Not sure how much time had passed Michelle awoke to someone cutting off her clothes it was Sarah, standing behind Sarah was the woman laughing. Michelle tried to struggle but was still painfully full and so very weak. Sarah looked very afraid and was soon lead back to the bed and cuffed down again. Michelle watched more food be stuffed into Sarah, before the lady walked over to her side. Poking Michelle in the painfully full belly the lady laughed and shook her head.“Soon when this is larger we will have fun with you i am training Sarah here to be a good piggy then she will have fun with you for my amusement” Evelyn said hiding her voice and patting Michelle’s belly.Michelle only managed to squirm slightly before she passed out again. The next time she awoke she was cuffed hands and feet to the bed while Sarah sat next to her with a cart of food. Sarah looked at her with pleading eyes and Michelle opened her mouth accepting the food given. A painfully large amount of food later the lady told Sarah to make Michelle comfortable. Soon Michelle was being massaged and rubbed down by Sarah while the lady watched. Michelle enjoyed the rubbing and massaging from Sarah, but soon more food followed. Michelle was kept well massaged and stuffed to her max for an entire day before being allowed to rest. Her rest however was short and soon more food followed, once again Sarah was the one feeding Michelle. This pattern began to repeat over and over for quite some time. Given loads of food daily and no exercise at all Michelle soon began to fatten up rather quickly. By the time a month had passed Michelle was hardly the fit person she was before. Her small arms had began to soften rather quickly. The small perky breasts she had soon began to enlarge several cup sizes. Tone Abs quickly softened under her constantly engorged belly. Thighs of a model disappeared under a layer of flab. The small butt she once slowly became larger and softer. If she had a scale she would have seen her weight go from 125 to 185 in a month. Michelle was however never given a single hint of what time was or how much had passed. The only time she knew was stuffing beyond full and resting with massages. It was not long after the first month had passed that Michelle really began to appreciate the massages Sarah gave her. She even on occasions became aroused by them, Sarah began to notice this.The second month would be far worse than the first for Michelle. As she was strapped to a strange chair with a tube down her throat and a vibrator inside her. The tube was connected to a large vat of liquid with an attached pump. As the liquid was pumped into her stomach the vibrator went off causing her to climax over and over as she was stuffed with the strange liquid. The entire time this happened Sarah was just within eye shot being force fed feasts by the lady. Insults and humiliation was given to both of them the entire time. Repeating day after day for hours Michelle slowly began to become aroused when she was being stuffed or when Sarah was. Conditioning her even more in this way was of course Evelyn playing the part of the lady. Eventually Michelle’s willpower like her spirit broke completely and Evelyn knew the exact moment when it did. Using Sarah Michelle was stuffed and force fed even more day after day. The size of meals and the amount of fattening liquid she could hold in her belly becoming incredible. This whole procedure took several months and the toll it had on Michelle’s figure was grand indeed.Michelle was forced to stare at her fattening figure daily as she was permitted to get ready in a private bathroom. Her breasts had happily gotten at least one cup size larger than before. The slightly flabby belly she once had quickly became a bulging gut nearly constantly full, and when it was she found herself aroused by it. Her thighs also fast becoming that of an extremely large woman, smashing together and hanging over her knees. Her hips and butt fast filling chairs and brushing against doorways. The extreme pear shape she had only aroused her even more as her body was fattened. The thought of this bothered her but she could do little to stop it her own thoughts were turning against her. Never permitted to see her weight on the scale she was weighed with Michelle didn’t have a clue she was fast approaching 350lbs.Sarah stood outside the door of the bathroom nearby “Michelle I have something to tell you” she said in an alluring tone.“Yes Sarah” Michelle opened the door and stood there naked staring at Sarah who was also naked.As their eyes locked they both had no need of words and quickly embraced each other in passionate kissing. It did not shock Evelyn at all she knew of Sarah’s desires and had planned on this happening. That whole event just made Evelyn step up her feedings and conditioning of Michelle. Not knowing that it was her plan the entire time Sarah fell into line even more than before. All the while also helping Evelyn ensure the others were kept full and low in moral. By the time the entire event was over Michelle and Sarah had fully become a couple. Evelyn kept the disguise up knowing that it was a grand idea to fully convert many of the future fatties she would make in a similar manner. Eventually June and Natasha became a couple with similar conditioning. While Fiona had become a lover to both Michelle and Sarah after her conditioning by Evelyn.“This worked out rather well I must say now who to fatten next this next victim should be a special one” Evelyn said to herself while watching security monitors. Evil Stepmother VIIIt had been some time since Evelyn had used Sarah’s gullible nature to further imprison everyone she had fattened. After they all fell in love with each other Evelyn knew they would only want for each others company and completely forget about any glimmer of hope. Her task however had far from completed beautiful people still walked around out in the world, and Evelyn was determined to make them all fat.Jun by now was close to 600 lbs and barely got around the basement facility without a lot of help. Most of her obese life was spent sitting, so her muscles barely kept up. The rage Jun felt for her current situation was directed solely at Sarah. Evelyn was just a psycho to Jun and Sarah was the reason Jun needed help just to waddle about. However the truth of the matter was that Sarah was hardly to blame it was someone both Sarah and Jun hated that lead Jun to Evelyn. Bianca was a very rich and gifted woman who excelled at removing people she deemed a threat to her. Jun was just such a person and unfortunately Bianca knew a bit about Evelyn. Having been silently watching Evelyn for sometime and quietly gathering information about what she does. Bianca knew a dangerous amount of information about Evelyn and what she does to women. As such Bianca used this to remove all her competition and only one person stood in her way. The firm Bianca worked for was very male run and looks got you very far in the company Bianca knew this. Using her looks she nearly got all the way to the top of the firm. The only person stopping her was Keisha. Keisha was a very busty, very dark skinned beauty. Using her looks and breast size Keisha has worked her way to the top of the law firm. Despite being on top Keisha made loads of enemies on her way up and lots of people wanted to see her gone. The only thing keeping Keisha in her position on top was her looks. Most of the women at the firm did not like Keisha, mostly due to her attitude. Lots of people at the firm however loved Bianca, something Bianca was using to her advantage. The adoration of many people at the firm and a few well placed hints was all Bianca needed. Once the trap was sprung Keisha never knew what happened. A flurry of events lead to Keisha being fired and Bianca becoming head of the entire firm. To further make things worse for Keisha the plot also leaked a photo and information to Evelyn. The secret of who sent this information her was was never discovered, but Evelyn didn’t care. Having someone practically delivered to her clutches was unusual, but not unappreciated. Along with Keisha’s information being leaked to Evelyn was a plan on how to get her working for Evelyn. This entire event seemed too good to be true for Evelyn, but all her sources told her it was legit.The following weeks after her termination were rough for Keisha. She had enough money to last a few weeks but needed a new place fast. Showing up as if by some miracle was Evelyn saying she needed someone to help her acquire more land to build some sort of massive elaborate building. Eager for money and a job Keisha took the opportunity. However as Bianca planned she was so eager to get back to work Keisha didn’t read the fine print of her new contract. That mistake while planned was what the entire contract with Evelyn was built on Keisha not noticing. Falling into Evelyn’s clutches Keisha met up with her new boss and talked about business. Having the signed contract Keisha moved into an apartment built above Evelyn’s home. The entire third floor of Evelyn’s home was normally unused and converting it into a complete apartment was simple work. Having everything she needed right at home Keisha began her job of digging through loads of legal paperwork. The job was tedious and lengthy, but at least she got loads of free food with it. Some of the details left with Evelyn were a long list of the comfort foods Keisha could not resist. The kitchen on the third floor was stocked to the brim with all of Keisha’s favorite foods. Every morning Keisha would talk business with Evelyn over a large plate of doughnuts a food Keisha had no willpower around. Evelyn obviously laced all of the food and drinks supplied to Keisha with appetite stimulants. Having a month of sitting around and being oddly ragingly hungry quickly