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  1. Un thread fatto apposta per utenti italiani (ragazzi e ragazze) che vogliono discutere e approfondire l'argomento
  2. In this file: Belly Stuffing // Fat Chat // Belly Play I've been really, really, hungry lately... can you tell? When I was driving home after getting some lunch; I decided that I still had a lil room, and had to stop at Taco Bell for a little... pre dinner snack. Watch me devour some tacos while talking about how huge I've grown my gut. oink!


  3. Hey guys, here's something I thought of: which clubs/dance bars in your city have you found there to be a higher proportion of chubby/fat women (or whichever genders you're attracted to)? I think this could be a good thread, if everyone shared their knowledge/experience with clubs in their city. Or ask if anyone knows anything about such clubs in their city. PS. Does anyone know about such clubs in Boston? What about New York? I'm in Boston, and I don't have much experience with clubs, but from what I HAVE seen, there seem to be less big women in the clubs in downtown/Chinatown, and more of them at some of the dance bars in Fenway.
  4. Intro Price The second part of my "All Day Non-Stop Fast Food Binge" Fast food for a whole day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I started the day with a bit of burger King for breakfast and the first half of my subway sandwich for lunch. Then I took a nice resting nap. After I woke up in this video, I switched to more comfortable close and started to eat the rest of the sandwich, a cookie and Ice cream as I waited for my dinner, which was a dominos pizza. I was quite full so my feeder force feed me a piece and made me lean back, so he could give me some belly rubs to make my tummy ache go away💜💜 Have fun with this video💜


  5. Caught Red-Handed in the Library As you walk down the rows and rows of books, you feel your pulse quicken with anticipation. You may be embarrassed to admit this, but for the past few months now you’ve been reading romance novels. You’ve discovered that the ones that are the absolute hottest are the ones with the curviest women! For some reason, you can’t get enough and are constantly daydreaming about the women you’ve read about. You’ve been on quite the binge recently, and you think the librarian is starting to catch on to your fetish. You saw the knowing look she gave you as you rushed to check out your books last time. As you turn around the corner, you are caught red-handed. She steps in front of you, stopping you in your tracks. Your breathing catches in your throat as she approaches you and you see her tummy wobble with each step. Her red lips whisper seductively in your ear: “Shhh, follow me” and you follow her plump bottom as she turns to lead you into the back room… ****Enjoy my first ever picture set! Please comment and review if you enjoy! 😘****


  6. You've been letting go and indulging your desire to gain weight and Leda couldn't be happier! She beams at you when she sees your increasingly protruding belly filling out your shirt and spilling over your shirt. She thinks your growing gut is the sexiest thing in the world. She gently coaxes you to let it out so she can cover it in kisses and bounce it in her soft feminine hands. She loves how big you're getting and how you carry your weight, you look so good fatter. She even loves the stretchmarks that prove that you've been eating well. Leda is so delighted that you're catching up to her in size, but she wants you to keep eating and growing for her! She's such a greedy feeder, there's no such thing as fat enough for her.


  7. I tried something different today. In this POV Roleplay you are a feeder that kidnapped me, play with my belly and admirer the body of the pig you just caught🐷 Tell me what you think of this and if you are interested in more/longer videos of this kind💜


  8. 26 minutes long The witch next door is back but this time she pulls out her tarot cards to decide what foods she will stuff herself with before her ritual! She pulls four tarot cards--THE ROLL, THE MESS, THE CHIP BREAKER, and THE CLASSIC. Watch as this fat witch gets uncomfortably full from almost $40 worth of sushi with a side of fresh guacamole and chips. She shows off her stuffed belly, jiggles, and burps a little throughout this video. She finishes the pre-ritual stuffing off with a creamy and sweet popsicle. No magic spells here (unless you want one)...Mina's face and stomach is looking rounder and her chins are coming out to say hello to end the year!


