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  1. This is the USSBBW Worshipers group, we admire incredibly overweight girls who immobile and hungry because of their gluttonous and lazy lifestyle
  2. Version 1.0.0

    I have a secret fantasy.. after all of this weight that I've gained, I want to keep gaining! I want to get SO fat that I'm unable to care for myself and you'll have to feed me. You like that? Sit here and chat with me about weight gain while I eat some delicious vanilla icecream and guzzle some Coca Cola. I show off my body in a sports bra and thong, talking about how much I've gained and how big I've gotten over the last few years, and how much bigger I want to get.


  3. This is a mutual gaining story set at the end of the world. The first four sections are mostly world building and character development. If you want to get to the really kinky stuff, scroll down a few sections. I’ll be adding more in time. I love feedback, let me know what you think. James As I entered the ten digit combination to release the primary lock and pressed my thumb against pad to release the secondary lock, I couldn’t help but think back on the two years that had lead up to this seemingly improbable circumstance. I never even knew that my late father had built this elaborate doomsday shelter, let alone that he would leave it to me as part of an inheritance, yet here I was opening a hefty latch to climb down into a bunker to live out the rest of my days. Like me, my dad had been engineer during his life, but he was also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Who knew that one of his prognostications would come to fruition? Two years had passed since his death and I had spent the majority of the time pouring over his extensive research notes and journals, searching for a reason as to why he felt the need to build such a massive safe house for the end of the world. It became somewhat of an obsession for me and I eventually bought in to his theories and decided to prepare myself for civilization’s end. My dad had envisioned his bunker housing a family of four for decades but I was alone in the world and had very few close relations. No family. No really close friends. Definitely no partner. I eventually accepted that I would likely be down in the bunker alone, which fuelled another obsession of mine, gaining weight. I never had the guts to actually go through with it in real life, but as I had come to accept that civilization was in its final chapter, I started fantasizing about creating a gainer’s paradise down in that bunker. A place where I could stuff myself on a daily basis and grow as massive as possible. The fantasy drove me wild. I almost yearned for the day that I would lock myself down there and begin fattening up. After months of contemplation, I decided to make my fantasy into reality. The food stores were already in place, I just had to supplement them with some extra fatty treats. I also had to make some modifications to the bunker to ensure that it would be adequate for my growing body. I wanted to grow to a massive size and I had to prepare the space and all the support systems to accommodate that. Once everything was in place, I simply had to wait for the world to fall apart. And it did, only two years after my father’s death. The first two months in the bunker were absolutely incredible. I lived out so many of my gaining fantasies and just ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I had made sure that the food supply was filled with so many delicious options that I would never had a problem finding something tasty. While the world burned above ground, I gorged myself below. I rarely wore any clothing, opting instead to eat and live in the nude. My belly became more and more distended every day as I stuffed myself while watching my extensive library of movies and tv programs and playing hours of video games. I got high, drank plenty of alcohol, watched an obscene amount of porn, and pleasured myself multiple times each day. I was living a life of endless debauchery and the earliest signs of my indulgences were showing on my once trim figure. I could feel myself transforming into a fat pig and I loved it. Yet I was a little lonely. I had desperately wanted to find someone to share my gluttonous life with, but it just never happened. I didn’t want to invite just anyone to spend the rest of time with down in a bunker. I wanted to find someone with whom I shared an actual connection. I also wanted to find someone who wanted to gain with me. I had plenty of food, just no one to share it with. I had all but resigned myself to my lonely but pleasurable existence when I heard the proximity alarm go off. Using the remote, I switched the television feed over to the closed circuit cameras hidden outside the bunker. I hadn’t looked outside for weeks and I was shocked with what I saw. My father’s old house had been burned to the ground and the trees were bare despite it being the middle of June. The wind blew hard, shifting debris every which direction. It was evident that civilization had fallen and gangs of miscreants roamed the land preying on the weak. The alarm had been triggered by a young woman who was staggering through what had been the backyard of my dad’s large property. She swayed back and forth as she strode toward the concrete patio that had survived the fire. As she reached the stairs, she fell over and didn’t move for a number of minutes. The rational side of me thought that I shouldn’t venture out of the bunker, but this woman was in bad condition and looked like she would not survive long without any aid. I couldn’t just leave her to die out there, so I made the decision to go retrieve her and bring her down to the bunker to heal up. Jessica A grey ridged ceiling greeted my weary eyes as I awoke from what felt like the longest and most restless night’s dream I’d ever had. The last thing I remember was hazily wandering through an open field towards what looked like a broken down and burnt structure. I had been walking for ages looking for food and water and must have collapsed...but how did I end up here? I was in a comfortable bed, still in my ragged dirty clothes, but I felt much better, albeit hungry as hell. If it weren’t for the industrial look of the walls and ceiling, I would have sworn I was in someone’s home. There was a bedside table, bookcase filled with novels, pictures of happy people enjoying birthdays, Thanksgivings, and other such celebrations, and artwork hanging on the wall. “Where the fuck am I?” I muttered to myself as I quietly, yet quickly, got up, put on my shoes, which had been left beside the bed, and tiptoed my way towards the door. I cracked it open an inch to look out into an expansive living area complete with a large tv, comfortable looking couch, and a dining table. It all looked very appealing, but I had no idea who I would encounter here, so I decided to try to sneak out what looked like the entrance to this bunker. As I tiptoed through the living area and reached the opposite doorway, I heard a voice from behind me. “Hi there,” the masculine voice called from behind. “I know this must be very alarming waking up here, but I saw you collapse outside and-“ “Listen,” I interrupted as I spun around to see the voice’s owner. He was somewhat tall, bearded, dark features, and short hair. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, that clung tightly against the man’s body. “I don’t know who you are, but I’ve survived long enough out there to know that I can’t trust anyone but myself. I’m going to leave now and I don’t want any trouble from you.” The man kept his distance and raised both of his hands in the air causing his shirt to ride up and reveal an inch of skin around his midsection. “I understand that your apprehension,” he said with kindness in his voice. “If you want to leave, you’re more than welcome. The exit is through that doorway. Just climb the ladder and open the hatch at the top. I’ve packed a backpack of food, water, and other supplies for you, if you want to take them. They’re by the door there.” I reached over and grabbed the pack and headed out. As I climbed the ladder, I heard him call from below. “Listen, it’s dangerous out there. If you ever feel the need to come back, just come back to the stairs outside. I have more than enough supplies for both of us here and I really mean you no harm.” “Goodbye” I said as I exited out the hatch. I quickly walked a few miles away from the hatch and sat down on stump in the middle of the woods. The backpack was indeed full of food, water, and supplies, all sealed and untampered. I drank some water and ripped open a couple granola bars. It was the first food I’d had in what seemed like a week. It felt good to eat and feeling still a little fatigued, I decided to rest for a few hours. As I lied next to a nearby tree, I couldn’t help but contemplate what had just happened. Ever since everything went to shit, I hadn’t encountered a single decent person. Most everyone had died in the first few days, leaving a small population of hardened and mostly vicious gangs of looters, rapists, and murderers. I had barely survived numerous unfortunate encounters only to be rescued by perhaps the one last decent person left. Should I have run off so quickly? After all, he could of easily left me to die, or worse... Off in the distance, I heard a rustling and several voices. I had to move and fast. I quietly got up and returned in the direction I had come. I don’t know why, but my feet carried me back towards the bunker. The voices were heading in the same direction and I hurried as quickly as my legs would carry me while making as little noise as possible. I eventually reached the field with the burnt down house and headed towards the concrete stairs leading up to the dilapidated structure. My heart was pounding as I gazed at the ground where the hatch was concealed. The man had said I could stay there if I wanted. Perhaps this was a better chance of survival. The wait seemed like hours, though I’m sure I was only there for a minute. Suddenly the hatch opened and I hurried over to climb down the ladder, closing the entrance to the bunker on my way down. What I found at the bottom was a very strange sight. James The woman had returned only a few hours later and I could tell that she looked absolutely terrified, so I quickly pulled the hatch release lever located by the door. I didn’t expect her to return, so I was completely naked and had been stuffing my face with snacks as I watched an old episode of Cheers. Thankfully, my pants and shirt were still on the dining table. I quickly clothed myself, but my protruding gut made fastening the pants difficult. I could hear her descending the ladder and I donned my shirt hastily, realizing all too well that it struggled to cover my stuffed belly. Dozens of wrappers were strewn about the couch, but I had no time to clean them up before the woman entered the living area. She looked relieved to be inside, but