took its toll on Keisha. Obviously most of Keisha’s weight went to her breasts which expanded from a 36DDD to a 36G. Her arms once slightly tone quickly became soft. Her tone belly expanded outward to a small paunch jiggling slightly. Her thighs and hips expanded slightly become far less defined. Her butt once tone quickly became soft. Her weight of 140 quickly became 180 and showed no signs of stopping. Carefully planned the entire event lead up to the last day of her ‘employment’. Keisha had done what she was hired to do and got Evelyn all the information she needed to seize and build a large building in the cities dock district. Evelyn invited her to the building for a show of what she planned to build. This was the final part of the plot that would make Keisha immensely obese and fulfill a permanent employee for Evelyn.It was a dark night and few stars were out in the sky. A chill breeze made for comfort from the scorching heat of the day. Evelyn drove into the lot of the massive empty dark building. Walking through the massive building was simple and a fairly uneventful trip. Until suddenly charging from the shadows at the ladies were masked figures one of the shot Keisha with some sort of dart which the others acted like they were chasing Evelyn. As she fell asleep from the dart, Keisha saw only boots walking toward her as she lay on the ground. Once she was out the figures helped load Keisha into the vehicle and accepted their payment from Evelyn. Driving right back to her house Evelyn forced Natasha to help get Keisha into the punishment room. After Keisha was secured in the punishment room Evelyn told Jun she had someone else to fatten up. Jun was given a specific set of instructions and told if she helped she would be allowed access to the upstairs. Jun wanted more than every to escape however her immense obesity prevented her from doing so. Instead of plotting some sort of escape Jun instead used her frustration and anger as motivation to fatten someone else. Slowly becoming more like Evelyn, Jun was given access to all sorts of methods of torture and fattening. Using all her tools and food available Jun began following the instruction left for her by Evelyn. Keisha was kept heavily sedated and was regularly force fed by Jun. During these force feedings Jun used Natasha to poke and pleasure Keisha. Rewarding good behaviour during feedings with pleasure and bad ones with humiliation. A pattern left unbroken for months left its toll on Keisha.Jun’s ruthless torture and feedings only paused for a few inspections. During these inspections Natasha would assist Jun in measuring and weighing Keisha. After months of this repetition Keisha had dramatic changes. Her 36G breasts had expanded to 48J jutting out from her chest perfectly. Her arms fattening rather quickly looking soft and jiggly. Her belly fast becoming a giant roll still hiding under her breasts. Her thighs touching halfway to her knees and her hips fast filling all normal chairs. Her butt fast becoming a bubble butt looking more like giant pillows. Her weight climbed quickly from 180 to 300 and was obviously no where near close to stopping. Keisha had little memory of what happened due to all the sedatives. Jun kept up the pace and continued to use Natasha to help. The feeding and torture got more and more intense as things progressed. The entire affair was more work than Jun had done in quite some time. Evelyn saw where all this was leading and smiled an evil grin knowing full well there thing would go. The plan continued for many more months and the bond between Natasha and Jun grew stronger than before.Jun soon had thing well under control and as Keisha approached the goals set in the plan Evelyn interviended. As planned Keisha was knocked out and returned to the warehouse in similar clothes but now at her current weight of 550 lbs. Waking up from her stupor Keisha saw a van speed away and headlights turn towards her slowly. As she struggled to stand with her incredible girth she stared in awe at her new body. The car approaching her stopped and the driver door opened revealing Evelyn. Running toward Keisha as if concerned Evelyn quickly looked Keisha over with surprised eyes.“Keisha?” Evelyn said putting a hand on her shoulder “you have been missing for some time nobody knows what happened to you!”“OH EVELYN” Keisha said crying into Evelyn’s shoulder.“There...there...dear” Evelyn said patting Keisha on the shoulder “you must be exhausted let’s get you into the car.”“Ok Evelyn how did you know...where to find me” Keisha said waddling carefully to the car.“My dear the detectives I hired said they found the kidnappers and paid the ransom” Evelyn lied.“Oh...Evelyn how...will I...ever repay you...” Keisha said in between breaths “I owe you...big time...can we stop somewhere to eat...”“My dear I am not sure if I was in your position that I would be thinking about food at all but if it is what you wish I know just the place” Evelyn said smiling an evil smile.“Well I am sure I probably don’t need more food...” Keisha said stopping at the car to catch her breath “I am absolutely starving.”“Then the place I know of will be perfect” Evelyn said opening the door for Keisha and adjusting the seat all the way back.“Thanks Evelyn I feel safer knowing that you are helping me” Keisha sat in the car with great effort barely fitting as Evelyn shut the door.“Don’t worry dear Evelyn is here to help you now let’s get you something to eat” Evelyn said smiling while shifting into reverse.A drive through the streets to a small vacant buffet later and they get out. Unbeknownst to Keisha this buffet was completely rented out by Evelyn moments before she came to ‘save’ her. Not knowing what she was walking into Keisha waddled with great speed driven by raging hunger to the buffet. Evelyn easily kept up and opened the door for Keisha, the wind gushing outward carrying with it wonderful smells. Intoxicated by the wondrous smells Keisha quickly made her way inside not even realizing nobody stopped her or asked her to pay. Well out of site from Keisha Evelyn nodded at the hostess and most of the crew bowed to her in return all smiling. The first three plates Keisha cleared were all easy for her to get up and get but soon she started to struggle standing by the fifth plate she was barely able to get up and get more. Evelyn just smiled at her and clapped her hands loudly. Before Keisha could respond five more plates were placed in front of her by the staff. Smiling they all bowed and walked away with the empty plates. Along with the plates they left several drinks of various nature. Some of the drinks were alcoholic and yet others were heavily drugged with appetite stimulants. Keisha gorges and gorged for seemingly hours as she finished the last plate five more were placed in front of her again. Many full plates later Keisha meagerly sat there attempting to rub her vast belly now so full and bloated she could it reach it all.“*BELCH* ...oh my goodness Evelyn I am so sorry...I don’t know what happened there it was very odd” Keisha said barely able to get words out between breaths.“My dear Keisha none of us have any idea what they did to you there is no need for formalities, besides my dear it was clear to me you needed fed” Evelyn says this standing up and pulling a chair up beside the bench Keisha nearly fully occupies.“Oh thank you Evelyn...what do we do now I can’t get back into the legal business looking like this” Keisha said patting her bulk for effect.“Of course not my dear we cannot allow others to see you like this come live with me and be my personal lawyer someone in my line of work needs legal assistance at a discounted price” Evelyn says with an evil smile and an extended hand.Shaking Evelyn’s hand smiling “Deal Evelyn for room and board and...food costs I will happily handle all your legal work.”“My dear we will be the beginning of an expansive relationship” Evelyn smiled a rather evil smile as they shook hands.Keisha was not sure what Evelyn meant by that but she was happy to have a job doing legal work behind the scenes. Evelyn was happy to have someone to fix up all her legal issues her next big plan may involve a lot of complicated legal matters. The part of Keisha’s contract she didn’t read however bound her to employment with Evelyn and nobody else if for some reason Keisha ever were to weigh over 490 lbs. At this current moment Keisha was close to 515 lbs and far from her weight of 140. Her breasts now easily the size of watermelons and sat perky upon her massive belly. Her arms now flabby hams bulging over her elbows. Her belly a vast gut hanging down her lap covering her knees. Her thighs and hips so large she had trouble clearing doors. Her butt sticking far behind her like bulging couch cushions. Her will to leave Evelyn’s side completely crushed like her hopes of ever weighing a reasonable weight again. Thanks to appetite stimulants and large portions Keisha never gets her will to leave back ever again.Sitting quietly in her study Evelyn looks at plans for her next big operation “Now that i have someone to clear all these pesky legal matters out of my way it is time to begin the next phase of my plan.” Looking at her plans for a massive building on the site that Keisha helped her acquire Evelyn smiles a vile grin of pure malice. Evil Stepmother VIIIEvelyn sat in her kitchen discussing some legal matters with Keisha and several properties she bought. One was a buffet in town she called Greedy Guts. Another was a Halloween themed hotel she bought outside the city called The Wrong Room Hotel. Finally the Third was the large warehouse she acquired near the docks. The most interesting was her designs for the warehouse. She planned to convert it into a massive upper-class restaurant on the second and third levels with the bottom level being a cheap