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  1. The hem of her shirt rolled up as she sat down and I got a glimpse of a soft, pale belly. She quickly pulled it down and then placed her arm in her lap to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. As I revisited the lovely image in my head I was left to wonder. Had she pulled it down because she didn’t want to tempt me? Or had she sadly come to the terribly wrong conclusion that I would find her soft, sweet padding unattractive? I grabbed a handful of popcorn for myself and she turned and tried to intercept it with her mouth. My heart rate increased. I knew she was probably just trying to be silly and playful. She commented that she hated the feeling of greasy fingers and asked if I would feed her. This was the first time a woman had ever asked me to do that to her. I think it was probably the sexiest time a woman ever asked me for food. Knowing what I know now about Adele it makes sense. She was as passionate and terrified and unbelievably excited as I was -- maybe even more so. I started placing a few pieces of popcorn in her mouth at a time as the lights dimmed and the movie started. I kept a slow pace. I would take a handful for myself and then grab some to feed her. It had been awhile since she had taken a sip of her soda and she eyed it as if she was about to grab it. I beat her to it and picked up the cup. She gave me a knowing, devious smile and took a sip. Was it really possible that this gorgeous, brilliant gem of a girl had the same strange quirk that I did? About halfway thru the movie I decided that I was going to try something. She seemed like a really sweet girl. I figured that if I did something completely out of line she would probably forgive me. I decided to take a chance. I whispered to her that I was heading to the restroom and she handed me her soda and asked me to stop and get a refill. I headed straight to the concession stand and grabbed two of every candy bar they had. I was so focused on getting back to her that I didn’t even stop to consider how much it would cost. I ended up spending nearly $50 on movie theater candy. But let me tell you, it was so worth it. I got back to my seat and dropped my armful of candy in my lap. She looked over to see what I had come back with. Her eyes got wide and she immediately turned back to the movie. Once again I was unsure what to make of her reaction. Was she nervous but excited? Did she just think I was weird for getting up in the middle of the movie and buying a ridiculous amount of candy? I whispered in her ear, “Do you like candy?” “Yes” she replied. I started to unwrap it and began to hand it to her. She turned and smiled at me and I gently placed the chocolate bar in her open mouth. If the projectionist had suddenly shut the movie off at that point, I don’t think I even would have noticed. I was so lost in her that I couldn’t see anything else. We finished the first round of candy bars and I noticed that underneath the purse she had in her lap she was softly caressing her belly with her hand. I wanted so badly for my hand to join hers. She quietly sighed and whispered, “I’m so full.” Then she gently placed her hand on my thigh and grabbed one of the remaining candy bars in my lap. To my surprise she unwrapped it and brought it to her lips. The hand she had been rubbing her stomach with was now holding the candy bar. She had presented me with an opportunity. I ran my fingertips along the soft, warm skin of her belly and as I did she closed her eyes and took another bite. She moaned ever so quietly, but loudly enough for me to know I was doing the right thing. The next think I knew the movie was over. As the credits began to roll she pulled down her shirt, covering herself back up. There was only a single candy bar left. “What did you think of the movie?” I asked her. “It was interesting”, she replied. As we made our way out of the movie theater she was quiet. Our plan had been to go out to dinner after the movie but she had eaten so much that I didn’t think she’d want to sit down to a big meal. “What next?” I asked her. “I think we need to talk”, she said. That’s never a good thing to hear a woman say. Had I completely read the situation the wrong way? Did she think I was a creepy weirdo? As we made our way to the car she asked, “Where did you get all that candy? Did you really buy it there? It must have cost a fortune.” “I guess I got carried away. Did you like it?” I replied. She grabbed my hand and started walking more slowly, “It was everything I wanted. I’ve never explored this before though. I want you to know that. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m a little scared.” I wasn’t expecting her to open up so much but I was relieved that we were both on the same page. I looked her in the eye and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing either. But I do know that that was the goddamn sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  2. Victoria had never been known for much, nor had she ever been on track to achieve much of anything. In fact, in all likelihood, her whole life would likely go down as fairly unremarkable. Just another face in the crowd. Not a bad looking face by any means, but not stunningly beautiful either. Fairly average, maybe a little scrunched and a slightly too prominent chin, but powerful blue eyes gave her some character and stopped her face from deterring possible suitors. Her cascading blonde locks certainly didn’t hurt, at least until they faded during the winter months. A relatively smart girl, but never one with much aspiration, Victoria had always been a good student who got all of the work laid out for her done, and done well at that, but was never gunning to be the next president of a corporation or to solve some global problem. Sure she’d earn a promotion or two over the years, but she was fairly content with her life, making a good paycheck at a stable federal job, living close to her parents since she was their only child, having fun going out with her roughly equally interesting friends in their mid-major city at night. Much like the rest of her, Victoria’s body was pretty underwhelming, but not terrible either. At a squat 5’3, she was by no means the tallest and with fairly normal proportions, her legs were not incredibly slim. Quite the opposite in fact. While she slender on the whole, her thicker legs served to support her slightly wider than average hips and only defining feature, her booty. Even there, she was not so much known for her depth or firmness, so much as the breadth of it. Spreading nicely and with just enough depth to appear significant, Victoria had a fairly respectable butt. Had she ever gone to the gym, perhaps she could have developed it into something of significance, but that was never going to happen with her lazy lifestyle. The rest of her body was fairly slim, with small pert breasts that were enough to remind boys that she was indeed a woman, but nothing that would have a man raving. No. Where Victoria succeeded was in her appetite for all things sexual and food based. With a highly active libido, Victoria had been notorious in college for locking herself down to a guy for periods of time and then riding him for all he was worth. Her stamina was unexpected given her untoned physique and lack of interest in exercise, but she was a secret freak in the bed. Perhaps it was her last season fashion, or continuously calm demeanor, maybe even appearance of being as innocent as a schoolgirl, but she always seemed to get what she wanted sexual. Hardly ever was she unsatisfied. This bled into another portion of her life: food. As full of desire as Victoria could be sexually, it all paled in comparison to her natural enjoyment for cooking and eating. While most men had been able to keep up with her in the bedroom, none were able to comprehend how much food this young lady could put away. Full Pizza? No sweat. Two gallon tub of ice cream? Done in twenty minutes. Endless pasta? Restaurant ran out. Victoria was an unbridled glutton when it came to food, even if she ate it like a lady, and none of it ever stuck to her figure. That metabolism of hers was the single feature that her friends envied her for. Some of them had better bodies than her, others were in far superior shape to her, others could out drink her, but none of them could out eat Victoria, and none of them could eat like that and not positively explode with fat. Their envy was ever apparent whenever they were out to eat. Most of them would order a thoughtful salad, maybe a hearty fish dish, and then it would be Victoria’s turn. She’d order an appetizer or two for herself to the eyerolls of her friends, then order the heartiest dish or even two dishes on the menu, and finish it off with several glasses of wine, beer, and dessert. Her friends continuously chided her, warning her that her figure couldn’t possibly sustain this for forever, but Victoria was unconcerned. Perhaps she should have been. It began when she started dating her latest flame, a surprisingly handsome and charming young man by the name of Maxwell. Much like Victoria, his family was of Polish descent and he appreciated a bottle of vodka as much as she did. They hit it off instantly and got completely plastered one evening, stopping by a late night take out place on their way back to her apartment to help satisfy her other hunger. That take out order was the moment Maxwell fell in love with Victoria. Where most girls, even drunkenly, would have ordered some small snack to tide them over before the main course, Victoria went full tilt and ordered enough food to feed a small family, temporarily stunning Maxwell. After regaining his composure at what this little waif of a woman was going to eat, he began to appreciate her in a new light at how unafraid and unashamed she was of her appetite. Then was blown away when she ate all of it at the speed of light, scarfing it down before he even had time to finish his own late night snack. Maxwell, ever the traditionalist, was practically eating out of the palm of this woman who ate with gusto. Victoria, ever perceptive, noticed Maxwell’s appreciation for her hearty appetite and made a mental note to make sure that she showed off in the future. The next time they went, for by this point they were both fully intrigued by the other, Maxwell made a point to order any and every dish Victoria even expressed an interest in eating. Eager to satisfy the curiosity of her date, Victoria greedily scarfed down each dish like an assembly line completing its product. Plate after plate stacked up and Maxwell’s attention turned to surprise as Victoria continued mechanically to devour the delicious meal he would be paying for. At long last, Victoria had to concede that not even she could eat everything Maxwell threw her way, leaving half a slice of chocolate cake on a plate that had originally held four slices. While comfortable in her seat, Victoria quickly realized that her originally tight fitting dress had readjusted to accommodate a new curve: her distended and stuffed belly. Despite her black dress, any side profile of her made it all too obvious that there was an unnatural curve to her physique, accented by her three inch heels that she had originally worn to flaunt her behind, not her overextended gut. While slightly embarrassed, Maxwell seemed to not to notice and had been so enthralled by her hearty display of gluttony, that she knew she would be in for a great evening. This slowly but surely became the natural cycle. Maxwell constantly pushing delectable meals onto Victoria, constantly testing and inadvertently extending her limits while Victoria greedily devoured everything that he provided her with. After several months together, the bleed into her daily eating habits was all too apparent as Victoria was practically perpetually eating with complete disregard for her figure. At first, her friends had been secretly disgusted by her strong displays of gluttony, but when it didn’t stick to her figure, none of them could say anything but to make sure she saved some money, given the sheer amount of food she was buying. That period of bliss, her slender body still fully intact, instilled a sense of invincibility that went right to the core of Victoria. With this unshakeable belief that she truly could eat whatever she want, whenever she wanted, without any ramifications to her figure led Victoria to eat right out of Maxwell’s palm. It was around the three month mark that things started to fall off the wheels for Victoria. Relationship wise, she and Maxwell were doing positively fantastic, and despite his constant encouragement regarding food, even her more critical fans found that they liked him as a person and recognized that he was a great choice for her. In fact, they all found it a tad amusing that Victoria had found herself something of a perfect partner to her relentless eating habits. It was strange, but for her, they felt it was a great fit. With everyone sold on him, Maxwell began pushing his boundaries with Victoria, preparing high calorie ice cream sundaes after every meal at his or her apartment, getting her hooked on protein shakes as an accompanying beverage to her meals to make sure she was completely full, and making her breakfasts that could easily feed a starving family of four. That was the tipping point for Victoria. In spite of her metabolism clearly being from another planet, Victoria had been pushing 5,000 Calories on a bad day, and Maxwell’s extra treats pushed her upwards of 7,000, began to prove too much for her. Not even most olympic caliber athletes could eat that much, particularly with no exercise, and not see some impact to their bodies, let alone a lazy and greedy young woman. The first few pounds she thought nothing of it. Truth be told, she didn’t give it much thought at all when her breasts began to fill up their cups a little more and her yoga pants seemed to stretch that extra bit. In her mind it had been nothing but a late growth spurt that fortuitously amplified her solid curves. The slight softening of her arms and all so subtle curve to her previously flat stomach went relatively unnoticed at first. For a time, it appeared that those might be the only gains she put on, her metabolism carrying on at an unfathomable precedent. Perhaps it had something to do with Maxwell being gone traveling for work, but she managed to maintain just that small amount of extra weight for almost the remainder of their first whole year together. Then things kicked into overdrive. Maxwell had switched jobs, allowing him to be home more often and Victoria found herself consistently sleeping over at his place. With full access to a man with a well stocked kitchen and a desire to satisfy her every craving, Victoria’s metabolism was put through the ringer...and it lost. Rapidly, it seemed that she was positively blowing through clothing. Where once she had possessed a slim figure that most woman would have been content with, Victoria’s gluttony rapidly destroyed and notion that she possessed such a figure. Where once she had possessed nice wide hips and a relatively firm derriere, now was replaced by rapidly expanding hips that seemed bent on going out as wide as possible, all to support the expanding breadth and depth of her hearty derriere. Perhaps it had once been her pride, now all it ever served was as an extra cushion while she shoved food into her face. Speaking of her face, it quickly rounded out and that hint of a double chin was ever prevalent, but particularly noticeable when she brought a thick jiggly arm up to her mouth for each delectable bite of her latest indulgence. That bite naturally found its way past her growing, almost cantaloupe sized melons that had quickly succumbed to gravity as their new girth expanded. While impressive in the right bra, her hearty melons quickly fell away to the main feature of her physique: her hearty belly. It took next to to no time at all once her metabolism gave way for the first roll to accumulate around her stomach, providing a great big layer of insulation that fought to escape from her ever growing waist size yoga / sweat pants. That hearty belly of course only helped to round out her figure, quickly amplifying her generous apple shaped body. That was about the time that Maxwell proposed to Victoria. With little attempt at maintenance, or an inability to prevent the pounds from piling on, Victoria found herself with an extra 30 pounds on her body, evenly distributed, by the time their wedding came around. Even with every effort put forward to disguise her growing figure, Victoria’s wedding dress left little to the imagination with regard to her continuously growing body...and that was before her age started to catch up to her. An aging metabolism is never a good thing to rely on, not that Victoria was truthfully relying on it for anything more than to reduce the rate at which she was gaining,and even there it was faltering. By the time Victoria crossed the 30 year old threshold, her gain had finally begun to plateau, mostly due in part to her inability to eat enough to gain any further. Her body had gone from slim and relatively acceptable in most circles, to downright obese, but in classic Victoria fashion, she could have cared less. She had her man, she had her hearty appetite, and she had a baby on the way. That was all she could have hoped for.