I could feel her puzzled gaze upon seeing my bloated body stuffed into clothing that only somewhat fit two hours ago and now looked comically small against my swollen abdomen. “Hello,” I said awkwardly. “Are you ok? You looked terrified out there.” She wordlessly looked over to the screen which now showed several rough looking men crossing the field behind the burnt down house, well away from the concealed hatch. “Don’t you worry about them.” I said trying to console her, “even if they found the hatch, they’re never be able to break in. There are numerous safety protocols that would activate if they tried to enter by force. My name is James, by the way.” “Jessica,” she said as she surveyed the living area, littered with wrappers and crumbs. She looked a little weary of the situation, but relieved at the same time. “Thanks for letting me in. I feel like I’ve been running away from people like them forever.” “I understand.” I said. “You can stay as long as you like. If you’d like to freshen up, there’s a shower through there. The room locks from the inside.” I added awkwardly. “You have a shower here?” Jessica asked with what appeared to be a touch of excitement in her voice. “Yes. This bunker is surprisingly homey once you get used to it. Go right ahead. I’ll just be in here if you need anything.” Jessica walked over to the bathroom and I quickly cleaned up while she showered. The place was surprising messy considering she had been only gone for a couple hours. I had just finished cleaning when she finally emerged, still dressed in her dirty clothes, but otherwise cleaned up. I was taken aback when I looked upon her now clean face. She was breathtakingly beautiful with shoulder length red hair, cute freckles on her cheeks, and dazzling green eyes. “Um...hi again, I mean, I hope you feel refreshed. Come, have a seat. I’m sure you could use a nice rest.” I gestured over to the couch and she walked over to sit down. As we both sat, I felt an immediate sensation of relief and heard the distinct sound of a button bouncing on the floor. “Uh...I, um...” I muttered as my belly spilled out of my tight jeans. I hadn’t bothered to bring any bigger clothes down into the bunker so everything was extremely tight. The jeans had given a valiant effort, but my fat belly had won the fight. Jessica peered at me quizzically. “Listen,” she began, “I’m very grateful that you let me back in, but I’m a little confused by what’s going on here. I’m not judging, I used to be chubby myself, but it looked like a vending machine had exploded when I came in here.” I didn’t know what to say. I could make up some sort of lie, but what would she even believe. The truth was the only thing I could provide her. “I know this looks strange,” I began, “and it kind of is. I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight since I came down here. 34 pounds, in fact.” “34 pounds?!” Jessica exclaimed. “It’s only been two months! I mean, it’s your business, but aren’t you worried about running out of food.” “Actually, no.” I said “I, uh, stocked this place with enough food to feed a family of four for decades. This weight gain...hasn’t really been accidental either. When I came down here, I, uh, kind of decided to just let myself go.” Jessica looked surprised but not disgusted. “I understand if you don’t get it and you’d rather not stay here because of it, but I meant what I said earlier. You really can stay as long as you’d like. Even with me eating more than a healthy share, we’ll never run out of food. You can, of course leave anytime you’d like and I’ll be happy to give you whatever I can to help you.” Jessica looked at me thoughtfully. There was surprise on her face, but not disgust. “I appreciate your offer, but I’m gonna sleep on it, if you don’t mind. May I use the room I was in earlier?” “Of course,” I said without hesitation and Jessica got up and retired to her room. Jessica I sat on the bed reflecting on the strange day I’d had. I had been in worse situations outside, but I was growing tired of constantly being on edge, fearing for my safety. Maybe I should take James up on his offer, after all, he seemed like he was a decent person and was very generous for offering to let me stay here. Thinking back on our conversation, I felt like I had been a bit hard on him. After all, I used to be fat and I understood how good it felt to eat whatever you wanted. Suddenly a flood of memories filled my mind. My period of fatness began during my freshman year of college. Like so many college students, I put on weight during my first year. It wouldn’t have been such a thing except for the fact that my older sister, Jane, whom I shared a close resemblance to, was a sophomore at the same school and she was the image of fitness. My parents constantly compared me to her saying that I should go work out like she did and spend less time at the cafeteria eating them out of business. They were extremely hard on me on every occasion. I didn’t like all the negative attention and every time they were particularly hard on me, I ended up going back to school and eating more. My rebellious attitude ended up making me gain 60 pounds over the first two years of school. When I reached the 200 pound mark, my parents stepped in, took me out of school, and hired a trainer and a nutritionist to help me lose the weight. Everybody made me feel so bad about my self image that I became borderline anorexic and actually lost 80 pounds. My parents were overjoyed with my slim figure, but I felt horrible about myself. It took me years of therapy to recover from this experience and I ended up returning to my original weight of 140 pounds, though I really had to work to maintain it. It was as if my body yearned to be back at a higher weight and because of that, I had to deny myself so much of the food that I really loved. Going to the grocery store was always depressing during those years because I remembered what it was like to just eat junk food and candy to my heart’s content. My parents told me when I was fat that I was eating my feelings, that there must be some emotional reason why I ate so much, but in reality, I just loved food. When I was living at home, my parents made nasty, low fat, tasteless food. Going to college expanded my horizons on flavour and I couldn’t get enough of it. I also felt more confident in those first two years of college, unless my parents or sister were around. I had great friends, went out on a lot of dates, and felt good about myself. I really didn’t mind crossing the 200 pound mark, it was only my parents who freaked out about it. I had refused myself the pleasure of eating for so long that I had nearly forgotten how happy I was back at school. Suddenly, James’ decision to gain weight didn’t seem so crazy. This bunker was a judgement free zone. Why not be happy down here? The rest of the world was shit anyway. James When I stepped out of my bedroom the next morning, I was greeted to the smell of pancakes. Jessica was humming along with some Motown music playing over the stereo as she flipped the last of what looked like a dozen and a half pancakes onto a large platter. The dining table was set with plates and silverware and a large plate of bacon ready to be eaten. “Good morning, James.” Jessica said kindly as she set the platter of pancakes on the table. “Take a seat.” “Thanks.” I said as I sat down. “Looks like you’ve been quite busy out here.” “Yes,” she said as she took four pancakes onto her plate. “I wanted to make you some breakfast as a sort of thank you and apology. I’ve had a really rough last couple months and I’m afraid that that I took it out on you. I promise I’m not that much of an asshole.” She said with a small laugh. “Never crossed my mind.” The food looked delicious and I greedily took six pancakes and a large helping of bacon to start. Over breakfast we talked about our lives before everything fell apart. I told her all about my dad’s obsession and how he had left me the bunker following his death. Jessica had led an interesting life as a backstage manager and costume maker for a professional theatre company. She had all sorts of funny stories about crazy actors and backstage pranks. We ended up polishing off all the food in about 30 minutes, both of us properly stuffed. I had eaten ten of the pancakes and a little over half of the bacon and I definitely felt it. Jessica felt absolutely bloated after finishing her meal. “Wow, you must have been hungry!” I said patting my now swollen gut. “Food must have been scarce out there.” “It wasn’t so bad at first, but once people grasped the situation, the grocery stores and restraints were picked clean. I had to break into people’s houses to find <burp> anything.” Jessica looked embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, you can eat as much as you’d like.” I said through a chuckle. “I appreciate that. Scrounging for food does make one hungry. Can’t remember the last time I had such a food baby.” Jessica leaned back and held her tiny distended belly between her hands. I was glad that we were at the table because the sight gave me a massive hard on. I was beginning to develop a massive crush on her, but I knew that I needed to act like a gentlemen, given the situation. I never wanted to make her feel uncomfortable or in danger. “Well, what shall we do next?” Jessica asked, startling me out of my contemplation. “Let’s relax for a bit and watch some tv,” I suggested to Jessica’s approval. We hauled our bloated bodies over to the couch and I turned the system on. “Before coming into the bunker, I downloaded over one hundred thousand hours of tv shows, movies, and music. If you can think of it, I’ve probably got it.” Jessica scrolled through the catalogue for a few minutes, clearly impressed by the selection. “Wow! You came down here prepared! Of course, what else are you going to do besides watch tv down here?” “I’ve also got thousands of video games and books, if you ever get bored. As far as I’m concerned, what’s mine is yours.” I said with a smile. Jessica flashed a beautiful smile back. Her green eyes, although still weary from her hardships twinkled. “I saw that you were watching Cheers yesterday. I love that show! Haven’t seen it for ages.” “That’s great. I only just started it, so we can watch it all together. We lazed about watching Cheers, laughing at all of Norm’s quips and Coach’s memory slips for about two hours. After the sixth episode, Jessica looked over at me in my sweat pants and t-shirt and commented, “You definitely look more comfortable in those sweats today than in this jeans yesterday.” “Yeah,” I replied. “I felt like a stuffed sausage yesterday. I’m too fat for skinny jeans.” Jessica looked at me appraisingly and said, “Oh, you’re not that fat...at least not yet anyway. At least you have something comfortable to wear. I’ve only got what’s on me right now.” Something dawned on me at that moment. “Hey, let me show you something.” We got up and I led her over to a closet off of the living area. Inside were