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  1. Hey guys so I'm just starting out and figures I would share this on here to let you guys know im going to be creating more artwork like this over time, so if your interested you can follow me on my tumblr or deviantart! Tumblr: https://finalhazardark.tumblr.com/ DeviantArt: http://finalhazardark.deviantart.com/
  2. It's your feedee girlfriend and she's begging you to make her into a blimp. She needs the support of a excellent feeder like you, only you can fatten her up to her wildest dreams. She needs you to help push her out of the BBW category and into the SSBBW category. She's the ultimate fat brat. Are you up for the challenge? 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 Lots of belly rubs and fat chat!


  3. Version 1.0.0

    One day you come home to your sexy girlfriend, Delilah - she's dressed in a cute black two-piece, showing off her sexy chubby body. She confesses that she's been through your browser history and has discovered your fetishes, but she's not mad. She's flattered that you're into girls with sexy round bellies and big asses and very intrigued with your inflation fetish. So much so that she's invested in not one, but TWO pumps and allows you to inflate her as big as you desire. Silly girl, she doesn't realize just how hectic two pumps can get.


  4. Version 1.0.0

    I have a secret fantasy.. after all of this weight that I've gained, I want to keep gaining! I want to get SO fat that I'm unable to care for myself and you'll have to feed me. You like that? Sit here and chat with me about weight gain while I eat some delicious vanilla icecream and guzzle some Coca Cola. I show off my body in a sports bra and thong, talking about how much I've gained and how big I've gotten over the last few years, and how much bigger I want to get.


  5. So I have this Spanish teacher that would normally would have a flat tummy because she uses the school fitness center but she hasn't been able to because our sports teams workout their after school so now she's kinda gotten a tummy(sorry don't have pics I sit in the front row) last week her shirt could barely fit over her stomach and today the stripes on her dress her faded from where it tried to cover her once flat tummy. And I see this teacher I believe after her lunch so she's usally really bloated lets see how this plays out
  6. My first orgasm was from seeing a photo of a woman I used to know. She had always been incredibly athletic, thin and popular. She had gained heaps of weight. It blew my mind how ethereal that orgasm was. I didn't need to touch myself. I have had my own body issues, however I have always had a belly, of which I'm ok with. I have only ever been with curvy women, however men different shapes and sizes. My deepest fantasy has always been to have a stunning, big breasted, beautiful woman who is hungry, for food, touch and gaining to please me and herself.
  7. The Hack Anyone that knows me knows that I am a FA.. Chubby belly’s, thick arms, big thighs, tight pants and boobs, soft hanging squishy dancing spheres of jiggling bouncing delight. The internet is a great place to see amazing women dressed in wonderful yoga pants, tight shirts with a bit of belly poking or bras with soft mounds of breastage oozing ever so wonderfully at the edges. The not so good part, is that there are not enough sensual curvy women around in real lift for me to hold, talk to and have quite times together with. But I figured out a way to make more!!!! Have you ever gone on one of those cam sites, and seen all the women there? Sometimes you find a curvy beauty, but more often than not it's some skinny women with hard little tits. They wear panties that fit over their boney little asses, not something pushing into their hips with curves spilling out. They all try to make their titties bounce for tips, wearing these things that jingle their wingle with a tip.. What if I could make these poor underfed straight as board women hungry when they get a tip... Well, I've done it. I have hacked the program so when the signal goes off to jingle the wingle, an image will flash on their screen at the same time, yup, a good old fashion subliminal message. For a low tip, a soft baked chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of it, a Boston cream donut (my fav BTW), with a bite taken out of it, delicious cream gently running out of it, with a thick chocolate frosty or a frosty ice cream soda or milkshake. For a medium tip, some chicken wings or a piece of lasagna, steam rising out of the fresh fork cut and a buttery piece of garlic bread, you can almost smell it!!! And for the big tippers... A quarter pounder with cheese, the box open and that juicy patty glistening with soft melted cheese. Or a fresh hot pizza, some plain, some with toppings, the images will rotate so you can see a breathtaking chicken sandwich with mayonnaise at the edge of the chicken. So I was able to get the code for the jinglesense right from the website, de-compliled it and inserted the images. Since this is used with a phone, there are updates all the time. Once you load the code once from the store, the updates come automatically and the security on their server was about equal to a grade school coat closet. I uploaded my new code in using a single shot script that would only download it once and would notify me of the user. A user named chloe_kitty got the update and I started watching... Here was this tiny women, skinny, her ribs visible, her should blades, little tits you could cover with your hand and tiny little nipples. The reaction from her took a few tips, but soon she was distracted, looking around after each tip.. pausing, thinking. Soon she got up and got a drink and some crackers. Licking her lips and rubbing her belly like there was something there. A few days later she was on cam again, this time with a bag of cookies, eating, talking a little more and definitely a little more horny, talking about how full her belly felt as she gave her wingle a bigger jingle. Okay, lets replace the current .sdf file on the sever and let this loose to everyone!! A few days later, I found chloe_kitty online, this time she had a pizza, and was eating it naked, sauce on her face, her belly clearly distended and her fingers rammed deep inside. Talking about how she can't stop eating!! She gets so stuffed she can't move and how it's all she wants. Visiting other rooms, women are eating bowls of ice cream, bags of white castle hamburgers and plates of pasta. The room tags are no longer #perkytits or #feet, but #stuffed, #feedmefull and #mytitsarebigger. Soon all the women's panties are too small, fat filling out their hips and tits, stretch marks appearing everywhere and everyone has a soft layer of jiggles covering them. By the end of the month, I am seeing hastags like #250, #300 and #FCUPS. Bright red stretchmarks are everywhere and now when I get on the cam site, instead of 10 or 12 pages of women there are 60 to 70 pages, all eating and getting bigger. You know what I like now, boy shorts... that seems to be a thing, these boys shorts over plump growing bellys... That has to be the best, rubbing a tummy under those tight shorts, and of course, no bras... I went to take my code down... and found the server secure, so I pulled a copy of code like I have a new jinglesense and found it embedded with more images...... I can't stop it now! There must be a FA that found my code!! So now I enjoy huge hips, swaying tits and pretty much a constant hard on. I hope to start seeing these women out in the wild soon, if they can stop camming and eating.....