buffet. The cheap buffet was incredibly unhealthy much like her buffet Greedy Guts. It also gave huge discounts to return patrons, encouraging continuous return trips. The trick was of course that the upper-class levels could all see the buffet without the buffet being able to see any of the upper levels. This allowed the upper-class people to all view the fattening patrons on the lower levels. Video cameras allowed Evelyn to see all the fatties from her home. She needed someone to advertise for her new businesses and make sure they all had a growing supply of fattened patrons.Dalisay was from the Philippines and her family was all brought to America by her newly acquired wealth as an advertising specialist. She worked around the city mostly as an independent contractor. Her family was having trouble finding jobs till a new buffet opened up called Greedy Guts. The owner decided to not only hire her entire family, but to also legally help them become citizens. Dalisay was so grateful she had to meet this benevolent business owner. A few discussions later and Dalisay met with Evelyn and her legal officer Keisha. The size of her legal officer nearly made Dalisay’s head spin she had never in her life seen someone so large. Evelyn was perfectly dressed and clearly showed her upper-class position. Dalisay worked with her new business deals Evelyn usually had food around when they did. The treats left around their work areas were nearly impossible to resist and Dalisay ended up more often than not stuffed before she left. However great the deal there was only one person standing in Evelyn’s way, the new Mayor Lisa Cromwell. Lisa had a campaign of weight loss and gyms in the city to combat what she called the ‘Expanding Epidemic’. Her campaign ads where all over the city and many of the city folk all hated them. Mayor Lisa was known to have a strong support of the cities peoples. The only thing the people of the city wished was that Lisa dropped this silly exercise ad campaign. Something Evelyn was happy to discover and begin to plot a plan to exploit.The master plan as always began with Evelyn’s favorite means of manipulation good old fashioned blackmail. Mayor Lisa apparently has a few vices she keeps well hidden from the common masses of the people. One of those vices is a crippling addiction to chocolate of any kind. The second is very bribeable and took brides from several corporations to allow them to construct buildings in areas they are not legally allowed to. Both of these interested Evelyn greatly and she set about getting her plan in motion. The first half of her plan was to make sure a local chocolate shop she owned would be sending it richest most fattening chocolates to the Mayor’s house regularly. The second half of her plan involved setting up a meeting with the Mayor regularly to talk with her, and secretly take her to all the fattening restaurants in the city. Evelyn knew the Mayor would not eat the food at these places normally. So with careful choosing the restaurants all had incredibly well made chocolate desserts. Dalisay was brought along for all these ventures as well to get ideas for advertisements. The places they were to dine at all are owned by Evelyn thanks to Keisha’s hard work. Evelyn also wanted to bring Dalisay along because she was unhappy at how skinny and beautiful she was. Obviously Evelyn had to make sure Dalisay was far too fat to be compared to her. However Evelyn knew this would not make the Mayor as fat as she wanted her to be, drastic things would have to be done for that.As they traveled around visiting with the Mayor and learning her favorite places that Evelyn owned. Dalisay found herself increasingly forced to eat one large meal after another with Evelyn. She tried to resist all the eating at first for maybe a week she held out. However her expanding stomach and the appetite stimulants Evelyn was secretly putting in all her water changed things fast. Dalisay never ate such rich fattening foods before meeting Evelyn, and now she was gorging on them daily. The effect of her new lifestyle quickly began to catch up with her waistline. The long family heritage of Dalisay was almost all thin people. Her family was happy she was doing well and did not care at all about her weight. Dalisay herself however was very distraught at her expanding belly, which is where most of the weight seemed to be going. Her whole body got chubby really quickly, but it was her belly that took the most of the weight. Evelyn was very elated to see Dalisay getting chubby so quickly, however her main target was the Mayor. In that area however no seeming change seemed to occur at all yet. The Mayor frustratingly remained unaware of who kept sending her the chocolates. However Evelyn knew it would only be a matter of time before the chocolates started to breakdown the Mayor’s willpower. It was after Evelyn had a hint it was working she knew it was time to double up the chocolates and begin her second phase.“Lisa I feel like we are good friends now would you agree” Evelyn said placing a unlabeled rich chocolate on the table.The Mayor grabbed the chocolate and gobbled it up without much thought. “Of course...Evelyn...I enjoy our lunches” Lisa smiled while talking between bites of chocolate.“Oh good cause I would really hate to lose you as a friend for any reason” Evelyn said leaning in to whisper distance when she did.Mayor Lisa swallowed her chocolatea concerned expression on her face looking strangely at Evelyn “why do you say that?”Evelyn whispered “because I happened to have damning evidence on your illicit property deals in the docks and brides taken by several major corporations in the city I would hate for this to fall in the wrong hands” Evelyn said putting her hand on Lisa’s shoulder.*gulp* The mayor swallowed in fear looking at Evelyn with great apprehension. She knew her deals were not only damning they were mandatory prison time and a federal offense.“Now I can keep all this evidence under lock and key away from the public as long as it needs to but you are going to have to start listening to what I ask from now on” Evelyn continued whispering a devious smile on her face.Lisa simply nodded an expression of fear on her face as she looked into Evelyn’s cold eyes.“First order of business Mayor Lisa is to take down all those exercise posters around the entire city tomorrow” Evelyn said smiling her hand still firmly on Lisa’s shoulder. “Second order of business from now on you are going to eat real delicious food at everyone of our meetings from now on are we clear on those two” Evelyn said coldly.“Yes of course that is no problem” Lisa said fear in her voice.“Excellent” Evelyn lightened her grip slightly but not much “thirdly the people you sold the dock property too are members of several nasty gangs that have been using the building you sold them to smuggle drugs into the city” Evelyn lied adding to the blackmail. “So as a result of this you now have gang ties as well this may complicate your job a little so you will be staying with me as often as possible from now on clear” Evelyn once again tightened her grip slightly.Lisa could not get any more worried or afraid than she had been at that moment “yes Evelyn whatever you say!”Those words were always sweet music to Evelyn she paused talking for a brief moment to enjoy that phrase. “This campaign of working out is over now begins your campaign of all the foods in the city, literally every tasty bite of them all, and I do not ever want to hear any insubordination or many people in powerful places hear about all your problems Mayor” Evelyn let go of her shoulder and patted Lisa’s trim abs while saying that.Lisa said nothing else and just tried to process all of what just happened. Even if she went to the cops the gang Evelyn mentioned were literally everywhere. Running from them would be impossible let alone trying to explain to police when they own a warehouse in the city that is illegally zoned. Whatever feasts Evelyn gave her was better than getting messed up with that gang. Placing a hand on her firm abs something told Lisa this would be the last time she felt them so fit.Dalisay cursed to herself as she feebly attempted to button her size 8 pants. When this entire affair started Dalisay was a size 0, now however her bulging belly has forced her into a size 10. She was very unhappy and vowed to start working out after her meetings with Evelyn. However Evelyn was already aware of Dalisay’s plan and immediately had a counter to prevent her working out. Dalisay was given the task of redesigning all the signs and ads for Evelyn’s 11 businesses. The biggest change to this however was she had to do it at Evelyn’s house on Evelyn’s computer. Dalisay was forced to not only eat too much all day long at different restaurants. Additionally now she had to sit at Evelyn’s house that was snack filled while working. The snacks were more meals left in a buffet style served all day long for Keisha. Dalisay also noticed a lot of other very large women there as well including some that looked barely able to walk they were so fat. Dalisay sat quietly working trying to avoid all the fat women, but it did not last long. Eventually she could not take it anymore and began talking to them, while taking a break for another dinner. This chat and small talk did wonders for moral with all the other piggies Evelyn kept. It also subconsciously made Dalisay oblivious to her own fattening body even more. These new events plus Sarah helping Evelyn replace Dalisay’s clothes with larger ones. Ensured Dalisay was at least for a while unaware of her gaining form.Mayor Lisa was not taking the whole turn of events well after her meeting with Evelyn. When she got home she drank an entire bottle of wine. She then sat down on her couch and polished off two full boxes of rich decadent chocolates