  3. Hello, her's the first chapter of my story. It is done witch the help of google translate, sow sorry for possible language mistakes. The story is about girls that work together. They are working in a office and gained some pounds. Nowe they discover how hard it is too lose weight. The first chaper is about Nicole, the other 2 girls will be later in the story. Chapter 1 September, the 23 year old Nicole is preparing to work in a nearby office. She is working in this company for 2 years, she liked her job very much, but it had one flaw. The work was sedentary and did not require physical exertion, which with the lazy lifestyle left its mark on her body, her figure was not as good as it was two years ago when she was just beginning the adventure with this company. After drinking the morning coffee, doing make-up and combing her hair, it was time for the act that Nicole did not like, finding fitting clothes ... At the end of June, before the long vacation Nicole promised herself one thing, she will start to lose weight. The goal was simple, she knew that it was too late the bikini figure, going on vacation and sunbathing on the beach will have to show her flab, in a tight swimsuit. But the goal was different for those two months, she wanted to lose so much fat that her pants and dresses no longer emphasized her thick stomach and legs. And more importantly, Nicole didn't want to buy new clothes, in the closet she covered many of the ones she had worn only a few times before becoming too tight. The previous year, and especially skipping the sport combined with work in front of the computer gave Nicole an extra 10 pounds, which meant no less that she had already put on 20 pounds since starting work in this company. At her height of 5'9 "(175cm), it resulted mainly in a soft belly that was visible and each t-shirt and dress she had in her wardrobe. From positives Nicole was a proud owner of a full breast with a cup C, but the breasts that grew thanks to the additional weight lost with gravity, it required Nicole to wear push-up bras to be able to proudly present her boobs. Summer was under a sign of jogging and cycling for Nicole. She was proud to see how her condition improved and at the same distances she could get better and better results. Nicole did only one thing wrong, every physical activity, especially the long distance traveled on the bike, She rewarded herself with ice cream and sweets ... On that day Nicole, was standing in front of the mirror and thinking about choosing clothes to go to work, she was not satisfied with the results of her weight loss. Touching her soft belly did not make her feel slimmer. She found a long-unused weigth scale, and with a sigh of anxiety she came on. The number on the display turned out to be 5 pounds larger and was already 156 pounds (71 kg), of course it was more than 2 months ago before the weight loss attempt. Well, the holidays are over - Nicole said - looking at her figure covered with extra fat in the mirror. Cursed my weakness to sweets - she cried - what I am going to wear now, most of my clothes are either too tight, or emphasize my whole flab by adding optically extra kilos to me. Time was running inexorably, wanting to be at work for the time Nicole had to make a choice as quickly as possible. She decided oto wear black leggings and a bright gray dress. The dress had the advantage she desired, he reached below the butt, so she could easily hide her buttocks, on which also came a few pounds. Being already after choosing the items of clothing, it's time to confront them with Nicole's body. Leggings did not put up much resistance, and unlike jeans, which Nicole had a lot in her closet, easily fitted to the extra inches on Nicole's butt. The opposite situation was a different situation with the dress. Nicole used it last time a year ago when she was 15 pounds lighter, then the dress dealt well with her "starter belly", she was afraid that now that her belly put on extra fat, the dress can not cope with its covering. After putting on the dress, Nicole turned her gaze towards the mirror to assess her look. She took her first look at her bust, which was the only one who benefited from her weight gain, and in combination with the push-up bra he proudly presented himself on her body. Looking down, Nicole began to regret that she did not follow her diet during the summer. Her belly proudly stood out under the gray dres, emphasizing its softness. Attempting to suck it in helped only temporarily, but Nicole knew she could not stand the whole day on sucking the belly in, and her best friend Kate would see her flab. It worried her, that Katy posted all summer on her social media posts with healthy food, which could mean that her silhouette compared to the figure of Nicole may look a lot slimmer. Her butt was the only good news outside the breast. The dress ended at the knees, which was enough to hide an extra few inches on her bottom. Looking at her watch, Nicole realized that there was no more time to experiment with clothes. She had to go out in that what she weard, otherwise she would be too late in the office. Okay, I can endure one day pulling my stomach in, Nicole thought. My friend may not see my weight gain. My full C cup breast should effectively divert attention from my stomach. When the 22-year-old Katy, came for the first time to work in that company, she had a very slim figure. However, she gained weight during her freshman year. In June, as both women talked for the last timer, Katy said about how she planned to lose weight over the summer. Soon Nicole will see what came out of Katy's resolve ...
  4. Synopsis Duchess Staceline Voluptua-Fuller Demoore, the Empire's most eligible young woman, must fight off a small army of suitors as well as the thigh-thickening effects of the ludicrously calorific diet advocated by her countrywomen – at least she has to fight them off long enough to squeeze into long-forgotten libraries of ancient secrets that will let her prevent the long-prophesied crisis from ruining her homeland – or at least wreaking serious economic havoc such as a decrease in the number of desserts at royal galas from 78 down to 62, or in the worst case as few as 28! On the other hand, maybe it would be better for the maintenance of her pert bottom if she let the crisis run its course... By a long-time reader who hasn't contributed a story before. * * * Chapter 1: The Gala Dinner A summer sunrise began to light the worn sandstone of Abimere Hall. Amid its manicured lawns, the large staff busied themselves removing marquis tents and tidying the landscaped tree garden. Inside the 64 guest bedrooms of the Hall, aristocratic guests slumbered heavily on silk or linen beds, depending on which level of room their rank had obtained for them. Still more dozed in the four fine inns of the nearby village. In the case of most of the female aristocracy, their rest was of rather poor quality, as they struggled to digest and sleep off the indulgence of the last day's royal gala – a mid-season event, but nonetheless a well attended one because it was the first one hosted by the Hall's owner after her coming of age. That owner, the Duchess Staceline Dolchetta Voluptua-Fuller Demoore, was without much dissent both the wealthiest and the best-pedigreed of this season's débutantes. For the young noblemen in attendance, many of whom had booked rooms in the nearby town months in advance in order to get time with the young Duchess at a dance or – even better – at one of the private dessert tables the hostess was socially obligated to visit in turn, it hardly hurt that she was a statuesque beauty whose figure had so far survived the fattening effects of the royal gala season apparently unscathed. Except possibly for the generous breasts which had swelled higher and higher in her exquisite green silk dress. Meanwhile, the hostess herself had retired to her chambers in the private old eastern wing at the back of the Hall, where she had stripped to a skimpy black silk negligee and tried to sleep off a day of unrelenting gluttony. That was proving to be a struggle, even for a young woman with such a vigorous metabolism. Her already-short negligee rode up around her belly, which had swollen bigger and bigger overnight as its mistress attempted to sleep off the effect of seventy-eight desserts... “Ah, FUCK! I ate too much!” Groaned Duchess Staceline, as her friend and assistant offered her a silver tray with three jugs and a glass. “Stacey! Language... What would your aunt say?” “Ugh! It's her fault I had to host this stupid fucking gala. And who the fuck decided seventy-eight desserts is what a royal gala needs? And she made me promise to be a good host, and indulge myself in at least one serving of every fucking one... That's a stupid rule too, and now I feel like I'm going to split my fucking negligee, Alicia... Did you get my stuff?” The blonde friend, wearing a too-snug gold dress, with straps far tighter than they had been when she'd sat down to a dinner of roast pheasant and goose with the Duchess the previous afternoon, offered some sympathy. “Yes, Stacey. Here's your towel and icewater, and this jug is prune juice, this one is castor oil, and this one is milk with a little honey...” “Milk? Fuck, Alicia, if I never see dairy again it'll be too soon. Every other dessert was drenched in damn cream...” “Oh, I think it's quite soothing for an upset tummy. I had some this morning. Of course, I didn't try all the desserts. I don't have the appetite of a real city-girl. I don't know how you did it: you practically kept up with that niece of yours, Tillia, and she'd been doing the gala season for years.” “Hmm. Just hand over the prune juice, Cia. Ugh.” The duchess swept her glossy black hair away from her face as she sat up at the edge of her bed and gulped the prune juice from the jug as her friend looked on. Then she filled a glass with oil and swallowed it with a “Yuk!” “Yeah, Alicia, and what did you think of Tilly – she must have 300 pounds of ass, don't you think? I mean, that's not just curvy, right? I never want my ass to get that fat – got any more prune juice?” “Tillia has the ideal figure for an imperial gentlewoman of high station, Stacey. Just in case you've forgotten your lessons...” “Yeah right. So why isn't she married?” “Erm.” “My point exactly. Prune juice?” “Erm, that full jug of the stuff was the only one I thought you'd want.” “Want? You think I'm enjoying this? I'm in agony here from overindulgence!” “Well, I mean, milady-” “Don't call me that, Cia.” The blonde smiled back wryly. “Of course, your Grace. I mean to say that a young noble woman with your titles – but with such a slim figure as you have – really ought to be pigging out at galas on a very regular basis, rather than overdoing the laxative foods for breakfast so she can keep her pert ass – if you'll pardon the expression. After all, those fat ladies and lords in the capital won't even let you take your seat in the Senate until you get over 200 pounds... So don't you think it'd be a good idea to try and make some of this stick to your hips?” Alicia brushed her fingers over the soft black silk cladding Stacey's swollen gut, prompting the Duchess's bowels to gurgle mightily and the Duchess to moan the groan of a woman who feels like she is soon to be relieved from a night of uncomfortable constipation. She slurped the last glassful of castor oil, and lifted a silver lid speculatively from a bowl of figs. The duchess munched a fig and licked her fingers. “For your information, Cia, I eat more than enough for a woman – ahem – 'of my station.' Which, by the way, is far too much for any woman who wants to maintain a nice pert bottom. I swear the Senate can go hang if they think I– ” Stacey gasped as she felt her bowels begin to rumble, and then had to gulp for air after emitting a deafening belch. Alicia asked helpfully, “Do you need help walking to the privy.” “Mmmf. I think I can manage.” Stacey relied, through a mouthful of plum. She stripped and dropped the negligee on the bed first. Lady Alicia Remonte sucked air through her lips lustfully at the sight of Staceline's body. It was the first time Alicia had seen the Duchess really bloated – and that despite their spending a year as room-mates at one of the Empire's finishing schools, dining on seven course dinners most nights as 'preparation for their lives as ladies in high society.' Now, true, Duchess Staceline was still unacceptably thin by imperial standards – but, to be blunt, her astonishing tits offered more than substantial compensation for any disappointment a young gentleman might feel... Now, Alicia herself was a picture of Imperial respectability. As the fourth daughter of a country squire, she was neither expected to weigh well over 200 pounds by the time she inherited, nor was her family affluent enough to display its prosperity by sending her to countless rich dining events. Nonetheless, the blonde stood 5'8'' in stockings and had bulked a healthy 170 pounds at the start of finishing school. Her house mistress had seen no need for such a relatively low-born student to bulk up as if she was pretending to have a real title, and she'd 'graduated' from that year of tedious etiquette training with the same figure she brought with her. But at the same time she had befriended one of the Empire's most eligible young Duchesses, accepted a position as her assistant, and in six months of service to Duchess Staceline at Abimere Hall Alicia had gained more than a stone. This, so Alicia said, had been a hard balance between gaining enough weight to show off the luxurious lifestyle afforded by her mistress, without showing up Staceline's comparatively far-too-slender figure. Stacey, by comparison had arrived at the Harrietshire Ladies School with a sealed letter from her aunt, Countess Paige Heade-Turner. The letter instructed the mistresses to take every imaginable measure, no matter the expense, to bulk up the curves of this girl whose metabolism had defied the best efforts of her guardian, a kitchen full of cooks, and multiple maidservants to