several reams of fabric and sewing materials. My father had taken up amateur garment making in his final years in anticipation of having to make and mend clothes. When I discovered this closet, I learned the skill too, although I was quite terrible at it. By the time I had committed to my weight gain plan, I had all but given up on it. I did however purchase about 200 yards of elastic just in case. Jessica’s eyes lit up at the sight. “Oh my god. This is incredible. I can make some new clothes for myself. I think you’ll probably need some new stuff soon too, tubby!” She said with a smile as she playfully poked my belly. I had to excuse myself hastily and go to the bathroom to avoid being embarrassed by my arousal. When I returned she was still looking through the closet, pulling out material for her first garment. I realized that Jessica had only seen just a portion of the bunker. “Would you care for a tour of the premises? You’ve really only seen a portion of what this place has to offer.” “Sure!” She replied and we headed towards the kitchen. “I know you’ve become familiar with the kitchen, but I wanted to show you what’s in this closet.” I open the door to a small room that contained the water purification system. “This is the primary water source. This system is connected to a deep underground well over 400 feet below the surface. The reservoir is massive meaning that we’ll never run out of water. This feeds everything from the showers to the dishwasher to the washing machine.” Jessica seemed impressed. “Your dad must have been a smart guy to hook this all up. It hardly feels like a survival shelter.” “Oh, I know. I was shocked when I came down here for the first time. Let’s head through here.” I said, leading her to the master bedroom. “Here’s where I sleep. King sized bed, large tv. There’s a tv in the cabinet of your room too. They’re all connected to the same hard drive as the main tv.” “Now what’s that there?” Jessica said pointing to the mini fridge by the bed. I blushed and she gave me a knowing smile. “Well, um. Yeah. I don’t think any explanations are necessary. Let’s move on.” I said awkwardly. “Here’s the master bath and through here is what makes this place really special.” Jessica James opened the door to an expansive room. He flicked a nearby light switch and row after row of completely stocked shelves became illuminated. My eyes widened as a room the size of a small grocery store came into view. Each ten foot high shelf was filled floor to ceiling with food, glorious food. On the far left wall were numerous freezer chests, each with labels reading “beef,” “chicken,” “pork,” etc... In the back right hand corner through a closed door was an automated garden growing fresh tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, corn, and other delicious fruits and veggies, all lit with artificial sunlight growing lamps. There was an entire row of vacuum sealed barrels of pasta, numerous shelves of preserved jams, fruits, spreads, smoked fish, and many other delectable goods, but the most impressive sight was the huge quantity of hostess products, most notably the old type of twinkies they used to sell before they briefly went off the market. My heart raced as I picked up one package of the delicious dessert treat. Twinkies were my absolutely favourite binge food during my brief two years in college. I had not tasted one since, fearing that I would fall back on old habits. I squeezed the package gently and felt that familiar squish. I remembered buying numerous packs at the student store and eating them all in secret while my roommate was in class. I remembered the rush I felt as each Twinkie filled my mouth. I also remembered how eating those desserts made me feel afterward. How my hand would slowly unbutton my jeans and slip into my absolutely soaked panties. I had to quickly cover myself and all the wrappers with a blanket and pretend to nap several times when my roommate returned earlier than expected. I had been made to feel guilty about this over the years, but holding these twinkies in my hand made me question why I ever bought into that reasoning. “May I?” I asked tentatively. “Of course.” James replied. “We have thousands of these in here.” I opened the package and slowly placed the dessert in my mouth. A rush of dopamine reached my brain and without noticing, I had finished both twinkies in a matter of seconds. I wanted more. I needed more. I was breathing hard and fast as James handed me a second package. I grabbed it and ripped it open before stuffing the treats in my mouth. “James, I want more.” He quickly handed me another package and before long I had eaten 16 Twinkies. I slumped over on the ground and rubbed my stuffed belly. It was noticeably bigger from all the rich food inside. I don’t know if James was a keen observer or just simply saw some of himself in me, but he sat down next to me and said, “You know, I have lots of food here. You mentioned that you used to be chubby. Do you miss it?” I hesitated a moment to gather my thoughts. “I never really thought about it at the time, but when I was fat, I was truly happy. There were a lot of things that happened in my life that made me lose the weight, but I hadn’t realized until just now how much I regretted giving into my parents and my sister’s wishes for me to be thin.” I continued to tell James all about my history with gaining and losing the weight. How I had been mentally abused by my parents who couldn’t see past the weight to see their happy and fulfilled daughter. James didn’t say much, rather he just listened and reassured me. By the time I finished telling my story, I was sobbing. I hadn’t realized how traumatized I had been. James put his arm around my shoulders and comforted me for a while before saying, “I don’t want you ever to feel pressured in this bunker, but you can eat whatever you want down here. We have more food than even two enormous fatties could eat in a lifetime. You’ll always have a safe place to be yourself down here.” “No judgements?” “Are you kidding me?!” James laughed. He shook his paunch and said, “I’ve put on 34 pounds after the world came to an end. I came down here to get fat. I’m not saying that you have to gain as much as me, but we’re gonna be here for a while. Eat up, girl!” I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at James’ kind smile. I gave him a little peck on the cheek and thanked him for his generosity causing him to blush profusely. Of all the bunkers to find myself in at the end of the world, I may have lucked out the most and not just for the food. James The following week was the best period of gaining so far. I had thought that gaining by myself had been enjoyable, but having someone eat and gain with me pushed me to my limits. After the emotional breakdown in the food storage room, Jessica seemed to have reached something of a breakthrough. She had never wanted to be skinny and she was now freeing the fatty that had been trapped inside of her for so many years. And Jessica could eat! She told me that when she had been skinny she had always felt hungry. Her appetite had never let her forget how much of a glutton she had once been. She just always had to starve herself to stay thin. Without those self-imposed restrictions, she was free to grow fat again and she couldn’t wait to reach her former size. She didn’t know how fat she wanted to be, but I had a sneaking suspicion that 200 pounds was going to fly by like a speeding train. This was also amongst the happiest periods of my entire life, albeit one of the most sexually frustrating. I was crushing on Jessica hard and it was tough to hide my feelings. She was simply ravishing. The way her hair bounced off of her shoulders gave me chills. Her playful glances in my direction before eating a large meal made my heart flutter. Jessica’s smile filled my stomach with butterflies. And her body, oh lord, I couldn’t believe that this sexy woman had wandered into my life. She was already developing a round little belly that I knew would grow to be her most prominent feature. She always stood with excellent posture which showcased her bountiful breasts. I yearned to explore her bosom with my hands and mouth. Her ass was in the shape of a perfect bubble, perky and thick. Occasionally, she would bend over and I would simply lose control. My erect penis grew so hard at the sight of her that I needed to keep a pillow in my lap at all times just to hide my excitement. But it was more than just physical attraction. I had never met a woman with whom I could talk to so easily. We laughed frequently, many times to the point that Jessica would give a cute little snort. She had a wonderful sense of humour and loved to tease me playfully. The mischievous look she would give me when she poked fun at my belly made me swoon. She was also so generous and kind. She even made me a new pair of jeans from some of the denim we had stored in the closet, complete with elastic waist band and sized a few sizes too big, leaving room for me to grow. I asked her if she would make me a new shirt, but she said she thought I would prefer to let the belly bulge under my old shirts. She was not wrong. Yet, I felt obligated not to pursue any kind of romantic relationship with her. I knew the situation we were in would present certain implications. I never wanted her to feel obligated to me in any kind of sexual way, as much as I would have loved to please her, fulfill her wildest fantasies, and to fuck her in every conceivable way possible. I dreamed that we would fall in love and live happily in this bunker for the rest of our days. I wanted to know everything about her, to be her confidante, and to share life’s greatest joys together, but the thought of scaring her off and losing her forever was not something I wanted to risk. By the end of the first week, we had really grown comfortable together and we both spurred each other’s eating. Jessica would bring us treats whenever she returned to the couch, reasoning that if she was hungry, I was probably hungry. Even though there were times that I was absolutely stuffed, I never turned her down. I made her delicious pasta dishes, casseroles, and other delectable meals every night. I loved hearing her moan in response to her first bite of one of my meals. She said that she felt lucky to be fattening up with such a great cook. In return, Jessica made the most decadent desserts. Because eggs were not something that I could keep fresh in the bunker for extended periods of time, I never thought I’d be able to bake much down in the bunker. She used to have two roommates, one a vegan and the other completely gluten free. Both of them loved to bake and taught her ways to make excellent desserts with untraditional ingredients. She would then find ways to make them extra fattening, sugary, and delicious. We were the perfect compliments for one another. I hoped beyond hope that Jessica would develop the same kind of feelings that I had for her, but I didn’t want to force the issue. She