  8. Hey people, I didnt want to necro a thread so here are my 10 cents of what i found on the internet. There is this game called "tainted Elysium", its still in heavy development (alpha stages) but it's pretty nice for those that are into this and other kind of stuff. You can go to settings and turn anything off that turns you off. http://www.atticusarc.com/downloads/ It says downloads but the links open the files in browser (atleast in FireFox). Amendum for people who also like more weight gain/furry kind of content. And these also are mostly in development. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13353103/ (flash) http://cryptic.isnot.moe/main.php?page=DisplayGameUI (java) http://wolfnose.org/fur/plump/gamefx.html (java) Sources: http://baneofgluttony.boards.net/thread/53/obscure-weight-gain-games https://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php
  9. Fantasy Vore Role Play Video The pizza delivery boy would not stop staring at my big round belly. So I ate him. Oh don't worry, I intend to eat the pizza too. Just look how huge my belly is with that pretty boy in there!


  10. You’re still away and I have some news for you... you finally got me pregnant! I was too excited to wait for you to get back. I’m on the bed in red lingerie showing you how big and round my belly is. This explains why I’ve been putting on so much weight lately. I rub my belly for you and tell you how I can’t wait to see how big I get by the time you’re home! I’m so excited 🤰🏼


  11. A fun, friendly chat with me about some of my biggest feedee fantasies. In my cute exposed belly bodysuit, I tell you detail lots of different fantasies involving a variety of situations (including public stuffing, force feeding, humiliation and more), and even a real life story from behind the scenes of a amateur porn shoot! ~ Includes: light belly play and jiggling throughout, detailing real life fantasies, lots of giggling


  12. My Story - Stuffing Nirvana MANY of you are asking to know my story about WHY I am stuffing everyday and gaining weight so I figured I’d make a cute little blog post breaking everything down 😇 ‎First off, I’ve always fluctuated in weight but last year (2019) around March I was at my skinniest of 115 pounds, working out twice a day and counting my macros 🙄 ‎Due to a breakup, I began to accidentally gain a bit of weight, as I was comfort eating and going to the gym less and less…As my body filled out I began to take a bit of pleasure in my gain…feeling all my new chub started to make me wet…😅 ‎I never had purposely stuffed myself but my portions of food began to increase naturally until after the holidays this year (2020) when I looked in the mirror at my bulging belly and realized just how much I’ve been over-indulging…🥵 ‎There was a flutter in my heart, I wanted to keep going, keep gaining and had a massive urge to stuff my face with any food I could find…but I couldn’t..I had a job, bills, responsibilities, friends that would judge. So Instead I discovered this community and lurked for a while learning about this fetish I just discovered I had..🥺 ‎Almost every night I would get off to this fantasy of doing NOTHING but laying in bed for DAYS on end, ordering fattening takeout food 10x a day and endlessly stuffing my over engorged GUT 🤤 The idea of having NO CONTROL, having strangers relentlessly buy me delivery after delivery, sitting there in bed FAT AS FUCK, stoned out of my mind just shoveling food down my gullet until I can’t even breathe and my body gets HEAVY & SLOW…😈 ‎I CRAVED this lifestyle but it wasn’t practical…until this global outbreak (Corona Virus) hit that is… Suddenly, it was now socially acceptable to stay at home ALL DAY in social isolation, suddenly my job forced me to work from home and all my responsibilities were put on indefinite hold…this was the ONLY CHANCE I was going to get to live my fantasy…🤭 ‎As of Friday March 13th I officially joined this community as “Mochii Babii” (because I love mochii ice cream 😇) and began my quest to “Stuff Everyday of the Quarantine”. As I write this, this is my 10th day in a row cramming 6,000+ calories a day into my overflowing GUT. I am in absolute BLISS…STUFFING NIRVANA…I eat MASSIVE meals until my chest feels tight and my breathing get’s labored..then I eat some MORE 😈 ‎I don’t know how long I am going to do this for but the community has been so welcoming and I am enjoying myself so much I know it’s going to be nearly impossible to stop…I’m just TOO GREEDY and lazy now..🥵 ‎The day I joined the community and did my Fit To Fat comparison video I was 180 Pounds…after 10 days of eating like this I can only imagine what I am now… With that I’d like to welcome you to my JOURNEY OF GLUTTONY and feel free to support in any way to watch me stuff fat face EVEN MORE! 😈
  13. This story is inspired by Batman76, Swahilimonkfish, and a true story ("based on a true story" -- like all those amazing movies). Chapter One “… so what I need to tell you is, we’re never going to date.” I stared at my crush like a deer in headlights. How are you supposed to answer that? “Never?” “Never, never, ever,” she replied as she pushed her fork through her mashed potatoes. Never once did she look at me. I should’ve known better. I really should’ve. But after a couple months of asking her out and her half-shod excuses for why she couldn’t go, I should’ve taken the hint. But I was getting desperate. I had no relationships – or friends for that matter. She slowly carried a fork-ful of mashed potatoes to her mouth with a graceful bend of her long, slender arm. Her arm was so beautiful and captivating – then again, wasn’t her whole body just as entrancing? She was just as tall as me, long and slender, clothed modestly in a soft but form-fitting green sweater and blue jeans. Bracelets and beads adorned both her wrists, and a necklace rested on her soft bosom without looking scandalous. From beneath a full head of straight, black hair, I could see her eyelashes fluttering over green pupils. She still wouldn’t look at me. “So… why?” I finally asked, ignoring my own food. “I’m not a bad person; I’d take care of you.” “But that’s just it,” she said slowly, piecing the words carefully together into sentences she’d probably rehearsed to herself all day. “You’re not supposed to love me.” “What?” “Loving anything in the world is wrong. The only person you’re supposed to love is God.” I felt a cold, invisible dagger pierce my heart. “What are you talking about? That’s crazy! God made everything around us – that’s why I love it so much.” “But it’s a sin, Jason,” my crush stared down at her food. “The world is finite and impure. Only God is eternal. That’s why you’re only supposed to love Him. You want a relationship with me because you long for me, but not God. That’s why it’ll never work.” She was nuts. Was this really my last shot at a relationship in this damn college? “That’s – that can’t be right. There’s no way you really believe that. What about your parents? Don’t they love each other? Don’t they love you?” “Yes, I get that, but they don’t love each other. They love each other… through God.” “Okay…” I tapped the edge of the table with my palms, glancing left and right at the other people in the chow hall, hoping we didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. “You know I’m one of the most religious people here, right? So I can do that too.” She shook her head softly, still staring down. “You think so, but no. You’re really smart Jason. Really smart. But even though you know God, you don’t have a relationship with Him.” “We’ve talked about this,” I tapped my foot anxiously. “I’m terrified of Him – for a lot of reasons. I’ve read Isaiah; I’ve read what He does on a whim. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a relationship with Him.” “But that’s why we’ll never go out and date. That’s why. Jason… you’re really smart. You can do anything if you set your mind to it, you know that?” “Uh huh. Yeah,” she was feeding me the same line every damned girl did at this damn college. I was so smart. But there was always some stupid reason they never wanted to get close to me. Was it because I wasn’t strong and buff? Was it my nerdy personality? Was it my social awkwardness? Who the fuck cared? It always ended the same way. “I know you’re going through a lot right now, but honestly, just give it some time and someday, somewhere, I know you will find the one God sends you to be with.” “Oh yeah,” I could feel my voice cracking. “I’ll just be sure to never love them, pray three times a day, and God will wave His magic wand and we’ll all be happily married with nine kids, right?” For the first time, she shyly looked up at me with her green eyes. She hesitantly reached a hand out to hold mine, but I shook my head, pushed my plate away, and stood up. “I’m sorry,” I said as I dodged her look. “I’m not hungry. I have to go.” “Do… do you want me to walk you home?” Was she fucking serious? “No, no… you’re fine Brandy. You’re alright…” I turned away from her and walked myself home. Hopefully, not too many people noticed the tears starting to slosh against my eyes. At “home” in my barren prison-cell of a dorm room, I turned my PC on and tried to play some Call of Duty to get my latest heartbreak off my mind. With barely any social life, gaming filled the woman-shaped hole in my heart better than anything. But not this time. Everything good in the world was grey. Turning off the game, I sighed and pulled out my Economics homework and turned-on my study playlist. By some damned twist of fate, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” started playing. When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes. Fuck. What was I studying for? Why was I here? What was I thinking when I enrolled here at Biltmore College? Laughing through a fit of tears, I held my head and leaned against my desk. A women’s college opened-up to men as of two years ago. I thought I was so lucky when I was the only man who happened to do so. One man, twelve-hundred women, and somehow none were remotely interested in me. Oh, sure, I got lucky every once in a while – a nice conversation, good vibes, potential for something more – and then there was always a reason why it never worked. “I like you as a friend,” “I have a boyfriend back home,” “I like girls,” or “you’ll never understand; you’re a heterosexual white male.” I’d heard it all by now – and every time they’d comfort me with “Jason, you are so smart, but…” So here I was, trapped on an island campus, surrounded by beautiful women – all young, fit, and absolutely gorgeous – and not a single one was interested in me. What the hell was wrong with me? I eyed the bottle of dry gin between my desk and my bed. A few sips turned into swigs. Before I realized it, my half-filled bottle was already empty. Music blaring from my laptop was masking my soul-wrenching cries. Jesus screamed with me to the tune of “Gethsemane” from Jesus Christ Superstar. “I want to know, I want to know my God, I want to know, I want to know my God, want to see, I want to see my Lord, want to see, I want to see my Lord, if I die what will be my reward, if I die what will be my reward…” Why, of all songs, was this playing? It didn’t matter. I was crying so hard at the ceiling that I was laughing. I had no one. No sex, no love, no real friends… had I been lied to my whole life? Wait for marriage and all that… no porn, no masturbating, be patient… Fuck it! If this was what patience gave me, what was the point? I needed to take what I could get! Now! Stumbling to my feet, I dropped the bottle and staggered my way to my laptop. What was a good porn site? I had no idea… could I google it? No… Youtube. I could look up some stripteases. Or something. There had to be something… Nothing. Just some vids with still images. “Click below to see more.” Youtube really had purged itself of anything questionable, hadn’t it? That’s what everyone was saying… but fuck it. After several dead ends, I gave in and clicked a link, willing to accept whatever malware or viruses were attached. At this point, what did it matter? Livestreaming? Girls were livestreaming on here? Body parts bombarded me from all corners of the screen as I nervously clicked on one of the sexier-looking icons. This was far beyond anything I had imagined growing-up. The screen was black for a brief moment. My music stopped playing as the feed kicked-in. There she was. A real woman on the other end with a real body. She was a curly brunette, wearing laced, black lingerie, black lipstick, black eyeliner, and nothing much else. She leaned back with a sigh, reaching up to squeeze her C-cups with her hands, her black fingernails spread wide. Drunk courage should be kicking-in right about now, right? I decided to try faking it. “Uh…” I sniffed as manly as possible. “Nice.” “Do I have your attention?” she asked, sensually rubbing her sides as she squirmed in her seat. “Sure do…” I pursed my lips and reached down for my belt with a shaking hand. “Good… keep doing what you’re doing. Take hold of that cock and don’t let go. Understand? Stroke it slow… as slow as my hands. Keep watching them. Don’t look anywhere else.” “Y-yeah,” I shook with adrenaline. What the hell was I supposed to do in a livestream? How did masturbation work? “Keep going,” she leaned in with her smoky eyes, cleavage hanging below her as she reached behind her to undo her bra strap. “And don’t stop, no matter what. They’re watching.” “Wait, who’s watching –” “Don’t stop. They have eyes everywhere, but not ears…” she peeled off her bra and held it in front of the camera before chucking it. I gawked at her nipples. They practically stared back at me the way they pertly jutted forwards… “So someone’s recording –” “Shh. Listen carefully; I don’t have much time,” she fingered her nipples, tongue lolling as her fingers made slow, sensual circles. “Jason, none of this is real. It’s all an illusion.” Weird flex, but okay. I guess I could roll with it. “Oh yeah, tell me about the illusion babe…” “Think about it Jason. An all-girl college? On an island? And every single one of them is fit and thin?” “Mm. Yeah… the matrix. I’m going to learn kung fu…” “Pay attention to me…” she raised her arms and wiggled her body like a snake so her breasts wobbled in front of me. “You are cursed Jason. Trapped. I’m calling you from the outside. I’m going to help you escape, but you have to do everything I say.” “Anything, babe. Anything…” “Go to the log on the beach you like sitting on. When you reach it, you will see a striped rock. Dig under it and you will find what you need. I’ll be waiting…” And she was gone. The screen demanded that I create a profile and set up a monthly pay plan to continue. I stared down at myself. I never managed to fumble my fingers through my jeans. That probably wasn’t how masturbation was done. Whatever. I leaned back against my chair and stared at the ceiling, arms hanging limp towards the floor. Wait… how did she know my name? Or the log?