before passing out. The next day was not much better she could hardly focus on doing what she was told to do. Several times during the day the same chocolate company would drop off more chocolates at her office. Lisa was devouring chocolates and hiding in her office all day till it was time for lunch with Evelyn. When that time came around Evelyn with Dalisay would happily get the Mayor in a limo and take her to several restaurants. This horror of fattening feasts for Lisa and Dalisay happened for several hours daily. Lisa continued to try and workout after work, but with all the rich foods in her she quickly found it impossible to keep a decent pace. Her workouts fast became just walks and then nothing at all. The lack of exercise, now constant stream of rich chocolates, and drinking from all the stress quickly changed things for Lisa. Evelyn noticed all this and really began to increase her time with the Mayor. This also increased the time Dalisay was with them as well therefore making both women eat even more.It had been a long while since the Mayor had gone to the gym. She sat in her living room finishing her third box of chocolates before lunch. Being a weekend she did not have any obligations to the city simply obligations to Evelyn. Worriedly she sat there finishing off the box and drinking the last of her morning mocha. One of the things Evelyn made her do was enjoy four mochas everyday all of them made with heavy whipping cream and loads of sugar. This amongst the constant rich fattening feasts quickly caused the Major to go from fit to flabby. Her once fit frame of 137 lbs(61 kg) at 5’9”(176 cm) quickly became 235 lbs(106 kg). Her muscled arms quickly becoming soft losing definition. Her breasts went from a toned C cup to a flabby E cup. Her abs once a six pack where quickly buried under a thick roll of flab encasing her torso. Her toned thighs fast became blubbery. Her ass one tight and toned, became soft and jiggly. She however was not alone in her fattening Dalisay was also significantly fatter.Dalisay found that her figure since meeting Evelyn had gone from 115 lbs(52 kg) at 5’3”(161 cm) to 255 lbs(115 kg). Her small B cup breasts slowly expanded to C cup. Her flat stomach rapidly became a large singular fat roll, engulfing her lap nearly completely when she sat down. Her small legs fattened touching in the middle slightly. Her butt expanded slightly as well taking up more space as she sat down. The biggest change for Dalisay was her appetite she nearly constantly gorged herself now. Whereas before she only really ate when she needed to. Her massive bulging gut rapidly expanded to take up a lot of space when she sat down. It also always entered the room before she did when she walked through doorways. She had to waddle now simply became her gut bounced off her legs making walking uncomfortable when she was full. Thanks to Evelyn she was nearly always full.Evelyn was far from done however she insisted the mayor use her connections in the city. These connections gave Evelyn even more power and control throughout the city. Allowing her to spread her fattening crusade to nearly all aspects of the city. Even the poor areas of the city were flooded with buffets and fast food places on every corner. It was rapidly becoming clear to the Major that Evelyn was not going to stop till she was the only thin person in the city. Lisa tried to find some information on Evelyn somewhere to stop her from fattening the entire city, but it was more difficult than she imagined. Everytime she thought she had a lead on something Evelyn would discover it and punish her. Each of these more frequent punishments added more food and weight to the Major’s expanding frame. A few more months later and the Major looked nothing like someone who was once in shape, and looked more like someone who had no control around food.Lisa helplessly watched her figure expand even more as Evelyn enacted her food filled punishments. Her 235 lbs(106 kg) rapidly expanded to 385 lbs(174 kg). Her flabby arms became like large hams and jiggled constantly. Her large F cup breasts rapidly expanded to giant H cups. Her thick flab roll around her torso, became a massive ocean of several large rolls covering her lap. Her blubbery thighs rapidly touched all the way past her knees, hanging over her knees. Her ass now so large and blubbery she almost needed several chairs to sit. Dalisay however had it worse than the Major.Dalisay gorged herself helpless past 255 lbs(115 kg) and well into 407 lbs(184 kg). Her C cup breasts slowly became D cup. Her massive flabby singular fat roll quickly engulfed her legs entirely sitting or standing. Her thighs now touched nearly all the way to her knees. Her flabby fattened butt looked small compared to her fattening waist. Her waddling became very slow and labored as she was nearly constantly filled to her maximum.Evelyn did not stop however her determination to not only ruin the Major but rule the city becoming her singular focus. Through the Major she did terrible things most of which the Major got blamed for. Several laws and regulations involving fattening foods and food substances were completely removed from labels throughout the city. She stepped up her fattening game with the Major nearly twofold in the following months. The Major had no hope of will to resist Evelyn anymore her expanding bulk slowly owning her constant thought. Evelyn was nearing her contentment with the bulk Dalisay had acquired.The Major hopelessly watched as her figure was crammed to its maximum with fattening feast after fattening feast. Her 385 lbs(174 kg) became an astonishing 557 lbs(252 kg) rather rapidly. Her arms nearly completely hung over her elbows and jiggled constantly. Her giant H cup breasts rapidly became massive L cups. Her ocean of several rolls expanding from her torso rapidly covered her lap both standing and sitting. Her blubbery thighs pushing her legs apart making walking a slow waddle at best. Her ass now so large it took a bench or several chairs for her to comfortably sit down. Lisa found herself now significantly larger than Dalisay and criticized by her former supporters. Evelyn however fully supported the Major’s fattening habits.The public that is the city were quickly turning against Lisa her fattened form did not represent them they cried. Evelyn took this opportunity to run for Major during the next election her funding and supporters all under her control. The election results were a landslide in Evelyn’s favor. Her victory over Lisa was absolute and the city fully supported Evelyn now. Her power had just tripled perhaps even quadrupled. The possibilities of what she could do with all this power were swimming in Evelyn’s head. Think of all the people she could fatten all the beauty she could engorge with fat.
  15. Chapter 11 "My friend's running late...umm, she's still in the duty free," Olivia explained to the airport staff. "Am I okay to board?" With unwarranted instinct, the airport staff member gave her elevator eyes. "Uhh. Yeah," the skinny guy garbled. "No sweat, enjoy your flight." "I mean - am I okay to board with her ticket? Hers and mine?" He gave her a perplexed look. "She's a total drama queen," said Olivia. "She's always late. She's the one who'll come running up with four bags in each arm, like ten seconds before boarding closes - I thought it'd be help if I could speed up the process...you know?" "You're sure she's okay with this?" "A hundred percent," said Olivia. "She'll thank me. And you...err...thank you..." She bustled by his desk, one passport, two tickets in hand. Feeling his eyes on her ass, Olivia dropped her wheel bag and let it roll behind her. She spied her reflection in the clear glass of the corridor stretching to the airplane bays. Her ensemble consisted of a stretchy white t-shirt and an old, fleecy purple zipper jacket. Her ripped black jeans were new - the widest she could find. A scraggly, homemade scarf shrouded her newly jostling cleavage, while a branded pink raincoat, slung over the shoulder, tactically covered the roll of uncovered flesh peeking from her beltline behind her. A dark pair of shades completed the look, complimented by a thick set of headphones in matching colours. If she was going to survive the next twenty-four hours, Olivia needed to block out the world. Don't get flustered, and don't get upset she told herself. Everything will be fine, so long as you don't cause a scene. Olivia neared the final turn. Her legs were beginning to burn again. She hadn't walked so far in so long. The comfort break she'd taken in the lounge had been worth it, but it had left her with little time. She pushed on through the tunnel, stretching her waddling strides. An air hostess was waiting to greet her, her eyes lingering wide. Her own eyes widened in turn. The woman looked as if she'd been cut from a magazine. She waved a greeting, her nails trimmed and painted, gave a frozen smile and a staccated hello. Olivia lumbered to a stop, and showed her the tickets. "12C, on the left. Middle, by the emergency exit doors. 