and I were like peanut butter and jelly and what more could you want from two pigs like us? Maybe one day Jessica and I would come together as romantic partners and lovers, but who could know for sure. Jessica God, I wanted James’ fat, sexy body to destroy his jeans so I could jump his hard cock. He was driving me wild tonight, as he had every night for the past month. He had eaten over 8000 calories so far today and showed no sign of stopping and I wanted him to pass 10,000. I had reached a respectable 6500 calories for the day, but I was definitely slowing down. This elephant of a man, however was still eating with reckless abandon and his body was giving me quite a show. His belly has swollen up to a massive size and was pushing his shirt so high that he almost looked like he was wearing a sports bra. And boy did my fat man need one. His moobs were coming in soft and fast. I had made sure to feed him lots of dairy to enable his body to grow pleasingly flabby complete with a belly filled with rolls, huge man titties, and a wide, tubby ass. “Want more chips?” I asked him already knowing the answer. He rubbed his hairy belly as the button on his elastic waistband jeans strained to contain its fat cargo. I bit my lip imagining that button popping those jeans open in the same way his previous pair had on that first night. I may have been weirded out at first, but I’ve thought back to that night so many times as I rubbed my clit thoroughly before passing out in pleasure. I opened the bag for him and brought him some ranch dip to help him to make that final push past 10,000 calories. If he finished it all that would put him there. There was no way he was stopping before every crumb was gone from that bag and every last drop of ranch was out of that bowl. “Thanks, Jess.” He said with a mouth full of chips. ‘Anything for you, my fat hog’ I thought greedily to myself. We watched one of the later season’s of Cheers with Kirstie Alley. Seeing her fatten up had always been a fascination of mine even before becoming fat in my undergrad. “I bet you loved seeing her fatten up as a young man.” I teased knowing that he snuck glances at my fat belly and ass when he thought I couldn’t see. I know he wanted me, but he was holding back. God I wanted him to just take me sometimes, to give into his lust. James blushed and got embarrassed. I knew when I had hit a bullseye with his fat admiration. He always tripped over his words whenever I teased him about loving fat women. He never gave a straight answer. “I, um, guess I found her, attractive before and I thought she looked good after.” “You liked seeing her gain weight, didn’t you? You wanted her to gain even more weight, I’d bet. You would have loved to be her feed her fatter?” He grew even more embarrassed as he steadily ate his chips and dip. “That was, um, something that I read some stories online about.” He said slightly breathlessly. “But that wasn’t enough for you. I bet you wanted more.” I said as I leaned closer and pushed his pillow away. I knew why he always seems to have one on his lap. He wanted to conceal his hard cock. I looked down and noticed the bulge in his stuffed jeans. I lost my breath when I noticed the size of its outline. He was huge! I leaned forward and drew my mouth closer his ear and my right hand into his bag of chips. I stuffed a small handful into his mouth and whispered. “You wanted that fatty to fatten you up too.” Which a loud clack, I heard James’ button bounce off the far wall. His belly forced his zipper down as his gut spilled out of his jeans. “Oh god! I’m getting so...fucking...fat! Make me...fatter!” He said as his hips thrust against his still clothed body. I helped him take his pants off revealing his massive thick cock. He was definitely over ten inches and he was girthy. “Oh Jesus fucking Christ!” I moaned as I fed him the last of the chips. I grabbed his cock and squeezed it as I thrust my hand furiously down it causing him to start feeling himself up. He squeezed at his belly taking all of his burgeoning fat rolls into his hands as he juggled it around. “Make me your fat pig!” He yelled as he pried his tight shirt off. I sucked on his nipples as I continued stoking his shaft. Without warning, James slowed down the action saying, “Are you sure you want this Jessica? I, don’t want you to feel-“ I stopped this nonsense by slowly dragging my tongue up his long shaft sending his body into jiggling convulsions as I slowly approached his throbbing head. I gave it a quick teasing suck right around his tip and said “yes.” At this news he gave way, closed his eyes for a few seconds and thrusted his hips up. When he opened them I was slipping my panties off revealing my 162 pound curvy body to him. I reached up and squeezed my tits together seductively. “God I want to be inside of you.” He said through gritted teeth. I quickly obliged as I reached for some lube I had hidden away in the coffee table and squirted a liberal amount around on his thick shaft. I knew this was going to be a bumpy ride, but I was determined to take him all in. I slowly mounted his cock and began working my way down. He was so thick that his shaft ran down my g-spot causing me to come all around him which helped me make the final descent. I had never taken anyone this big before but I was growing to love every moment of it. Before I knew it, James brought the remaining ranch up to my face and told me to chug the rest of it. My eyes dilated as I reached out to grab the bowl. I poured the leftover dressing down fast, much of it spilling on my bare breasts. At the sight, James thrust hard inside of me and pulled me close so he could lick the ranch off of me. I came two more times before feeling him release his load with one mighty cum-inducing thrust. We screamed out in pleasure together followed by a moment of heavy, nearly synchronized breathing and then he helped me slide off of him making me whimper in pleasure as his head slid out of my tight pussy. We then quickly retired to James’ bed and fell asleep holding each other’s fat bodies. Jessica (continued) I awoke the next morning and sleepily gazed upon the growing fat man next to me. He was not nearly close to where he needed to be, but I was going to get him there. I was going to fatten him up beyond his wildest dreams. James’ belly had shrunk down from the massive food baby he had last night. His moobs were only small lumps that were accentuated when he lounged on the couch. Soon they would grow rounder and fatter, sagging on the massive belly he would someday proudly flaunt around the bunker as he waddled between the kitchen and the couch. A tingle ran through my body at the thought. I wanted to dominate and fatten his body to epic proportions. Someday, my prized pig would squeal as I fucked his hog body all day and night feeding him more and more fattening food. I would be his obese dominatrix and tease and humiliate him before I had my way with his blubber filled body. He would be a slave to my fat belly, voluptuous cellulite ridden ass, and bouncing growing tits as he fed his master decadent treats while I stuffed him like the pig he already was. James was up to 215 pounds after three months of gaining, a gain of 55 pounds. Considering that he would most likely start fattening up at an even faster rate each and every month as his rotund belly demanded more food, he would pass three hundred pounds in probably three and a half months. I was determined to make it happen in three. I had my own goals to reach too. My first major step was to get back to the weight I was previously, 200 pounds, but I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to grow to at least twice that size. Ever since that evening in the food storage room, I realized that I was meant to be fat. Not just chubby, but hugely obese. I yearned for James and I to reach epic proportions together. Someday I would catch up to him. No easy task since I had to make up a 53 pound deficit. The absurdity of it made me want it more. I was going to push myself until I was as fat as the whale of a man lying next to me. My mind drifted to the previous night when I gulped down the remaining ranch. Clearly James was trying to push me too, I thought to myself with an excited grin. With his help, I’ll become the fat piggy I should have been before losing the weight. James and I will live a life of gluttony and lust. Our fat bellies will squish together as we fuck each other’s soft, butter-grown bodies. My pussy gushed at that thought. “Hi there, beautiful.” James said sleepily as he pulled me down to the bed for a kiss. I quivered at his touch and ran my hand along his flabby belly. It was growing softer by the day. He migrated lower on my body, kissing and sucking on my breasts. My nipples grew hard in his mouth as he flicked and licked them with his tongue. He squeezed my little starter belly as he moved lower still. I was breathing hard in anticipation of the treat I was about to receive. His kisses moved along my pelvis, playfully teasing what was to come. I wanted him to eat my pussy ravenously, but the anticipation was driving me wild. I moaned into my pillow as he spread me open to get his first taste. I knew that he wouldn’t have to work long to send me into orgasmic bliss. His tongue found my clit and began feasting. Within a minute I was cumming hard on his buried face. But the pleasure didn’t stop there. My pig was hungry and he ate me out for what felt like hours. I came so many times I lost count, simply riding wave after wave of pleasure. Eventually, the sensation was so intense that I simply passed out. I awoke to the smell of sausages and pirogies with a massive scoop of sour cream on the side for dipping. James has brought large trays in for both of us to eat off of. ‘What time is it?’ I thought to myself. ‘Wait, why the hell do I even care? I live for food, sex, and this fatty sitting next to me.’ As James set the food down, he gave me a small kiss on the forehead before sitting with his own tray of breakfast. “I suppose we should talk about last night,” he said with a little anxiety on his voice. “I just want to make sure that you don’t feel obligated to sleep with me because I welcomed you into this bunker. I have grown very fond of you since you arrived. In the end, I hope you stick around and I would not want to jeopardize that for any reason. You’ve become more than just a room mate to me. You’re my best friend and I can feel myself falling for you.” I could tell that James was completely sincere when he said this. “I’ve never met a man like you, James. You compliment every part of me, my quirky sense of humour, my vulnerability about my past, and you’ve opened up a side of me that I thought had long since passed. I didn’t sleep with you because I felt obligated. I did it because I can feel myself falling for you too.” James almost looked as if he was going to cry. To be honest, I felt the same way. We embraced each other for about a minute before James let me go and said, “Our food is going to get cold. Us pigs have got to eat.” I didn’t need any more reminding about that. James That familiar elation of falling in love filled our next two months as vast quantities of food filled our bellies. Jessica especially was eating with great vigour, pushing herself to record breaking numbers of calories each day. She wanted to catch up to me. When I suggested that I could slow down for a little bit, she scoffed at the idea saying that a true feedee never backs down from a challenge. Indeed, she didn’t, gaining 43 pounds over the first month, and 45 pounds over the second month bringing her up to 250 pounds. She cried tears of joy when she saw the scale pass 200 and just continued her gluttonous path saying that she was finally making up for lost time. “We have to celebrate,” she said excitedly. “We need to celebrate every important milestone with some fantastic binge.” I thought for a couple seconds and remembered an old fantasy of mine. “Why don’t you make us two cakes and we can both eat them like pigs. No utensils.” Jessica’s eyes widened at the prospect. “An entire cake each? That’s going to be some serious eating. You sure we can do it?” I grinned a little fiendishly and poked her giant belly that was being framed by a pair of panties suspended above her bottom roll of fat. Seeing her soft belly poke out underneath her waistband drove me wild. “I think you’re gonna be just fine there, piggy.” I pulled her closer. Our bellies came together with a pleasing compression of fat. Her breasts had doubled in size since she started gaining and were thoroughly engulfing here original bra. “Why do you still wear that tiny thing?” I asked as I kissed her neck. She pushed me away slightly and replied, “For this very moment.” She then leaned back and her bra burst in two releasing her now D cup breasts. I don’t know how it was possible, but I somehow became more hard at this display. “God, I want you right now.” I said, my face buried in her bosom. I squeezed and kneaded her massive boobs and flicked her nipple with my tongue causing her breath to quicken. She responded by grabbing both sides of my hairy gut and shaking me around feeling my fat squish and undulate under her fingers. My belly was finally starting to give up its fight against gravity, sticking out four inches and hanging slightly over my waist band. At 270 pounds, I was starting to look fat, beyond tubby, and I was definitely not done gaining weight. Jessica grabbed at my moobs which were sensitive to her touch. “Somebody else here is growing a nice pair of breasts too.” She giggled mischievously as she continued to excite me with her touch. “You moobs are gonna be this size one day.” She grabbed at her chest, lifting and squeezing her voluptuous perfect breasts and giving me the sexiest look imaginable. Her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulder, draping over her left breast as she lowered her face seductively. She drew near and pushed me playfully down to the bed and pulled my shorts down slowly, making a point to drag her hand slowly down my now rock hard penis. “I’ll never get tired of my big man’s incredible cock.” She said with a mischievous giggle. “Though I can see a little fupa starting to climb this dick.” Jessica leaned in and kissed the layer of fat that was beginning to emerge from my now big handsome body. “It’s gonna have to be really fat to cover me up.” I said confidently. “Oh, you think so?” Jessica said as she drew upward and licked the curvature of the head of my penis. “You’re destined to get fat with me. I never knew I’d wander into some bunker at the end of the world and meet a boy that I could fatten up into a man. But you’re gonna be my man, pig!” She said taking a firm hard grip on my dick. The sensation made my pelvis thrust forward bringing her hand down on my shaft. She allowed me a moment to recover from the amazing sensation. She repeated this intense experience several times, changing the interval between her satisfying squeezes. I could feel the most massive eruption of semen I have ever felt yearning to explode from my incredibly erect penis. “Oh...God, baby, YES!” I said in an orgasmic state. But Jessica didn’t squeeze again. No, she looked me in the eye and crossed her arms over her massive breasts. The dimmed lights caressed her face accentuating her beauty. She smirked at me and said, “You are not eating enough, fatty.” There was such the tone in her voice that clearly put me in her command. “I am so sorry, Jessica-“ “Don’t be sorry, pig! Eat!” She said as she squeezed my absolutely flabby and completely empty belly. My body still yearned to cum so badly that I felt in utter torture. One tiny stroke and I would have shot sperm clear to the ceiling. I wanted it so bad. Jessica put her hands aside her glorious stomach. It had undergone an amazing transformation. Her belly rested on her plump and already fluffy thighs, covering her pussy in a shadow from which it would soon seldom appear. “I’ve got this glorious body that is all yours to have and fatten up. And my pig has done well feeding me fat, but it’s time he got serious about his own gaining. Your fat goddess has gained 88 pounds of pure,” she said giving her chubby belly a squeeze. “Squeezable,” she pulled my hands to her belly and forced me to knead her stomach. My cock ached from the lack of release. “Fat.” She said with unmitigated pleasure, gasping slightly from my touch. “Be the hog I know you can be. 55 pounds in two months is not enough for you, pig. You should have never let me get within striking distance of your weight this fast. You need to eat better if you want us to become the pinnacle of feedees, the fattest and sexiest humans who have ever grazed this earth. We are going to be the fattest two humans who have ever lived.” My mind was bombarded with images of the two of us both surpassing 2000 pounds, our bodies, two amazing monuments to hyper obesity, being fattened for the end of time. “I expect you to keep up with me as I charge ahead into immobility.” My mind flashed ahead to a time when our massive blubbery bodies are pushing into each other as we grow our way into record shattering fat glory. “I will, my beautiful fat lover.” “Damn right, I’m your beautiful fat lover! I’m beautifully fat and getting fatter, but I also love your fat body.” She let a faint but noticeable glint of absolute love and admiration on her face before becoming playfully stern again. “I’m going to be 100 pounds heavier in one month. I was so desperately trying to reach it over this last two month span, but I fell short. That will not happen again. You need to catch up to my pace. In two months, I will weigh 350 pounds. I need to maintain that rate of growth, but I’m not going to let my sexy lover not keep pace with me. You will gain 80 pounds for these two months and we will keep pace with one another after that. Do you understand, pig?” “Yes, my beautiful fat and sexy lover.” I said as a leaned back convulsively. “Good,” She squeezed my cock one last time returning me to my nearly exploding stupor. “because piggies get rewarded when they please me. Eat everything I say today and I’ll make you cum in a way you’ll never forget.” With a gentle, yet undeniable swagger of dominance, Jessica had turned me into her feedee pig. She was the most stunning and sexiest woman I had ever laid my eyes upon. I was in her control and I never wanted out of it. James (continued) Jessica, still in just her small pair of panties walked over to a nearby chest of drawers and bent over to retrieve an item of clothing out of the bottom drawer. As she bent over, her skimpy pair of underwear was drawn further up her now canyon like ass. She flung a pair of skimpy men’s briefs at me and said, “I made piggy some new clothes. Put it on.” I slid the tight pair of underwear up my fat legs. They were somewhat high cut showing more of my ass than I was used to. Jessica had made sure to leave enough room for my junk to create an exquisite bulge in the front. She quivered at the sight. “Oh, that’s gonna do just fine,” she said as she grabbed my dick. “Come with me, fatty.” I followed her to the kitchen where she opened the refrigerator door. “We are going to eat every last crumb of food in this fridge. Every bottle will be emptied, every leftover finished, every drink consumed.” This was going to be no easy task as the fridge was already pretty full. Jessica handed me the remainder of a bottle of blue cheese dressing and she grabbed a used bottle of ranch. With perfect synchronicity, we both started chugging our bottles. I had never eaten this way, but I felt transformed. Jessica had flipped a switch inside my head that made me want to just continue eating at all costs. We polished off the pickles, fancy mustards, the bottle of ketchup (which thankfully we didn’t have to chug too must of that), cheeses, deli meats, leftovers, what few fruits and veggies we had, and everything else we laid our greedy hands upon. All that was left was a gallon of chocolate milk that I had frozen for a special occasion. It was now defrosted, yet still much colder than the fridge’s temperature. Jessica sat on the floor and let her belly hang between her outstretched legs. How soon will that belly begin resting on the floor, I wondered to myself. The image made me sigh in anticipation. She began pouring the chocolate milk down her throat, a good deal of it falling onto her chest and between her breasts, coating her fat belly. She stopped at the halfway mark and handed the jug over to me. Panting, she said, “now it’s your turn piggy. Drink all of that in one go.” I tipped the jug and received my first taste of the chocolate milk. It had been months since I had had a drink so rich. Like Jessica, a good deal of milk spilled down on my belly, but I didn’t care. The cold only pushed me to go faster. Jessica watched me intently as I finished it to the last drop. I lowered the jug and looked over at Jessica. She had a slightly dazed yet supremely contented expression on her face. Her mouth was still surrounded with chocolate milk overflow and she licked her lips seductively. She looked fatter than I had ever seen her. Her inner thighs were beginning to fight for dominance and her belly was so far distended that she looked several months past due. “Did that satisfy my piggy’s appetite?” She asked breathlessly as she absentmindedly stroked her belly. I had never been so stuffed, yet I knew that this was just the beginning of this epic binge. I moaned in agreement and without trying, both of us fell asleep sitting on the floor of the kitchen surrounded by empty food containers. When we awoke, we heaved our still full bodies up and Jessica situated me on the couch. It was now 4pm and she needed to make the cakes. She situated me on the couch and gave me a bag of chips and some root beer. “You know what to do, pig.” She said as she grabbed a huge handful of my belly and shook it. “I need more of my man to please. Give your sexy fat mistress more.” She then leaned over and