  14. I'm so hungry. I need you to feed me. I need you to stuff me until my belly's full. Make me beg for food. Make me beg for your pleasure. I want to be a fat whore for you. Make me eat like a pig for you. Shove food in my mouth while you're getting pleasure from me. Use me just how you want. Contains: BBW fantasy talk of female submission, male domination, belly play, feeder domination, feeder, feedee, intimate fluid eating play. [Buying this clip? Don't forget to leave a review below!] If you like this video you may also enjoy: Aftermath of Fridge Stuffing Cupcake Stuffing Too Tight Skirt Click HERE to view all of my clips!


  15. Version 1.0.0

    D.vas been getting a little too self indulgent after every victory she's won and has been slowly packing on the pounds along with every snack break she takes. Hasn't stopped her from playing ....yet! Watch as she proudly shows off her new curves followed by another fucking snack break


  16. So, I started talking to a girl who is a bbw/feedee and we are planning to meet up sometime next week. Any advice? She is currently ~280lbs. and wants to get up to 300lbs in the next few months. We both don't have a ton of real world experience, but have been in the community for several years. We're both super excited to try some stuff out and already have some ideas of what we want to do, but I'm open to suggestions! Right now the basic plan is that I am going to go to her place, bringing stuff to make a shake, and then ordering a ton of food for her, and going from there. Like I said, she's pretty into gaining and feederism, so it sounds like no feeder/feedee fantasies are off the table. I already have a great shake recipe that should be around ~5,000 cal so we are good there, but any recommendations for food/foreplay? Preferably from people who have had real world experience? Thanks! Wish me luck!
  17. I have wanted to write a fantasy story with bbws in for a while, so i finely decided to do it. I am not a experienced writer , i just wrote this in my spare time. I will be continuing, this is just the first part. I arrived at the gates around mid day; this was my next stop on my journey. I would stay here for a few days, rest and recover before heading back out to explore. I’d left home roughly two years ago after spending most my childhood and young adulthood dreaming of and training to be a warrior. Up until I left home that mostly consisted of sparing with my brother who had since left for the capital to become a guard; whilst also picking up small jobs dealing with the local beasts that roamed the countryside near my home and surrounding villages. Final at the age of twenty two I had left to seek out something more, no longer content with the life I lead at the village. Not to say I didn’t enjoy my time there, but I yearned for a greater challenge. A challenge I had certainly found, living in the wilds alone was certainly no easy task, luckily I had acquired some friends in my travels. “Were finely here” the young sorceress explained out of breath. “What do you mean finely here? You only walked from the stable to the gate! You hogged the horse the whole way!” the dark haired man that accompanied me growled; resulting in the golden haired girl to blush, going a deep colour of crimson. “Easy Gray, no need to get worked up, you know Alice doesn’t deal well with walking long distances and we need her able to cast spells if we get into trouble.” I said softly trying to smooth the situation, placing my hand gently on Alice’s back gently to comfort her. Her soft figure had far from dwindled since we started adventuring together, in fact, her robes looked considerably tighter then they did six months ago when we met, now looking slightly stretched around the stomach area. She was the kind of girl that avoided any physical exertion to the extent of asking for help to stand when we camped around the fire, that is if I was there. Gray had gave little pleasantries to her, he claimed she was a liability, but I knew otherwise, her healing magic had saved our lives on multiple occasions. Also her potions had more then once come in handy when exploring ancient ruins where she wouldn’t accompany us due to her lack of stamina. Her face was still red, but I could see the gentle outlines of a smile as I placed my hand on her back, my attempt at comforting her, though a small thing, had obviously had some effect. We sat around a table in one of the ins that were dotted around the town, both me and Gray had a tankard in hand, whilst Alice drank a large cup of hot coco milk, a drink made from heating up usually milk (although Alice always requested the use of cream) and adding chocolate to it. Gray always huffed every time she ordered it, as chocolate was very expensive in these parts. Even when I started paying for it out of my own pocket for her and no the party fund he continued to complain about the cost of her “over indulgent” drink as he called it. We had all changed from our travailing gear into some more comfortable clothes, leaving what we didn’t need in our room we were renting in the inn. “So what’s our plan?” Gray asked. “Well other then resting here for a few days, I hadn’t thought of anything, im hoping that something will turn up for us to do in town here.” I replied “I’m looking forward to spending time in a proper bed and eating some proper food, oh not that what you cook in camp isn’t lovely Kain, but I haven’t had a pastry or cake in weeks.” Alice said cheerfully. “You bought plenty of chocolate for the journey when we left the last town though Alice, and probably spent at least half your share of the money on sweet food when you were at it!” Gray snarled. “Gray shut it!” I glared at him, trying to not allow my voice to become audible to the rest of the patrons in the inn. “I’ve just about had enough of you always having a go at Alice, for one thing, its none of your concern what she spends ‘HER’ share of the money on any way!” I glanced over worriedly at Alice, noticing the water building up in her eyes. “I… Im going to… to the room...” Alice spoke gently, obviously trying not to allow us to hear her voice quivering, not that she succeeded. She got up and walked over to the bar, said a few words then slowly maid her way up the stairs towards the rooms upstairs. “Look what you’ve done now Gray, what right have you got to have a go at her like that, what difference does it make you you! She's a damn good healer and we need her!” “I know she’s good, but that doesn’t change the fact that she never misses a chance to be lazy or stuff her face!” he answered “And once again I ask, what difference does that make to you?” “Nothing, she just needs to be told.” “No she doesn’t! It her choice not ours and I swear to god if you make one more remark that upsets her, you won’t have any teeth to make those snide comments through!” After which, I got up and headed to the bar, put the money down for another room and pointed at Gray “Get him a separate room, we won’t all be sharing after all.” then made my way upstairs to check on Alice.