sculpt her into the curvaceous beauty that Imperial society expected. This instruction had lead to ten frustrating months for all involved. For the other young noblewomen at school, there was the frustration of seeing a girl who was taller, prettier, and much thinner than themselves being stuffed with trays full of extra puddings after meals that had already left every other participant with a tummy ache and a need for a laxative draught. In short, they were irked that when the calories eventually caught up with Staceline Voluptua-Fuller Demoore's figure, she was going to be both prettier and curvier than them, and she'd be able to eat any two or three of them under the table at any future society dinner without raising a sweat. For Headmistress Birgitta Fullgluup, the frustration was professional, since for her school to turn out a Duchess under 200 pounds would invite sniggers the next time the headmistresses of the Imperial province got together for another sherry-fueled booze up. Worse than that, Stacey had been permitted to travel into town to be indulged in the delights found at the capital province's finest restaurants: and there was a strong suspicion that the girl was sneaking off, and obtaining certain extracurricular lessons by visiting the courtesan's guild – or still worse, the University. For Alicia, the frustration was that Stacey complained to her literally hundreds of times that she felt bloated after her latest seventeen course dinner at the Busted Corset, the Fat Goose, the Lardy Hog, the Chocolatier's River, the Baker's Gross, or some other luxurious establishment, while Alicia herself had not been permitted to attend. (Those were the times Stacey wasn't sneaking back into their room after yet another session with one of the professionals at the courtesan's guild. – Alicia eventually started to suspect her friend might be participating in some sort of unspeakably perverted roleplay sessions in which Stacey was forced to exercise until she sweated (!) and whipped if she relented.) Somehow, Staceline's waistline always snapped back to its original size the next day, no matter how hard she'd been complaining of overindulgence. All-in-all, it had come as something of a surprise to Alicia that her friend had actually gained a few little pounds since returning to Abimere Hall, but mainly in her already-sufficient bust, and the rest of her 5'9'' frame showed little impact. Alicia guessed that the pert Duchess was probably 150 lbs, excluding the effects of last nights gala dinner. A succession of very unladylike sounds from the privy was pretty much the last evidence of Staceline's previous day of overindulgence. Alicia assisted her mistress to bathe, noting sadly that her waistline was essentially back to its girlish 28'', the muscle tone was still disgracefully prominent, and her full breasts still ignored gravity. After dressing in very tight riding gear and giving her crop a few experimental swishes against her bottom, Stacey asked. “So, what's on today?” “Well, I thought you'd never ask. After a late morning ride, and, if you must insist on it, your swim in the artificial lake, I thought you'd like to get down to the most important thing that comes with hosting a gala dinner.” “Oh, what's that?” “Why, RSVP-ing to the invitations to all the other gala dinners this season: we already have dozens! Not to mention a giant stack of letters from eligible young men inviting you on dinner dates in the capital! And scoffing the boxes and boxes of chocolates that came with them. Yesterday was such a success!” * * A few hundred miles away, in her mansion overlooking the Capitoline hill, another Duchess was planning her day with the assistance of a man known to the world at large as her valet. “Urp.” “Shall I call the maid for a third tray of fruit scones, milady?” “Not today, Ruperr,” Replied Duchess Fatoline Foir-Grasse, patting the red silk containing her seventy-seven inch belly. “I have an assignation tonight at the Busted Corset itself, and it would be poor form to spoil my appetite before sampling their incomparable fare. After all, one is not eighteen any more.” That much was obviously true, even if the eighteen in question was eighteen stone rather than a youthful age, but the information-handler knew better than to question whether his employer's figure was a little too similar to a hotter-than-air balloon, even for Imperial tastes. “Speaking of which, what reports do we have from that Demoore do? Remember we were asking if the gel would turn out to be some rural bumpkin who'd get drunk and throw up in her own maze after just a dozen chocolate puddings?” “Indeed we did, maam. In fact the reports are quite different. Her gala was a fair success; even a great success in terms of the number of prospective suitors who based themselves in the nearby village to attend, including one of the princes in disguise, it is suggested by a generally-reliable source.” Duchess Fatoline arched an eyebrow at this, and motioned for her interlocutor to provide more details on this important issue, and he selected a letter from a stack for the Duchess to peruse later. “And there was a good deal of throwing up in the maze, maam, because the desserts were by all accounts enormous – including a selection of no fewer than two dozen half-pound nutty-doughs of several of the latest types. But the Duchess herself seems to have a very robust appetite, in spite of only weighing about 150 to 155 lbs, by the best estimates, because she ate one of everything...” “No matter,” Interrupted Duchess Fatoline. “But only one of each? No seconds?” “Not to speak of, but apparently she started the early evening by dining with her closer relatives, including one Tillia Bott-Turner. Such a meal would be rather bad planning if she was concerned about the sufficiency of her appetite: onion soup with bacon lardons; baked salmon..” “Uck, how common!” “Indeed maam, then roast pheasant; roast goose; shoulder of venison, all the trimmings including stuffing balls a la Taurono. Then apparently miss Bott-Turner was well into her cups and challenged her Grace to see who could consume a whole baked Cannonbert cheese the fastest. Apparently it was the Duchess. Miss Bott-Turner took a turn in the arboretum later in the evening.” “I see. She's the shortish one with the bottom like a merchantman?” “Indeed, maam.” “Well, it seems we shall have new competition for our daughter, Katelette, in the end-of-season balls, assuming Demoore isn't actually a bumpkin, and does actually come to the Capitoline for the younger prince's first season as an eligible young man.” “Perhaps, maam. Shall we review the other competition for the end-of-season?” “Yes, indeed. Pay especial attention as to whether any of the debutantes seem likely to approach Katelette's speciality of consuming two of each of the seventy-eight desserts at a royal dinner...” “As you say, maam.”
  5. I have recently had the pleasure of making a friend in @pregnite10 He truly makes me feel like every pound is worth it...Rod/Pregnite has begun to write a feedee fan fiction story and I wanted to be able to share it with you. This is the first half of many! BurstingBlogger Part One: Fatten Her Up! The camera flickered to life, the once black, empty scene became suddenly alive and filled with life;beautiful, sensuous, wondrous life. The melodic sound of a soulful but modern singer played softly as an incredible sight filled the screen; vibrant red hair fell just beyond the luscious females’ shoulders, framing her angelically lovely face; adorably round with a hint of a second chin, with a slender nose,decorated by a double hooped septum piercing, full, succulent lips that beamedin a breathtaking smile and dark grey eyes that sparkled with energy and excitement! “Hey guys, it’s Kyraand do I have a show for you tonight”, her voice musical and rich; edged with agirlish pitch, but fitting for the delightful female! Bent over as she was;casually adjusting the angle of the video, the camera had a marvelous view ofher cavernous cleavage; her heavy breasts wobbling like fat pendulums encased ina storm grey bra that struggled to contain bloated orbs which seemed to have alife of their own. Once she had the perfect view, Kyra stood upright, revealingthe body of a plump goddess! Resting upon her chest,it was far easier from this vantage point to see the full size of her ballooned breasts; the full mammaries spilling out the sides of the too small garment that held them! Yet, beneath her glorious bosom was Kyras’ most dominate feature; her massively rotund, incredibly swollen, beautifully crafted sphere of a belly; fattened splendidly over the culmination of years of hard but joyful work! The pale fleshed distension was soft and malleable; evident as she squeezed her plumpness, shaking it and sending her meaty gut wobbling before letting it flop down against her thick, juicy thighs which rippled with the impact! Even empty, the wondrous fecundity made the portly female look months pregnant; her belly-button a darkened hole in the center of the blimp of a belly! Pink and mauve stretchmarks decorated her rounded sides, with just a few rolls of fat forming beneath her jiggling, trunk-like arms! The overhang of her behemoth tummy just hiding her leopard printed panties.
  6. This is something I've wanted to share for a while now. As some of you know, I really enjoy writing. I'm not the best at it but I have always loved weight gain stories and it has been a dream of mine for a while now to someday share my own. I have been working on this saga for almost 6 months. I am going to start sharing bits and pieces with it on this thread. I'm thinking one part a week for the next few weeks. It's as honest as it gets. So here we go Be gentle, this is my first time doing something like this! Hope you enjoy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASEY'S STORY I vividly remember being in 2nd grade when I first started to understand the concept of weight. I went to a Catholic school where we made our first communion in 2nd grade. Girls got beautiful pretty white dresses to wear for the ceremony. I remember going to get mine with my mother. It was beautiful. The day of my first communion came and my mom went to get me ready, only the dress wouldn't zip. I had outgrown it. Being only 7 years old, I had no idea what was going on. It was the first time in my life I ever realized body could change so fast. I remember being in 2nd grade, and being the only girl in my class who had to watch what she ate, because inevitably my mother became paranoid about my weight after that.... I continued to struggle throughout elementary school a little bit chubbier than my friends, but never huge. I used to get off the bus after school and hid my snack wrappers in between the couch cushions so my mother wouldn't see. The fixation with over indulgence was always there and I knew it was wrong. Middle school came along and with that came the changes to my body from puberty. I grew into my figure a bit and was more "average" sized compared to my friends. I was no longer the chubby girl, but I was still obsessed with food. I suppressed my fixation with food for so long. Until I was 18 years old, I was a competitive figure skater. In high school, I developed the unhealthy habit of both starvation and occasionally binge eating. This destroyed my metabolism, which is why later on it was so easy for me to BLOW up. But we will get into that later. High school was weird and confusing. I was skinny, but I was obsessed with my belly. Unaware of what feederism was, I always resented myself for this curiosity because it made me feel like a freak. Why couldn't I just want to be skinny like the other girls? I'd starve myself for weeks leading up to a skating competition and then when it was over, I remember I would eat so much so fast until it made me absolutely sick. I vividly remember the sensation of my belly being so full with so much food. It turned me on more than any guy ever had. It was so hard because it was SO confusing. It wasn't normal and it wasn't right. I was so lost in my thoughts and scared of this desire inside me. There were a handful of guys I dated in high school. There was one guy, however, who changed me. I had awful period cramps one night, so my boyfriend at the time rubbed my belly. It was thin then, but the sensation of having my belly rubbed gently and sensually was so erotic and satisfying. I became obsessed with it. I would fake period cramps sometimes just to get him to rub my belly for me. When we cuddled, I would move his hands onto my little belly. I was obsessed, but still not gaining. My senior year was when my over eating started to take it's true form. I was no longer skating, so I wasn't starving myself. I still knew I needed to be thin because that was the social norm. So instead, I would get home from school every day and stuff myself like crazy. Everything in the kitchen. Bags of chips, donuts, cheese, slices of bread, anything I could sneak away and get my hands on. My parents would come home and I'd eat dinner with them as if I wasn't already so full. And then before bed I would pretend to take a shower and purge myself in the bathroom to maintain my small figure. I wanted the fullness and the food, but was afraid to let my body take it's true form. This all changed in college..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More? Make sure you follow this thread to get updates when I post them!
  7. Hey! Long time appreciator of weigh gain content, finally getting around to contributing something: https://www.deviantart.com/fatadmirer7044/art/Life-and-How-To-Live-It-Chapter-1-Drive-808558179 This is a link to the first installment of a weight gain-type series I've been working on. I've never really written prose before so we'll see how it goes, but hopefully there'll be new chapters posted every Monday for the foreseeable future. It's sort of a realistic, story driven weight gain tale involving a girl returning home after an absence. Not a lot of straight weight gain this chapter, but there'll be more. Thanks!
