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  3. Not sure if there's enough WG inside to post it here but let's see how it goes. *** I need to focus. I don’t know what I’m doing in this ruined tower or even who I am. That repugnant creature, Gnarl calls me an “Overlord”, lord of Evil. What a joke. I can’t even properly interrogate it, my voice was all but robbed from me. Occasional phrases escaping my mouth sound like scraping metal and result in pain. Still, they, those minions gave me armour, shelter and food, as disgusting as it was. The axe in my hand… it seems familiar and Gnarl’s instructions, a clear set of goals are bring clarity. But not enough, that’s why I’m trying to note everything down in this derelict tome. I don’t recognize my own handwriting, but this thing should prevent me from missing something and I'll start to remember, given time. Let’s see how it goes… *** … yesterday I conquered two villages, slaughtered many sheep and hobbits with the finale being the death of a Hero. What started as a series of menial tasks from Gnarl turned into a regular battle against Halflings. That was good, as foggy as my past is, muscles remembered. As I was swinging my axe sticky with blood surrounded by the sound of battle I felt strange familiarity and comfort. At the same time, something was wrong. I hold no regrets over my actions, the ferocity of little folk. But that was the problem, the moment I saw them I recognized their kind and their action, this bloodthirst was wrong, against everything my mind was suggesting. Some of them were twisted, unrecognizable… The Hero, Marvin was bloated, fat, covered in disgusting mucus halfling and one bigger than myself. The fight against the corrupted hobbit wasn’t hard, but frustrating. His blubber was able to withstand many strikes and once he fallen… I rather not remind myself of the sludge he transformed into. Strangely enough, instead of satisfaction or disgust, I felt… sadness. The rest of the village surrendered, even the armed guards who minutes before had been attacking us like a bunch of zealots dropped weapons with fright in their eyes, their movements were sluggish like they had just woken up. It was also when I saw civilians – women, weaker males and children, they were rugged and thin, looking at me with a mix of fear and hope, strangely enough. I didn’t know what was happening and I had no desire to deal with this at that moment. I felt tired, very tired. After barking several orders to them and leaving some minions to… “oversee” them I went back to the human village. Despite his flattery, Archie was managing to hide his fear and discomfort well, I have to hand it to him. He almost immediately swore fealty of his village to me. We both knew that the mayor had little choice, but he managed to voice several "requests". Some of them I intend to meet. After returning to the Tower I went straight to bed, fortunately, I had managed to scourge some food decent from Marvin's kitchen so I don't need to eat whatever gruel, the minions are making. Today, I returned to both villages. Archie was managing quite well, the villagers after a good rest and meal seemed to be physically reinvigorated, repairing homes and tending to fields. I was surprised to hear that they were at no risk of famine. It would seem that more than stolen supplies they just needed to be free of raids and constant pillaging, even if they hadn't realized it. The fields were ridiculously fertile, crops were growing fast, unnaturally so. Livestock mirrored it. Stems of grain were noticeably longer than the day before, young lambs now looked almost fully matured, but were joined by a few newborns. At the same time, no animal seemed old or sick. I managed to question Gnarl about it. It would seem the surrounding area was saturated with natural magic which was the reason for this defeat of harvest. The area around hobbit village was as bountiful, which further begs the question of how much food Marvin and his rabble devoured daily. The burrows and houses seemed in slightly better shape than we had left them in and Halflings were more coherent. I was approached by an elder, who supported himself with a cane. He begged for the life of his people, explaining that that part of his people was either corrupted by the dead hero or were essentially slaves. He was promising servitude and compliance. Still, his voice and posture were calm and hobbits presented themselves better than human villagers. I accepted most of his terms, of course in a manner that made sure they knew their life depends on my mood. The damages were more severe than in the first village, but Halflings had bigger supplies of the workforce, food and materials. Not to mention unnaturally fertile fields. I left them with a few minions and took a small supply of food for myself. I also warned them that soon I would need men to help with the Tower. And cooks, they had an overabundance of those and as I had found out we had a big kitchen in the tower. Derelict but saveable. The chance for some edible food was probably the most positive thing to come out of this mess. *** Rose.... When a month after taking over two villages and surrounding areas, when I set out towards the crimson afterglow in the sky, I wasn't expecting to return with... woman. There we encountered raiders tainted with magic, fleeing peasants and monsters from beyond, but ultimately I feel like she is the only one worth mentioning in depth. She's different and I don't mean just her elegant appearance and manners, so different from the female villagers I encountered so far. First, she invited herself into the Tower, as if she owned it. Gnarl assumed I got myself a "mistress" and too, seemed to be impressed and amused. I wasn’t opposing. I'm not looking for a sexual release, let alone for a partner, but the situation was.... interesting. Despite her nonchalance, commanding presence and very, very good control I saw it when she had drawn my attention solely to herself and away from peasants. I saw rare and short hints of fear, but no hesitation. I decided to let things run their course. The next days brought the next revelations. Rose decided to begin organizing matters in the tower and in conquered areas. She began making projects of structures for governing and maintaining Order. I quickly learned that she had a fixation with Order, clear, but fortunately not obsessive. Of course, despite her bravado, every idea was first brought to my attention for acceptance. That was wise of her and I had to admit her ideas had a lot of merits. Sometimes, I needed some time to fully grasp them, but the ginger always helped me understand. Also despite the clever wording and realization, it didn't escape me that those projects would benefit my "subjects" in the end. I accepted most of them, so far. I like to think I'm pragmatic and fortunately, my new regime is still ruthless enough to befit The Overlord. That's another interesting fact about Rose. As long as something can be used to impose Order, and manage it, is fully accepted by the young woman. She isn't blind to minions' foul appearance or behaviour, but it's overshadowed by their sheer utility. Similarly with me. She hides it well, but still is clearly intimidated by me, but can't help working with me, because I'm not unreasonable toward her ideas and have the means to realise them. All this to enforce Order. I think she believes it to be the most beneficial thing for people. Despite being maintained by Lord of Evil. There were also more subtle and personal changes. Having somebody to talk with, well Rose was mostly talking, I limit myself to grunts of various kinds, only rarely I force myself to respond with words. I would like to, very much so, but speaking is still hard and painful. Still, the ginger spoke without grovelling or needless flattery, almost, and about thing interesting or at least useful. It's refreshing. Very much so. Enough that soon we started having meals together. My appearance put her off at first, not that I blame her, I look like somebody tore my skin into irregular strips and then melded back together, but surprisingly quickly Rose got used to it. I listen to her as she is explaining the newest assignments, numbers and the state of the world far away while we dine. As I learned Rose enjoys good food. It would seem that renovating the kitchen and taking several hobbit cooks was a good idea after all. The woman eats less than me, but it wasn’t saying much, then again she probably hadn't had access to decent fare for the last weeks. Despite her quite voluptuous figure, her dress was a bit loose in a few places when we had first met. I don't skimp on food for her, I even ordered some hobbits to bake and serve her sweets while she worked. The free room in her garments is quickly being filled back. Similar to other utilities, her chambers are more luxurious than mine. The Overlord or not, I prefer that somebody that useful, who works closely to me, have as many reasons to stay loyal as reasonably possible. That and Rose was clearly a Lady of high status, despite that she was capable and not afraid to take matters into her own hands. That’s why I couldn't help but feel respect for her. Of course, she thinks herself superior to the common man, but rather due to her intelligence than blood. It shows through the cracks, occasionally. Also, she was probably the most enjoyable addition to my life since my awakening. Her good mood affects me, despite her still somewhat questionable loyalty. I must be careful not to betray it too much. Rose is very much aware of her assets. Then again what do I really have to lose? I need to sleep, tomorrow we head out to the elven forest and I cannot help but feel unease. *** This week has me grinding my teeth in fury. We encountered a second Hero, Oberon Greenhaze, his body twisted more than Marvin's. Only his upper half remained, the rest of him is fused with a mighty tree, its roots sapping juices and magic from the land while being harder than steel. We managed to sever them in several weak points, but our true obstacle proved to be fairly shallow water. Minions have no ability to swim. That alone irritated me, but every time I look upon disfigured elf or hear his pained moan I feel my blood boil. I do not know why. Fortunately, we're continuing to steadily develop areas around the Tower and even began to plan rebuilds of castle Spree. Most importantly the main structure of the Tower was now fully rebuilt with added modifications and new areas according to mine and Rose's plans being constructed as I write. Rose proved to be able to magically link and speak through my helmet along with Gnarl just fine. I feared it would be distracting, but the ginger's comment proved to be a good counterbalance to ancient minion nagging. For better or worse, I believe we're warming up to each other. I rarely maintain the overly threatening facade, that I put up for others, when we are alone. Too much effort. Rose is now less insistent about shoving how useful and smart she is. Good because it was sometimes as annoying as villagers grovelling. Also, she sometimes slips about more personal details, for instance, I learned about her talent for arcane, inherited from her absent father. It is... nice. There is also a certain observation that I recently made about her. Her dress began to be dangerously tight around her bottom, chest and her middle which is now visibly rounded. When last time I saw her in wear that revealed her cleavage, the soft flesh was pouring out of it and yesterday I come by her chambers to discuss something I heard how she struggled to clothe herself. I didn't peek. It would seem that hearty, hobbit cooking and unchanging appetite after surviving the attack were having is affecting her. Or perhaps it was all those pastries that I have cooks baking for her... I must admit that all of it has... an effect on me. Rose is a very attractive young woman, to me much more than, hardly ugly, female villagers, which I had to admit the day we meet. I made sure to guard myself in that regard, but her softened figure seems to set something in me ablaze. Also, our shared meals are increasingly enjoyable, I didn’t take notice of it a first, but watching the ginger devour