13C, directly behind." "Behind?" said Olivia, surprised. "I thought they were together?" "No Ma'am. You have two seats on separate rows, if you look at our diagram..." Olivia tuned out. She felt the sweat. She felt cold. How could she have made such a stupid mistake? She wound back her mind to the night she'd made the booking and tried to get a clear picture - naked, slovenly, cloven from her designer makeup, covered in crumbs from comfort food, drunk on a rising stack of cans of beer to steel her for the moment her parents saw her in her shocking, eye-bulging, pitiful new state... "...as you can see coloured in green -" "Uhh. It's my friend's seat. We need to sit next to each other!" Olivia stammered. The hostess paused. Olivia earned her second puzzled look. "She has...she has needs. You might be wondering where she is...she's - with the staff in the departure lounge. They're helping. Are you able - could you swap some people around? I'll - hey, I'll give her a call..." Olivia mumbled and coughed. She produced her phone, and instinctively turned the volume as low as it would go. "Ohh....Madison, hi, how are you?" she called. Olivia cast her glances left and right, hiding the black screen under her hair. She noted everyone had found their seats. She was last to board, and the plane was nearly full. "Oh...I see. Yeah, yeah, I understand. So you're..." Suddenly she felt her fingers tingle. The screen lit up. A chopped recording of Taylor Swift filled the monotone air. Olivia exchanged the hostess' befuddled complexion. She was first to break away, turning to the passengers. She made the ill-awaited announcement. The student thumbed the call button, quickly. "Olivia." "I mean - sorry...hi Maeve, how are you?" The big girl scrunched her brow. "Maeve? Seriously? What is it - " She lowered her voice to a whisper "- why are you calling me?" "Listen - I know what's happening," said Maeve. "You don't have a disease." Olivia glanced around the plane. The hostess had her arms raised, conducting her fellow ushers like an orchestra. The grumble of the passengers made for uncomfortable music. A horde soon clogged the aisle as families struggled to reset their carry-on luggage. Olivia looked over the other shoulder. She double checked. No-one was listening to her. "No, you listen. There's something seriously, genetically wrong with me. If you're going to preach that I'm fat because I've been overeating, thanks for stating the obvious. But it doesn't matter what I do. I've tried diets, I've tried the gym, I've tried to dance again, I've tried starving myself, I've prayed - nothing is working!" "Olivia - I know why..." "You study English. Since when were you a doctor?" "No...I'm not but - please trust me. I...figured out what it is. Whenever you get mad, you gain weight." "I'm pretty sure I'm mad because I've been gaining weight." "That's - there, you're halfway to understanding. It's a self-propelling cycle." "Are you trying to sell me your book or something?" muttered Olivia. "What's your point?" "It isn't natural and it isn't something this holistic wellness ranch place is going to fix..." "It's a hospital," Olivia insisted. "Unlike you, they're professionals." "It's a curse," Maeve blurted out. Olivia lifted her phone from her ear and stared. She tittered in disbelief. "A curse? Really?" "Yeah, we'll call it that." said Maeve. Olivia laughed. "Okay, two points. One, there isn't a 'we'. Two, curses aren't real. There's always an logical explanation!" "Please, listen to mine - okay, maybe curse isn't quite the right word, but I can tell you what is is if you - " "Freak." Olivia cut her off. She pocketed the phone in a huff. She was done. The last overheard locker clattered shut. She surveyed the scene around her. The hostess was encouraging the last few holdouts to sit. She gave her a tap on the shoulder. The lady flinched as if she were shocked. Olivia mimicked the reaction. "Oh...err. Sorry!" The lady raised her eyebrows, regained her smile and straightened her crispy jacket. Olivia's mind raced to her shirt. A flick of the wrist and she corrected where it had ridden up suddenly over her stomach, cotton gripping her bothersome fresh flesh. "Yes ma'am?" "My friend - I just called her, she's not coming with me," she declared. The hostess batted her eyes. A simultaneous groan echoed from the rows around her. "Just you then," she exclaimed. "That's no problem. Your seats are free. Please be seated." She took two deft paces backward and showed Olivia to her row. Olivia followed on, wincing as she felt the bite of the button under her jelly roll. She considered the warmth of the air, her slight sweat and the cabin pressure, struggling to turn her head facts she couldn't add up. The dull pain blinkered her thoughts. She jabbed a thumb through her waistband, easing the ache as her jeans pinched her with every step. A woman in her eighties slept gently by the window, a doily-like cover on her eyes. Olivia thanked the hostess, clacked open the locker, and in a quick movement clandestinely produced the seatbelt extender from the top pocket of her bag as she pretended to wrestle the zipper shut. Palming the strap as she closed the locker, Olivia brought down her arms and shuffled into her spot. She gave a grunt of discomfort. It was tighter than she'd predicted. Twisting round, the student lowered both armrests as much as she could. She quietly clamped the extender to the male end of the regular harness, and brought it across her round, turgid tummy. Her t-shirt was riding up; she corrected it. Olivia scooted her butt further but found she had reached her limit. Her stomach pressed on her cramped thighs and her boobs were up to her chin. Olivia sighed. This would just have to do. She clicked the extended seatbelt shut. She peered over her sunglasses. The hostess was still standing over her. "Ma'am, I'm afraid we can't get ready to fly just yet." she said, between demeanour of cheer and despotism. "Our procedures require our cabin crew to have access to the aisle at all times." The hostess clasped her hands. Olivia felt stung. She took the hint with a puff of baited warm breath and a lowly whispered curse. She had just sat down, and she felt drained. The student took stock of herself - a hefty love handle, her ass, the side of her thick, wobbling thigh; all had bust the unwritten limits of her right armrest, and were bulging off the precipice of her seat. Rolling her eyes, she lifted the armrest on her left and tenuously adjusted her position. Her tummy grumbled. Olivia winced. She rested her bottom between the seats, and leant back on the plastic divides. She nudged and budged her body, trying to make herself comfortable. "Our apologies, our regulations state that won't be a viable option - we need you to be seated and to be wearing a seatbelt prior to take-off." "Ugghh, okay. Middle seat it is." Olivia made sure to lock eyes with her powder-puffed oppressor as she slid jauntily across the row. She seized the leftmost armrest for leverage and pushed with her legs. Her jeans lifted from the seat, tearing like Velcro and her fingers tingled with static. Suspended for the briefest moment, Olivia swung her bottom deeper into her gaudy, plastic confines. She heard a sudden squeak. Her heavy hip bounced and buffered into her window seat neighbour. Olivia threw her head around, her face paling. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" she cried, mortified. "I didn't see you!" She lurched to the right, or rather she tried to. Olivia winced as cramp wrapped round her calf, strangled by her jeans. Digging in through the pain she inched herself away a little more. She flipped her hair, fighting her body into position. "You're on my leg," the elderly lady croaked. "Shit - I mean, sorry!" Olivia chastised herself for cursing. She fumbled and shoved her weighty waist rightward, until she felt the familiar sensation of hard plastic pressing her coccyx. She was wedged in the space between seats again. Olivia looked up to the air hostess in desperation. The slender woman extended her manicured fingers. Her arm brushed the dishevelled girl's heaving chest, a palm softly placing itself on her distressed fellow passenger's shoulder. "We're so sorry!" she said, palpably emotional. "We have an upgrade we can offer you. Are you able to follow me to business class? Are you hurt?" She raised her eyebrows once, twice quickly in Olivia's direction. "Excuse us!" she hissed. Olivia whimpered. She swayed herself into motion. She half stood, half rolled her way from her seat, planting a chubby leg back in the aisle. She hauled the rest of herself out into the cooler air. The hostess zipped down into the space she occupied, a comforting arm stretching around the valued guest's shoulder. "I'm...err...I'm just gonna go to the restroom..." The student twisted away from the awkward scene and barrelled for the toilet. She opened her eyes to the rest of the flight. She swore she heard a sharp, collective intake of breath as she sighed, holding her head low. Olivia swung her legs, mumbling apology after apology as her hips brushed by. Some apologised back. A row of boys shifted to the side, a few comically far, earning a laugh from their friends. The older women tutted. The younger stared with pity. The worst was the rearward rows, and the squat, bryl-creemed businessmen in the premium economy seats. There was one who pretended not to see her, or hear her after she pleaded excuses. Groaning, she trundled by, his shoulder brushing the sides of her belly, soft fat slipping past a cheap, crinkled suit. Olivia winced. She could have sworn she felt him smirking. The door couldn't have come quickly enough. By time she pressed up against the handle her spirits were shot. She rattled the door, stepped through, twisted and closed it tight behind her. Olivia was in darkness. There was minimal space to move. She fished her phone out from her vice-like pocket. She couldn't see a light switch. She couldn't sit. She could barely turn around, but with a grunt and a thrust, she did so. She was alone. She locked the door. The former dancer began to seethe. Hot and waxy tears ran down her cheeks. She covered her mouth, determined not to let anyone hear her. She wished the plane would just take off, with her in the shadows. She wished she was invisible. She wished everyone else was every bit as uncomfortable as she was. She wished she was slim, fit, graceful again most of all. She heard voices outside, simple chatter, kids cajoling each other, broken in segments by the obnoxious blare of the businessmen on the last row. "We're running