  8. The dream It all started when I was fourteen and I made a dream The most striking dream of my life So strong that I somehow knew waking up that it must be real, that it was actually real In that dream, a girl was holding me and I was holding her, all our force clenched in this embrace And it felt like the most perfect and complete embrace that could exist on earth In her arms I felt entirely at peace, entirely accepted for who I truly am, entirely loved My schoolmates sniggering was in an instant blown away by this powerful wind It didn’t matter if people didn’t like me, if they made fun of me because I was different, because I didn’t know how to behave like them, because I didn’t want to conform It didn’t matter if I felt so lonely and misunderstood, if I had no real friend except my family No, nothing mattered before the potency of this dream love In that brief instant I understood there existed a love so deep and powerful it upheaved our existence In that brief instant I knew that I had to find her no matter what And I started looking for my dream girl everywhere I somehow knew I would recognize her Not because I would be physically attracted to her, no it had nothing to do with physical attraction But because my heart would bleed and cry and dance when seeing her, when looking in her eyes I knew it would be of an intensity that surpassed everything I witnessed around me In my teen years, I sometimes was of a deeply melancholic state of mind, without knowing why, without realizing that it was unnatural for a young boy to be so thoughtful, to have such a brooding mood The only thought that brought real sunshine and warmth to my life was that of meeting her Each time I went to the New Year’s mass with my parents, I prayed to find her And for long, long years I didn’t There was no trace of her Anywhere With time, I overcame my natural shyness that when I was a teenager made me stutter with everyone around at school, so afraid was I of my peers’ judgmental eyes I didn’t know how to speak in slang as everybody else, I wasn’t capable of chitchatting Before speaking I had to prepare the sentences I would say in my mind beforehand And each time I cursed my stupidity, how socially unfit I felt I was Later, much later, I became much more at ease with myself when I understood that speaking with others was not an exam I had to pass, but more like a discussion to discover more about them, about their life experiences, about the secret book of their soul I wanted to become a writer and so I knew I needed these interactions, and I started asking many questions, carefully listening to answers And in few years I met many close friends, as many as I didn’t have in my entire life, and with each of them the relationship seemed meaningful to me And yet, despite not being lonely anymore in the physical plane, I continued feeling this loneliness of the heart I never dated with any girl because each time I would get to know someone from close I’d understand it wasn’t the right person for me I would go out of my comfort zone, speaking to strangers out of the blue, in the library, in public transportation, each time I’d notice a beautiful face For I believed that I would recognize her from her face But each time I was disappointed, the whole did not feel right, they didn’t have the sensitivity I was looking for Almost a decade passed until I met her… Find out more writings on my blog https://erikvincentizakhia.wordpress.com/
  9. Chapter 1: Always Need a Beginning I had finally finished moving all my stuff into my new room for my first year at the University of Connecticut. I stepped back and took a look around, the bed was perfect, my Alex Morgan poster was nicely perched up on my wall, the afternoon sun shining through the window gave the whole room a really nice vibe. I was ready for Freshman year. The dorm was set up to where I was going to be living with another girl in the same room but I had gotten to campus a little earlier than her. All of a sudden I hear a racking against my door. Standing in front of me was a happy looking girl, who was on the shorter side and definitely looked like she hit the gym. "Hi!!!!!!!" the girl said all too enthusiastically. "I'm your RA Kenzie and you must be Sasha." "Hi nice to meet you." I said back to her. I was really hoping she wasn't going to be this enthusiastic all year long. "Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hi really quick. I also wanted to point out that the Dining Halls won't be opening until tomorrow morning, but our Hall will be hosting our own little cook out at the quad this evening. Hope to see you there!" I really hoped everyone on campus was not going to be as enthusiastic as her. I shut the door as Kenzie made her exit, and boy she did have a nice body. Not that I was any slouch either, as 13 years of soccer will do wonders to a girl. As the door shut I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was 5 feet 7 inches and had auburn hair past my shoulders, slender face, washboard abs, and a nice tight butt. I had made a strong effort over the summer to continue to go to the gym, while of course mixing in my beach days, as I was looking very tan, although my Italian ancestors may have helped a bit there too. I decided I was hungry enough for a snack, since I wasn't sure what my plans were for dinner yet. I looked through my stash, lots of Poptarts and bingo, the package of Oreos. My favorite. I sat down with the package and tore through them. Before I knew it I had gulped down 5 of them and was looking for something to drink. I opened my fridge and grabbed some chocolate milk to was them down. Aww what the hell I thought, and grabbed 2 more before putting the package away. As soon as I got back up on my bed, the door opened and in stepped a girl around my height. Kara my roommate. As she entered the room I got a good glance at her. She was a little larger, not chubby but she definitely is what you would call thick. However, she did seem like she was pretty athletic in high school from what I had seen on Facebook, and she looked about the same as she did from all her pictures. It looked like she had gotten pretty tan over summer and her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail. She was probably the closest thing to a Greek goddess that I have ever seen. "Hi" she smiled at me as she entered. "Oh my god, I absolutely love what you did with your side of the room." "Oh, thank you, hi I'm Sasha. Did you need any help moving in?" "Sure, that would be awesome. After maybe we can go grab some food too?" "Oh yes definitely, I just had a snack but I'm ready for dinner, there's a cookout down at the quad, but I have this strong urge to go to McDonald's." "Ok, sure that sounds great." she replied. After we finished moving Kara in, we headed out to McDonald's. Kara was telling me about how someone on her old high school softball team who was a sophomore here had invited both of them to a party later that night. I had to be honest, I wasn't a huge drinker in high school, actually almost never drank, but I was definitely excited for my first college party. We got to McDonald's and Kara had somehow talked me into a McFlurry to go along with my Big Mac and Fry. Coupled with all the Oreos I had earlier, I knew I was definitely going to have to go for a run tomorrow morning. The thing I learned about Kara was boy could the girl eat. I mean I ate a lot but this girl eats. She got the same thing as I did but added in an extra quarter pounder and 4 chicken nuggets. By the time we were done, we were both stuffed and headed back to the dorm, where in the common room we met a group of people, 3 guys and another girl. Jack, Chris, Ricardo and Stephanie. Jack Chirs and Ricardo were in a forced triple, but due to the nature of a forced triple, they had a large room. Stephanie came from California and you guessed it, she was pretty much the typical Laguna Beach prototype, tall, skinny and blonde. Gorgeous to top it all off. Jack used to play baseball in high school, but it seems like all the partying over summer break really caught up to him, as he was sporting a beer belly and we hadn't even been in college for more than 5 hours. Ricardo was from Mexico and promised all of us that he was going to make us many authentic meals. However, Chris was the one who caught my attention immediately. He was on the taller side and slender, but what really drew me too him was the Tottenham jersey he was wearing. Let's just say I was crushing hard from the start. We got to talking about soccer and one thing led to another and before I knew it, me and Kara had a pregame spot we had to get to before the party as they had invited us to their suite. Me and Kara went back to our dorm to get ready for the night's festivities. I decided to wear this tight pink minidress, as I really wanted to impress Chris. Kara decided on a hot red minidress that really made her curves pop. "Damn Kara, you're looking H O T!" "Aww thanks, but you're certainly not looking bad either. You really went out of yore way to impress Chris tonight huh?' "Impress Chris? I don’t know what you're talking about." "Okay hon, whatever you say. Shall we head out?" By the time we got to the boys' room, there were already quite a few people in there, swaying to the music. Jack saw us enter immediately and handed us both a bud light. "Drink up ladies! This is the first of many!" You could smell the beer on his breath and by the way he was moving around you could tell he already had a few in his system. Me and Kara started dancing around, but I wasn’t seeing Chris anywhere. In fact I didn’t see Steph either, and both of them said they were gonna be here. As time went on I started growing anxious, and Kara sensed that and kept grabbing beers for me. After a little the beer really hit me and I was already forgetting about Chris. It seemed like Kara had completely forgot about me because I saw her and Jack shotgunning beer, and she could not stop giggling at his jokes. I told her I was thinking about heading back soon, and maybe stopping and grabbing a slice at Husky Pizza. "You hold on", she managed to slur out. "Shotgun this beer with us and then I'll head out with you." "Ah what the hell." So we shotgunned the beer, and just as I was finishing up I see Chris with Stephanie draped all over his arm, they must have come back in the last few minutes. Kara sees this too and pulls me to the exit, and that's the last thing I remember from the night. ______________________________________________________________________________ I wake up to the brightest Sun that any human has ever seen. As I try to regain normal thoughts, wait normal? I'm spooning a pizza box at the moment… I open the box up and--nothing but the grease stain of what must have been a large pizza at some point. I look across the room and realize that I'm not alone. Kara, wait not just Kara… is that--Jack spooning Kara? You know what I'll worry about that later, in fact I'll worry about everything later. I closed the blind and fall back asleep.
  10. I know it's a bit different, but there is a sub-set of people into this, so I hope you like it. If you do, I'll post more.
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    TV WG Stories

    https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/885928-Television-Women-expand/map/1 Not my own, but figure its interesting enough to leave here
  12. “Laura has been your prisoner for days and, no food has been her punishment, however everything is part of your plan... a massive forced stuffing by your own hands. You have everything ready... a huge cake and a pitcher full of milk but, you never imagine that this pork will be too hungry to stuffed her self while she is alone and tight.” Wearing a sexy bikini and having hands and feet tight, Laura wakes up feeling really hungry and she can’t control her self when she found a huge cake and milk just next to herself... with a voracious appetite Laura founds the way to ate that cake... she looks crazy for that cake and the unique thing she is thinking is “eat more, eat as much you can Laura”. Burping and moaning Laura ends extremely stuffed, she can’t ate anything else, when... You arrive to Laura’s room to finally stuff her belly and, surprise!, Laura already ate almost all the cake... Laura is looking at you And you are looking her enormous body and her round belly. She looks too hot and you can’t control your self, you need to stuff her belly until she begins you to stop. Cake, milk, more cake, slap on her belly and more cake again are part of your play time ... Laura is definitely stuffed but you aren’t stop until your desires be satisfied.


  13. Version 1.0.0

    Welcome to the first Act of a story about an Asian young and chubby piglet, who ended up in a Rome-styled room with party music 🎶 and Japanese food 🍣... In this video you will see the piggy try on one of her old shirts from the time she was a slim human, it is very tight now! Then she will proceed to jump and dance a little bit, jiggling her belly and moving her big booty. 🍑 After that she'll admire herself at the mirror, and then open the bag where her food is waiting to be devoured and stored in her big belly! Enjoy and stay tuned for Act II in the coming days, where she will devour that large Japanese food combo! ❤️ Update: Act II is here! Act III is coming soon!


  14. Looking for a story where Helen from Incredibles gain weight, but suppress the weight with her power. But give herself an hourglass figure, her husband Bob feed her a lot and her new job has a lot of diner outing. Near the end of the story she cannot supress the excess of weight with her power. Thanks ^-^
  15. This story is inspired by Batman76, Swahilimonkfish, and a true story ("based on a true story" -- like all those amazing movies). Chapter One “… so what I need to tell you is, we’re never going to date.” I stared at my crush like a deer in headlights. How are you supposed to answer that? “Never?” “Never, never, ever,” she replied as she pushed her fork through her mashed potatoes. Never once did she look at me. I should’ve known better. I really should’ve. But after a couple months of asking her out and her half-shod excuses for why she couldn’t go, I should’ve taken the hint. But I was getting desperate. I had no relationships – or friends for that matter. She slowly carried a fork-ful of mashed potatoes to her mouth with a graceful bend of her long, slender arm. Her arm was so beautiful and captivating – then again, wasn’t her whole body just as entrancing? She was just as tall as me, long and slender, clothed modestly in a soft but form-fitting green sweater and blue jeans. Bracelets and beads adorned both her wrists, and a necklace rested on her soft bosom without looking scandalous. From beneath a full head of straight, black hair, I could see her eyelashes fluttering over green pupils. She still wouldn’t look at me. “So… why?” I finally asked, ignoring my own food. “I’m not a bad person; I’d take care of you.” “But that’s just it,” she said slowly, piecing the words carefully together into sentences she’d probably rehearsed to herself all day. “You’re not supposed to love me.” “What?” “Loving anything in the world is wrong. The only person you’re supposed to love is God.” I felt a cold, invisible dagger pierce my heart. “What are you talking about? That’s crazy! God made everything around us – that’s why I love it so much.” “But it’s a sin, Jason,” my crush stared down at her food. “The world is finite and impure. Only God is eternal. That’s why you’re only supposed to love Him. You want a relationship with me because you long for me, but not God. That’s why it’ll never work.” She was nuts. Was this really my last shot at a relationship in this damn college? “That’s – that can’t be right. There’s no way you really believe that. What about your parents? Don’t they love each other? Don’t they love you?” “Yes, I get that, but they don’t love each other. They love each other… through God.” “Okay…” I tapped the edge of the table with my palms, glancing left and right at the other people in the chow hall, hoping we didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. “You know I’m one of the most religious people here, right? So I can do that too.” She shook her head softly, still staring down. “You think so, but no. You’re really smart Jason. Really smart. But even though you know God, you don’t have a relationship with Him.” “We’ve talked about this,” I tapped my foot anxiously. “I’m terrified of Him – for a lot of reasons. I’ve read Isaiah; I’ve read what He does on a whim. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a relationship with Him.” “But that’s why we’ll never go out and date. That’s why. Jason… you’re really smart. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, you know that?” “Uh huh. Yeah,” she was feeding me the same line every damned girl did at this damn college. I was so smart. But there was always some stupid reason they never wanted to get close to me. Was it because I wasn’t strong and buff? Was it my nerdy personality? Was it my social awkwardness? Who the fuck cared? It always ended the same way. “I know you’re going through a lot right now, but honestly, just give it some time and someday, somewhere, I know you will find the one God sends you to be with.” “Oh yeah,” I could feel my voice cracking. “I’ll just be sure to never love them, pray three times a day, and God will wave His magic wand and we’ll all be happily married with nine kids, right?” For the first time, she shyly looked up at me with her green eyes. She hesitantly reached a hand out to hold mine, but I shook my head, pushed my plate away, and stood up. “I’m sorry,” I said as I dodged her look. “I’m not hungry. I have to go.” “Do… do you want me to walk you home?” Was she fucking serious? “No, no… you’re fine Brandy. You’re alright…” I turned away from her and walked myself home. Hopefully, not too many people noticed the tears starting to slosh against my eyes. At “home” in my barren prison-cell of a dorm room, I turned my PC on and tried to play some Call of Duty to get my latest heartbreak off my mind. With barely any social life, gaming filled the woman-shaped hole in my heart better than anything. But not this time. Everything good in the world was grey. Turning off the game, I sighed and pulled out my Economics homework and turned-on my study playlist. By some damned twist of fate, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” started playing. When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes. Fuck. What was I studying for? Why was I here? What was I thinking when I enrolled here at Biltmore College? Laughing through a fit of tears, I held my head and leaned against my desk. A women’s college opened-up to men as of two years ago. I thought I was so lucky when I was the only man who happened to do so. One man, twelve-hundred women, and somehow none were remotely interested in me. Oh, sure, I got lucky every once in a while – a nice conversation, good vibes, potential for something more – and then there was always a reason why it never worked. “I like you as a friend,” “I have a boyfriend back home,” “I like girls,” or “you’ll never understand; you’re a heterosexual white male.” I’d heard it all by now – and every time they’d comfort me with “Jason, you are so smart, but…” So here I was, trapped on an island campus, surrounded by beautiful women – all young, fit, and absolutely gorgeous – and not a single one was interested in me. What the hell was wrong with me? I eyed the bottle of dry gin between my desk and my bed. A few sips turned into swigs. Before I realized it, my half-filled bottle was already empty. Music blaring from my laptop was masking my soul-wrenching cries. Jesus screamed with me to the tune of “Gethsemane” from Jesus Christ Superstar. “I want to know, I want to know my God, I want to know, I want to know my God, want to see, I want to see my Lord, want to see, I want to see my Lord, if I die what will be my reward, if I die what will be my reward…” Why, of all songs, was this playing? It didn’t matter. I was crying so hard at the ceiling that I was laughing. I had no one. No sex, no love, no real friends… had I been lied to my whole life? Wait for marriage and all that… no porn, no masturbating, be patient… Fuck it! If this was what patience gave me, what was the point? I needed to take what I could get! Now! Stumbling to my feet, I dropped the bottle and staggered my way to my laptop. What was a good porn site? I had no idea… could I google it? No… Youtube. I could look up some stripteases. Or something. There had to be something… Nothing. Just some vids with still images. “Click below to see more.” Youtube really had purged itself of anything questionable, hadn’t it? That’s what everyone was saying… but fuck it. After several dead ends, I gave in and clicked a link, willing to accept whatever malware or viruses were attached. At this point, what did it matter? Livestreaming? Girls were livestreaming on here? Body parts bombarded me from all corners of the screen as I nervously clicked on one of the sexier-looking icons. This was far beyond anything I had imagined growing-up. The screen was black for a brief moment. My music stopped playing as the feed kicked-in. There she was. A real woman on the other end with a real body. She was a curly brunette, wearing laced, black lingerie, black lipstick, black eyeliner, and nothing much else. She leaned back with a sigh, reaching up to squeeze her C-cups with her hands, her black fingernails spread wide. Drunk courage should be kicking-in right about now, right? I decided to try faking it. “Uh…” I sniffed as manly as possible. “Nice.” “Do I have your attention?” she asked, sensually rubbing her sides as she squirmed in her seat. “Sure do…” I pursed my lips and reached down for my belt with a shaking hand. “Good… keep doing what you’re doing. Take hold of that cock and don’t let go. Understand? Stroke it slow… as slow as my hands. Keep watching them. Don’t look anywhere else.” “Y-yeah,” I shook with adrenaline. What the hell was I supposed to do in a livestream? How did masturbation work? “Keep going,” she leaned in with her smoky eyes, cleavage hanging below her as she reached behind her to undo her bra strap. “And don’t stop, no matter what. They’re watching.” “Wait, who’s watching –” “Don’t stop. They have eyes everywhere, but not ears…” she peeled off her bra and held it in front of the camera before chucking it. I gawked at her nipples. They practically stared back at me the way they pertly jutted forwards… “So someone’s recording –” “Shh. Listen carefully; I don’t have much time,” she fingered her nipples, tongue lolling as her fingers made slow, sensual circles. “Jason, none of this is real. It’s all an illusion.” Weird flex, but okay. I guess I could roll with it. “Oh yeah, tell me about the illusion babe…” “Think about it Jason. An all-girl college? On an island? And every single one of them is fit and thin?” “Mm. Yeah… the matrix. I’m going to learn kung fu…” “Pay attention to me…” she raised her arms and wiggled her body like a snake so her breasts wobbled in front of me. “You are cursed Jason. Trapped. I’m calling you from the outside. I’m going to help you escape, but you have to do everything I say.” “Anything, babe. Anything…” “Go to the log on the beach you like sitting on. When you reach it, you will see a striped rock. Dig under it and you will find what you need. I’ll be waiting…” And she was gone. The screen demanded that I create a profile and set up a monthly pay plan to continue. I stared down at myself. I never managed to fumble my fingers through my jeans. That probably wasn’t how masturbation was done. Whatever. I leaned back against my chair and stared at the ceiling, arms hanging limp towards the floor. Wait… how did she know my name? Or the log?
  16. Icy Garcia by T.F. Wright. This is an excerpt of my new ebook, Transformation TV. Also, check out the NSFW image sequence for this story with caption here. I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!Icy GarciaThis advertorial highlights one of the world’s most popular ice creams, which is adding a secret ingredient – with some weighty consequences! “Hector, you’re the patriarch of this family,” said Tandy, the blonde-haired, pint sized reporter for Transformation TV. “You’ve built something amazing with your Icy Garcia company. What’s the secret to your success?” “Determination,” he said quickly, stroking his bearded chin. “When I was little, I had nothing. My family, we had nothing. We lived on a shack near the school. But every time I was made fun of, it only strengthened my stubborn resolve, that I’d make something of myself, create a different life for my family.” “And now?” “Now we are quite wealthy, and my daughter Josefina can spend her days carefree. She loves to play volleyball on the beach, and she’s always very popular because she’s so beautiful and because they respect my last name.” “But that respect has taken a hit recently, correct? You lost a lawsuit this year...” “They’re cheats and scum! They said I lied about the fat content in my ice cream. That it makes people get fat. But I’ll show them! I’ll show them all!” “How do you plan to do that?” “I synthesized a special drug that causes weight gain, put in a batch. It’s already on the shelves,” he said, rubbing his hands together eagerly. “Aren’t you worried about more lawsuits, now that you’ve admitted you’ve sabotaged your own product? You don’t think there could be any unintended consequences at all?” ““They said my ice cream is fattening – I’ll show them fattening!” said Hector. “As for consequences, I have faith that everything will work out for the best.” “And nobody knows about this?” “You’re the first…” ~ Josefina leapt towards the sky, her long hair fluttering in the breeze and her hand nearly scraping the clouds as her arm swung wide. She spiked the volleyball into the sand, her tight, lean, regal frame strong and still as she landed. “Nice one!” said her partner, Pedro. “I agree,” said Jime, the man who hadn’t returned her serve. “You should have dove for it,” said Deulla, Jime’s girlfriend. “You always let her win,” she added snidely. Deulla was nearly as thin and gorgeous as Josefina, but Josefina always got all the male attention. “All that running around has made me really work up a sweat,” said Josefina. “I think I need to cool off the pool,” she said, referring to the majestic, waterfall-themed artificial grotto on her father’s estate. “Why don’t you swing by in a half hour, after, you know, I put my clothes back on?” The words hung in the air for a moment as all three of them contemplated Josefina’s body in the buff - Jime and Pedro with abject lust, Deulla with more than a little jealousy. ~ Josefina arched her back against the cobblestone archway as she basked in the cool flow of the mist near the waterfall. A tiny, polka-dot bikini was all that clung to her body. Slender and toned, but with large breasts and a shapely rear, Josefina was immensely proud of her gorgeous figure and the attention she was able to command with it. Josefina was used to getting anything that she wanted, and what she knew would make this perfect was an ice cream cone. A little bite, then a quick skinny dip in the pool - that was would be just fine. Thanks to her father’s company, she’d been blessed by a limitless supply of ice cream for as long as she could remember. And thanks to her speedy metabolism and her habit of constantly playing and exercising at the beach, she’d been even more blessed to never gain a pound from it. Josefina walked over to the built in freezer and pulled out a cone in the shape beer glass, filled it with an extra-creamy varietal called Quadruple Vanilla, then topped it with a generous amount of chocolate syrup. Then, she leaned back up against the archway. Ah, yes, she thought - perfect. Everything was exactly as it should be. When Josefina’s tongue took that first, eager lap against the ice cream, though, she was surprised. This ice cream wasn’t the delicious flavor she was used to. It was...it was…so, so much better. Josefina would have been certain that any substantive improvement on her family’s brand was impossible - how could one tamper with perfection? But this new flavor wasn’t just a feast for the senses. It made her lips and tongue tingle with delight as she swirled the globe of frozen cream around in her mouth. When she swallowed it down, a pleasant, warm glow made its way down her throat, before settling in her gut and then radiating out towards the rest of her body. She’d never felt so euphoric, so happy, so alive, in her entire life. She quickly grabbed a spoon and started scooping up large bites of the ice cream, tearing into it in earnest. As Josefina continued to eat, her body started to expand. First, her cheeks swelled outwards, giving her formerly angular face a more pleasant, welcoming, warm look. Her pointed chin vanished under huskier looking double chin. Josefina’s breasts began to grow larger, and as they swelled, they pushed against the little triangles of her bikini, straining the fabric and causing it to dig tightly against her flesh. But Josefina didn’t notice. She was so rapturously consumed with eating the ice cream that nothing else existed. As she finished, the pleasures made her weak in the knees, and she crumbled downwards. It was a hot day, and much of the ice cream had melted and lay in a pool at the bottom of the cone before she could scoop it up. Not patient enough to gain tiny spoonfuls of the melted stuff manually, she closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and tilted the cone over her mouth. The melted goo spilled into her gaping maw, as well as running down her chin and then dripping down towards the rest of her body. As Josefina swallowed the first gulp, her breasts finally pushed themselves free of her poor, overstrained bikini top. The little triangles of fabric were pressed to the sides of her growing frame, allowing her engorged mammaries to sit free and unencumbered on her chest. The cool, refreshing wave of melted ice cream rolled down onto them, causing her larger nipples to stiffen up and grow bigger still. Next, the ice cream made its way down Josefina’s tummy, which was no longer flat and waspish but was growing wide and started to shape itself into a little pot belly. And as the melted cream made its way further south, Josefina couldn’t deny that she felt incredibly aroused. Josefina used her free hand to untie her bikini bottom, which was already starting to feel tight and constricting due her widening hips. As she ran her fingers downwards, she could feel the unfamiliar swell of her gut against her hand, but she was too turned on to care. As the ice cream poured down her sex, she began to vigorously rub herself. Meanwhile, as she lapped up the last of the melted cream, Josefina’s splayed thighs grew wider and meatier, forming a large crease where they met against her hips and causing the toned definition she’d built up to vanish completely. The softer flesh now trembled at the slightest touch, and indeed as Josefina enthusiastically touched herself the flab that encased her thighs began to jiggle like mad. Josefina’s little pot belly began to swell, and then fold over her hand and wrist, though she certainly wasn’t trying to move her hand away. A second upper belly formed and then folded over the first, giving her two distinctive rolls which wrapped all the way around her waist and connected to the plumpness of her hips and back. As Josefina buried her rounder face in the cone, her long tongue skating inside to lap up the last bits of cream, her breasts continued their expansion. Her breasts growing outwards until they consumed nearly half of her torso, the firm, beautiful torpedoes still sitting proudly on top of the little shelf of her upper belly. They were large and heavy enough that they pressed against the sides of her frame and created yet another little roll that seemed to tuck under her arms - which, meanwhile, had swelled into decidedly husky proportions. Josefina groaned as she climaxed, her body shaking and quivering and little droplets of melted ice cream flying everywhere. The manic high her body was experiencing finally peaked and then quickly ebbed away. As she began to catch her breath, Josefina glanced down at herself - and screamed. She’d turned into a fat, disgusting whale! What the hell had happened!? She’d felt some unusual textures and sensations from her body while she was gorging, no doubt about that, but how could one ice cream cone possibly do this much damage? That’s when Josefina remembered she’d invited her friends over - what in the hell would they think? Josefina knew she had to text them to cancel. Her phone was on the other side of the long pool, so she slowly waded into the water to get it. “Josefina?” Deulla called out. “There’s somebody in your pool!” “Wait - oh, my God, I think that’s her!” said Pedro, as Josefina tried her best to cover herself up with her arms. Due to her increased girth, this was proving more of a challenge than she anticipated. “It is!” agreed Jime. Deulla silently smirked. If the huge, rotund woman wading through the water was indeed Josefina - and she couldn’t deny the uncanny resemblance - then all her prayers had been answered. Her biggest - no pun intended - rival had been toppled. “Wow, Josefina...you’re...you’re…” Pedro sputtered. “Just say it, get it out of your system,” Josefina begged him, closing her eyes and preparing for the name calling and the laughter that she knew would be coming next. “You’re sexier than ever!” shouted Jime. “That’s just what I was going to say!” said Pedro. “I can’t believe it! Whatever you’re doing, it is working great!” “What!?” Josefina and Deulla said at the same time, in opposite tones of voice. “I’m sexy?” Josefina asked, monetarily stunned. “Well, yes, of course I’m sexy!” she quickly recovered. The only thing more massive than Josefina’s body was her giant ego, and now that the men in her life loved her, her earlier insecurities melted away like cheap ice cream in the sun. Both Pedro and Jime jumped into the pool with their clothes on, eager to get a closer look at the plump vixen. “Have you two lost your minds?” Deulla asked. “She’s a cow!” “Look at those breasts!” said Pedro. “May I?” he asked, and Josefina nodded as he gently stroked the sides of them. “I love that big tummy,” said Jime, as he poked at her sunken belly button. “You’ve always loved sports, Josefina - what will you do now?” Pedro asked. “How about...wrestling!” she said, charging forwards and causing water to splash in her wake. She used the momentum generated by her massive mass to push him backwards. Pedro tried to fight back, but Josefina wrapped her arms around his back and leaned forwards, taking total control. Both had huge grins on their faces as they sank under the water. “Jime, come on,” Deulla said, as she pulled him back. “What is this, just because she’s rich, you’re willing to say or do anything to get with her?” she whispered. “She’d be just as sexy even if she didn’t have a peso to her name,” Jime replied. “And, for the record, you could stand to gain a few pounds yourself.” Josefina and Jime surfaced in time to hear this, her wide grin reached impossibly large proportions. She knew she could lend Deulla a hand by telling her about the ice cream, but she wouldn’t mention that to her for the world. Right now, all eyes were glued to Josefina, just as they should be, she thought.Thank you for watching this paid Advertorial. Your experience using Icy Garcia products may differ. ~~~Transformation TV has dozens of transformation stories of all kinds. Get it on Amazon today! You can also read more of my work on my web site.