stuck her tongue down my throat. I wanted more. I wanted to fuck her with every fibre of my being. Jessica took notice of the massive erection forming in my pants. “Nuh, uh, uh,” she said wagging her finger. “I only let real fatties fuck me.” All of the pent up sexual energy went to my appetite and I polished off both the bag of chips and soda in less than 15 minutes as I watched TV. Jessica came in wearing an apron over her bare chest. The sides of her breasts were on full display. God, I wanted her. “Who wants to lick the beaters?” She said as she licked a big wooden spoon covered in cake batter. I grabbed the beaters and probed them with my tongue, cleaning off every last morsel of batter. With the cakes in the oven, Jessica grabbed herself a snack, a bag of chips and soda, and we preceded to lounge around for the remainder of the afternoon. The cakes were cooling by 7pm when Jessica said it was time for dinner. She cooked four boxes of macaroni and cheese, doubling the amount of butter in the recipe. My belly was delightfully filled after this and I began to worry about finishing the cake. Jessica did not make this any easier. Every 20-30 minutes she made me eat something else, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a small bowl of ice cream, a box of crackers with cream cheese. I knew I had never eaten so many calories in one day. Once 11pm rolled around, Jessica announced that it was time for cake. This was no small cake that she had made me. It was a ten inch wide triple layered chocolate cake that I already knew would be delicious. “I know my piggy is worried about finishing his meal, but I’m going to show you how it’s done. You sit back and enjoy the show.” With that, Jessica dropped to all fours and began attacking her cake, ravenously biting off piece after piece. Her mouth was covered in chocolate frosting, but she didn’t care, she just ate and ate. “Get down here and smack my ass!” She demanded through a mouthful of cake. I happily obliged, while also rubbing her low hanging belly. Every spanking caused her to whine with ecstasy. “Harder,” she moaned. “I know you love my fat ass, give it to me harder!” I left multiple red handprints on her flabby behind before she decided to sit upright and told me to watch her from the couch. She laid the remaining cake (roughly half or so) on the floor and began to grab handfuls of it, grunting and moaning in pleasure as she greedily consumed her dessert. When she finished she rubbed her now cake soiled hands all over her distended belly. She was breathing heavily and quickly, clearly near the point of orgasm. I started to get up, but Jessica stopped me. “Watch me pleasure myself as you stroke your dick, but don’t you dare cum, pig.” I happily agreed and watched her stick her hand down the front of panties to her now dripping wet pussy. She felt up and squeezed every accessible roll of fat all over her body, cumming for me three times before getting up weakly and slumping into one of the chairs. She was still covered in cake. “Now it’s your turn, fatty. Prove to me that you’re capable of this. Eat that entire cake and I will reward you. But before you do, put this on.” She reached into the side table’s drawer and retrieved my very familiar looking cock ring that also squeezed my balls quite satisfyingly. “I found somebody’s stash of toys.” She said in a sing-song fashion. “I don’t know why you didn’t get those out sooner. We’re gonna have some real fun now.” I didn’t know why I had not told Jessica about my stash of sex toys. It seemed so stupid not to. I guess I was a little embarrassed at the size of my collection. I slipped the cock ring on and felt my privates get squeezed tightly, making both my penis and balls look even bigger than they already were. The sight of my fat cock and my even fatter woman who was covered in the remains of chocolate cake spurred my appetite. I brought the cake up to my mouth and started eating just as fast as Jessica had before me. My belly was swollen with a huge day’s worth of binging, but I didn’t care, I was going to finish. I kept going at the cake with urgency as Jessica encouraged and teased me. “That’s right, fatty. This is how you were meant to eat. A big sexy hog devouring his meals, getting messy while he shoves food in his mouth as quickly as possible.” Despite Jessica’s encouragement and my incredible arousal, I hit a wall about 2/3 of the way through the cake. Jessica gave me a moment to breathe and then heaved her fat body off the chair. Her belly looked like it had a beach ball inflated in it. Her movements were incredibly laboured, but it didn’t stop her from attending to her pig. “Lie down for me, piggy.” She slid the remaining cake off of the plate and onto my chest. “You’re going to finish that cake and I’m going to help you.” With that she spread my legs apart slightly and squeezed my testicles firmly. The sensation filled me with excitement and caused my dick to grow even harder. She then playfully slapped my balls around which only heightened my arousal. But she was not done yet. I looked at her as she teased my balls. She was clearly enjoying giving me this pleasurable pain, but I could see nothing of the actual act past my simply gargantuan belly which had swollen up to a size it had never been before. It was so round and taut. Jessica then leaned down and kissed my belly all over giving me goosebumps before descending behind my large gut. She gripped the base of my penis and ran her tongue between my two balls. My pupils dilated and I couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure. “Eat, pig!” Jessica said as she kept attending to my swollen testicles. I had gotten a second wind and began to cram the remaining cake into my face. I moaned and yelled out in pleasure as I stuffed my belly even fatter. Jessica began to work my base of my shaft while she squeezed my balls. Looking over my mountainous belly, she noticed that I had just finished my cake. “That’s my hog!” She said excitedly between sensual kisses all up my rock hard cock. “When I see you eat like that it makes me so...ravenous.” She said as she began to take the tip of my penis into her mouth. Jessica’s luscious lips worked lower and lower down my shaft as her right hand kept working my balls. She was well over six inches down and she showed no signs of stopping. I had never been this deep in a woman’s mouth before, but apparently Jessica had be practicing. She took more in as she let her throat relax. Amazingly she reached the base of my 11 inch penis and I exploded into her. She slowly withdrew as she gulped down my seed. When she removed my dick from her mouth, sperm and cake coated her lips which she seductively licked off. “Holy fuck!” I said as I rubbed my swollen belly. “How did you...do that?” She looked coyly at me as she patted her belly proudly. “Big girls like big meals.” She said with a little wink. Jessica I had trouble sleeping that night due to how aroused I still was by James’ stuffing. Never had I felt so sexual as when I took control of my piggy and made him eat himself fatter. I ended up waking up my stuffed hog twice just so he could stuff me with his massive cock. He, of course pleased his mistress thoroughly. The sight of his distended engorged belly undulating with his every thrust deep inside of me was hypnotic. His hairy belly was beginning to cast a shadow on his big dig while underneath that gut, his growing fupa was beginning to grow over the base of his long shaft. As he pounded my pussy, I kept thinking about how big I was going to have to make him for his fat to engulf his penis. I dreamed of a day that I’d have to push back layers of fat just to give the tip of his penis a good sucking. I awoke late in the morning to an empty bed, my still engorged belly showing the previous day’s progress. “James,” I called out to my lover. “Just a moment, my sweet piggy.” He called from the other room. Within a few seconds he emerged with an entire tray of bacon, farmer’s sausages, and breakfast patties. My eyes widened at the impressive spread. “Figures my piglet could use a hearty breakfast before we begin our day of eating.” James said as he plopped his big ass on the bed. His little shorts clung to his thick ass cheeks tightly, slightly digging into thighs and completely outlining the contour of his round behind. My man had a chunky ass and I loved it. “God yes. You’ve brought all my favourite fatty breakfast meats. I hope they’re extra greasy. I love licking grease from my face after eating bacon.” “I love sticking my tongue in your mouth and tasting bacon.” “Oh, fuck! You always know what to say to your fat princess to turn her on.” We both ate what must have been 3 pounds of breakfast meat before we started making out. Tasting bacon on my lover’s lips was divine. We pushed our fat bellies together and groped at each other’s blubber for about 30 minutes after which time we snuggled together for a while. My head laid on James’ chest and I listened to the sound of his heartbeat, which was a comfort for me and lulled me back asleep as I hugged his body close. He made me feel so comfortable and safe. I woke up before James did and kissed him on the cheek. I looked at his peacefully sleeping face and my heart gushed. I had never felt this way about anyone before and during the two months after world’s end when I was outside the bunker, I thought my chances for love were all but over. I loved this man, and not just for his sexy fat body, but everything about him. He was generous, kind, funny, extremely capable, and sweet. I couldn’t believe that he had come into my life. “What you thinking about there, baby?” James’ question had taken me out of my swooning. “James, I want you to know that...I love you. You’ve become the most important thing in my life and I’m so grateful for these past few months. You’ve done more than just give me a safe place to ride out the end of the world. You’ve completed me in ways that I never knew were possible.” I began tearing up a little and James pulled me into his arms and held me close. “Jessica, I’ve been in love with you from the start. I knew from the moment you came back to the bunker that first day that my life would be forever changed. You are my everything. You are the sunlight that keeps me feeling warm each day, the moon and stars that fill me with wonder and let me know my place in the world, and the clouds that bring joy and spur imagination in my soul. We may never see the outside world again, but with you I’ll never need it. You are everything that matters in my world.” I was now seriously crying. “Damnit, James. Why’d you have to make me cry so much.” I laughed through happy tears. We lied there and felt comfort from each other’s presence for a little while before deciding to get out of bed. James made us a couple of frozen pizzas each for our late lunch. It was laze around in underwear kind of day and the metal chairs felt cool on our pudgy thighs as we sat down and ate our meal. “Did you like yesterday?” I asked