ten minutes late," His partner swore. "Au contraire," said a third man. "I'm confident we'll arrive ten minutes early, after the crew force her off..." "Throw her down the slide," someone laughed. "She'd roll to China." Olivia's temper flared. Her brow boiled to volcanic proportions. Her fists were clenched tight. Her chest grew warm, her breaths grew furious and ragged. Didn't they know who she was? Didn't they know the girl she used to be? How dare they? How could they? How could everyone see, but nobody know? Suddenly the pressure welled up in her midsection. Olivia choked. Her cheeks flushed in agony. Before she could seize her stomach the noise hit her eardrums. No longer in pain, she felt under her belly. She found one edge of her jeans, then the other, split by a gaping zipper. There was no button there. It had gone. Olivia's fingers curled at the feeling of soft flesh, sticking out in front of her, hanging in half an inch of space where there'd been nothing at all. Olivia's mouth hung open. She hadn't moved her feet. But her gut was now pushing against the door. Shell-shocked, she took out her phone. "Maeve, it's me. I believe you." she breathed, the moment she heard her pick up. She wiggled and nudged. The door rattled. Olivia peered through the millimetre slit left in the wall by the hinges. Someone was waiting for her. "I'm glad. Where are you now?" Maeve replied. Olivia bit her lip. "A runway. About to burst out of an airplane toilet...oh god, I must weigh a tonne by now. How come I didn't notice it before?" "You weren't meant to notice, the weight gain happened to you overnight because I delayed it, I mean - the curse was delayed..." "YOU DID THIS?" screamed Olivia. "I'm really sorry!" Maeve wailed. "I can fix this! I didn't want it to be like this, I swear! The curse - the...thing, I think I'm losing control over it, I just wanted you to know so you can stop..." There was silence on the line. "Ugghhhhh" Olivia moaned. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" Her bottom pressed harder on the sink. Olivia leant forward. Her belly flattened along the width of the door. She gasped. Her breasts were beginning to brush the signage. Her shirt pulled tight across her shoulders. Olivia heard a stitch split. "Please," Maeve pleaded. "Please don't get mad! Just do something to get out of there!" The student staggered. A rumble emanated from the soles of her feet. She shivered as the buzz crept through her tendons. The plane had ignited its engines. Her burst of growth had pinned her in place. Olivia's blood ran cold. "You can't go," Maeve urged. "Get off the plane!" "I - I can't get out," Olivia whimpered. "I'm about to fly!" "The thing - the thing I used to do this to you. It's called -" The line howled with hiss of static. " - from a book I read but then I lost it, I don't know where it is!" "What did you say?" said Olivia. "I can't hear you!" "Please - don't shout! Don't -" Kkkkrrrrhhh....krrrrhhhhhhh…. "Maeve, it's okay, I'm not mad - tell me what it is, tell me what to do!" Kkkkrrrrhhh…. "- livia, we're being watched. You've got to keep quiet!" "Just tell me. Hurry, I think I can - hhgggnnnhh....heerrrrnnggghh!" Olivia pounded the door and tried to unstick herself. "We need to stay together!" shouted Maeve. Olivia heard a rumble from deep down below. The tinny lights shivered and buzzed. The plane was shifting its gears. "You need to stay here!" Olivia fumbled for the latch, palms sweating. She pushed her left hand past her heaving stomach. She drew a breath. Her fingers slid on the steely bolt piece. "Tell me." whispered Olivia. "Maeve, tell me what's going on." "I used a - krrrrcchhh - device. It's c - krrrrcchhh - Penultimator!" The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG " - . The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog Aaaaand that wraps it up for the night! Any and all comments, critiques and criticisms worth your time will be given mine. Leave a like, I hope to see you again for the final chapter! Shift, exclamation point. I sighed as I checked the time. 1:52 am. I clicked the post button and switched tabs to a piano cover of Yesterday. My eyes were straining and I dimmed the screen. The music helped ease the ache. I switched tabs again to an article I'd skimmed past a couple hours before on rising cat ownership. I read it until the song stopped, glugged some water and closed the page, then the curtains. I was ready for bed. Down below, I heard someone open the front door. I lived alone. I stopped breathing. I turned in my chair, my mouth opening slowly. Two wet footsteps struck the tiles of the porch. I wasn't imagining the noise. A rustle of material and a thud echoed down the hallway as someone discarded a soaked raincoat on my shoe rack. Click The hallway light was on. Click I switched my bedroom light off. I dimmed my laptop to black. I scrabbled for my phone as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I stepped away from where the light was seeping through under the door, into the shadows by the wardrobe. Thud....thud...thud.... Serial killer. Do I shout out? I stuck a hand in the door. I gripped my old hockey stick. Thud....thud.. The footsteps were closing towards me. I unlocked my phone, and entered three digits. Creak... The figure had reached the stairs. It was coming for me. Creeeaaakk…. The footsteps grew slower, louder. I had nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run - but back down the stairs, audibly groaning as someone ascended. "Hello?" "Ughhh...hey! I finally found you...." The voice was a stranger's. But it was young. Feminine. Loud and accented. "Are you looking for me?" I said, balking. "Geez, didn't you see me waving at your window?" she gasped, then huffed. "Of course you didn't. You were on your computer." She paused for breath. My mind hung on the inflections. Far as I could tell, she wasn't from England. "Phew....so I tried the front door, your doorbell doesn't work, but you left it open - so..." She flicked on the stairway light. "Sorry - do I know you?" I asked her. "Yeah...kinda...phew - look, we'll get to that later. Second door on the left's your room, right?" "Err, yeah. Wait, I'll get the door." Heart still pumping, I returned the hockey stick to the wardrobe. I found some slippers and threw on a hoodie. The pyjama bottoms would have to do. I tossed an empty can of Coke in the bin. I pocketed my phone, switched the light back on, and opened the door. There was a girl in ripped jeans, a thin purple zipper jacket and a white t-shirt, leaning with her hands on the balustrade, a loose scarf dangling over the edge. She pushed back her soaking blonde hair over her shoulder and looked me dead in the eyes. I tried my best not to peel mine away. I couldn't overstate the obvious. She was fat. She was immense. Her every move exaggerated her mass. As she approached my doorway her rolling stomach hung out from under her shirt, drooping over the crumpled zipper of her straining, buttonless jeans, puffing out her shirt into a taut band around and between her belly roll, supported by faint, silvery vertical lines. I couldn't afford to peer down any more as she drew closer. My mind built a picture of her stretchmarks as speech marks, flanking her round belly button. A similar noise escaped from my mouth. She stopped, inches away from me. Her plump lips tightened. "Can I come in?" My eyes were on the doorframe. I was dumbstruck. "Uhh...huh, I dunno," she said, mocking my voice. "Can you?" I'd gone mute. She groaned. She motioned for me to move out the way. I did. She stepped forward, and true to my inklings, the hinge side gave her hips a firm press. For a second she was held, but she was heavy, and she bouldered through. She smoothed a hand down the redness on her side, then rolled her shoulders. Her jacket, like the soft, chunky arms it wrapped around, looked purely vestigial. She clearly couldn't close the zipper across her body. The girl closed the door. She occupied the centre of my room, vast and fat, coughing soft and rapid breaths. "Hey. First of all...fuck you, this is all your fault. Second of all, don't talk unless I tell you. Don't make me angry. Third of all, I'm exhausted. Can I sit down?" "Uhh...sure?" "Thanks. That walk couldn't have been worse. Why do you have to live up a hill?" She deposited herself on my lounge chair. I heard a wheeze of air escaping leather. "I'm so unfit. I haven't been to the gym since I split my leggings trying to run on a treadmill, it was - how d'you put it - humiliating, watching my butt wobble in the pristine glass." I simply stared. She was giving me a queer look. "Am I ringing any bells here?" "I...err...I don't think we've met before..." "No, we haven't." the girl said, shrugging. "But you definitely know me. You know everything about me. You know more about me than I do." I found my own chair, by the laptop. "I'm lost." I admitted to her. "Who are you, exactly?" "I'm Olivia Johnson. Remember me? I'm the straight-A student college star dancer you wrote about and thought - wow, wonder how I can wreck her life? I know! Destroy her figure with some rapid, uncontrollable college weight gain." I blanched. "Yeah. I remember you. And clearly I must be dreaming." Olivia smirked. She lifted her shirt to just underneath her breasts. "No, this isn't real. You're from one of my stories," I told her. "Nooo" she said, mocking my voice again. "All of this...is very, very real." She drifted closer. Her belly was stretched, round, plush with armfuls of quivering fat. "Feel it," she offered. "Give it a rub. Don't you want to?" "This is a dream!" I repeated. But I wasn't waking up. "Touch..." she cooed, pursing her lips. "Feel me. You don't have to hide it here. I know what you really want." Closer and closer she came. She put a shoe on my chair's rolling wheel. I felt my hand travelling