  17. I'm outgrowing chairs! Your feedee girlfriend had a marvelous lunch out; she's become so hungry and lazy that she just eats out all the time! When she gets home, she gets into bed and decides to tell you all about her day out eating. I decide to keep my little black mini dress on (that I totally wore out in public) and give you little glimpses of my sweet growing belly. I made sure to stuff myself with all my favorite foods and sweets when your not around; it's the only way to keep me growing while you're away! But the hardest part of eating out, the shrinking chairs! Every restaurant I go into these days have such small chairs, and I can't help but bulge out of them, I'm a voluptuous growing fatty! I miss you so much, but I love keeping in touch through these video messages, I hope you come over and stuff me soon and really make me outgrow all restaurant chairs. ****** Clip features: Fat chat, GFE, Feedee Girlfriend, Gaining Talk, Belly Jiggles, Fat in Public Convo Clip filmed in portrait mode, final GIF is proper sizing!


  18. Version 1.0.0

    A video recorded in 3 Lapp times to create a real gaining atmosphere is ready to blow your mind. Scene 1 Laura arrives to her new office job, she is wearing a hot and tight uniform who let us watch her curves. The first thing that she find is a box with free donuts for all the office. Laura is not going to say NO to any donut so, she takes one... two... three and no more, she has self control and is trying to take care of her shape. Before she started her job, she preferred to end the Donuts with a bit of milk. Scene 2 After one month of daily donuts and milk, the changes on Laura’s body and weight are evident... Her self control is being affected and her fatty shape is starting to look really fat. Scene 3 After two months Laura looks huge... her clothes can’t fit anymore, the T-shirt is ready to pop and her belly is immense, she is a total hug, who Is crazy for donuts and just can’t control her self. Are you prepared to look a real Laura’s transformation????


  19. Hi guys. I am considering writing a story about a thin (reasonably attractive) young undergraduate girl who decides to don a fat suit as a way to earn money for her rent. I wanted her to be surprisingly calm about the whole experience, while at the same time being mildly excited about it. The researchers for the sociology department tell her that it'll be extremely realistic, giving her the appearance of weighing over 500 pounds (she can be around 5'5 in height). I was also considering making her a sociology major, giving her the opportunity to earn units/credits or just research experience in her field by doing this experiment. My question is, what should the conflict be? I'm just spit-balling some ideas out there. How can I improve this story idea/concept? I want some input/help on expanding this story idea to make it longer, and also better.
  20. My friend Lilly, Harleen Quinzel on DeviantArt, https://www.deviantart.com/harieyquinzel has completed a sequel to the Poison Ivy story I posted in a separate thread on this forum. Let us know what you think of it! In a comic style textbox Last time we left off, Ivy was locked up only to be broken out by no other than Harley Quinn. We now join them mid break out! “Hey, how come th’ box gets ta explain what happened an’ not moi?!” Harley explained, somehow knowing about the textbox above her. Ivy running behind her, barely able to keep up and already out of breath shouted back “What are... you... talking... about…?” “The te-..where did it go?” Harley questioned before remembering no one else could break the fourth wall. “Sorry Red… just thought I saw somethin’.” Harley said as she shot an unlucky guard who was in their way with her pop-gun. Ivy, huffing and puffing behind her, covered in sweat and face as red as a tomato, was close to giving up. “Harl, please tell me we aren't too far from the exit now?” “Oh don't worry Red! I got yer car just parked just outside here!” She shouted excitedly while pointing at a nearby door. Before long, they had both managed to make it in the car, driving away to Harley's current hideaway, with Ivy a little worse for wear. “So Red… how did that happen?” Harley quizzed, without taking her eyes off the road. “How did what happen?” Ivy said in a bad attempt to deny her recent weight gain. “That!” Harley said, taking one hand off the steering wheel to poke Ivy's belly for a second, her finger sinking in a bit, before sheepishly taking a good grip back on the wheel. “Well… you see Harl...” Ivy began to get flustered, clearly embarrassed her girlfriend had taken such a notice to her new body and couldn't seem to look past it. Red relax! I don't care! Sometimes plants gro-” Harley burst out laughing at her own terrible joke, unable to finish her sentence. “Harley!” Ivy spat out, unable to see the humor in Harley's joke. “It's not like I like being like this!” As Ivy said this, she picked up her gut and dropped it on her lap, causing her entire torso and thighs to jiggle, for emphasis. “Calm down Red!” Harley said apologetically. “I was just teasin’ ya! It's cuddle fluff! More of ya ta love!” Ivy only grumbled in response. After an hour or so, the terrible twosome had made their way to Harley's house, a big building on Coney Island. Rushing up, Harley left Ivy to make her own way up. Once again drenched in sweat, Ivy finally made her way up to the top floor where Harley stayed in. “I'm low on energy. Have you got anything to eat here Harl?” Harley shouted back where to find the food and to bring her some. While Ivy went about preparing a meal for them both, Harley was talking to her pet beaver, Bernie. “I'm so happy she's back Bern!” Harley squealed. Without moving his burnt mouth, Bernie replied, “Yeah… I heard her coming a mile away.” “Bernie! Don't talk about Ivy like that!” “Talk like what?” Ivy said in her usual seductive voice, managing to walk up behind Harley without her noticing, holding a tray with two heaping bowls of macaroni and cheese, one for each of them. “Oh nothin’, nothin’!” Harley said, suddenly a bit flustered. “So is that fer both of us..?” Ivy smiled politely, finding Harley's flustered behavior cute. “Yeah, I hope you like it.” After about an hour of eating, or in Harley's case, painful stuffing as she had eaten it all to be polite, they had both finished lunch, Harley clutching her incredibly stuffed stomach and Ivy already having gotten hungry again and eating her forth packet of chips. Moaning in pain, Harley set aside her plate before laying back, still clutching her gut, slowly drifted off to sleep, during which Ivy decided to sunbathe for a short time on Harley's roof before going back down. Noticing Harley still fast asleep, Ivy decided to make a phone call. Harley was awoken by her door being knocked on. Getting up, still feeling slightly full from her lunch, she answered it, which to her surprise was a pizza delivery guy. “So I'm guessing you're having yourself a bit of a party ma'am?” He asked while he started to pull out different goodies from his travel bag. “Urm… no? Sorry I didn't order any pizza.” Harley replied, tilting her head a little. A happy, “I did!” came from behind Harley, from Ivy, who was now wearing an ill-fitting dressing gown she had left at Harley's for whenever she was over. “To pay you back for getting me out, don't worry I'll pay....” She said before grabbing the delivery guy by his shirt and slowly kissing him, causing him to fall under her control. “So uhhh… wh-... what can I do for you miss...?” “Ivy will do and you can start by giving us all the food you have in that bag and any more you have outside, as well as the money.” She said, winking at the guy before he walked off in a drunk like fashion, only to return minutes later with more food and a little over $125 in cash. After getting everything set out, there was a total of: 4 pizzas, 1 large bottle of Coke, a tub of ice cream, 2 small boxes of brownies and some garlic bread. Having somehow forgotten the previous lunch, Harley and Ivy dug in. “Ahh, a girl can get used ta this!” Harley exclaimed happily just before taking a bite out of her pizza. After some time, both Harley and Ivy had managed to pass out into a food coma, stuffed beyond their limitations. A couple weeks later “Ivy! Come quick!” Could be heard panicky through the building, before heavy footsteps followed them. “Wha… what… is it… petal?” Ivy asked, bright faced and exhausted from having moved at such a quick pace. “What do ya mean what is it?! My clothes won't come on!” This was true, she was just standing in a very tight bra and panties, with her shorts about half way up her thighs, looking a little stuck and her corset was laying on her bed, the zip broken from being unable to contain Harley's heavy chest. Much to Harley's surprise, Ivy could only smirk. “Red, why are ya smirkin’...? This ain't good!” “Well, maybe not but why not view it like you do with me, cuddle fluff. Being thicker kind of suits you anyway Harl.” “R-really…?” “Yes, peanut.” Ivy said as she walked up to Harley, giving her a hug before placing a hand firmly on her huge ass and jiggling it a bit, causing Harley to blush. “It'll take a lil gettin’ used to if ya want me ta stay like this.” “Well it's not like you'll be catching up to me any time soon.” After this, they both shared a quick kiss before Harley managed to find some more stretchy clothing which still remained a little tight on her. After a little while, Harley decided to take some rubbish out, heading up towards her roof planing to launch it away in her giant catapult she had named the scatapult, but once she got up, she heard a feminine but disguised voice boom from atop the roof entry door. “My my, haven't we been treating ourselves lately.” Turning around to face the voice. “Bratgirl! What are ya doin’ here? Did daddy bat command you?” Making a child like impression of a moody bosses face as she said so. Raising her hands up, Batgirl replied. “Now now Harley, I'm not here to fight…” she jumped down off the entry and began to walk up to Harley. “...yet, we know you're the one who broke out Ivy from Arkham and that you're now harbouring her.” Batgirl jabbed her finger into Harley's chubby chest. “We’re going easy on you for now, if we hear about you or Ivy doing anything else, you. Will. Be. Brought. In!” “Oh will I babybat? Well why don't ya just flllyyyyy awaaaaay back ta yer mucky cave and wait fer me then?!” “This was just a warning Harley, for things to come.” After that, Batgirl grapples directly upwards, entering the batjet, before darting off back towards Gotham. Imminently after this, Harley dashed back towards Ivy, her cleavage bouncing uncontrollably. “Ivy!” She panted. “Batgirl knows I got ya! She said if we do anythin’ she'll take us both in!” Before Ivy could speak, a sound could be heard that was similar to a rope going taunt and then a slightly loud bang as something heavy hit on the wall beside them. “Oh, that's only if we don't get to her first”
  21. (Hey guys, this is a story, or maybe a series of segments about my wrestling original character, the spoilt and entitled fat fashionista Nicola Bashkar, who's picbase is the highly underrated NXT UK star and PROGRESS star Jinny. Now, Jinny's brilliant, but the girl is just skin and bones, Nicola is my version of Jinny but if she was as fat as she was arrogant. These gifs are what Nicola looks like, only she's much fatter and doughier. Hope you guys like this, I might do several updates to this if you guys like it.) "I am proud of my body, I'm proud of my cellulite, I'm proud of my second chin, my belly rolls and the fact my gut is so big it's got it's own gravity field. I'm proud of my tree trunk thighs, my big booty...but if you're my size...if you think that I'm here to represent you? Then don't, hit the gym, get surgery done, because you're not Nicola Bashkar, nobody else makes big as beautiful as me." A posh and upper class English accent was heard saying that as the camera cut to an overweight, some would say obese, young woman waddling down a London high street, her skin tone gave the impression she had middle eastern heritage, she wore a black t-shirt with 'Fat Motherfucker' on the front in white as her wobbling gut was jutting out so much that her black t-shirt resembled more of a sports bra type top. "I mean, I am proud of my body, because it shows that big can be beautiful, but only if you're me. You see? I wear these t-shirts, these are, lets be honest, for the poor people, the people who glare at me and wish they were me." Nicola spoke the camera while waddling, like it was a documentary series, sunglasses covering her eyes "They would wear trashy shirts like this, but I wear them to show everyone that I make anything, no matter how atrocious, look good on me. Fat looks beautiful on me, I drive a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, obviously enlarged since I wouldn't fit in a normal sized one." Nicola added with a chuckle as her second chin shook a bit from her laugh, she wore some black tights that did hardly anything to cover up her cellulite covered tree trunk thighs, but despite her arrogance, the Hammersmith heavyweight was right. She DID look amazing in her attire, even if she wouldn't be seen dead wearing it normally. "The thing that people don't want to admit is that, well, that they can't pull off fat as well as me, I not only make it look good, but I am an attention grabber, people pay attention to me and it's all thanks to my beautiful, perfect body" Bashkar started to feel her own doughy, lardy body as she let out an unabashed moan despite being in the middle of the crowded high street. As she was waddling, cameraman in tow, the obese young woman stopped, placing her sunglasses on the top of her head before bluntly remarking. "Go in there and get me 5 footlongs, worm!" as the camera panned to reveal it was a Subway as, from behind the camera, the nasly sounding young man retorted with "Why don't you go and get it?" "I'm sorry!? What gives you the right to talk back to me?! You're lucky to be breathing my bloody air!!" Nicola snapped, her arrogant and condesceneding tone changing, in a flash, to murderous rage as she almost lunged her blubbery arms at the cameraman before static enveloped the screen. The camera cut back with Nicola's fat, wide frame sitting on a bench, it actually audibly groaning under her over 300lbs girth as she had polished off the footlongs, judging by her wheezing breathing and the fact her mouth was covered in crumbs and the odd bit of salad from one of her many footlongs. "OK, do you really think I could've been seen in that place? I hang out with people who can go to the best, fanciest eatery in London and rent it out, that's how rich they are, they don't eat at Subway!" "Well, why do you?" the cameraman asked from behind the camera, now understandably unnerved about the 'Fatonista'. "Because I have to keep up this figure...plus I do whatever the hell I want!" Nicola struggled to heave herself up, but her girth was getting the better of her as she strained and winced before the over 300lbs behemoth beauty finally got herself up to her feet as she wheezed and gasped for air. She was doubled over and wincing and coughing before looking up with an almost murderous look at the camera. "Turn that bloody thing off or I'll shove it up your-" The little promo video then finished, but the words 'More from Nicola Bashkar...Coming Soon'. (OK, so I did this in the style of a wrestling vignette, that would herald the arrive of soon to be debuting superstars to build up hype for when the superstar actually debuts in front of the crowds. I think I'll do more Nicola stuff. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Hope my writing improves as I go along too. )