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    College Body Ready

    Hi everyone, here goes my first attempt at making a weight gain story, hope you guys enjoy! Part 1: Summer The envelope arrived just two weeks before prom, Mary had applied to her dream engineering university and had anxiously waited for the letter from admissions to arrive. Mary had always been a very petite girl, short 5'4 frame and very deep blue eyes that contrasted with her dark hair. Physically, she had always kept her self control when eating, always tried her best to exercise, and mostly avoided carbs. However in the last year of high school, the stress of not knowing for sure what was going to happen after May, surely added some pounds to her body. The letter had finally arrived, and as she nervously read she had been accepted, Mary felt relieved. Her parents took her to her favorite pastry and told her she could have whatever she wanted, which surely loosened her appetite. Later that day, Mary's friends also celebrated with her at McDonald's and she also didn't limit herself there. She felt really proud of herself and so, for the next two weeks, she mostly over indulged in her favorite treats. As Mary was getting dressed for prom she felt her dress a lot tighter, but she just told herself that it must have shrunk in the dryer, it was just that... Ryan her lifelong best friend and prom date, told her she looked beautiful and for the rest of the night she just enjoyed herself. A week later the university required students to submit their medical history and so Mary traveled with her parents to the campus to not only submit the data, but to get used to the environment and to see where she would be taking College Algebra during the next few weeks. During high school, Mary had been lucky to mostly get A's in math, but she didn't felt secure in her math skills so she wanted to take the class to get a better understanding of the material before the 'hard' classes began. Her weight in the record said 132lbs, but that weight was almost two months old now and at the time, it was already the heaviest she had already been (normally she would be around 115lbs), so she feared that due to her recent appetite, she was already heavier. Nevertheless everything went very smoothly, her parents dropped her off, helped her presenting her medical info and were even there when she was given her college ID, which had to be renovated every trimester. Her dorm was big, more like an apartment, it had two bedrooms, one bathroom and a big kitchen. After making sure she was confy and well eaten, Mary's parents took off back home. She was tall, blond and had a very voluptuous hourglass figure with big thighs and firm breasts that made sure her fat was neatly distributed, Mary looked in near awe as Jane, her roommate (more like housemate) arrived. A few hours had passed and Mary was now getting hungry, so she took the initiative of inviting Jane to a Burger joint she saw in campus to get to know each other more. When they arrived both girls were impressed with the size of the burgers, they looked very meaty and juicy. Mary kept her cool and ordered one large combo of burger, fries and coke, new students also got a cupcake as a welcome treat, but Jane sure made an impression when she ordered three XL burgers with two fries and the biggest coke they had. Jane apologized for her eating manners, the trip from her state had been very long and she was starving, having just met her roommate Jane felt ashamed, but Mary was actually kinda turned on and told her it was ok. They were both 19, were going to study chemical engineering and had been very good students, Jane was also taking college Algebra and she looked forward to expanding her knowledge. As the first day of summer classes began, they both met Gaby, a bottom heavy brunette who was actually in her second year, but she needed to take the class because it was the only math in her curriculum. The three of them studied together that night, Gaby had initiative but was also sort of shy, so she always began a problem very fast, but ended up asking Jane or Mary for help. During one of those talks Gaby offered both of them a gym membership card to also go with her to the nearest gym. Mary looked interested and remembered that she had to shake off a 'few' pounds already and wanted to avoid the frightening freshman fifteen. Gaby told both of them that she had always been chubby, but that the gym membership was the only thing that returned her from going full on fat, when she gained 30lbs from August to December, she was now only 8lbs heavier than her former self. When Gaby left Jane was angry, and told Mary to not go to the gym because it was only going to be a competition, "she may look shy, but underneath that fat is a shallow bitch waiting to make you feel like shit, I can feel it Mary". Mary was surprised, Gaby looked like a nice girl and had a similar appearance to herself, so it couldn't be so hard to loose the pounds if Gaby was doing fine. College Algebra was over and the three girls celebrated by going to the burger joint the girls had gone to the day they met, about a month ago. Mary ordered the XL combo with a sundae, Gaby looked her grossed out and order a caesar salad, the only thing healthy in the menu, Jane however felt sorry for Gaby and ordered two XL combos, to compensate for the loss of calories in the table. During that month Mary had noticed that Jane ate her hearts desires and barley gained, only got slightly curvier, however Mary's own clothes had been getting to the point of near defeat and were now nearly unbearable. Even though the gym was closed, Gaby had told both girls a week earlier, that she had managed to loose another 5lbs, which only frustrated Mary more. Before leaving home, Mary told Gaby that she would be joining her in the gym in August. Back home Mary's parents welcomed her with a cake and there were even some family members and friends there to greet her. Everyone noticed a little extra chubb on Mary but it wasn't anything bad, and it actually gave her more curves, but she told her parents that she wanted to go on a diet before returning to college to which they both agreed. Among her friends, was Karl, a childhood friend of her that hadn't seen her in the last 5 years or so. He couldn't take his eyes off her, she was surprised when she learned that he would be going to a college fairly close to her, so they could keep in touch, but he was starting later, in October. Mary and Karl kept in touch and got to see each other again twice during July, so when the time came for Mary to return to college, Karl had the courage to kiss