upward, to protect myself. But then I stretched out a finger... No sooner had my fingertip poked her stomach than she had seized my wrist with claw-like nails. She slapped me across the face. I felt a burning sensation. "That's for making me get fat. Totally what my plotline needed. Aspiring dancer, star of the family, super fit, starts college and balloons into a separate ZIP code. Thanks." "Nightmare," I decided. "Holy shit. I'm having a lucid nightmare." "I'm real, you dumb asshole! The story you wrote about me was true!" "But...but how is this happening? I didn't write a part where you come alive and travel all the way to my house and break in to confront me! Look...here, let me show you!" I grabbed the mouse, swivelled it and brought up the document on my laptop. The title flashed up in bold. Olivia's New Moves. I scrolled down. Chapter 11. "Look, I haven't even finished the whole thing. You... you're on the plane to your home state. You've left your last lecture that day, it's the end of term. You wanted to go to a health facility for summer, Maeve called you, you got stuck in a toilet. You're trying to get off the plane - how did you get here?" "It's that stupid device," said Olivia. "The Penultimator, it's a thing that transfers fiction to the real world? It is real. The college, the classes, my family, stupid Maeve, all that fricking food - you don't know how, but you created all of it. I got off the plane. I did a search to find out what Maeve told me in the toilet and I found your story online. My story. Word for word, exactly what happened to me. I tracked your username, found your accounts elsewhere, found out where you lived, skimmed your address off a data hosting company and then found you." "Wow," I mumbled. I curled my toes. "Where do I start....err, didn't know it was that easy. I should change my passwords...hang on a minute." I scrolled. The words ended where I thought I'd left them. My sign off. Shift key, exclamation point. "I didn't write any of that last part. The train, the walking. In fact I literally just wrote the plane sequence. How could any of what you just said have happened?" "You haven't written it, but you're going to." "That doesn't make any sense." "It does. Think about it. Nobody writes in the present tense. Everything you've written about me happens in the past. You're going to write how eventually I flew over here, how I boarded a train, how I walked a mile from the station in the pouring rain and found you in the past tense. Like everything else, got it?" "Got it. I think..." Olivia glowered at me, indignant. She tapped her watch. "And?" "Oh...right, I'm guessing you want me to rewrite what happened? The whole...weight gain thing?" Olivia patted her stomach, eyes on me. "You're driving me crazy. I'm literally getting heavier as we speak. What do you think I want?" "Sorry" I mumbled. "I could just delete everything? That's if, you know...you're okay with being wiped from history, maybe." "Try it," she shrugged. "Maybe it's my time. Maybe I had it alright in my little existence as someone's fantasy." Wincing, I clicked my documents and sent the whole folder to the recycle bin. I returned to the internet and ventured to the forum where I'd made the last post. One like, one comment. Not bad for seven minutes. I found the edit button. I highlighted the text. I hit backspace, running page after page away. I found Chapter 1. Olivia's New Moves. She was in my room. She was still there. She was still - I quickly glanced over my shoulder - fat. The text glowed blue. My finger balanced on the button. I closed my eyes. Gone. I scrolled up, and scrolled down. No more fiction. But she was still there. "Errm. Are you feeling anything?" I asked her. "I feel fat," said Olivia. "Just like you wanted, right?" "Didn't work then," I murmured. "Unless..." "Unless what?" "I can figure why. I put it all online. I can't eliminate the possibility that someone copied and pasted them. Maybe for a collection? There's no way I could get it back." "Someone's collection. You're flattering yourself...but shit, you're probably right." Olivia sighed. "You'll have to write an ending with me getting skinny again. Sorry to put you through the torture." Somehow, I had to smile. "I'm not that bad, am I?" "Let's see." Olivia folded her arms. I turned back to the screen. I fished Chapter 11 out of the recycling bin, opened it and scrolled until the page was blank. I began typing. Olivia decided she wanted to lose weight. She walked to the gym. "Walked?" said Olivia. "Seriously? You're letting me walk? I'm walking now? Dude, I waddle. That's how you've moved me since Chapter Eight - she squeezed herself from the booth and waddled to the restroom. Because I'm so swollen from all the plates of food I stuffed myself with at the buffet, remember? That's how I get from A to B when I leave my room, increasingly rarely these days..." She seized a thick roll of her belly. "Hmm. I wonder why?" She gave it a furious shake. "Point taken." I said, bleeding a little on the inside. Like I'd imagined, it took Olivia's fat more than a moment to settle. "Weird. I never saw the point." she said, still jiggling as I turned in my chair to the laptop. "Why was I in bed all morning? Was I tired because I'm fat? Was I lazy because I'm fat? Maybe I was too embarrassed to go downstairs to the real world...because I'm fat? You left it pretty ambiguous. Guess you've got a few different tastes to please, huh? More fool me thinking there's only one fricking track in the world of your fetish." I reddened. "It...could be worse?" I said with a shrug. "No shit," Olivia muttered. "I trawled through a lot of stories after I found mine. Lot of heavy reading. You didn't feed me to a giantess, I guess. Also, am I supposed to thank you for not making me immobile? That seems to happen a lot." My eyes dashed to my edit history. "Yeah. Totally." I mumbled, the colour of my cheeks draining as the first thoughts were struck down by one more harrowing. "Err...are any of the other stories real too?" "Who knows?" the softened dancer replied. "Maybe they are real, to the good writers." She rolled her eyes. "That's...hey, that's not an insult," I said, cheerily. "Oh yeah? I hate you," she blurted. "Your stories like, really suck." "Owch?" "Not done." She eased my hand off the mouse, scrolled up and highlighted the sentence she wanted. "A hefty love handle, her ass, the side of her thick, wobbling thigh; all had bust the unwritten limits of her right armrest, and were bulging off the precipice of her seat. Who the hell do you think you are? Do you get off on Shakespeare too?" "Again..." I shrugged. "Wouldn't call that an insult." "Urgghh! You're the worst! Stop flattering yourself, you fucking narcissist!" I kicked myself from the desk and rolled away. "Give it a go yourself," I suggested. "You're better than me, clearly. Prove your point." "If I could write my own story - " Olivia grumbled " - would I really be standing in your bedroom. I already tried, it didn't work. You're the one with the power to change this." "Look, I don't know how I did it." I said. "You mentioned the Penultimator - that's just a word on a page, to me. I thought I made it up. I don't know what it is. I wouldn't know where to find one. If we could just stop arguing for like, one minute, maybe we can come to some sort of agreement? Then I can go to bed, wake up and it'll be like it was all a dream. No sod that, we're too far gone. A bad trip on acid." I breathed in. "If I'm going to write something that's - if not good, at the very least, plausible - I need to get a feel of what it's really like for you. What was it like, being in my story? Was I controlling you? Did you feel like some sort of puppet?" "No," Olivia said, calmly. "It wasn't. Not in a sense you were directing every movement. I had plenty of freedom between chapters, just not when I was around junk food, clearly. I think you used the phrase eating machine? And seriously, why did you keep making me hungry at midnight? It was so annoying! I had to get up, squeeze into my forlorn pyjamas, somehow not wake my parents while I plodded down the stairs to cram my face and go back to bed on a full stomach! No wonder I slept late so much!" I was about to warn her not get mad again but, as if on cue, she yawned. "You have a place to stay tonight somewhere, right?" I said. "No," Olivia said again with a shrug. "You haven't written one for me." "I'll put you somewhere nice. If I wake up and you still exist we can think about this tomorrow." I flicked on the bedside light and tapped on the keyboard. And after her detour to the bedroom, Olivia grew sleepy. She left through the open door, descended the stairs and was promptly whisked away for a night at the London Ritz I hit enter to post. I spun in my seat. My muse was still standing there, incredulous. She shook her head. "Nope. Not happening." said Olivia. "Maybe it'll work when you go down the stairs," I said. "Maybe there's a footman and a limousine?" "It didn't work. I can't leave through the open door. It's closed, you idiot." "Oh." I muttered. "Sorry...I must be tired too." "Screw it. Get some sleep, you'll write better in the morning. I think I can handle one more night of morbid obesity." I rubbed my eyes. "Fine." I closed my laptop, stood up, opened my wardrobe and fished out my sleeping bag from between the hiking boots at the bottom. I took my laptop in one hand and the bag under my arm as I approached the door. "Where are you going?" said Olivia. "Living room couch." I mumbled. "But this is your bedroom." "And that's your bed for the night. Enjoy." "I can't take your bed from you." "You're not going to fit on the couch. No offence." For the first time that night, she laughed genuinely. "Oh, because I'm huge? Can't let anyone forget it, can we?" She slapped a hand on her