  22. ''Was me gear always this snug?' 'That doorframe wasn't that small before' 'It's only been 5 minutes...why am I out of breath??' These were thoughts that had often ran through Tessa Blanchard's head, the daughter of Four Horsemen member and old school wrestling veteran Tully Blanchard, as she had defended her Knockouts Championship in a match against someone called Ray Lynn, who Tessa demolished, but there was something different about this match. Tessa had been out of breath, she'd been sweating and she'd been noticeably slower than she used to be, Tessa herself had no idea why, but, to anyone who saw the young woman, it was obvious that she'd really let herself go since arriving in Impact Wrestling. The fact that Tessa could just go to the same places all the time and eat was great for her, her weight had ballooned to the point where Tessa tipped the scales at 240lbs. Her sometimes mocked diamond like chin had now got a second chin added to it, giving her pretty face a rounded look to it, her cheeks were plumper and Tessa's jowls jiggled with every bit of arrogant trash-talk. Her voice had also gotten deeper and heavier thanks to her increasing girth and she found herself wheezing even just cutting a promo. As Tessa headed back up the ramp and raised her Knockouts Championship up in the air, her doughy body was now on display, her formerly rock hard abs had now, thanks to a combination of gluttony, laziness and arrogance of her superiority had changed those abs into an overhanging spare tire, almost a beer belly of sorts that hung over the waistband of Tessa's shorts and jiggled with every movement the overweight young woman made. Her side rolls oozed over the side of her like bronze, doughy lava as the side and back rolls were all over Tessa's out of shape body, her arms had even beefed up, getting to the point where Tessa struggled to ring up her favourite takeout places. It was also effecting her ring work, Tessa's clothesline and former power moves that she pulled off with ease now seemed like she would drop someone on their head if she tried to Gorilla Press slam them. Tessa headed to the back, panting and wheezing as she staggered backstage like she just wrestled a hour long iron man match, not a 5 minute squash match. Tessa hiked up her white shorts out of her fat, jiggling ass cheeks to try and stop the wedgie that she had as her shorts hiked up her fat, wobbling ass that were like two bronze moons of fat squashed together. Tessa just smirked arrogantly, as if she didn't realise her out of control weight gain, she sauntered past everyone, looking down her nose at them as her body shook and wobbled like jelly in an earthquake with every heavy step. Tessa marched straight to the buffet, that match had really caused the 'Undeniable' Tessa Blanchard to work up an appetite as she saw that it was piled high with food that was meant to go to all the wrestlers. But Tessa only thought about herself and she wasn't intending to share. After getting her breath back, Tessa said with a tone of indignation that the food was for anyone else but her. "Excuse me?? Do you know who the hell I am?! I'm the Undeniable Tessa Blanchard..." Tessa then shoved her title belt right in the face of the catering woman that she was bullying "I'm also the Knockouts Champion! So get out of the champs way!" Tessa scowled, sounding like a high school bully as she barged past the catering staff and started to greedily tuck in. Chicken was torn off the bone and picked clean, Burgers were shoved into Tessa's mouth in almost one go as she had to stop to avoid choking, when she calmed herself down, a sweaty, coughing Tessa continued her eating rampage, the sounds of her panting, grunting and belching were sounds that was becoming commonplace for the other workers of Impact Wrestling as Tessa finally couldn't eat anymore. "Ahhh...BUUUUUURRRRRP...that really hit the spot" a bloated, grease and food stained Tessa blasted out a loud belch as she announced that she was finished, which was good, because there wasn't a single scrap left for anyone else. Tessa was getting closer and closer to 250lbs and, what was truly astonishing, was that she seemingly had no idea of her own immense weight gain, she was just too self obsessed and focused on her life of luxury as Knockouts Champion. Tessa Blanchard wasn't only the Knockouts Champion. She was the Champion Of Consuming and her gluttony and greed was 'Undeniable'. (Authors Note: I haven't written weight gain stuff in years, but I am a huge fan of seeing female wrestlers getting fattened up. Hope you guys like this fic because I think Tessa would make such a sexy fat ass. If you're interested in female wrestlers getting fat like I am and want to talk about it or even maybe write about it, then hit me up with a PM. Also, I would appreciate feedback, I know that I've got lots of room for improvement. I would just like to hear your thoughts.)
  23. In my last post I gave a broad summary of my weight gain. In this part I will delve deeper into it. Trying to get a job. I found it hard to find work after college. I have a degree in spa management, but like most careers, I couldn't just start in management. The only available job in my area for someone with no experience, is a beautician. I prepared my C.V., sent them out to prospective employers, and waited. Eventually a few called back, each sounded impressed with my C.V., and I attended the interviews. I never heard anything back. One night after smoking a slightly too strong joint, I lay in bed contemplating my life. Why aren't they calling me back?.... It was because I was fat. No one wants a fat beautician. The sudden realisation of why made me feel sick. I was around 200Ibs at the time. I was also still strongly in denial about my weight. They didn't see me for me, they saw a fat girl. I became really depressed. I kept eating all the time, small snacks here and there. It all went straight to my belly. Up until about 200Ibs, my fat distributed itself around me fairly evenly. Not too much in any one place. But then my belly took centre stage. It seemed to grow everyday. You may be thinking, "how could she just watch herself get fat, and not do anything about it?" I was depressed and in denial. I kept saying that I would go back to the gym next week, or start a diet, and give up after a day or two, because I would always find a justifiable reason to give up, usually emotional. My mother and older sister have always been really fat. Fat genetics must run in the family. The second I moved back from college to the rural community I live in, I started gaining weight. The nearest gym is twenty miles away. I don't drive either. All of this accumulated, no job, no car, no gym, nothing to do everyday. I gained another ten pounds in what seemed like a week. It seemed to have gone straight to my lower belly, the part below the belly button. It was the final piece in the fat bitch puzzle. My sister and to a far greater extent my mother, had always had big lower bellys, jutting out, defineing itself as a seperate part. I always mocked my sister for having it. I called it her 'fat bag'. Skinny peoples bellys don't look like two parts, fat peoples do. This leaves you with two options, either let your belly hang down below the waist of your pants, or pull your pants up as far as your belly button. I pulled my black tights up to my belly button. Fully feeling the symbology behind it. I looked into the mirror and there it was, my own personal 'fat bag'.........
  24. Hello All, I'm a new member, and I like to write weight gain stories. I posted several installments of my new story, "The Company", on Curvage, but some members told me I posted in the wrong place. So, I'm reposting this in the Stories Forum, and hopefully you will all like it. I have other weight gain ebooks available on Amazon. Just search for Janno Jones. Thank you! Hope you like this. Janno The Company Albert Branson was in love with his new bride Liana. He loved her chestnut brown hair, her milky skin, her full lips, her shy smile. Most of all, however, he loved her trim little figure. She was a very shy, modest girl who never wore anything more revealing than a long skirt and a sweater, and she herself often described herself as "mousy". She was a librarian in their town of Oneida, New York, and she loved books and crossword puzzles and did not like taking risks in any way. She had such a quiet voice that Albert often had to strain to hear her. It was true, there were times when he wished she would be a little more extroverted, but that did not change the fact that he loved her deeply. They had only been married two years when a large food processing conglomerate named ALLGRO bought out Albert's small company, that had been manufacturing pork products for 100 years. The week after the buyout a few top executives from ALLGRO hosted a cocktail reception for the employees and their families, just to get to know everyone, and then a week after that Albert was called into his boss's office and told he was being offered a new position. "They want you to go to their main plant, in Nebraska," his boss said. "They were impressed by you and your wife when they met you last week." "My wife?" Albert said. "Why would they care about her? She's not an employee." "Oh, I don't know," the boss said. "I guess they have a certain image they like to maintain out there. They're the largest employer in the state, and they like their employees and their wives to fit a certain mold." "But Liana is very quiet," Albert said. "She's shy, and she doesn't fit the mold of a corporate wife." The boss smiled. "They must see some potential in her." The transfer involved a considerable pay raise, enough to convince Albert he should at least try out the new job. Even if Liana hated Nebraska, he could get some good job experience and make some extra money to put in his savings account before they moved back. So, they moved to Nebraska. Liana was not thrilled about the move, because she had to give up her librarian job, and of course the move involved uprooting herself from her comfortable small town and going somewhere totally new and strange. But, she decided that if Albert wanted this, she'd at least have to try it out. And at first it seemed like a dream come true. The company set them up in a house that it owned, for one thing, so they had no mortgage or rent to pay. The house was in a neighborhood of similar houses, all owned by the company. They were two-bedroom bungalows, on small, well-kept lots, with white picket fences and flower pots on all the windowsills. They were like perfect little doll houses, with only one thing that didn't seem to fit -- the kitchens all had huge, restaurant-sized refrigerators, triple the size of a normal refrigerator. "Why are the refrigerators so big?" Albert asked his boss the first day on the job. The boss was a pencil-thin man named Mr. Benson, and he smiled, showing a row of perfect white teeth. "The women in our area are proud of their cooking skills," he said. "They love to cook, and they love to eat. The company decided that we'd indulge that little hobby by giving them super size refrigerators." "Well, my wife may not fit in well around here then," Albert said. "She's not big on cooking. She's very health conscious, actually. She counts her calories every day, and she never overeats." "That so?" Mr. Benson said, smiling again. "Well, she might just change her mind once she tastes some of the delicious food our women make out here." Albert didn't think much about that comment for the rest of the day. He was too busy getting a tour of the meat processing plant, settling in to his office, and meeting all his coworkers. It did seem a little strange to him that all the men he met were just as thin as Mr. Benson, and the few women he saw in the office were definitely not thin. In fact, they were all at least 50 pounds overweight. He put the thought out of his mind, though, because there were so many new things to learn about. The meat processing plant was a modern, high-tech affair, with robots arms doing some of the work on a vast conveyor belt that carried cuts of pork along to be processed and packaged. Mr. Benson beamed with pride when he showed it to Albert. "Pretty futuristic, eh?" he said. "This is the future of pork, Albert, and we're on the cutting edge of it here. I'm sure you'll enjoy working here, son. This is a place with a future for you and your pretty wife." Albert thought it was strange that Mr. Benson brought up his wife again, but he shrugged it off. When he got home he was exhausted from his long day, but strangely, he was not very hungry. He'd only had an appetite for salad when he ate lunch at the company cafeteria, but he noticed the female employees had trays that were piled high with all sorts of fattening foods -- hamburgers, pizza, french fries, macaroni and cheese, and two or three desserts. They'd sit down at a long table and commence eating with great gusto, talking and laughing raucously, their large bodies shaking with laughter, their cheeks quivering with glee. He opened the front door of his cute little house and was amazed to see his cute, mousy little wife sitting at the kitchen table wiping crumbs from her lips, with an empty pie plate in front of her. She had a dreamy expression on her face, and when she saw him, she smiled and gave a demure little burp. “Liana,’” Albert said, “did you just finish that whole pie yourself?” “Yes,” she said, “and it was delicious!” “But I didn't know you ate pie,” Albert said. “I thought you hated it, actually. You always say it has too many calories.” “Well normally I do hate it,” she said, “but Stacy Flowers, who's our next door neighbor, came over this afternoon and brought the pie to welcome me to the neighborhood. She told me that she baked it specially for me, and I didn’t know what to say. “You know how I have a hard time saying no to people,” she continued. “This Stacy was very aggressive and just barged in here and sat down and told me she was going to be my new best friend. She was very rude. She told me I'm too skinny and I won't fit in around here if I don't gain some weight.” “Really?” Albert said. “That's very rude. I thought people in the Midwest were much nicer than that.” “Me too,” said Liana. “I couldn't believe the way she talked to me, but I just didn't know what to do. She looked in our refrigerator and of course it just had some of my carrots and cucumbers and raw vegetables, and do you know what she said? ‘We’ll have to change all this, girlfriend!’ Can you imagine? And to top it all off she was dressed in the most revealing manner. I mean, she had on skintight yoga pants that were a shade of pink that almost blinded me and they showed every ounce of her fat rear end. And it was enormous! Women back home wouldn't dress like that -- they'd be too embarrassed to wear yoga pants that tight if they had a rear end like hers. She also had on a top that was really low cut, and she was just bursting out of it. Can you picture that?” Actually, Albert could picture it. He had an image of a voluptuous body with enormous breasts spilling out of a top. He could picture it very, very well. But he knew that it was against Liana's nature to dress so provocatively. “I'm sorry you had to see that,” he said. “I'm sure you wanted her to leave as soon as possible.” “Well I did,” Liana said, “but I don't know, the longer she stayed here the more I got to kind of tolerate her, if not like her. She's very loud and she had tons of makeup on and of course she's not my type of woman, but somehow she had this sort of hypnotic voice. And she wore this pendant that came down in the middle of her cleavage that was a very soothing blue color and the more I stared at it the more I found myself listening to her. It was very calming, and I felt safe and secure. And somehow, through this mental fog that enveloped me I could tell that she was taking the pie out of the box and cutting pieces of it. She cut a piece and gave it to me. I took a bite of it and it actually was very good. Very, very good! It was so soothing and tasted delicious and it made my belly feel all warm and comfortable. So I just sat there at the kitchen table listening to her talk and looking at that pendant, and the next thing I know I had eaten the whole pie.” “That's horrible,” Albert said. “I'm sure you must feel terrible.” “No, actually I feel wonderful!” she said. “I haven’t felt this good in years. My stomach is full and I am happy. I was just sitting here thinking, why shouldn't women eat whatever they want? There's no reason why we should act like these little mousy things who are always worried about diets and exercise and trying to keep our bodies skinny. Don't you think?” Albert was astonished. Liana had never had such outspoken opinions before, and besides, the one thing she was always very strict about was her diet. She did not believe in overeating, ever, and to see her now, with bits of cherry pie crumbs still on her mouth, was a shock. “I guess so, honey,” was all Albert could manage to say. “So, I guess you’re not hungry after eating that whole pie, but could you make us a salad for dinner?” Liana snorted. “Salad? I don’t think so. That’s another one of those foods that women eat all the time, starving themselves to reach some unattainable body shape. No, I’m not interested in salad. In fact, you can make dinner yourself, honey. Stacy invited me to a girls night out tonight, so I can meet the neighbors. She’s coming by at 6:00, and we’re going out for dinner.” “Dinner?” Albert said. “But that’s only 30 minutes from now. I didn’t think you’d be hungry for dinner already.” “Oh, baby, I’m working up an appetite already,” Liana said, winking at him. She pushed the chair back from the table, rubbed her stomach and leered at him. Yes, Albert thought, when he reflected about it later -- the proper word for the look on her face was “leer”. She looked like she was ready to have him for supper. She gave him a little hip bump when she passed him, winked again, and then went upstairs to get ready. When she came downstairs at five minutes of six, Albert was amazed to see that she had makeup on. Liana had never been much for makeup before, preferring the plain look, but now she had some red in her lips and her eyes were outlined in black. It was all very tasteful, but on a woman who’d never worn any kind of makeup, it instantly made her look more sexy. She was still wearing one of her calf-length mousy dresses, but she’d put a pink ribbon in her hair and was walking with a definite sway to her hips. At 6:00 the doorbell rang, and Albert answered it, to see a plump twenty-five year old in a skintight hot pink sheath dress that showed every roll of fat in her abundant body. She had huge breasts that strained against the fabric of her dress, a prodigious belly that protruded in front, and a huge ass that jiggled with every step she took on her impossibly high heels. She had thick makeup, obscene red lips, and eyes that must have had three layers of false eyelashes. Her hair was thick and lustrous, and swept to the side over one eye. She came in and immediately grasped Albert in a vise grip of a hug, and he could feel her soft, warm, quivering flesh next to his. After what seemed like ages she released him, ran her eyes up and down him, and then reached around and slapped him on the butt. “Hiya, Al,” she said. “I’m Stacy, your neighbor. Looks like our little Liana has a sexy husband! No wonder she didn’t want to go out tonight -- I bet she wants to stay home and screw that cute body of yours!” Albert struggled to regain his composure. “Uh, nice to meet you,” he said. “I understand you’re going out with Liana. It’s nice that you’re introducing her to everyone. She’s a little shy, and--” “Oh, don’t you worry about her,” Stacy said. “We’ll bring her out of her shell. It’s probably because she’s skinny that she’s so damn shy. Girl just needs a little more weight on her, and some fashion and beauty tips, and she’ll be fine. Just leave it to us, fella!” “Okay, Albert, I’m going,” Liana said, and she leaned over to give him a kiss. Instead of her usual peck on the cheek, however, she kissed him full on the lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth and making him gasp with surprise. She broke away from him, giggling like a schoolgirl, and then she and Stacy left. As Albert watched Stacy wiggle those massive hips down the driveway and hoist herself into her low-slung late model sports car, and Liana give him a quick wave goodbye, he had the distinct feeling that he was watching his wife go off to her doom. Albert was consumed with worry for the rest of the evening. He tried to distract himself by watching TV, but nothing seemed to pique his interest. The local stations all had cooking shows on and they were presided over by huge women with double chins and massive arms, wearing low cut dresses that showed their enormous breasts. They looked big even by the standards of cooking shows, and it was no wonder, with the fattening recipes they were making. Mashed potatoes, mounds of spaghetti, enormous layer cakes, meatloaf -- it was definitely not low calorie food. They were sampling what they made, putting spoonfuls of food in each other’s mouths, and they had a look of sheer orgasmic pleasure as they chewed and swallowed. These women enjoyed food like no one Albert had ever seen before. The really strange thing was that the sight of food suddenly did not seem to interest Albert. It was like looking at a travel show about some place you had no intention of ever visiting. He had no feeling, no appetite, for food. He didn’t remember eating lunch, so he should have been hungry, but nothing interested him. He didn't know how long he sat there watching TV, but apparently he must have dozed off, because he was suddenly awakened by raucous laughter coming from outside his front door. He rubbed his eyes blearily and looked at his watch and saw that it was one in the morning. Apparently there were a group of women standing outside his door laughing uproariously. Then he heard a pounding at the door and it sounded like Liana was yelling something. It was definitely her voice but the words she was using Albert had never heard come out of her mouth. “Let me in, dammit!” she was shouting. “Stop playing with yourself in there, Albert, and let a girl in!” Her voice was getting louder and louder, but she was laughing at the same time and she had to keep pausing to catch her breath. Albert ran to the door and unlocked it and was greeted by the sight of half a dozen enormously fat women in stretch pants and high heels, wearing way too much makeup. They were doubled over with laughter, their bodies jiggling like bowls of Jell-O. They all seemed like they had drunk too much, but Liana was in the worst shape of all of them. She was laughing and groaning at the same time, holding onto her swollen stomach and swaying back and forth. She had definitely had too much to drink, but it looked like she had also eaten the same amount of food in one night that she would have previously consumed in a whole month. “Shit, I can't believe how full I am,” she yelled. “Let me the hell in and help me get to the couch. I need to lay down. I can't walk another step!” This provoked gales of laughter from her companions. “Come on, cutie boy,” Stacy said to Albert. “You heard her -- help her to the couch!” Liana leaned against Albert, and her body weight actually knocked him back a step. Somehow, she seemed heavier. “What happened?” Albert said. “Oh she'll be alright,” Stacy said as Albert guided Liana toward the couch. “Girlfriend just doesn't know how to put away a good meal. We’ll help her with that, don’t you worry. Why, before long she'll be able to fit lots more in that belly of hers! Well, gotta go, cutie. The girls and I are going out for a midnight snack!” This also provoked gales of laughter from the women, and they laughed as they waddled out the door and down the driveway to their cars. Albert helped Liana to the couch, where she flopped down like a beached whale. She groaned and said, “Help me take this skirt off, it's killing me. Albert helped her take the skirt off and when he got it off he could see that her belly, which had once been so flat, now had a curve to it, and was poking out over the top of her panties. “What happened?” Albert said. “Can I do anything for you? You look like you're in pain.” “I'm not in pain at all,” Liana said. “Stacy and the girls took me out to an all-you-can-eat buffet and I'm just stuffed to the gills. God, that food was so great! I couldn't stop shoveling it in my mouth, and they were helping me. They kept telling me how sexy it feels to stuff your belly all the way. And you know what? They were right! By the end of the night my panties were soaked!” “That's horrible,” Albert said. “I forbid you to go out with them again!” “You're not forbidding me to do anything, cutie boy,” Liana said. “I'm a grown woman and I can do what I want. And I like them. I've never had girlfriends before, and they’re a lot of fun. Now come over here and let's have sex. Stacy told me that a full belly would make me horny and she was right!” She reached out her arms to him, and Albert had to admit that there was something about her swollen belly that turned him on. He felt the beginnings of an erection, but he wondered if he should do this. The sight of her was just too much for him, though, and he went down on the couch and joined her for an hour’s worth of moaning, passionate sex. At the end, he was drained and happy, although there was a nagging little thought in his mind that something was not right. In the morning when Albert got up to go to work he found that Liana was not next to him in bed. He went downstairs and found her in the kitchen with the super size refrigerator door open and her head sticking inside it. She was dressed in only a bra and panties, and she was rubbing her stomach. She pulled her head out of the refrigerator with a look of disgust on her face. “There's nothing good to eat in there,” she said. “I need to make a shopping trip to get some real food. I'm starving.” “Why don't you just go to that organic supermarket in the shopping center?” Albert said. “I'm sure they have the food that you like to eat.” “The hell with that,” Liana said. “I'm not interested in that rabbit food anymore. Carrots and celery, ugh!” She went over to the couch and rummaged around in her purse, then smiled when she pulled out a candy bar. She grinned broadly and said, “Now that's the kind of food I'm interested in!” She unwrapped the candy bar and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth greedily and finished it in two seconds. Albert had a meeting at work first thing in the morning, so he didn't have time to discuss her new food preferences, but on the way to work he turned it over in his mind. What was happening? This was so unlike Liana. He figured that plump neighbor Stacy was the villain. She obviously had something to do with this change in Liana, but he couldn't figure out what she had done. He quickly forgot about his concerns however as soon as he got into work because he had so much to do. When he went to the meeting, though, all his worries came back. TO BE CONTINUED
  25. So I'm going to write my first story. TL;DR couple goes to buffet, the buffet has a rule, any wasted food and the patrons will work there for a month finishing all the leftover food from the entire buffet. Girl gorges on food but wastes her last plate, then gets taken to start, story takes place over the one month. weight gain 120 => just under 300. any tips and things you guys may want that would make the story a lot more enjoyable, also any big no nos for writing this kind of thing ( i know the big ones ie;no describing bellies using numbers) any help would be appreciated will be posting here when finished. eta a few weeks pics unrelated, for your trouble edit: just realized that i just spoiled my whole story but whatever, I'll delete this after i get the help i need. edit 2: Gotten the help i need, can one of the mods pls delete this? the story will posted in a couple weeks
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