a meal suited for a grown man, with cutlery and implacable manners, is very… stimulating? ... today I stopped by the kitchen and asked cooks to try more varied pastries and meals as well as be even more attentive to the lady. Well "asked", even if by now they know I'm not the "shoot the messenger" person and I keep a leash on minions unless given correct reason, they steel experience a hefty dosage of fear at my sight. Good If all goes well, Rose won't be able to fit into any of her garments. Of course, I provide her with new ones, perhaps one on a loose side. I AM the Overlord, I'm supposed to abuse my power. *** The last days were better, marginally. Gnarl with Rose's help managed to locate and connect to teleport near the area where blue, amphibian minions were along with their nest. We landed on the outskirts of Haven's Peak, a large, heavily fortified city, which used to be connected by road to castle Spree. I can say with certainty that I hate undead. Minions are filthy, but most of them aren't actively rotting from the inside. And there's no glory in fighting forcefully reanimated corpses with no intelligence or those who just want to be put to rest. Then I learned there was an undead plague in the city, which is locked down. Which was fine, I had no desire to head there before dealing with Greenhaze. Then I learned it was being governed by The Paladin, Sir William the Black and things changed. Every time I hear this name I feel overwhelming bloodlust at this upright fucker. No, I still don't remember, but I do know that I hate this prick, and I'm now pretty sure I knew at least most of the Seven Heroes. Then we encountered a succubus. She didn't fit into the swamp, between the undead and locked city. But I don't believe she was there by accident, especially as we later ran into more of her kind. I intend to find out what is happening. Still, I was glad. The female seductress was a proper challenge in combat and I do admit that her appearance was a nice change of pace as well. At the back of my head, I felt Rose disapproving, but I ignored it, despite Gnarl's insistence and our increasing familiarity I made sure to keep my distance. We managed to get a blue hive, those minions, despite being the frailest so far, are insanely useful. And probably the cleanest. Then we proceeded to scour and secure the area. This was hard as every now and then a new group of undead was raising from the graves or from infected refugees, with occasional encounters with succubi. Even harder, as everything inside me had been screaming to get inside the city and twist William's neck. Being reasonable can be hard at times. On the upside, despite the ruthless measures I implemented to contain the infection in the refugee camp, people there already swore fealty to me. It would seem a Lord of the Evil who did something was preferable to a vain Hero. I cannot express how well it makes me feel. Another pleasant surprise come during yesterday's strategy session with Rose. For days before her clothes were visibly tight, constraining her movements and even breathing. But for all her talk of order and intelligence, Rose was a quite prideful woman and in this case in denial. But yesterday, when she leaned down, towards the map, her dress ripped, in several places at once — namely her bottom, sides and upper back. Rose immediately straightened, but this sudden move was a mistake, as it made several smaller rips into a few big ones, almost completely exposing her back and sides to the word. And there is quite a lot to be exposed. To my disappointment, her bountiful bosom remained fully covered, same with her round belly. It was the first time I saw Rose blushing and stuttering in embarrassment and I almost forgot about the Paladin. I did make an effort to appear to be looking away and even offered to get her seamstress. Grunting something affirmative and keeping strips of fabric in a place with her hands Rose quickly retreated. Still, I managed to catch multiple sights of supple flesh. That was a good day, interrupted strategy session notwithstanding. I managed to catch the seamstress, one of the former residents of castle Spree and one of few humans that were now living in new areas of the Tower. Capable, but terrified of me. Conveying that her Lady needed help resizing her dresses and probably several new ones were hard and painful, for both parties. Subtly ordering her to make them a tad oversized even more so. My throat seemed to be on fire for the rest of the day, worth it. I already saw the glimpse of the beautiful ginger in an alerted dress that fit comfortably and still had room to spare. I'm Overlord, but I'm also a man enjoying life's simple pleasures. And the next days promise more enjoyable experiences. We secured the area around Haven's Peak, hopefully, by tomorrow William's head will be mine. *** So... William and the upper echelons of the city were being controlled by the Queen of succubi and her cohorts. Why am not I surprised? We managed to make our way through the sewers and while I'm not some dainty noble, I spent after an hour in the newly constructed bath just to get the stench out. Heaven's Peak had seen better days. The "safe" areas were being patrolled by William’s knights, who despite different clothes, have a stench of foul magic akin to those invaders from castle Spree. On the other side of barricades roamed undead and near Citadel occasionally flew succubi. We successfully scouted and secured a large portion of the city and I just become an object of religious worship. Along the way, Rose admitted that William's wife-to-be was her sister. It was clear that her opinion of sibling was bad, to say the least. If my sister would decide to marry Sir William, I too would be ashamed of them. Still, amongst insults to her sister, Velvet there were notes of concern. Then we found an inn, which doubled up as a secret whorehouse, which doubled up as a succubi hideout where their queen was residing. Since my awakening in the Tower I hadn't had such a fulfilling battle. It was glorious, not to mention beneficial, the death of their queen left sex-fiends in chaos and stopped the active spread of the magical plague. Soon we march on the Citadel, where resides William and Rose's sister. My “advisor”, when not speaking about matters at hand, is making subtle inquiries about the "incident" and her appearance. Every time I nod and grunt to confirm that she’s still attractive, but carefully avoid questions about her weight... probably will have to deal with it, sooner than later. *** I cannot describe how satisfying it was to split William's torso with my axe. As extra his shouts jogged bits of my memory, nothing concrete, just flashes and feelings, but it affirmed my disdain for the Paladin. Unfortunately, my triumph was soured by following the family drama, which waited behind the next door in the form extremely beautiful woman, in a skimpy garment stretching seductively on a king-sized bed... Velvet is an incredibly attractive woman, enough to rival the Queen I slew. It's no surprise how she wormed her way into William's bed. Almost immediately she began making her advances on me and I won’t lie I was feeling myself getting flustered. She was interrupted by Rose, who right away began arguing against bringing Velvet with us and I couldn't tell if it was because she saw her as a threat to her position, simply hated her presence or was just jealous The black-haired beauty comments, those about Rose letting herself go, and Gnarl graciously informing us that, thanks to our modification, we could, technically, accommodate a second "Mistress" weren’t helping in a bit. Even Rose with her love of Order and logic had a hard time controlling herself. What I did then was both harder and more painful than any battle that day. I forced my voice to be clear and well heard, damage to it and helmet took care of threatening tones. I commanded that Velvet is going to be a "guest" under constant "protection", inside a remote area of the Tower and would be questioned about what had happened in the city. I also added that her accommodations would be under the control of Lady Rose. The ginger wasn't happy but agreed and retreated to teleport with a grimace. For a second, Velvet's face twisted into something so foul I couldn't help but be impressed, but beyond whining, she offered no resistance as she was being moved with the bed. Replacing Rose with her sister or even assigning her with a similar position wasn't an option. The plump woman is simply too good of an organizer. Oh, I have no doubt that Velvet is far more intelligent than Rose is giving her credit for. She wouldn't come so far on her looks alone, no matter how disarming her beauty is. I can’t have her roaming free, she would get into another trouble and Rose, in a roundabout way, would have me help. Killing her was an option, but despite their animosity, I doubt my advisor would be happy about slaying her sister. In the end, having Rose willing to help and in debt to me was more productive. That and I despite opportunist parasites like Velvet. When I exited the Citadel a flock of succubi landed before me but didn't attack, instead looking indecisively, some with anger, all with fear. One stepped forward and bowed on her knee giving me an ample view of her cleavage. It was hard but I managed to focus on her head. She offered their loyalty in exchange for sparing them. Before I could reply another woman lunged at her with curses, the bowing one tried to stop her but was too slow. I wasn't. The next second, the attacker was lying face-first in the dirt with my axe next to her head, bleeding from where I ripped out her wings. Once again, I was forced to strain my throat, which further dampened my mood. I informed them that I would gladly accept their offer as long as they remain true to their word and their feeding won't impair my subjects. Also, I made clear that any of their kind, who wouldn’t submit and then threaten anything in my realm, would meet consequences. Of course, I worded and spoke it that way which made sure all seductresses were paler than normal and some looked ready to faint. In the end to make sure to make my point about aggression clear I stomped on the head of my would-be-killer. Once, it was enough. Then I barked some orders and they dispersed accordingly. We went to the city, where I was summoning and assigning posts to minions and left organizing this mess to the leader of the refugee camp. He had proved to be quite capable. Finally, I returned to the tower. It was a fruitful and quite satisfying day but the battle fever was wearing off, a tiredness setting in the place. Worst of all my throat reached a new level of fiery torment. On the way to my chambers, I stumbled on Rose. The ginger still looked grumpy, but she was calm and explained that she accepted my decision, but we would have a talk about our new quest. Then she left with her usual strut, which gave me a wonderful look at her enlarged buttocks and hips. It made me even forget about my agonizing throat. “our guest”… huh. *** It has been days since William’s death, busy days and with no end in sight. It’s no surprise, Haven’s Peak is no farming village, it’s the biggest city in hundreds of miles. Securing it, rebuilding even only the most serve of damages takes is taking time, even with an ever-expanding army of minions. Not to mention all those people, many of them wounded and unable to work. I probably could simply put them out of misery, but dead are no use, not to mention gratitude and respect mixed with fear are better than fear alone. Finally new “recruits”. So far the succubi were proving themselves to be useful and execute orders to the latter. A few give me bad looks, and a few tired to use their wiles at me, but beyond those cases and “reprimands”, they seem to be settling in nicely. And they made for entertaining sparring partners. Unsurprisingly, they are a curious race. In some aspects more individualistic even than humans, their solidarity extends only to immediate family or friends, but unless a royal isn’t in command they don’t give a damn about the collective. Perhaps because every succubus can technically repopulate entire species. … I do not know how I know that. That