a little sheepishly. “I kind of got carried away. You were turning me on so hard with your eating, I couldn’t help myself.” James blushed a bit and accidentally dropped a piece of pepperoni on his right breast. My eyes widened at this image. “Jess,” he began as he picked up the fallen meat and plopped it in his mouth leaving a shiny grease spot on his skin. “I’ve never been more turned on in my life. I felt like you took my gaining to a whole new level and you unlocked this submissive side of me that I never knew was there. I’m gonna get so fat by your hand, fatter than I ever thought possible.” “I don’t want to be your fat dominatrix all day every day. I love laying around and just being a fatty with you. But...I did love stuffing my fat pig, slapping his balls around, and subjecting him to my every command. I also meant what I said about your rate of weight gain. I want us to fatten up together.” James smiled. “That won’t be a problem, my fat mistress.” I smirked at him and crossed my arms over my gorgeous breasts. “Good, pig. Now go make us about four pounds of pasta.” Jessica (continued) “Come here, pig!” I called out to my blubbery boy toy. “Your master needs to see what she has created.” James entered from the walk-in closet wearing a giant bathrobe I had made for him just yesterday. He looked positively round, the ideal shape for my growing hog. “Follow me, pig, we need to weigh your fat ass. I’ve got a feeling I’ve reached 350 pounds. You had better hope that you’re there too, otherwise my fat blimp of a man will get punished.” “I live to be fattened by you, my voluptuous vixen.” James replied. “I hope I’ve met your expectations.” “Me too.” I replied, walking over to the closet where the industrial scale was stored. “Either way, your queen sized mistress will have her way with you.” As I turned, my belly ran into the open door swinging it wider. 150 pounds ago, I seldom ran into furniture. Now a day rarely passed where I didn’t bump my massive belly or ass into something. God, I loved being so obese. I set the scale on the ground and stepped on it. The numbers soared higher and higher before resting on 352 pounds. “God you’re so fucking fat!” James said huskily. His voice had deepened slightly with the extra weight and his burgeoning baritone voice excited me. “I’ve turned into a real butterball for you, my sexy bear of a man, and I’m nowhere near done. Now, disrobe for me.” James grabbed his robe from both sides and ripped the garment off revealing his hog body in all its glory. My beer bellied little boy was long gone. In his place, a whale of a man with a huge hanging, cellulite ridden belly punctuated by a deep cave-like navel. My pig’s overhang reached just beyond his crotch now, requiring him to lift his burdensome belly and rest it on my fat body whenever he fucked me. The weight of it resting on me was a tremendous turn on. His breasts, calling them moobs undersold their size, left huge folds in their wake that ran along the sides of his massive figure. His floppy tits were so huge that his nipples no longer pointed outward, but rather down towards his fat belly. His wide ass stuck out significantly behind him giving him an almost feminine kind of booty for his mistress to play with (and boy was I going to have fun with it tonight). His arms were now beefy and the fat stored there spread wide when it rested on his side. A second chin and chubby cheeks adorned his handsome face giving him the look of a man who was born to be fat. I bit my lip lustily. God, I wanted to ride him like the blimp he was. “Step on the scale fatty.” I said, reasserting my dominance over him. My pig slave waddled up to the scale and stepped on. The display read 351. I had to read him the number because he couldn’t see past his belly. “351 pounds. I’m finally a fat hog.” He ran his hand all over his soft body causing him to become erect. His penis, albeit still hard, thick, and satisfying, became less impressive looking as the pounds settled on his body. His fupa was coming in and his large belly prevented his dick from sticking straight out without assistance. A lesser man would have been buried under all this fat. He merely looked slightly above average. This impediment did not get in the way of his sexual prowess, quite the contrary actually. I came around his dick harder and more frequently with each new pound. I bent over to pick up the scale on the ground taking care to show my man my full moon. I was wearing tight grey leggings and a white tank top that should have been phased out of my wardrobe 75 pounds ago. I loved how my belly hung far beyond its grasp, well over my pussy, which itself was becoming more cavernous as my own fupa came in. As I bent over I heard a loud rip and could feel the leggings open up along my ass crack, providing easy access for any amorous visitors. James never missed an opportunity if it presented itself and he was on my blubbery buns with alarming quickness for a man his size. I gasped with pleasure as he took me and bent me over the table. My butter made belly spread wide as he proceeded to line himself up enter me from behind through the newly created rip in my leggings. I was usually the dominant one, but I was happy to put that on hold while my elephant sized man entered my tight asshole with his thick trunk. His girth stretched me open as he burrowed deep inside me. “Yes, baby! Drop your fat belly on my ass!” He lifted his belly up with both hands and dropped the full weight of it on my chunky ass. Our fat collided with a mighty plop. “Oh fuck, you’re so fat! You’re so fucking fat!” “You made me this way!” James said pantingly as he thrust ever deeper inside of me. “You wanted me fat, now I’m supersized!” He continued to pound me making me squeal. “You’re massive! I needed you massive!” I said between moans and squeals. My voice grew higher as I grew closer to orgasm. “You needed to be a fat hog to handle my fat ass!” “God, your ass has grown so enormous! I can’t wait to see it double in size.” He knew how to excite me. “Oh fuck!” I screamed. My pussy gushed from pleasure. “Make-me-so-fucking-fat” I said in rhythm with his thrusts. “I’m yours to grow!” “You’re going to get huge with me. First 400 pounds.” “Oh yeah?” I squealed. “Then 500.” “Yes, daddy!” “The weight will pile on. 700, 800, 900...1000 pounds!” Each weight was punctuated with a mighty thrust into my backside. “Oh, fuck baby!” I screamed. “Make me even fatter!” “I’m not stopping there, pig.” “Tell me how fat! Tell me how fat!” My demands were breathless and almost incoherent. James picked up the pace and pounded me with more intensity. “You’re gonna be the fattest woman who ever lived!” “Oh fuck! Make me weigh more than a ton. MAKE ME SO FAAAAAAAATTT!” I screamed as I came hard. “Oh fuck, yes!” James said through gritted teeth. He thrust a few more times. “2000 pounds of pure...F...f...oh fuck!” He came hard inside me. I could feel his strong penis convulse inside me as he ejaculated. With that, my fat man collapsed on me for a moment, 703 pounds of fat squished together in post sexual bliss. Then we heard a crack...
  4. I was filming after have been eating, drinking and chugging down pop for a video. I cant believe how heavy the food and soda are sitting on my stomach. Its as if I am being weighed down by a ton empty calories in my tummy. I just keep trying to massage and rub my big engorged belly so that I can move...but as you'll see, even having the task to rub my huge bloated belly is a workout...I wish you were here to help me.


  5. You are now MY SLAVE. You WILL Send Me LOTS of Food Money. And You WILL Be Mine, For the REST OF YOUR LIFE! 😈 I am VERY, VERY Hungry and YOU are the Lucky Boy who gets to feed this BEAUTIFUL GODDESS into IMMOBILITY! Watch your Goddess as she DEMANDS you to feed her, and tell you that you will be PUNISHED if you do not do so!!! You are now this Pigs SLAVE, and you will do AS SHE SAYS, WHEN SHE SAYS IT, NO MATTER WHAT! I will not let you get away with not feeding me ALL DAY LONG. You WILL Send me EVERYTHING in your Bank Account, OR ELSE!!! I am a QUEEN and a Queen ALWAYS GETS WHAT SHE WANTS! Understand me? 💁‍♀️ THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS CLIP, AND TO FOLLOW THEM YOU WILL HAVE TO CLICK THIS LINK >>> CLICK HERE WHEN TOLD TO DO SO <<< *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  6. So this is mostly an all FAT TALK Video! I talk about what I ate today, My future goals & How I want to be the FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED! I decided it would be a nice night for a soak (while I still can fit in the bathtub) - and talk to you guys about my goals, genuinely and honestly. Sometimes we have to separate REALITY from FANTASY - and while I would like to be the size of a house, I know that's not realistic. In this video I speak from the bottom of my heart on how I want to become the fattest woman who ever lived, AND How I want to get to 600, 700, 1000 pounds, and how I am going to do it! ❤️ *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  7. Watch Me as I SHAKE, JIGGLE, RUB, SQUEEZE, MASSAGE, BOUNCE and PLAY with my MASSIVE Breasts! This video is ALL about the Boobies! The top description says it all! I have nice, sensual oil ALL OVER MY BODY, which is turning me on.. so I decided to play with my boobs! I love rubbing them, and squeezing them, bouncing them around, and making them Jiggle EVERYWHERE! At the end, I let my breasts loose, and you can watch the NATURAL HANG take place! 😈 *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  9. This is the FOURTH of a five videos in this Saga of All Nite Stuffing. This is part four. I rip myself from the couch. I have already had two different sessions of baked goods stuffing and a pit stop to get burgers. I sit down with the amazing smelling food. The fries are so hot and crunchy. Burgers so perfect to eat. I cant believe how easily my fat body is still letting me take in the food. If it taste good I have a really hard time stopping. As I am fitting burger after fry after burger in my fat mouth it begins. I start to feel my body telling me, maybe we are going too far. Maybe I should slow down on the eating, but I cant. It taste good. It is worth it to melt into this couch and become immobile... I only use the HIGHEST quality camera (Logitech C930e, which is the newest Logitech available) So, I can ensure you see every stretchmarkon my expanding body and bloating on my constantly stuffed belly! As well, as I take my content very seriously, and only want to produce the messiest, round, plump content I can for you! Please Review if you enjoy! Follow Me, Ill Follow you! Love, The Expanding Kyra Kane


  10. So far I’ve gone from 113 lbs, to 383 lbs in the past three years. I want to keep gaining, but need help. Hit me up.
  11. I'm gonna be starting to post a diary entry every night before bed. I dont really have anyone to talk to.. so I thought this would be a good outlet. ❤ I'm not sure how topics work, but I'm gonna give it a try!