plump rear end. "Aren't you a little afraid I might break your bed into splinters? Because I'm so overweight?" She plopped herself down hard on the mattress and the springs squealed. Her boobs were bouncing. But nothing yielded. The bed held firm. "It wasn't made out of plywood, like yours," I said. "Pretty comfortable too. Goodnight!" "Hey, wait," she shouted. "You're making me feel guilty" I found myself grinning. "I wrote a sense of guilt for you?" "I guess so... your writing's awful by the way - I mean, you can stay up here, if you like. It's your place. I don't want you to feel like I've crashed everything." "Wow, Olivia. Thanks, but I'd rather not feel the bruises in the morning. It's an old floor." "I mean in bed, idiot," she whispered under her breath. "Stay with me. I know you're having a rough ride with your stories coming alive at your doorstep but I don't know what the hell's up with me either. It's something bigger than me, if that's even possible. I don't what it is. I just don't want to be alone. I'm always alone. Please?" My feet were rooted. My stance was awkward. "...I can do that." I said. "Woohoo. Get in bed." she replied, deadpan. "Err...let me go brush my teeth." I hopped out of the room to the first door on the left, the bathroom. The first thing I did was splashed cold water in my face. I stared at myself in the mirror. Still real. I could tell as I could hear my bed creaking, with the sound of Olivia slowly stripping her damp clothes off her body. I hung on the last two words. I splashed some more cold water. I took my time with my teeth. I wanted her to be comfortable. I wanted her to believe I was the opposite of everything I'd done. Returning to my room, I shuffled to what was now my side. Her clothes were strewn all over the floor. The t-shirt was pulled out of proportion, and on the verge of ripping. I opened the duvet. Her pillowy form was under the sheets, softly stirring, naked but for her knickers, or panties as she'd have called them. Her breasts had tumbled to each side of her frame, braless. I breathed out. Shit. I hadn't given her a bra that fit since Chapter Eight. I left my side of the sheets tucked in. I lay down over the top, and pulled the duvet to my chin. I stared up at the ceiling. Olivia flicked her eyes at me. She looked me up and down. She saw what I'd done. "Ughh!" she mock-groaned, with a giggle. "Such a virgin." I was too tired to press a case for the defence. She threw the duvet over both our heads, and bucked her hips until she faced the bedside table. She loosened the sheet, kicking her legs free, shoving the edge under her back then rolling over the top. Olivia stuck out a hand and switched the lamp off. Then, breathing a little less softly, she rested. I faced the wall. I uncurled my legs, and rose my head in consternation as gravity drew them to the other side of the bed. My unexpected guest was tanking the mattress from the edge, creating a wallowing depression. Her form unmoving, Olivia was sucking me in, and she knew it. I relented. I rolled from one shoulder to another, facing her side. Now there were centimetres between us. She felt my breath on her shoulder. She softly cranked it up. I let it touch my chest, breathed in, breathed out and closed the gap. She let me push her dark golden hair a little away from my eyes. "Is this...is this really okay with you?" I repeated, whispering in her ear. She took my hand. She purred as she placed it delicately on her plush, yielding waist. "Mhmmphh. Night Campbell." I sighed, then I yawned. "Mhmmm. That's not my name..." I heard no reply. In seconds, the biggest little spoon in the world and I were asleep. If she snored I didn't hear her. I remembered only my dreams. They were never like my stories. I saw a dog, equally sleepy, lazing lonely on a plane, unmoving as a lithe fox swept from the hazy shadows, unflinching as it leapt over its back, again and again. A drooping pair of eyes, and a flash of brown.
  16. Your favorite BBW - SSBBW is playing Augustina Gloop (a female variant of Augustus Gloop) Who is on the tour of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. In true Gloop fashion I eat tons of chocolate, burp, indulge in gluttony and slurp and gobble the chocolate river to my own demise. My belly swells with chocolate and my pants can't contain me. I am sucked up the pipe and my tremendous gut gets me STUCK. This was very fun and messy and super hot. Enjoy some classic wonka lines and and ultimate bad end. Contains: Lots of Eating, BBW, SSBBW, Belly Expansion, Butt Expansion, Messy, Sploshing, WAM, Stuck, Stuckage


  17. Agent Kitty is on a mission to find out what's behind this mysterious screen. She can't see over it, hard as she tries to jump high enough to be able to, so her only option is trying to squeeze through the tiny passage at the bottom. Even in skin tight clothes, she still manages to get stuck! Carefully backing out and reevaluating her situation, she decides the only logical thing would be to strip down and oil herself up to make sure she slides right on through. Success! She makes it through the other side to find some dangerously delicious treats that seem to be waiting just for her. She starts devouring them, losing track of time (and her original mission) until she's sharply reminded by her superior that she has a job to do. But... a few more bites won't hurt, will they? Early Bird Sale for 48 hours - then goes to $9.99 This was a custom request that received the following review:


  18. Dairyqueen is back and fatter than ever! This time with a Full-Length McDonald's-in-car, casual vlog style stuffing! My feeder told me to eat a burger and Dairyqueen decided to go to McDonald's and try to finish a Cheeseburger, Large fries, Large coke, chicken nuggets, an apple pie and a hot fudge sundae ❤️ Watch as I burp, jiggle and expand! Eventually it becomes hard for me to move or even breathe! My shirt starts to become too restricting so I roll it up all the over my bra and continue to cram food in my face like crazy and completely pig out in my car with all the big belly girl pride to keep me from worrying if anyone can see me digging in! This video includes: Stuffing, bloating, burping, stuckage (in car chair default setting), fat chat story time, Jiggling, tight clothes, belly slapping until red, belly play and chugging melted ice cream I love to show off when I'm being a good piggy and I encourage all the teasing hehe Please leave a detailed review of the video and I will send you one free clip of equal or lesser value ! ❤️ Can you believe It pays to talk about what an obese hog I am? hehe


  19. I tried on some new lingerie earlier and this bit turned out slightly different than expected! Watch me as I struggle to get it on and struggle to get out of this silly costume. Wish you were there to help!


  20. In this video you will find: 🐷 Belly play and... OMG she sat down too, and got stuck inside the bin! she fell to the ground!!!! Oppppssss.. 💗Fat belly and ass!!!💋I try to get it out...💋 Poor baby😈 She is fat tooooooooo!😍


  21. This is a custom video, no names are used. After a long day of delivering Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny is ready to sit down with a big bottle of Pepsi and relax - taking a seat in a little chair that's situated in her kitchen, she takes a swig of her brew and decides to get up to do something... only to realize that her big rear-end has gotten stuck in the tiny yellow chair! She struggles to get out, her ass protruding out of the sides of the tiny chair, there's no hope! She pulls at it, trying to free herself from the little prison she created for herself, but to no avail! Too many carrots will do that to a chubby bunny....


  22. In this video: Stuck in the wooden furniture! it was supposed to be a video cleaning, but I got stuck.!!! ❤️OMG😭😩😨


  23. I finally got one with some "stuckage" in it for you guys!!! Santa has gotten too fat to get down the chimney so he sends me! I fall out of the fireplace, enjoy some cookies and eggnog while fretting over how fat they are making me (eggnog has about twice the amount of calories of milk!). I get a little tipsy on the eggnog and then its time to go back up the chimney, but now, with my belly expanded from all the cookies and eggnog I won't fit!!! I try and try but I'm stuck on the entrance of the fireplace!!! You get to see my belly roll up and jiggle and my booty shaking as I desperately try to get back in but its no use!!! Soon I might as fat as Santa!!! Highest production quality yet!!


  24. in this video you will find: she trying to get through the door, 💋but she's gained weight and she can't do it anymore! 🥵I try to get it through but it's too fat.. he just wants to go to the kitchen to eat!😫🐷


  25. These days I seem to be outgrowing just about everything, clothes, chairs, and now tubs. I decided it was time to see just how well my fat body could get through places, lets just say it ended exactly how I imagined, with my fat ass stuck! I first show you how I fit in my bathtub, it's a very tight squeeze, that for anyone else might be fine, but not this BBW. I test out two chairs, both of which I seem to have outgrown in different ways, eventually getting suctioned and stuck on one chair. Finally, I try to crawl under the bottom of my table, only to realize it's going to be much harder to get out. My big fat belly knocks up against the legs and panels and my ass can't even fit through the frame! Who knew getting unstuck would be such a workout? Come see how much I've grown and what difficulty and wheezing all this added weight brings. ****** Clip features: outgrown furniture, fat BBW squeezing into small places, tight lingerie, belly play and jiggling, moaning, out of breath, final GIFs are sizing/framing of clip


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