entire organization, rebuilding… I hate it, it’s driving me crazy with restlessness. I do have a lot of duties all of them were mind-bogglingly boring, interrupted only by sparring. I know it’s important, that progressing further without stabilising our positions would be idiotic. I know that and Rose does not need to remind me every time I grunt in disappointment. She on the other time has the time of her life, making sure all affairs, reconstruction and organization are and remain Orderly. … the issues with the ginger are now, mostly, resolved. The next day after we conquered the city, she joined me during breakfast. We went over plans for Heaven’s Peak, she also admitted that having her sister we can watch her is probably a good idea. Of course, Rose was constantly reminding me that the raven-haired woman isn’t to be trusted. I also noticed that she was just playing with cutlery instead of actually eating. That was troubling. Yes, it’s equally important, to me. Then I spend hours in the ruined city, dealing with matters at hand. I returned tied and with three succubi, which in turn soured Rose’s mood, as she was waiting near teleport. The seductress made wicked smiles, which dropped as soon as I informed them that the plump woman was second only to me. Fortunately, as I asked her, Rose waited for me with interrogating Velvet. That affair felt like pooling teeth. The vain woman had spent her entire day, settling in and abusing minions. Only they were assigned to her. She wasted the entire conversation trying to seduce me, it was harder to resist than I had predicted, and throwing occasional, comments about her sister. Most about her current state and how she was a know-it-all. Ultimately, I didn’t learn anything new. Velvet knew more and realized it. I was really tempted to use some of that torture equipment we got from the caste. During dinner, I and Rose settled a few matters. The succubi would answer directly to her unless I requested their aid, their abilities more useful in manipulation than battle, at least for now. After we dealt with all matters I wanted to head to sleep when Rose asked about her weight. I nearly fell from my seat. I had braced myself… and answered truthfully. About how much she has grown, that her new dresses, not too long ago oversized, clung tightly to her, that her belly was now a small, doughy mound that jiggled alongside her enlarged chest and round ass. Rose was stunned and, I was a hard time believing what was seeing, about to cry. Then, without thinking, I began talking about how much it fits her, how beautiful she looks with new flesh. How much her new looks were more charming than her sisters. That was the gist of it, but I don’t remember exact words and my voice sounded like a crow’s squawking. I couldn’t decipher her expression, her softened cheeks were slightly flushed. Rose flashed a smile and excused herself, her bottom swaying wildly as she escaped. I caught myself being genuinely concerned about her. …perhaps things aren’t as boring as I wrote. *** A few days ago I stumbled upon a peculiar situation. The insides, of Rose’s bedchamber, were filled with blankets and pillows. On those sat Rose, all succubi that were assigned to the Tower and a few women handpicked to help around. The entire group was tipsy if not outright **. I walked within earshot when one of the seductresses was ** pouring her woes about lack of proper romance. That all men, once she tries to get emotionally engaged, run away faster than when they learn she’s a sex-feeding fiend. All of the succubi nodded at that and soon all other solidary agreed that all men are pigs before the toast. How they didn’t notice me? They were preoccupied and without my armour, I can move quite quietly. Besides, I limited myself to watching the situation unfold in the reflection of a polished wall. Then one handmaiden commented how at least Rose managed to get herself a solid catch. I admit for some reason I wanted to crush somebody’s skull with bare hands. Then I heard a familiar snort. Rose began that talking that sure that hunk wasn’t the simpleton and brute, she had taken him for (it was when I realized she was talking about me), that she had a decent head on his shoulder, for a man, that he ogled her regularly even with (here she slapped herself on her soft belly and I suddenly felt as blood rushed to a certain part of my body), but in the end, there was only business between them. Worse he was complimenting her looks even now, with her boob-monster of a sister next door to them, but he still wouldn’t take a hint. One of the succubi laughed and laid down resting her head on the soft tummy of my advisor, who suddenly resembled her namesake even more. I heard muffed reassurances, claims about me being dense and promises of help. Her sentiments were echoed by all participants who suddenly were squished next to her. Did I mention, that most of the women inside were quite moderately clothed? I retreated as quietly as I could. One I didn’t know how much I couldn’t handle female sisterhood. Two I had some… things to think about… and I needed a shower, a cold one. *** The work around the city is continuous, but on a positive note, all renovations of the Tower are now complete. Even Gnarl seemed to be moved, speaking in a teary voice about all the Evil to be done from here. Rose seemed to regain her appetite and I noticed a rather… unique way she had been eating lately. The ginger is testing my self-control. Courting… So far I rejected the idea out of potential manipulations, and betrayal, and really… what do I have to lose? I had a feeling weaponry wasn’t a proper gift for ladies of those lands. Just flowers and beautiful items are not enough and just not fit for Rose. During dinner, I presented her a bouquet of roses and a draft of a project – an office of standardization which would begin working in Heaven’s Peak and make sure measures, quality and quantity of items met one universal standard. Never before had I seen her speechless, then she looked at me with genuine awe and… hugged me. It… felt strange… but nice. Good thing I had enough time to shed the armour before the meal. The next day she invited me to a late dinner in her quarters. My mind jumped to… specific conclusions, but once I cooled off after tangling with minions against human and succubi trainees I forced myself to approach it tactically. Going into battle with assumption was an easy way to death, therefore I did my best to get my head out of the gutter. I went to her chambers in good clothes, or at least the cleanest, non-armoured clothes I had, with enough food on a trolley for both of us(and then some more). Rose greeted me and led me, surprisingly to the bedchamber with her usual strut, although now she had much more to strut with. We sat on her bed, trolley near it and it was the first time I saw her openly nervous, and hesitant. She started talking and words began pouring out of her mouth like a waterfall. I learned about her turbulent family history, her rise to the prestigious position by her own merits while her sister whored herself to privilege( not my words). Then I learned that she indeed tried her hand at romance before, only to be disappointed. Possible candidates were either fools, saw her as a pretty face, or both. Then Rose started talking about how we met and our cooperation, and… it seemed she had genuine, romantic feelings towards me. I tried to express myself as best as I could, but while I got better doing it here, my speech left a lot to be desired… But it worked, it had to because the next thing I know Rose is telling something about the finer point of running an Evil domain and we’re tearing clothes off each other I had worries about how I would fare with lacking memories. But once again my instinct kicked in in the heat of the moment, although cramming Rose's mouth with pasties I had bought was an improvisation. Very successful improvisation, considering the militaristic analogies she was shouting. Waking up in bed, next to somebody, was surprisingly pleasant. We talked, honestly and openly. One of the issues we tackled was her weight. I admitted that I enjoyed watching her grow its effect, I admitted I enabled it. That resulted in an elbow jab to my ribs and a confused smile on Rose's rose face. Then I noted that we both know she enjoyed feasting. Before she could oppose, I grabbed a pastry that had survived the pogrom the day before and put it in the ginger's mouth, then argued that appetit... gluttony isn't counterproductive to Order. It was neutral, its affiliation depending on circumstances. Rose swallowed the large sweet and with some reluctance accepted the rezoning, but said it would to unbecoming of a proper Mistress to be fat. Mistress... I suppose she is one now. At that, I nearly laughed. I'm the Overlord, I dictate what's proper and what's not. I'm going to pamper my Mistress and feed her with the best, most decadent foods. I'm going to clothe her growing, supple body in finest silks as her body outgrows her old garments, time and time again. Rose going to be the pinnacle of beauty, not because she follows some fashion, diet, no. She's going to be the pinnacle of beauty because with her soft curves, and round belly, she IS my Mistress and she SETS what beauty means to be. I expressed that sentiment to my partner snuggling her as gently as I was able to. I received a playful slap on my torso accompanied by a laugh. The meal, that I had brought the day before, didn't go to waste. Heated with careful, fire magic, dinner that was fit for three men, was devoured by a young woman, leaving only poor remains. Rose was lying on the bed, her expression a unique mix of pain and pleasure. Where once had been a soft, fleshy pillow, was something akin to a small, regular boulder wrapped in smooth, pink skin, interrupted by fresh, red lines. Soon after, the overfed ginger slipped into a nap. I put on clothes, ignoring rips and missing buttons. For a preacher of Order, Rose could be surprisingly savage. On the way to the armoury, I caught one of the maids and ordered her to prepare the Lady a fresh set of clothes and wait to be summoned. It was a good day, a very good day. Even an increasingly throbbing throat and dealing with organizing the city didn't manage to dampen my mood. *** The renovations of Heaven's Peak are coming to an end, at least ones needing my direct attention. I must admit, as daunting as it had been, I cannot help but feel pride in what we managed to accomplish. The city's walls are all but the whole, bodies taken care of, streets clean of rubble, most important structures are repaired, a skeleton of structures and Order established, even for succubi. The seductresses seem somewhat confused, due to the way they were being handled, but performing well, some of them quite happy to be delegated to more complex duties. I'm personally quite proud of the fledging city guard. As useful and loyal minions are, some issues need a more huma- personal approach (I managed to convince 3 hobbits and a succubus to join). I also weeded out the most troublesome or vocal of William's supporters, that remained. They provided quite useful - proper, public executions can be quite an attraction. Thought those events are secondary to me. My relationship with Rose is progressing nicely, even if we both are hopelessly out of our depth. Though I'd like to think we make due, I officially moved to her quarters. I'm getting to know more personal details about her and Velvet, a more vulnerable side of her. Her absent father wasn't just some spellcaster, but the Wizard, one of the Heroes to vanquish my predecessor. I understand her reluctance in sharing it, but the only consequence is a clearer image of her magical potential. I'm trying to share my musings and what rags of memories that I managed to get back. It's hard, in more ways than one as my voice still is barely working. We do clash on a few topics. Rose wants me to act more... sophisticated, noble-like, which isn't likely. Being Overlord aside, I'm a warrior above all, and nobles, in the majority, were little more than silk-wearing parasites. Rose was against resuming her magical studies, supposedly due to the unpredictable nature of the arcane, but I'm convinced