  12. Dear Diary, So. Today has been a very long and stressful day. I'm working on my "media presence" because apparently, I suck at it. I am trying my best to keep my head up and stay as positive as I possibly can, and continue to think that I am indeed "good enough". As clips are not selling, people aren't subscribing or reacting to my photos, or commenting etc, I feel like I need to learn patience. Alot of people dislike/don't understand what my ultimate goal of immobility IS.. and why I wan't this so badly. It's not only hard for me to deal with, but even harder to get people to accept that this isn't what I want, It's what I NEED. I never understood for the longest time why I wanted to become the fattest woman alive, and of course, I don't expect everyone to understand... But now, I've come to terms that while maybe I don't understand it myself, I will continue to do what drives me in life. I'm not going to put on a show for people who enjoy the fetish of immobility. This is REAL for me.. With that said, people don't get that, to ME my health is very important. And while I would LOVE to be able to eat 20k in calories a day.. I don't want to die... not yet at least.. not at 24 years old. I will become immobile and the fattest woman alive, but it will just simply take time. All I know is that I'm not going to stop until I die.. but I'm not going to push that extreme all in one go, to get people off. If eating 20k calories everyday and having a heart attack and dying at the age of 24 is what people want, fuck em, right? I need to do what I WANT TO DO, and I need to gain at my own pace. IF I could blow up like Violet, I would, but there is no such thing as "magic gum" and this is not a fucking movie, it's real life. With that being said, I will continue to do what I'm doing, and do it at my OWN pace, and continue to gain to immobility no matter HOW LONG it takes. I LOVE making clips for people. I have a MAJOR fetish for turning people on. And I love making clips and taking pics and feeling GOOD about myself.. I'm not just doing this for the FOOD MONEY, although yes, the extra income helps IMMENSELY with my food costs.. since I eat ALOT. I do it because I like to please other people, make people happy, and have fans and friends, because in the real world, I don't have anything except my mom. Anyways, it's getting late, I'm SURE I will have more to talk about tomorrow night... Love, Cytorah 🌹


  14. I JUST woke up, and you crawl into bed with me.. that's when the BEGGING for food begins... * POV VIDEO * I just woke up and I want food, and I want it NOW! Please, can you just go grab me some food? Pllleeaassseeee? I don't care how much I ate last night! You're my boyfriend, you're supposed to bring me food in BED, REMEMBER!? After kicking you and begging you, which seems like FOREVER, do you FINALLY give in and get me some food? That SMILE on my face at the end, tells me I get my way, like I ALWAYS do! Hehe The amount of begging in this, is quite obnoxious, but hey, When I want food, I will BEG for it until I Get What I Want! *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹 🌹


  15. So, I just got back from the doctors, and.. well, he's not so happy with me.. *hehe* I finally got to the doctors after the Corona Virus loosened its restrictions, and my Doctor isn't very impressed. I had some tests done, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Weigh In, STRESS TEST (God I hate those things), etc. Watch me talk about all of the results from that, and also talk about my Day to Day Struggles. I just got diagnosed with something, which I now have to take care of.. and it's just another thing I have to deal with. This video is all about my doctor visit, My Doctor telling me to lose weight, My daily Struggles & My all-over Health! *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  16. This is the one you have ALL been "WEIGHTING" For!!! The Weigh-In AND Measurements are IN!!! Finally, My FIRST weigh in and measurement clip is HERE! I'm so EXCITED to share this moment with all of you! First we get started with measuring EVERY part of my Body. My Arms, Legs, Thighs, Breasts, Butt, Fupa, Belly.. etc ! After all that hard work, it's finally time for my First Weigh-In ! And of course I do it 3 times, Just to make sure I get the correct numbers! LOL Then FINALLY after that, It's time to talk about my Everyday Struggles, Things I Love About Fat, & General Fat Chat! THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS - So DON'T miss out on buying this ALL IN ONE, Fat-Tastic Clip!!! *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  17. Sit and watch a Movie with me while I barbarically stuff my fat face with an entire GREASY pizza! 🍕 A WHOLE Thick Ass Pizza, Some Soda, a Funny Movie, Some Fat Talk & LOTS of a Greasy, Messy STUFFING all rolled up into ONE FAT-TASTIC video! Watch as I SHOVE slice after slice of thick and greasy pan pizza into my BIG FAT MOUTH, rub the grease into my belly and watch the juices trickle down my face. I love eating like this, and before you ask, NO it was NOT enough for me! I definitely could have eaten 1 or 2.. maybe 3 more of those 🐷 Burping, Belly Play & Stuffing, OH MY ! *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


  19. So, I've been getting more curious about this over the last while and wanted to know if anyone could help me out: do any of you know any good sites, forums etc to go to for all things SSBBW, and further up the scale, immobile (fantasy or reality) stuff. Apart from the odd video here and there and stories I haven't had much luck finding anything and just wondered if anyone else knows a good place to go.
  20. 55 PHOTOS! Okay, I tried to find some poses which I've attached but only to like give you an idea, if you feel they aren't possible or you can do there differently and better, that's great! If you want to wear underwear or pants/ whatever that's fine. I would be willing to pay a bit extra for you to bloat yourself before taking the pics if it would make you bigger? A.)you teasing, rubbing belly and pointing into your open mouth B.) you eating, I would like a clean view down your throat close up, but the other two would be open mouth, chewing a mouthful of doughnuts or some other sweet thing, whatever you like, I would like to see cleavage and belly, maybe one following a gulp down your throat with your fingers? C,) would be you more relaxed, like you are relieved after gulping/ chugging something big down, like the vore girl on the beach pic, and if your mouth could be hanging open like you are sighing or something? D.) you are wiped out, lying flat on your back, bliss, and maybe some like clothes scatter around you from your prey? E.) you pretend to take a commemorating selfie of your digesting prey and then do some poses like the ones indicated to record your meal/ prey You know how best to show off your body, I would love to see you make the most of your huge breasts, big belly, chubby face and curves! And I obviously don't expect you to recreate the poses exactly, just take some inspiration and the same with the comments, I just tried to outline my favourite things I'd like to see.


  21. I've been in and out of gaining for a number of years, while my feelings on goal weights have changed, my feelings on immobility haven't. In short, I'm into it, but you'll just have to watch for the full story. I can only imagine how my mobility will change as I continue gaining! For now, my feelings live in a fantasy.... but maybe you could help change that? In the later part of the clip, I discuss how my mobility has changed as I've started gaining, how my activity levels have changed, and what I can no longer do! Eating junk food and sitting on my ass all day has really changed my ability to get around! Clip features: fat chat, immobility mention, weight mention, gaining goals, body changes.


  22. I have been eating off and on for hours(3 Stuffing Videos worth of eating). I would stuff then stuff...and eventually, the idea of moving sounded like a nightmare. I was so full on donuts, cookies, hamburger and fries(which I still snack on as I cant even move!) I love knowing that I ate so much that I cant even manage the idea of moving....I am immobile again, and I havent felt this sexy in a long time.


  23. I have just gotten home from getting buffet dinner with some friends. All the food was so good. I didnt realize how much I was eating while I was enjoying the company and especially the heaping plates of food in front of me. On the way home I could feel that maybe I pushed myself a little too hard. I know that once I get home I am going to sprawl out and relax. Once I lay down I realize this is much more then relaxing. As I am telling you about the buffet, I can feel my body getting heavier and heavier. Everything I had stuffed inside me was beginning to settle. As I can feel the pain of immobility and a stretched tummy. I keep seeing your grin as you look at my bloated and tight belly. I ask you if you think I look pretty. I then tease you about how amazing it would be to do this every day...all while rubbing my expanded belly and continuing to tease you with all my "gluttonous goodness". If you enjoy the video. Please leave a review.


  24. You Want It, You Got It! Now it's time to tour EVERY aspect of Cytorah's Ever GROWING BODY!!! As you know I am still gaining to be the FATTEST WOMAN ALIVE, but I still have quite a ways to go! All I thought about during this clip was how HOT a side by side comparison will be in 3 months, the a Year.. etc! Let me show you my curves, my cellulite, my ripples, my stretch marks, my hanging belly and boobs, my flabby arms, my fat face & MORE!! I've noticed my body getting BIGGER & BIGGER every day! And now, It's time for you guys to see too! ❤️ I enjoyed talking to you guys in this clip! It really made me realize the REALITY of me becoming fatter, and I can't WAIT!!! ( this is an EMPTY BELLY body tour, I plan on making a BLOATED, OVERSTUFFED Belly Body Tour Soon, So you can see the differences 😈 ) *ALL MONEY MADE ON CLIPS GOES TOWARD FOOD AND FOOD ONLY & MY GOAL OF BECOMING THE FATTEST WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED* *** ! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW & LIKE ALL MY CONTENT ON MY PAGE IF YOU'RE FEELING GENEROUS ! *** Love, Cytorah 🌹


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