her, they were both very excited to see each other again in October. As she was driving to college, she felt more confident in herself, not only because of Karl, but because she had mostly kept her weight the same, not cheating much on her diet. When she got to her dorm Jane was already there and offered her some ice cream, Mary couldn't resist the treat and so they both told their summer experiences and got up to date while eating a few cups of the cold treat. Jane got her braces off and told Mary she now felt more free to eat and do what she wanted, and although Mary only congratulated her in the moment, later that night she was turned on by the thought of Jane eating more, but why was that, could she have a mental competition with her own roommate? It couldn't be, they both got along very well, and of the two, she was the slimmest, she fell asleep with that thought in mind. During the night Mary had the craziest, and one of the hottest dream in a while; she had Jane's body and felt more powerful, more energetic, and a lot more sexier, she got to see Karl again and he looked like he hadn't noticed Mary had changed. They went on a date, and she ate everything she wanted on the menu, and still didn't feel full, when they were about to kiss, she woke up, really wet. During dawn she touched herself to sleep again, imagining having sex with Karl and had one of the greatest climaxes to date.
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    Tell me what you need

    I want to make you all happy. Tell me what I can do for you.
  20. Hi babes! Girls and guys.. 1. First of all, I would happily pay to watch some gorgeous girls here talk about where they got their outfits, do mukbangs and makeup tutorials that are specific to making content, so why is this not happening?! 2. I want to know your weirdest, or most boring kink... for my own selfish reasons really, to make sick videos from them 😂 but also because I haven’t slept and it sounds fun... 3. Lots of love I’m guessing I am going to be best at, messy eating, stuffing, belly play and tummy rubs, ass play, face sitting, hmmmm...?
  21. The Doctors Visit Cindy waited patiently on the examination table, the cushion covered in paper squashed beneath her weight. Her legs dangled from the table hanging in the air a few inches from the floor. Her thighs looked enormous when she was sitting, her short shorts cutting into them, looking nearly ready to burst at the seams. Her belly hung out of her tight tank top spilling onto her lap as she leaned back on the table. Her breasts could barely be contained by the straining shirt, showing so much cleavage others in the waiting room had been uncomfortable. Her heart was beating quickly, the anxiety mounting. She had been dreading this appointment from the second she knew she had to make it. All she needed was a simple allergy prescription filled, but they insisted since it had been almost a year that she come in for a routine check-up. Cindy was healthy. She had never felt better about her life, or herself. She had a very lucrative work-from home job, a handsome and charming boyfriend, Jason, and her own apartment conveniently located above a great Italian restaurant, across the street from a pastry shop, and catty-cornered to the local bar. This past year was the best of her life financially, psychologically, and sexually. Those, however, had affected her physically. Life was good to her, and her waistline began to show it. Her work from home status allowed her to lounge around most of the day, log on to her work account, and do what she had to do in pajamas. Going out was another story. Every few weeks she had noticed another article of clothing that didn’t fit. Her job and her financial status provided her the freedom to shop whenever she pleased so she would make frequent trips, sometimes buying the same thing in multiple larger sizes. This was not without error though. In her haste to meet her friends at the bar a few week prior she grabbed a pair of jeans she believed were her current size 22, but after pulling them up in her haste, quickly realized they were much smaller. Intrigued she continued the struggle, jumping, squeezing, and sucking it in, her belly wobbling, her immense breasts bouncing of it like a trampoline and nearly hitting her in the face. She finally managed to just squeeze into them by lying down, sucking it in, and pulling with all her God given strength. She buttoned them and felt the pressure of the clip digging into her waist. Laboriously, she stood up and stared at herself in the mirror. The pants were so tight a roll of her blubbery belly hung over them. She felt the strain of every fiber, feeling them pulling apart against her immense butt and thunder thighs. As she looked at herself she felt strangely erotic, almost turned on at the sight of her bloated figure. She sighed in pleasure, and released the final bit of breath she had been holding it and heard a POP! as she witnessed the button that had been digging into her fly and ricochet off a wall. “Oh Em Gee,” she sighed to herself, the pants still super snug around her midsection, but now feeling slightly less confined after her exploding button, “I’ve gotten so fat I’m popping buttons!” She was embarrassed, but her she felt her panties getting wet. Why was she so turned on by this? Why did she find the fact that she ruined a $120 pair of jeans erotic? Or the fact that she had gained so much weight such a turn? She pondered this as the sight of the button caught her eye, lying next to her bed looking like a bullet casing that hit the floor in a crime scene. She shuffled over, the strain of her pants preventing her from walking correctly, and bent down to retrieve the button. She heard a low groan and then a sudden RRRIIIIPPPP! and felt the cool air hit her large bottom. She quickly stood up, forgetting about the button, and looked at her backside in the mirror. She was aghast to find not just a rip, but a large hole on the seat of her jeans, her black lace thong swallowed up by her soft and jiggly butt cheeks, visible through the breech. She moaned to herself in a combination of mortification and pleasure. “I guess I can’t wear these out.” Cindy slipped the busted pair off and threw them to the side of the bed between her dresser where the button had been, but not before looking at the size of the pants that she had obliterated. “Okay…” she said to herself, “so I’m not a 16 anymore.” She went back to her closet, this time checking the tags this time to make sure a similar incident wouldn’t occur and picked out the biggest pair she could find, a size 22, that were tight, but nothing compared