it's because of her father. Also, she's not happy, about laxity in several policies. Still, those mostly aren't relationship issues. The main problem, if it can be called that, is that we often simply don't know what to do and shows of affection, always private, sometimes feel awkward. Another certain improvement was Rose's appetite, which not only returned but keeps growing. Some with her body, her round belly expanded the most, forward and sideways, forming two thick rolls on both sides. Her lovely bottom, fertile hips, and now touching thighs are following suit, even if a bit less, and normal chairs are becoming narrow, armchair confining. My Mistress is now as wide as I without armour but unlike me deliciously soft. Her perky breasts grew less eagerly than the rest of her curves but were now noticeably bigger than Velvet's. There are lovely layers of flesh around her forearms and calves. The neck thickened and shortened, partially thanks to a roll of adipose that was now located under the shapely jaw. Above it, a beautiful face now much softer with round cheeks. It's increasingly hard to keep my focus on other things than her soft, wobbling body when we're together. Rose, meanwhile, is becoming more confident with her growing form, in fact, nowadays she seemed to take pride in it. Very good. I think I can safely claim partial credit for her lavish form. At every opportunity, I remind, now very expanded, kitchen staff to provide Rose with pasties and snacks between meals. I, myself, always arrive at every meeting with a hefty supply of treats. But I don't stop here, Rose did abandon the leash of her appetite, but during every meal, I encourage her. When she sits near me after meals, stuffed and ready to leave, I gently, or as gently as I can, whisper to her, putting the next portions next to her mouth. Rose nags, declines but eats until her belly gets as tight as a drum and with every day bigger. What happens next depends on the circumstances, I either led her to a comfortable, cushioned couch with a desk or I carry her to our bed if the hour is late. In the latter case, quite frequently, the curses addressed at me and moans of discomfort are joined by moans of pleasure. Sex is too, a great opportunity, I expanded upon my idea from the first night with great results. Rose complains about my action, how I made her blow up like a pig. But neither her eyes, expression, or even expression fit her words. Especially as the ginger slaps her bottom. ... I'm happy. I can genuinely say that I'm happy. I think I would be able to reign my thirst for battle and wanderlust and focus on governing what I have here... if that was a feasible option, that depended only on me, and if my memories weren't missing and tied to the Heroes. Seeing as manufacturers are reopened I commissioned a portable throne... or rather a very comfortable, portable couch and similar carriage. Both are designed to be large enough to seat three of me on cushions. Of course, they are being made for Rose and only Rose. Am I being overly optimistic? - maybe. But I prefer to say I'm thinking prospectively. Besides both of us, I and Rose, are consequential when reaching a goal and neither stops halfway. Of course, there are a few snags. Gnarl's lecherous comments make me sometimes wish I could afford to behead him. Though, some of them were quite spot-on, especially those about her growing body. There are some high-borns from Heaven's Peak that I agreed to spare, they're vexing. But, them I can and will kill should they become too much trouble. The only actual snag is Velvet. Several days after her arrival and deliberation, I assigned her servants, only females and one succubus, the calmest and so far most reliable I have to oversee them all. That last move proved to be correct. Velvet almost imminently began to "befriend" her servants, almost as quickly she began to subtly undermine my authority and set maids from diffrent shifts against each other. According to my spy, the raven-haired woman is good, but her mannerism leaves some to be desired. That and in moments of flustration murmured and occasionally shouted what was on her mind. Velvet does it when she thinks she is alone or when there are only minions to abuse. Another mistake. What I learned confirmed that it was good that I isolated and supervised her. Funnily enough, some of her ideas were shallow even by the standards of succubi. I did try to interrogate her again, with no results. Well, there is one, with her constant flirting, her beauty seems deeply shallow. Nonetheless, I tried to reconcile the sisters. Perhaps, it's unfit for lord of Evil, but somewhere in the back of my head, something is always nagging me that family should not quarrel. Rose was reluctant but agreed if only to settle some matters with her siblings. After a tense meal full of jabs and indirect insults, the meeting ended with Velvet mocking Rose's weight, accomplishment and taste in men. Fortunately this time my Mistress was much more composed and her newfound pride in her expanding body allowed her to redirect Velvet's words. It was a good thing because I almost wrangled the whore's neck. Later, when we lay in bed and Rose's belly was stuffed with food, we agreed that we would postpone any family reunions. I have a certain idea, that should knock Velvet a peg or two. But It needs to be better prepared. Tomorrow, we'll begin clearing road between the Heaven's Peak and castle Spree. It's the last major task before returning to the elven forest. *** I and minions went to the temple of Mother Goddess, which led to one of the magical roots. We weren't there first, a few men in the outfit of thieves/scavengers and a single woman in ruberian jewellery. There was something familiar about her, but they disappeared almost imminently so I can't say anything for sure. We made our way through ghosts and occasional thieves, all meeting the same fate. When we reached the main chamber the ruberian woman was there with a gigantic man, larger even than me. Soon they disappeared with a familiar many-eyed creature. But I caught their names Jawel and Khan. Those sound familiar and... bring emotion like through fog I seem to remember something. We severed the root and returned to the Tower. As much as I wanted to face Greenhaze, I needed to be fresh and rested for that. That evening I watched Rose who lay next to me. There was quite a lot to admire as my partner weights now about 20 stones, making her the heaviest woman I know of. And by whatever gods are out there, does that new flesh settles beautifully on her. I decided to present my idea to her. Succubi can influence people's minds, even of those not attracted to them. It can be hard and they could use practice, Velvet... so proud of her appearance and mocking her sister's supple body... Rose jabbed me and accused me of just wanting to see Velvet get fat. I didn't deny the sentiment, but I denied it is the only reason. I told her to imagine her sister being as large as she is now and Velvet's reaction to it. My dear Mistress agreed. *** Today I killed Oberon Greenhaze. He begged me to do this. I knew and respected Oberon Greenhaze. I don't remember Oberon Greenhaze, but I knew and respect him. I killed him. I sat alone on the bed in our bedchamber without a helmet when Rose came in. She sat next to me, silent. Then I felt a little better. A little. *** It was over two weeks since I killed the third hero. Fortunately, I had enough reason left to bark orders back then, before retreating to chambers and Rose was able to handle the day-to-day running of my realm just fine. So everything had been proceeding good and minions made a few secured outposts in this cursed forest. I needed those days to calm down and to think. Between being a new Overlord and my hatred toward William I assumed I had been a soldier of some note working for my predecessor. Now... I'm not sure. Of course, my absence was noticed. But we managed to masterfully pass it off as a test/provocation. Two nobles wanted to ignite a rebellion, the moment the "chance" appeared. No peasant returned a call to arms, instead turned them to city guard on a silver plate. I was pleasantly surprised by succubi who firmly supported me and subtly quelled doubts. Probably thanks to the edict which put their species on equal footing with others and forbade prosecution. As far as I know, we're the only ones to do so. In my lands, all species are equally, equally exploited and subservient to me. There are other benefits of conquering the forest. We cleared the way to catacombs which led a little beyond it. Oberon's death destroyed the tree with which he had been fused, opening patch to mountains, the land of dwarfs. The forest itself proved to be rich, in princess herbs useful in various drugs. Some to even helpful in arcane as informed me Rose, who is slowly familiarizing with magical tomes we... reclaimed. There's also the fact that the influx of duties was a challenge even for my Mistress, which led to stress eating. Even without my prompting Rose always was chewing on some cookie or other pastry, her belly inflated with constant snacking. I am fairly sure watching her fatten herself like that was almost as good for my mood as her angry pep talk. Rose was no longer just 20 stones, the smooth rolls that were forming from her belly and equally enlarged rest of her confirmed that. Besides, I have her often enough laying or sitting on me to say that. But Rose isn't the only one who grew larger. The succubi weren't ide, the three of them in need of training are doing their best to please me. As vain as Velvet is, she had been carefully watching what and how much she had been eating. For the last week or so, it hasn't been the case. Just yesterday we watched her stuff herself with éclairs. Rose may blame my male desire for putting a spying spell in her sister's room, but I saw how she was beaming when Velvet abandoned her manners to cram pastries into her mouth, not to mention other opportunities to point out her duplicitous nature. The raven-hared woman already appeared softer, even if only slightly. Soon, we began marching into dwarven lands. I have only limited information about that area, but I have a feeling it's going to be a pain. *** Sometimes I hate being right. Dwarves are a worthy foe, almost every member of their race is proficient in battle. But gigantic, monster slugs were vexing and ** dwarves are even more vicious, but... they aren't immune to other effects of drink. Fighting surrounded by vomit and piss is neither pleasant nor overly glorious. Discovering elven slaves was a surprise, worrying one. The mountain dwellers never, in known history, kept slaves. We freed them and transported them back to the forest. Their gratitude mixed with fresh humiliation keeps them from disputing our presence there. Good, I wouldn't have bothered but elves have one useful quality. They have enormous knowledge of the arcane and mundane. Rose already has people recording their relations. Of course, even at such early stages, we managed to amass quite a lot of gold. I keep that fact quiet, for obvious reasons. For now, we secured outside areas, but I want to entrench our forces here before moving father. I rather not be caught by dwarfs flanking me through some secret tunnel. Meanwhile, back...huh... back home things weren't frozen. There's an entire assortment of new drugs based on forest herbs. I won't list them, as most of them have quite typical applications, if more potent. But what is interesting is a revival of old ailment for expecting women, sometimes used for growing pains. It makes the body more stretchy, and harder to hurt as it is being pulled, though it caused a bit of numbness in the body. I immediately ordered it to be sprinkled inside the Mistress's meals and oils with those herbs to be used while massaging her. At first, I was sceptic, but after three days of spiked meals, her stuffed gut was able to grow noticeably bigger and rounder. I was honestly afraid Rose may burst, for a moment. I'm fairly sure she knows about it but enjoys it in her own way. One elf, who got talking about their medicine, let slip a titbit about a mixture which is used to increase appetite in fussy children. I have people investigating