  9. Hi there I’m a 26 year old man from Denmark searching for a women who’s into the same fetish a I, I’m a fa so if you have a little belly that would be amazing other wise we’ll just get you that belly hope someone sees this and if you like it don’t hesitate to message me
  10. Note from the Author: FA financial is weight gain /Feeder Feedee fiction. Even though it is pure lustful fantasy it is based on some true life events and situations. Some of the characters are inspired by Curvage models. I hope you will enjoy the story . The story is divided into chapters to make it easier to read and track the story line. I put quite a few hours into the writing this story and really enjoyed creating this fictional world. FA Financial part 1 and part 2 are inspired by the amazing women of Curvage. I have discovered and been inspired by some of the sexiest women on the planet on this site. These models create some of the best erotic content available and they really amaze me with their endless energy and creativity. These models fulfill our deepest fantasies, so why not create a world where they dominate. Isn't that what Curvage really is. A universe unto itself. FA Financial Part 2: Rachael gets Fat: Chapter 1- NO! You Eat Rachael gulped down the last of her funneled liquid and with a touch of sensual decadence in her eyes “Oh My God. That was so freaking good Said Rachael licking her lips. What was in that funnel anyway “? “It’s Our own special formulated weight gain shake sweetie. It’s 5500 calories per serving “. Said Brianna with a twinkle in her eye. Just then Rachael felt a bit off. “I think I’m going to be sick Rachael said looking paler than the moment before”. “It can make you a little nauseous. But mostly it will make you want to sleep Said Brianna “. “Feeling faint, I think I’m going to pass out “says Rachael. Brianna rubs the back of Rachael’s neck gently and braces her body in case of a fall. Darwin holds on to her as well. Anna walks over to the pool and helps Rachael up the pool steps. She drapes a warm towel across Rachael’s back and brings her into one of the reception rooms in the lavish estate. “Which formula did you give her Brianna asked Darwin in a concerned voice “. “I gave her the SB formula said Brianna starting to worry. She’ll be fine. She just needs to lay down. This is her first funnel feeding after all “. “Well, you made her sick, said Darwin a little perturbed. I hope your happy.” “She will be fine. I just wanted to un skinny her as fast as possible”. Brianna said as if it was no big deal. “She actually loved the funnel “Brianna said as she wiggled closer to Darwin to soothe him. Darwin knew that the formula Brianna had used in Rachael’s funnel was very potent. They had hired a bio chemist several months before to create a weight gain mixture that would accelerate the fattening process. The results were dramatic but still relatively untested. The kicker was that the chemist had also developed and added a synthetic amino Acids compound that stimulated the production of Ghrelin growth hormone, which regulates hunger cravings. “I think i just need to rest a bit, I’m OK Rachael says, really” . “You need to get out of this wet suit says Anna. And let’s get you out of the sun. She asks the staff to bring Rachael some dry clothes. They give her a pair of white shorts at least two sizes too big and a pink FA financial T shirt in her size. Rachael showers in one of the bathrooms and puts on the dry clothes. Almost immediately she falls asleep on the couch. Brianna and Darwin work their way into the house. “Is she ok Darwin asks”. “She’ll be ok “Brianna snips. “She’s sleeping on the couch”. Anna relied. The room where Rachael had fallen asleep was one the main reception room of the house. There was a bar on one end of the room and a U-shaped rust colored sectional couch on the other side. In front of the couch was a conspicuously large television on the wall. At the sliding glass doors entrance leading to the pool staff had set up a large buffet table with a wide variety of exotic and fattening foods. The aroma of Fresh baked French pastry the filled the air. On the walls of the hallway were pictures of Darwin with famous celebrities from his many pool parties. Further down the wall were his favorite pics of him with his prize employees that have packed on the pounds. Finally at the end of the corridor there was a special room which prominently featured a life size portrait of his Brianna turning Coyly to the camera wearing a hot yellow see through cover up that showed off her massive curves, hips, thighs and ass. Anna had not been in this room before and was impressed with the painting and the decor. Brianna walked out of the study with an envelope in her hand. “So Anna “, says Brianna as she approached her “We are moving you up