to the previous pair. She put them on, found a cute blouse, and proceeded out for a night of food, drinking, and friends. Cindy felt a pain in her lower lip and realized she was biting down on it thinking of her mishap just a few short weeks ago. The sensuality of the memory was so fresh in her mind she had practically relived it right there on the examination table of the doctor’s office. She looked down at her protruding belly resting on her thighs and gave it a soft and sensual rub. It had become incredibly erotic to her to rub her belly, feeling the softness, feeling the tenderness, brushing over her stretch marks. It had become her favorite thing to do after a day of non-stop eating, or a night of intense beer drinking. She had nervously shared this information with her boyfriend, Jason, whom she noticed had began looking at her differently as she continued growing larger. “This is weird… but I kind of like it,” she started tentatively, after a night of bingeing not only movies, but cookies, cakes, and ice cream. She didn’t want to make eye contact as she explained her seemingly uncanny feelings about her expanding girth to her boyfriend, so instead looked down at bloated gut extending out. Jason smiled, “What’s not to like? It’s the greatest comic heroes of all time in a two and half hour epic film!” He motioned toward the TV screen. “Not the movie, you big dope!” She giggled, the tension seemingly relieved for a moment. “This…” She lifted up the shirt that was straining to contain her stomach. Her stretchy yoga pants came up to her belly button, causing a handful of fat to spill over. She pulled it out and finally felt free. She didn’t know if it was the constrain of her pants or the feelings she was sharing with Jason. Cindy gave her pudgy stretch marked belly a grab. “It feels so nice, you know?” Jason stared at her, jaw nearly on the floor, as she continued, “I’ve noticed you looking at me differently. Like a puppy dog, or something. And whenever we’re intimate, you seem to pay more attention to it…” “I’m sorry, I mean, if you don’t like it, if it makes you self-conscience or whatever I can totally just stop. Ignore it, focus on your, uh – “ he paused and looked at her voluminous breasts that had grown a minimum of two cups sizes over the course of their relationship and finished, “—other assets.” Cindy moved from next to Jason on the loveseat and climbed on top of him, straddling him, her bare belly exposed and pressing up against him. She flipped back her long, dark hair and kissed him passionately. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her love handle. “It’s a whole lot to ignore, don’t you think?” She whispered in his ear seductively, while starting to grind on him. “I know you like it, Jason. And I want you to know I like it too.” Jason moaned in pleasure, getting excited at both Cindy grinding on him and her words. His open invitation would not be declined. He grabbed Cindy by her chubby love handles and forced her down harder on him. He ran her hands over her fat tummy, his fingers sinking into the softness. He ran over her stretch marks intently, as if he was reading Braille. She whispered in his ear, “I want you to play with all of this fat.” The thought of how perfect, how intimate, how sexually liberating that encounter had been was interrupted by footsteps coming down the hallway of the doctor’s office. Cindy composed herself and sat up a little straighter, sucking her protruding gut in a as much as she could. Her heart was beating with excitement from the milestones of her sensual weight gain journey just moments ago, but now from fear and dread of the doctor. The footsteps grew louder and louder and then stopped. She heard the doorknob turn, the door creak and in walked the doctor. The doctor looked at Cindy confused, back down at the chart, and then back to Cindy. Her eyebrows raised as she subtly shook her head and went and sat at her desk and opened up Cindy’s file. Although it had been some time since Cindy last saw Dr. Annakova, she looked remarkably similar. The doctors short auburn hair was shoulder length. She was tall and her white lab coat hid most of her body, but Cindy could tell the doctor was in what would be considered exemplary shape. “Cindy Cross,” the doctor said, still facing the computer monitor, “Just a check-up, today?” She turned and looked at Cindy. She felt her stare burrow into her fat body, sizing it up, and felt her second-hand embarrassment for the once slender girl who now was proportional to a whale. “Yes, Dr. Annakova,” Cindy said, “and I just needed my allergy prescription refilled.” “Shouldn’t be a problem… Hm. I thought it was just an error by the nurse but now that I’ve seen you…” The doctor trailed off, pivoting around to face Cindy from her computer chair. “Have you been experiencing any sort of depression lately? Any anxiety? Any major life changes?” “No, Doctor,” Cindy answered, but she wasn’t naïve. She understood what the doctor was getting at but chose to play along, “Why do you ask?” “Well,” the Doctor looked back at the computer and thought for a moment, “the last time you were here was April of last year, about fifteen months ago.” “Yes?” “Well, Cindy,” the doctor looked solemnly from the computer to the chart and then back at Cindy, focusing on her belly poking out of her shirt engulfing the top of her thighs, “Do you have any idea what you weighed when you were in here last?” Probably 140. Cindy thought to herself. But she wanted to continue to play along, to beat around the bush in order to avoid any more humiliation, albeit it seemed inevitable. Instead she shook her head “no.” “Last visit you were 138 pounds on a 5 foot 7 inch frame. Perfectly healthy. But now… the reason I asked if you’ve been under stress or anxiety, you’ve put on a, well, considerable, amount of weight. 