it. Velvet's reconditioning is going well. She stuffs herself, without care, during meals and is carelessly snacking with snacks, provided all day long. Very buttery ones. We had to replace her corset, last the seductress to recognise how much her bust and belly grew. Interestingly enough she isn't the only one. Some women from Heaven's Peak and residing in the Tower seem to have packed on a few stones as well. Even one or two succubi seem bigger than when we meet. I have my suspicions, but it can be just a result of better access to food. Besides, it's rather a dicey subject and I may be the Overlord, but I'm not without reason. Now, I have to finish. We're about to storm the first proper fortifications. *** The last few days were tiring, but satisfying. Only dwarves something as ridiculous and amazing as distillery and city in one, which was more fortified that their borders. It was our first clash with their proper military. It was glorious, they attacked us without mercy, with a desire to cush us. Their resistance and frenzy were only increasing as we were going deeper into the mountain. Now, I have a strong head, but the fumes inside were making me hazy and I'm still surprised the entire place didn't blow up with all fire I was casting around. Unfortunately, the phase of pleasant daze passed me, instead, a killer hangover hit me the moment we were back in the fresh air. Nonetheless, our offensive was a great success. We slaughtered opposing forces and secured "the beer keg", which provided us with significant resources and was a great blow to the dwarves. I would probably call it the day, I and my minions were tired, but the elves near the entrance to Goldo's place informed me that thieves were spotted, likely trying to steal the statue of Mother Goddess. That energized me. I don't like thieves, I do not like people stealing my spoils even less. Not to mention it was no mere piece of ornament. Mother Goddess was a deity with real influence, and her statue was a powerful tool, at the very least political. Besides, the gold-loving king shut herself in the fortress. Using arcane I revitalized myself and strengthened my forces. We pressed forward slicing through beasts and dwarfs alike. It was gruelling crossing and I barely took note of Gnarl's words about "cunning plan". When we reached the would-be temple we encountered a familiar many-eyed creature... and a flame titan who killed it. Unlike the teleporting beast, we proved too much for the rocky giant. Only then, I did allow myself to inspect the sculpture. It wasn't what I had expected. Either the author had similar tastes to myself, which would mean elves can be quite sensible, or the Mother Goddess is large and in charge. True the presented woman was smaller than Rose, but more heavy set than any elf and most human women. My musings were interrupted by Gnarl. His plan was quite ingenious and I ordered as many minions as possible inside the hollow statue. We didn't have to wait long, another arcane monster appeared and teleported the artefact. I oversaw securing the most important spoils, before summoning more forces with orders to secure the area. I was barely able to walk up, even my magically-enhanced body was at its limits. Luckily nobody noticed, save Rose. The moment she saw me the Mistress began complaining about me being reckless and stinking of beer. The ginger was poorly hiding concern in her voice. As she guided me to the bathroom, my mind and eyes were wandering. Mostly around the beautiful woman before me. Her trademark strut was gone, she was simply too fat to move otherwise than by waddle, which set her flesh into motion. I heard her rapid breathing, moving at a mild pace from chamber to chamber was enough to make her pant. So far Rose is declining to be carried or even assisted with walking by servants, but that's only a matter of time. I don't know how I arrived in the room with steaming water, I was hypnotized by two large, jiggling orbs to which fabric clung tightly. That ass is big enough to squash a few minions to death and even seats fit for my armoured bulk are a bit too small for it. The Mistress, red from the effort, helped me to peel off my armour, it wasn't much of assistance, but I wouldn't have it otherwise. Soon we both were naked and I couldn't take my eyes off her. Rose's gut is almost as wide as her fertile hips, which are larger than I with armour on. The fleshy mountain is made from two, incredibly thick rolls, divided by a shallow pit and sticks about a foot forward from her body. On it are lying two breasts almost as large as her head and beautifully round, with rose nipples. Her forearms had large sacks of fat hanging from them, into which her elbows were almost absorbed. All of this is supported by thick, juicy thighs, wider than her waist had been when we first meet. Once sharp cheekbones were replaced by round, large cheeks and the Mistress almost no longer has a neck to speak off. Her second chin expanded incredibly, thickening by several fingers. Last month’s made my lover blow into awe-inspiring proportions. We stumbled into the batch, spilling an impressive amount of hot water. As large as it was, with my large size and Rose's incredible, soft, supple flesh, we fit together tightly, our bodies pressed together. It was an incredible opportunity, my Mistress looked insanely alluring covered in soapy water, but I was too tired and even excitement was failing against my heavy eyelids. We tried to clean ourselves quickly, with little success. I exited first and opened the drain without thought. Rose called me before I even moved a step, the ginger looked annoyed and embarrassed. She couldn't stand up, in a deep, slippery bath, on her own. As delicately as I could I grabbed her, which wasn't easy, and lifted her. I could feel every single of my sore muscle scream as I assisted her outside. This time I helped her with a towel. Then we went to our bedchamber where we almost immediately fell asleep. However as my mind was drifting away, I couldn't help but compare my lover to carefully labelled bags of gold I took from dwarven land. Yes, Rose is clearly over 30 stones. Over 30, beautiful, soft stones. *** Training minions, as much as a chore it is, brings results. When I got back to the mountains the crude, but effective fortification had been set. It improved my already good mood. That day started very well, with Rose breaking her seat. The chair near the desk where she kept and used her cosmetics had been scavenged from castle Spree, and too small for her meaty rump for some time now. I have felt the ginger as somewhat attached to it, enough to stand it wedging to her body. It was good carpentry, but that morning when Rose tried to turn toward me on it. the piece of furniture cracked and broke into pieces. I can count on finger times Rose got so flushed This time I didn't waste the opportunity and moved my obese beauty toward the bed, which affirmed my diagnosis from the day before. Her sitting on me with that soft rump, then bouncing there with me even more, cemented it. Anyway, it wasn't the end of pleasant surprises. Once thieves were removed from the area the door to Goldo's fortress opened. This time Hero's delusions worked in our favour. Taking about over the external fort wasn't easy, but preferable to the weeks-long siege I had been expecting. Fighting Goldo riding his "pet" was flustrating, dangerous and unfulfilling, the same was killing the dwarven king. Deeper in the Keep we found Golderson's treasury, and... elven women, only ones I encountered so far, likely last ones in this part of the world and imprisoned behind a chasm. But before I could think about the situation the mountain began shaking. We could take females or gold. I choose females. I have no particular love for their kind, but an entire tribe of them with such debts to me and likely soon an entirely new generation of arcane species loyal to me was much more profitable than gold. Gold... gold doesn't spoil or rust, and can be dug out again. It was time for the boring part. What followed was reminiscent of hobit village and very different at the same time. We were approached by dwarves, including remains of the military, feed from whatever magic was working through Goldo and thanked us for freeing them. But those weren't peaceful and placid hobbits. The mountain folk was stubborn, battle-ready, greedy and kept grudges, magical corruption or not. They told me, in no uncertain terms, that they're thankful, but we should leave, preferably after repairing damage and returning gold. I would have to had to correct the soldier's assumptions about his situation, but we heard shouts and saw a second group approaching. On its front was a muscular woman with an impressive axe and an unusually lean, old dwarf, in grab that betrayed him as a craftsman of some sort. Their group, was mostly women, not looking any more fragile than males and craftsmen, plus members of other guilds. They weren't happy. The woman tore into the lead soldier, her husband apparently, which quickly turned into a shouting match. The lead craftsman meanwhile approached me and cordially asked me about the situation. As much as it pained me to, literally, I explained, in detail, honesty. He only nodded, then gestured to the now combating couple and asked to return me to leave them for a while, to resolve internal conflict. An hour later I and Rose sat near the familiar woman and craftsman, as well as the newly chosen, young leader of the military, discussing terms. Those three knew they were beaten, but tried to make the most of their situation, for all of their people. I could respect that. Now comes the time to entrench and rebuild, while the brown minions sent with the stature look for teleport. We're helping elves settle back into the forest, and make settlements. Strangely enough, their woman, save for flowery language and occasional bouts of melancholy, have much more practical, down-to-earth characters. So much so that I demanded that our elven proxy be female. Rose fully supported me, she was tired of their depression. The pointed-eared females seem to also develop some strange fascination with my Mistress, observing her large body from afar. But things were going wll, especially now we have competent enough people to delegate. Allowing me to focus on more important to me matters. Most of the free time I spend with Rose, when possible at least. That often included a secluded location and filling her with hearty food until her soft tummy became tight as a drum and as heavy as a boulder. With every day there seemed to be more of her to go around. But not only her. The ginger's sister was now officially fat and even magic wouldn't keep her in denial. Velvet's fat settled in her breast, just a bit smaller than her head and her ass which now overflew most of her chairs. Her belly also expanded outward, but much less than the rest of her curves. Oh... she was far behind Rose, but her blubbery form was unmistakable, making her shriek every time looking into a mirror. The best part, she can't stop herself. Velvet stuffs herself during every meal, cursing everyone, she cursed everyone and orders more pastries until she is about to burst. I hadn't thought there was something like hate-eating, but I was proved wrong. I also made a small investigation into a female weight-gain trend in Heaven's Peak and the Tower. Not that I minded it, but I don't like being in the dark. I asked the succubus that was now a permanent resident in the Tower about it, she also put on several stones. The blonde seductress grinned and slapped her potbelly, I managed to remain focused on her face, barely. She confirmed my suspicions, namely the eligible female population wanted to gain my favour, ideally even replacing Rose. Futile. Though, the blonde seductress also hinted that it's a form of subtle female rebellion combined with a chance to treat themselves. At that I only nodded, I'm not stupid enough to claim to comprehend females. Then I asked about her and her companions, they too were heavier. Did they want to get into my bed? She grinned and hinted at the possibility(No. Rose gets surprisingly well with them nowadays, but if I even suggested it...), before adding a little more serious that's mimicry, at least partially. Her species change appearance according to the desires of the surrounding population, within a certain limit and not consciously. However, it was an actual change, not an illusion. I'm the Overlord, even putting aside boast of incredible willpower, I'm connected to the tower's heart, I'm radiating with arcane power. I had observed the effect I have on other magical beings, even those resistant to outside influence. In short, I'm subconsciously making succubi fatten themselves. In the end, the blonde chuckled, commenting that it was a nice change, at least and the tastes of subjects change according to what their master dictates. "In a decade or so, Lady Rose will be an example of proper beauty, and we will follow this. If it changes again so will we. The elves already getting the memo, then again when they aren't high on their superiority they tend to prefer curves. With them worshipping Mother Goddess" After that I dismissed her and she left, shaking enlarged buttchecks in a skimpy dress. I swear, before I met a worthy opponent, I'll meet my end by feminine wiles. I almost forgot, Rose finally getting accustomed to travelling on the potable couch I had commissioned for her months ago and other assistants. She needs them to have any physical task done quickly. And by gods does My mistress look magnificent on that seat. Although that willingness to accept assistance nearly cost me dearly. A day ago I stumbled upon her in the new pool, in the company of a succubus and two, busty and chubby maids washing her folds using sponges. I felt all my blood leave my head and travel downward. If not hasty escape they would find me unconscious and with an erection. I would never live that down. *** Good news, browns managed to locate a strong gateway and activate it, by the time I could leave my realm without running back every five minutes. The bad news, the gate led me to the Ruborian Desert. I don't remember any deserts, but it took me one look at the scorched land to know I despise it, its inhabitants and everything it stands for. I gained respect for Arche for displaying enough wisdom to leave this place. I pursued Jewell nonetheless, at the very least I'll make sure she shares my pain. Hmmm... lately I noticed I write in a more "sophisticated" way. Rose's rubbing off on me or old habits returning? Despite lengthy discussions with my Mistress, the most experienced succubus I still know next to nothing save a few flashes and feelings. ... desert, it's worse than I expected. I won't describe how much I disdain this land, I would waste several pages and still not be close. We were constantly confronted by vermin, beasts or thieves. Normally I would relish in battle, in the challenge but the place was taking it all away. We chased Jewell for long through this wasteland, when we cornered her I was on wit's end. But for all of her nimbleness, the ruberian woman fell into our trap. Good, better even, because once I took a good look at her I understood I don't want to kill her. Cage her, have her stuffer discomfort and humiliation, yes, but not to maim or kill her. That was a new one. Not to mention we got back the statue of the Mother Goddess to the Evernight. The elves look at me almost with the same reverence as at the thing. I'm going to leave her to stew in the cage while I clean myself and rest. If I ever return to this place it'll be too soon. *** What the fuck *** Okay. I need to write about it if only to sort this out in my head. The last days were wild. First, we interrogate Jewell, who looks great as decoration, she talks about Wizard, I feel my memories being painfully tugged. When we heard the alarm, somebody was attacking Archie's village. Some idiot opened the gates after threatening sheep, whose need to be killed daily so they don't overrun those lands. The village was full of gazers and familiar bandits, peasants giving no resistance, and minions who had been stationed there dead. I dealt with it. I was furious but spared the Ruberian mayor and his people. Khan was attacking Heaven's peak. Their situation was better. Militia and succubi managed to contain invaders mostly to one district, although their forces were much more numerous and powerful. They only needed a hand, but then Khan arrived. It was a hard battle, glorious and victorious but left me with a strange aftertaste. Triumph and regret in equal measures. I returned to the Tower to witness the betrayal of Gnarl and minions on the account of the return of the wizard/the seventh hero/my father in love/FUCKING REINCARNATED SECOND OVERLORD. ... Rose underestimated Velvet and I grew careless with her. With the little magical boost, the skinner sister had been able to inform the wizard of our actions, perhaps even sabotage us. The fucker gave me some grand speech and proceeded to try and fry me. I was hit with the strangest feeling of Deja vu. Fortunately, he too underestimated us and I had much better taste in allies. I regained my senses next to destabilized Heart and panting Rose, sweating and fortunately retreating with help of succubi. The wizard sent minions at me, they were tougher, but also more mindless in their attacks. He kept babbling and launching spells at me, but I kept slaughtering his forces. Finally, he retreated into a newly opened cavern. Soon after my Mistress returned, sweating heavily, supported by maids and escorted by winged seductresses. My lover looked ready to pass off in exhaustion but otherwise fine. At the end, from the room emerged Velvet and Gnarl. To this day I'm surprised I managed to stay my hand. Succubi offered to accompany me and fight, but I ordered them to guard Rose and the Heart. My obese Mistress didn't even find it in herself to protest. I was a bit surprised they remained loyal, but then as demanding as I was with me they gained more, than in the last centuries. That and the Second wasn't big on Free Will. That I remembered. Using irregularities in the Heart I managed to regain my magic and control over some minions. Apparently, I'm overall a better boss. It wasn't easy but directly interacting with hives allowed me to access the rest of my minions. Then we went to trim the wizard's beard along with his head. The moment we saw him, he started droning about how all heroes and I were predictable. I ignored him and focused on dodging his high-level spells and mutated minions. He droned on and on, and I kept getting angrier. His magical might was ridiculous, but his tactics severely lacking. Probably the reason I still live. I drove my axe deep into his skull and soon felt a surge of arcane seeping into me. With only one Overlord the Heart stabilized firmly under my control. I went back to Rose, where we regrouped before going upstairs. A quick inspection confirmed what I felt, we won. I made orders, mainly to ascertain damages and to put Velvet in the deepest hole. Then I retreated to my chambers, where I collapsed. When I awoke, I was out of out my armour with my injuries treated, but I felt worse than when we first woke as the Overlord. Next to me lay Rose awoken by my stirring, right away she began lecturing me, but I noticed moisture under her eyes. Now, I just have to deal with this mess and daily dosage of flashbacks. *** Things finally calmed down. We repaired damages to the Tower and Heaven's Peak. For now, I also halted any attempts to expand my realm and strengthen what I already have. It's boring but necessary, thankfully it's also a great excuse to spend time with Rose. My Mistress continues to work on my kingdom, but there's only so much that can be done as things are now outside everyday duties. As consequence, we have much more free time than previously. It's the first time we together visit our lands, for... recreation. Nowadays I also personally make sure Rose is properly pampered. The effects are magnificent, as her body reached staggering proportions. My mistress is twice as wide as I am, her stomach almost reaching her knees when she is sitting, two rolls composing it are at least as thick as my muscular thighs. Her ass was equally large, overflowing me when she sat on me( that happened quite frequently), botch cheeks are rounds, dotted with small dimples, pushing so far back they created a shelf, big enough to safely put a middle-sized plate on it. Just under it, are meaty thighs, also dotted with dimples, almost as wide as my waist. Her calves aren't much smaller and appear somewhat like rounded, bit malformed slices of a tree trunk, about to be chopped into splits, but smooth and soft They long since absorbed my lovers' ankles, visibly bordering with her chubby feet. On her belly lay two breasts the size of watermelons, they still manage to maintain their shape and some firmness. Rose's forearms are about the size of her calves with soft blubber hanging from them, the rest of her arms widened almost twice over, and her fingers resemble sausages. Her neck is gone, devoured by her torso and the singular, thick fold of fat that grew under my Mistress' jaw. It grew so large that her chin is barely distinguishable, along with it expanded her other facial features, visibly enlarging her head. Now her cheeks are so round and large, that there are clear, constant smile lines, that don't require smiles. At this point, I cannot reliably gauge how heavy Rose is, but I would wager at least 40 stones. I must admit I'm curious and yesterday I ordered a large scale, big enough for the ginger. All this blubber doesn't leave her unaffected. Rose, even assisted couldn't hope to move remotely fast on her own legs, not to mention not far before she's exhausted. Therefore, we had taken to being carried to most places, even within the tower, using several portable seats I had commissioned for her. Also, she had no choice but to accept the aid of maids, when washing and I wasn't available. There are tens of other examples, little or large changes brought by her amazing size. My Mistress often complained, saying that I'm fattening her like a pig for slaughter. I doubt there was a pig that comes close to her weight, not to mention I knew she was enjoying both her incredible size, even certain discomfort it brought, and her ability to consume a family's worth of food on daily basis. And Rose knows that I know, but that doesn't stop her from teasing. Speaking of fattening. Velvet is still within the Tower, but no longer a "guest", but a prisoner, even if she kept her quarters. I think my Mistress would forgive me for executing her sister, at first at least, but I decided to use the vain seductress as an example and entertainment. A bit of humiliation could do her only good. I invented a new form of carnival attraction for peasants, though I have yet to come up with a good name. Velvet was placed in a special pillory, that left her kneeling on pillows, and her head upward. That and had a rather delicate mechanism that kept her mouth open. One could buy chap, a gelatinous concoction and feed it to her, goal was to see how much Velvet could be fat and how far her stomach could stretch. It was a hit, to children it was another game, women enjoyed mocking her and the destroy the seductress's figure, and men... enjoyed many, various, different things of this arrangement. Of course, occasions for this attraction were a few. That's I assigned Velvet to the pleasure house in Heaven's peak. No, not as a whore, she could build some powerbase that way, she had practice. Instead, I had a special, exclusive spectacle prepared in several versions. For a hefty price, Velvet would be fed by a pair of succubi, either willing, hypnotised by their power, or forcefully, fully-aware but powerless against their physical might. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that much of a hit. But its popularity, modest at first, grew fast and soon Velvet couldn't meet demand or else she would burst. Fortunately, the black-haired woman grew and so does the amount of clients she can serve. She grows alright, fat keeps accumulating mostly in her breasts, now as large as Rose's despite her still being much lighter. However, perhaps because it's being stretched daily, her gut transformed into a round, soft orb, adorned by thin red lines. Even, in rare moments of respite in her chambers, Velvet can't help but gorge herself, her appetite(or was this an addiction by now) to deny her food and pastries which we provide. I feel very good about how my "sister-in-law" situation is progressing. I intend for Jewell to soon join her. Ah... we found the former hero in one of the dungeons. We keep questioning her about what happened to "The Seven Heroes" after the "defeat" of the second Overlord and to fill certain blanks in my returning memories. But I had no use for her otherwise and I wouldn't let her go even if I was still a "Hero". I already have succubi work on her and her body was already enveloped in certain softness. In several months Jewell will no longer be able to perform her acrobatics. Things are going well. *** It's almost three years since I killed the Second. My realm is flourishing, in every area. My subjects fear my iron hand, at the same respecting me, some after to the point of divine reverence. They know what happens to traitors and parasites, as well as who is responsible for their current prosperity. I'm pleased about it, but truly happy I'mdue to my relationship with Rose, and our mutual love. Had she demanded it I would wed her in an instant, but neither of us feel the need for such ceremony. Besides I doubt any priest or deity was willing to bless our Evil union, maybe Mother Goddess, she owns us one. My Mistress's body seemed to reflect our realm's wealth growth. The ginger was no longer able to walk, her body was simply too immense for this. She already fills the portable couches that were made to fit three of me. Her gut now overflowing her knees and her bottom grow accordingly, the shelf it makes is now wide enough to place a platter on it with little risk. Her thighs are mighty barrels, far wider than me in my shoulders with armour, they're so fat they form their own folds of flesh in few places. The place where her knees are only recognizable thanks to pits that connects her thighs with a second set of barrels of fat that are her calves. They're just shy of being as large as the average, human woman's waist, in places forming bulges of blubber, in time perhaps to form into folds. It's hard to observe just how sharply they cut off from her feet, both now resembling an irregular mass with round nuggets of toes at their end, as her calves are so fat they started to cover them. Not absorb, cover... perhaps in time, her feet will be fully encompassed by calves' lard. Rose's upper arms aren't faring worse. Now it was her forearms that resembled her long gone waist in width, with something akin to flexible bags of adipose hanging from them. The rest of her arms, which weren't absorbed by her bingo wings, are about as thick as my biceps. At the end are my mistress's fingers, no longer resembling sausages, but can easily pass as those. Obviously, moving those enormous upper limbs is quite the effort and so is gaping any tools, let alone doing so with remote precisions. Amongst the small army of maids, solely devoted to serving My Rose, are those whose main goal was to feed her and those whose job was to write down what she dictated. Both positions required high competencies. It's almost hard to believe my Mistress had a neck, to begin with. It was so thoroughly absorbed by her torso, the thick fold of fat under her face no longer hanged, but it is visibly squeezed to her upper chest, to the point Rose is forced to look a bit upward, unable to turn her head any lower. I could spend several more pages describing my love's enormous girth, changes both small and life-changing. However, there's no accurate just how enormously fat and beautiful Rose is. The wright I had had engineers in the city construct for her indicated that my bride weight over 64 stones. And she is only getting larger. She keeps complaining, of course finding new overly complicated ways to tell me how I'm a bad influence. Dear, I'm THE Overlord. Besides, I know her and I caught her playing breathlessly with her own lard far too many times. On another note... I may have made mistake comparing her calves to the waists of other women, but more accurate would be to write that her calves are as wide as the average, human woman's waist used to be. The average weight of females in my realm has noticeably been increasing in those last years, a woman with a slender body is now a rarity. Of course only some, wealthy ones are truly obese, the rest are clearly overweight or chubby, depending on their jobs, marital status and other circumstances, but most follow this fashion. I suppose succubi were more correct in their prediction than I or even they, had previously thought. The race of seductress is thriving in unexpected ways, slowly integrating with humans, many of them also larger. Some of them are starting actual families. The elves mirror those changes, but for quite different reasons. The women now possess more influence over their tribe than males, who failed in their duties leading to their near extinction. So not only many elven females wormed their way into positions in leadership and armed forces, but they also prompted the return to classical, less pointlessly esoteric and philosophical worship of the Mother Goddess. THE deity of fertility, in all meanings of this word. Her priestesses began to fatten themselves as a show of respect and to follow in her teachings. Many females do similarly, albeit to a lesser extent. I quietly endorse this religion, not only because it appeals to my personal tastes, but Mother Goddes is a god with some actual power, reverted to some degree by all races. Also, it is only thanks to those priestesses and their teaching that we're welcoming many infant elves. Saved from slavery or not, local elves were on the brink of extinction and I hate to have my investment to be wasted. On the forefront of expanding women, outside my mistress, is Velvet. The years of gorging and force-feeding did their job. She's still technically able to move on her own, but each of her breasts is the size of an adult pig, with a round gut, half of their length, under. So her centre of mass is so forward, the thinner sister needs at the very least a sturdy cane to support herself or she would stumble forward and likely drown in her own tit-flesh. Velvet's bottom and tree trunk legs under aren't small by no means but have fallen behind. We no longer put her as an attraction during festivities, her gut is simply too fat and putting her in stocks and dealing with her blubber is too much hassle. Besides she's far more profitable as a luxurious attraction. I had hoped humiliation would do her some good but might have underestimated her vanity. Velvet seems to have accepted her situation but still curses us, throws tantrums and any suggestions of reconciliation, by servants, are violently denied. Sometimes, I have the urge to execute her and be done with her, a source of amusement or not, but she is family... Velvet's not the only star as far as public fattening goes. A half year after her capture Jawel was no longer useful to me as a source of information. There was no way I let her go, so she received the same treatment as Velvet. During the public weighing... I forgot to mention we made the public weighting of fattest women another attraction, the ruberian woman was shown to be over 28 stones. To be honest, Jawel was a curious case, once she got roomier... "guest chamber", the thief started to perform daily exercises, putting on quite the show. But, she always wanted to have what others had, even without wanting it personally. Jawel never was gluttonous, but she also never declined a good grub, besides envy, greed and gluttony were close siblings. A minimal push by succubi was enough to have Jewell recklessly stuff herself with food, the only wealth she can get her hands nowadays. It's almost... no IT IS amusing and hot, our ruberian captive is gorging herself with greasy food one minute, then shouting for more, only to engage in a series of uncomfortably looking exercises, often with a still distended gut. If it wasn't for those Jewell would likely be even fatter, then again she isn't exactly small and the decreasing amount of extra activity lately fully stopped. The thief had always been quite curvacious despite her lean muscles, it was a bit of surprise when all lard began going straight to her ass with belly as a second. "Only" third fattest woman in my realm had buttchecks the size of award-winning pumpkins, and just a bit slimmer thighs which made even waddling a complicated task. The belly above it was a much smaller collection of rolls and her breast expanded comparably slightly, the same with her face, which merely lost her sharp cheekbones. Again I'm not sure what is more amusing, her disdain at being fat, or anger at wealthy women that weren't far behind in terms of weight. To be honest I'm not sure if her current dubious mentality is an effect of my succubi or the Second. Jewell seemed a bit unhinged to me, even when we first met as Heroes and everybody admitted that she was a bitch. Hell... Khan who loved her blindly admitted this. FUCK I___ I'm trying to distract myself, but it isn't working. For the first time since I remember I cannot control the fear inside me. There is no enemy for me to crush, no opposition or even social unrest Rose's pregnant with my child and I'm scared shitless. I could blame it on possible complications from the magic that had changed my body, on possible assassination attempts, on how Rose's size may affect our child, and finally as a possible uprising from a legitimate heir. No, with those I can deal with, either by patience, by force or through arcane whose's secrets Rose began to learn. The simple fact was that neither of us is fit to be a parent. We put on brave faces, but both know it, although I more than ROse, which worries me. I'm the Overlord, the master of Evil - ultimately weak argument, I know of several dictators who were decent enough fathers. But even as a Hero I wasn't the most sociable of people, I often ended up simply frightening children we had been stumbling upon. Second, I was an orphan and like many in my situation raised collectively by the village, it made us good at our chosen trades, given solidarity. Certainly didn't give us a good idea of what a family should be, which I painfully learned much later in life. Rose is arguably worse. She knows notions of proper family, but those memories are often bad or disappointing. I love my Mistress, but I understand her lack of success in romance before. She's a hard woman to love, often and automatically assigning structure to things that should never have one. Even shows of affection tended to follow a certain procedure when performed by her. I know that it's partially her way of coping with emotions and lacking knowledge in those areas. But it's also a result of her obsession with Order. Yes, it's an obsession, sometimes hard for her to control and often the main reason for our disagreements. There needs to be a rigid structure for everything and everybody has to follow it in an orderly manner, Rose doesn't need to be on the head or control it, but it must exist and be mercilessly executed. I fear how she'll deal with something as chaotic and unknown to her as an infant. I know Rose loves me I know she already loves her child, but I fear. Then there's the obvious and easy-to-apply solution that would deal with all possible problems. The physician who reminded me of it after examining my Mistress ended with pulverized head along with a portion of the wall behind him. Rose merely scolded me for making a mess. I know there's no point in premature worrying, that all we can do is prepare to the best of our abilities. This policy isn't working for me, for the first time in decades. Like Rose, I delve into parenting books, despite that most of them seem rubbish. But I also started to write. I'm no scholar, but I travelled and I partook in many trades, I amassed a wealth of practical knowledge that sometimes surprises even my Mistress. I'm also the current Overlord, lord of Evil and undisputed ruler of the majority of known, civilized lands. Rose blindly believes in the Order we've built, but there may be some fucker or another company of "Heroes" in the near future to go against us. When