122 pounds from your last visit to be exact,” the doctor said somberly, as if she was telling someone they had cancer. “That’s an exorbitant amount of weight in under a year and a half. As you can imagine, I’m very concerned for you. I want to run some tests. If you haven’t been exhibiting any signs of mental distress I’m concerned this may be hormonal.” Cindy interjected, “I don’t really think all that’s necessary, doctor.” Dr. Annakova looked at her, “No offense.” “What do you mean, Cindy? You’re my patient. I want to do what’s best for you. Unless…” “Look, I know I’ve gained a few pounds. Life’s been good. I’m really stable, have a great relationship. I overindulge a little bit, but I’m not too concerned about it. Really, I just came for my allergy medication.” “A few pounds? Overindulged a little bit? Cindy, you’ve nearly doubled your weight!” Dr. Annakova exclaimed, her face growing red with frustration. “Do you realize how bad this is? The risks associated with your obesity?” The doctor continued explaining the risks and downfalls of rapid weight gain and obesity, the importance of a balanced diet and exercise, but Cindy tuned it out. Obesity, she thought. I’ve gotten so fat, I’m officially obese!? Why is that both disturbing and so incredibly hot? And why am I so hungry? I hope Jason takes me to Burger King after this. I could totally do a few burgers and fries. Oh! And a big chocolate shake for dessert! No, I’ll just use that to wash down the burgers and fries and then we can get a cheesecake for dessert from Nino’s downstairs. Oh God, that would be so good. I’ll be so full and he can stroke and kiss this big fat belly and make love to his big fat girlfriend, watching all this lard jiggle as I moan… The doctor finished her chastisement and stood up. “Let’s have a look at you shall we? I’d like you to remove your shirt.” Cindy snapped back from her seemingly endless thought stream of all things fat and once again felt panic. She hesitated for a moment, and looked at Dr. Annakova. She fastened the stethoscope to her ears and stated, “I need to check your heart and with all that breast tissue it’ll be hard enough. Removing a layer of clothing will help me get a better read.” Reluctantly Cindy agreed and began pulling off her shirt. Her belly was momentarily suspended as she lifted above her pendulous breasts but, once free, slapped down hard onto her thighs with a plop, ripples seismically moving through her chub. The effort of taking off her shirt had disoriented her too tight bra, and took a moment to adjust, putting as much of the mass of spilling boobage back into the cups as possible, but seemingly to no avail. The tops of her areolas still poked out of the bra, the light pink stretch marks streaking vertically from them. Once she was as adequately adjusted as possible the doctor reached over and placed the cold stethoscope between her breasts, her tiny hand being almost completely obscured. After a few moments she stopped and removed the device. “Your heart sounds fine, at least,” Dr. Annakova said. She turned her attention to Cindy’s hanging belly and gave it a pinch. “Look at this! All this fat! Do you know what these are?” The doctor poked Cindy’s stretch marks that resembled crescents that started just millimeters from her now cavernous belly button and grew larger as they expanding out towards her hips. “I think those are just marks from my mattress or something,” Cindy said earnestly, knowing well they were scars brought about by her skin stretching from her immense weight gain over a relatively short period of time. “No! These are striae! Stretch marks! Pregnant women get them when they have another human being growing inside of them! But yours are just from getting too fat too fast! I suppose you’ve gained enough weight for a whole other human being… but this is evidence! How could you not see you were getting so fat? You’re bursting out of the clothes you’re wearing, I’m sure they’re not the first either!” Cindy turned red, humiliated, infuriated, and extremely turned on, “Well, doctor, I have a very flexible income. I’m able to buy things as I need them.” “Then I suggest you take a trip, young lady. I received complaints from a patient of mine that's in here with her toddler son. The amount of skin – of fat! – you’re showing off in public is inappropriate.” “I’ll take that into consideration. Thank you. Can I get my prescription now?” Dr. Annakova scoffed as she took out her prescription pad and furiously scribbled the order. “Here it is. I want to see you in three months! If you haven’t lost weight by then I’ll no longer accept you as my patient. There are healthy eating and exercise pamphlets out front, and other resources online. Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, Cindy. You were such a beautiful girl and now… you’re an obese fatty! Now please, go! I have other patients to see.” Cindy squeezed back into her shirt and exited the doctor’s office. As we waddled through the waiting room she caught the patients staring at her, watching her wide hips sway, the belly sticking out from under her shirt jiggle, and her boobs bounce. The woman that had complained grabbed her child and covered his eyes, but the young boy pushed her hand away and stared at her in awe. Cindy smiled to herself as she walked out and got into the passenger side of Jason’s car. “So… how was it?” He asked. “Could have been worse. I’ll tell you all about it later. Right now, let’s get something to eat. “ “That’s my girl,” Jason said as he reached over and gave her chunky thigh a loving squeeze. The End…?
  22. I've tried everything and I just can't lose the weight, I'm sick of being so fat! My friend Ellie knows I struggle with eating and got me this weird tonic on the dark web that apparently is supposed to be a miracle cure for huge fatties like me. According to the instructions, it claims that I can eat as much as I want and still feel lighter than air....sounds crazy but it's exactly what I need if I'll ever have a chance of melting this lard. Oh yeah, it did have a warning on it: "May change perceived image of self". Yeah no kidding, I'll be losing weight and looking good! I take a chance on Ellie's mystery potion and it started working IMMEDIATELY! A few sips and I was in a trance, my belly felt totally empty and warm, I start eating like the world is ending, and I don't even get full! I really do feel lighter than air! In this video, watch Beauregarde gorge, feast and binge like a woman possessed on fattening pies, chips, candy, chocolate, cake and more as her wonderdiet beverage ends up doing the opposite of what it should. Every day she get's fatter and fatter but the potion has her under it's spell, she thinks it's actually working! As the days pass within this video, watch as her clothes begin to tighten and her body expands while she is none the wiser, happily gorging like a hedonist piglet thinking the weight is actually coming off. Includes a variety of different shots and angles, montages, true stuffing, and expansion scenes. Many food stuffs were harmed in the making of this production. Watch the trailer here:


  23. Does anyone have any info on this amazing woman she hit such a great lvl of giant belly beforr she disappeared and im hoping someone else remembers also the only names i can remember she used was softly or lush any more infor or pics will be greatly appreciated thanks 🙏
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