I followed the Wizard our task seemed impossible, but here we are. I prefer to be safe than sorry. *** I wish I was wrong. I really do. *** Normally, I would have enjoyed battling the wraiths and other denizens of the Abyss, I would relish watching Sir William's suffering. Normally. Not now, when Rose is weeks away from giving birth to our firstborn. Any dangers have to be dealt with, swiftly. Gateways to the Abyss, even pockets of it, radiating some mind magic, are a fucking danger. And Rose was telling me magical barriers around towns and villages were pointless. We just managed to gather artefacts to open the big gate in the desert. Rose has her doubts about opening it and I share them. The crux is, that it may open on its own given time, and there's no way to know how the infernal energies would affect us in long run. I cannot afford it. It may be foolish, even Overlord may fall against whatever power dwells within this cursed realm, but I won't let anything endanger my... "Are you again reading that old thing?" The man closed a falling-apart notebook and with meticulous care put it on the shelf above his head. His appearance was unique, his face was beautiful, not simply handsome or feminine, but simply beautiful and betrayed his relatively young age, he was exceptionally muscular and broad-shouldered, though not enough to make his appearance that of a mindless brute. Here resemblances to fairly-tale prince ended, as the semi-naked youth was well over a head taller than the mightiest of human men, his skin had a dark shade of blue and was covered in strange, white patterns, that seemed like vines, pulsing with power. His royal visage was adorned by white hair and eyes burning with infernal fire. "Sorry, Kelda. I didn't wish to wake you" he whispered back carefully. His voice was a strange mix, just as his appearance, like velvet and crow's cry. "I'm waiting for YOU to lay down. I know your limits witch-boy" replied the young woman on his right and touched his arm. Her touch was soft, and the tall man noticed a faded scar, a hunting souvenir on it. She won't get any more of those. I made sure of it The woman lying on the matters was tall beauty from harsh Nordberg, with firey hair and such temper. However, It would be hard to tell it now, given her current appearance. Kelda was enormously fat, pounds over pounds of lard covered her once mighty muscles, so once great hunter was unable to take a step without help. Her round gut was alike a mountain and poured so far on the bed that she was barely able to touch her lover. The rest of her body was almost equally overpampered, old hunting scars swallowed into flesh that prevented all but a few motions. "Well, I was asleep, thanks." grumbled a silky voice from the other side of the room-sized bed. The woman there was no lighter than the ginger's, but at the same, she was her opposite. The brunette was a former jewel of imperial perfection, skin and body who never experienced truly taxing, physical work. With flawless skin, darkened only by a careful sunbathing in the tropical soon. Unlike Kelda, whose adipose was mostly evenly spread through her body, only focusing a bit more on her gut, the imperial woman's fat was stored mostly in her curves. In the impossibly large chest, both orbs as heavy as a grown man and equally enormous ass that took an entire couch. She had a large belly, composed of two thick rolls but it was simply overshadowed by her mountainous assets. Her unique figure forced her to sleep on her sides or in very elaborate contraptions of matters and pillows. To the magic-wielding man, she was more of a jewel than ever before. "And where is Fay? We're supposed to have our hair done together tomorrow" added Juno after she looked around, or what rather after looking as far as she could with her immobilized, obese body. "She was held up in the forest, but promised to join us for breakfast" replied the young Overlord, before the fiery-haired Mistress could respond with a snide remark, and slid down under a blanket. "Goodnight" Not a minute later he heard a familiar breath, but then his abnormally hard body was squeezed by a Nordbergian woman. He moved closer to her, feeling the known and welcoming acceptance of her fat. "You've been doing that a lot lately. Reading that musty book I mean. I know it means a lot to you, but there's only so much you can get from it. I know that you don't like her, but maybe you could try talking to Rose... You know to get history right, no mushy feelings involved" whispered my first and truest Mistress to me with concern. I signed. Do I dislike my... mother? Probably. Probably more than dislike. Should I do it anyway? "I'll think about it"
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  13. The video starts out with me discussing a fantasy I’ve been having then moves to me shoveling a donut in my mouth WHOLE and attempting to stuff 2 in also whole. Then you get over 20 farts in a fart compilation. Enjoy!! 😋 Thank you guys SO much for your amazing support and love, I can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels on the receiving end. Please leave a review if you enjoy/have been enjoying my gain 😘


  14. Your neighbor, Olivia, pops by to catch up and doesn't realize it's your birthday until seeing decorations. She feels bad coming empty handed, but is quick to tell you she's been on vacation. You can tell she went on a trip because she's looking bigger. Olivia is in denial about gaining any weight until she starts examining how the outfit is fitting and asks you to be really honest about where the weight has packed on. You tell her you've been watching her so you've noticed the gain. Knowing that you enjoy her growing body and coming with no gift- Olivia asks you get closer to enjoy what she has to offer you. Her big and round belly. Olivia grabs, jiggles, plops her belly and finger plays her belly button in front of your face. She realizes how much you enjoy her growing body and reminds you to have snacks around the next time she comes over.


  15. Olivia has a body made for breeding! Full of fat and curves, it just begs to be bred. Wide hips and big breasts that will grow even more once you knock this fertile feedee up! Look at her belly- it is round and jiggly, but will become massive and firm after you plant your seed. She wants you to get her pregnant.


  16. Olivia shares some of her feedee goals and desires while she eats a burger and fries. They have been heavy on her mind lately as she's rapidly growing again. Some are normal and to be expected. A few are unconventional and dark, but very honest considering her new thoughts on gaining. Olivia expresses how much weight she actually wants to gain and what life would be like with you as her feeder. You'll spend your life savings and retired time taking care of her when she's morbidly, morbidly obese until her gluttony ultimately takes her life.




  18. Hey fatty - your dom feeder GF is back!🔥 POV you are about to hit the shower. I comment on how fat youve gotten - but you quickly learn I want more! if you want to touch me, you gotta eat a certain amount of calories 2500 to kiss my neck and shoulders 5000 calories for each of my titties etc.🫦 once you get horny enough, Ill let you “buy” on credit, meaning that you have to keep eating and eating and eating cos I have full control over you cos you want me so bad 😏 I strip down as much as I Can with no nudity to show your Big fat self what you are missing, if you dont keep eating Nice to know before purchase: my counter is messy , I have a ton of make up out, can be seen on the preview - if that bothers you in the background, dont purchase ok 🤭


  19. 18+ mins long remember the bitchy thin cheerleader who was rude to everyone but you still wanted to hook up with her? Well…. She just got a piece of humble pie… and then another…. And another…. Lauren returns to cheer season over plumped and unaware! She attempts to squeeze into her uniform while bragging about how hot of a bombshell she is and that’s when it hits her… the bullying cheerleader has become a fat cow herself! insanely hot reactions and you don’t want to miss the cheer moves and high kicks!




  21. ✨ This clip features great camera quality with TONS of amazing views of belly, thighs, ass and boobs. Truly a POV experience and one of my HOTTEST roleplay clips yet! ✨ You have been called into your hot teacher's office after class to discuss your recent test grades which... leave a lot to be desired. Though you know you're in trouble, you can't say you mind the opportunity to be one-on-one with your teacher who you have been crushing on hard all year. There's just so many things about your teacher that drive you wild. The way her wide ass looks so collosal when she bends over to pick up her pencil, the fact that you can always see her huge belly and belly button outline in her tight skirts, that bit of cleavage that always grabs your attention, and of course- her absolutely MASSIVE weight gain that you've drooled over throughout the past year as she steadily added nearly 100 pounds to her voluptous figure. You've fantasized daily in class about the opportunity to feed her, to make her plump, wide body too big for her chair, to see that huge belly finally freed from the restraints of her clothes... And today, all of your wildest, kinkiest fantasies just might come true when she makes you the offer of your dreams... This clip contains: 🍎 POV roleplay teacher/student fantasy 🍎 dominant bbw 🍎 TONS of amazing angles of my voluptous body 🍎 weight gain chat 🍎 belly play 🍎 teasing 🍎 tight clothing 🍎 lots of ass views 🍎 your hottest feedee teacher fantasies coming true!


  22. See your fat stepmom, RIkki Curve, get ready for bed. She is trying to read before falling asleep, but you've come into her room. 😏 She notices you and wants you to look at her huge body before she makes you leave 😯She's lotioning her belly, legs, and feet before turning over and asking you to get her legs and rump for her 😛 You know she really likes you by the way she's rolling around her huge body around her bed! 😩You want to get a peak under her thong but she won't let you! 🥵She's your stepmom, afterall. 😌 She'll wave you goodbye, you hope you get to help lotion her up again...🧴 💥📖UR STEPMOM RIKKI MADE THIS JUST FOR U-SO MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A REVIEW! 💦 💥


  23. Charlotte’s inner feedee devil finally comes to life 😈 That devilish little feedee frenzy that’s been inside of Charlotte her whole life comes out once again and she rips through everything in her site getting food all over her face and body! (Before licking it all back up!) She truly has once again become the perfect display of gluttony as this once former fit cheerleader and athlete turns into a mindless piggy pet for everyone to see ❤️ She becomes ravenously hungry tearing into the cake, face first! She gets cake and chocolate all down her body before licking it up and moaning in complete ecstasy! This really is her true form! 😍 Come and see the mess that this devilish form will leave on her body! Bloated and stretched beyond capacity but in complete bliss! Maybe this will be her permanent form…. Although she’s going to need a much bigger lingerie set ;)


  24. Alice got a new job at a candy factory. After one month of work, her boss calls her in for a review. He notices that she has spent a lot of time eating the products (and is getting quite chubby because of it) her boss is not mad, but sees an opportunity for her as a candy tester. Since Alice loves sweets more than anything, she gladly accepts the offer for this upgraded position. When we see her again just 3 weeks later for another review, she already looks even bigger and is spilling out of her clothes! She obviously is loving her new position. And it seems her boss is loving it just as much. He jiggles and caresses her belly while telling her how much more he will personally be giving her to try. Looks like she is quickly becoming a favorite employe- and the fattest! 🖤 If you like the clip, please take a second to leave a little review for me! They always make me so happy to read and help me out a ton! Thanks so much for your support! 🖤


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