to executive recruiter end of the month “. “Thank you both so much” said Anna running to hug Brianna and Darwin. This is so amazing. “You’ve done an amazing job training the new recruits and You have a good eye for talent.” “Your trainees have the best sales numbers and fastest weight gain stats in the company said Brianna.” “Not to mention the work you’ve done with Rachael, Oh my, In just a couple of weeks you’ve turned her into a ravenous feedee. “ “I am so grateful to you guys” gushed Anna. “This will mean a raise in your salary of 40k and a 15k additional allowance for new clothes and additional food. . We expect our executives to set an example you know. “Brianna said coyly. “You don’t have to worry about me. I going to be packing on the pounds”, said Anna “Also, we want you to continue your work with Rachael. We think she has real executive potential, but we want you to keep her on the fast track if you know what I mean. “ Of course, That’s not a problem. Anna said. “Enough Business” Brianna said as she wattled her massive ass up to the bar. “What are you drinking Anna”? Anna hesitates to think for a second. “I’m going to mix you one of my peach Margaritas. 740 calories each. You should serve them to your new recruits.” “There I go talking business again as she laughed a bit “ “Sounds great” says Anna. Darwin likes his Jack Daniels on ice. Boring, says Brianna with a wink and a nod. The three talked and drank for the next 45 minutes or so. Brianna was hitting those Margaritas pretty hard. She had drank five of them. Anna was right behind her with four. The sexual tension between the 3 was starting to build. Brianna, wattles towards the couches looking for the remote. “Darwin and I have been watching this model. You must check her out. She was an underfed refugee From Honduras I guess 95 like lbs. Met an American guy. A guard at the camp where she was being processed. He started feeding her extra food in the camp and then he married her to get her out. She has absolutely fattened up and became a weight gain model. Girls’ ass and belly have exploded with plumpness. You got to see this. Getting hot just thinking about it says Brianna. Darwin, Brianna, and Ana all retire to the couch cuddling as they sip away at their drinks and start to watch the video clip. “I love when they have these interesting and dramatic back stories. Do you think it’s real or do they just make this stuff up.? “Asks Anna “I don’t care if they make it up says Brianna. I only care that they are fattening up. I can see when that is real “. Brianna said munching on her Nachos. “Reality is just the fantasy that we accept and agree upon” Darwin blurts out. “We’re you always into the big girls and this gainer stuff” Asked Anna sipping her Margarita and watching the hot gaining clip. “Yeah definitely. It’s something your born with. At least I was. “ “When I was a little kid, I remember looking at the all the moms at birthday parties and imagining them fatter. I had no idea why until I got a little older. “ “My friends would say. Look at that girl over there she’s a hottie. I would look over and see a skinny little girl standing there. So, I imagined her 100 lbs. heavier and then responded. Yeah, she is hot.” “I guess that’s how the whole feeder thing started. I realized that little girls could grow into big girls. “ When I would hear the moms conversing among themselves at get together, they would complain about their weight gain or how fat their ass was getting, and I was strangely aroused. “One summer when I was about 14 a friend of mine complained that this girl, he had been seeing last year had gotten fat over the school year and that he was disappointed. How much did she gain I would ask. Where did she gain? Did her butt get big? Her belly? I wanted to ask him, Could I date her ? But that was not cool among friends. So I just changed the conversation and calmed myself down. “ “So when did you actually start acting on your feeder kink.’ Anna asked. “Well Brianna knows all this stuff, but I can tell you also.” Brianna is intently watching the video. She doesn’t even hear the conversation. Darwin tries to draw her into the conversation, but she is not responsive. “So like many guys in high school. I would have girlfriends and dates from time to time. “There seemed to be a small selection of super curvy girls back then in my age group, so I focused on trying to encourage my dates to eat and maybe gain a few pounds.” “I would see if they had good appetites and if they were inclined to put on weight. that felt normal to me.” “So you were fattening up your girlfriends in high school.” Anna asks “Not really. Almost to a girl as soon as they put on 10 lbs. they would be dieting down. “ “I had one girlfriend though who went to Hawaii and gained 20 lbs. She told me in a post card. I’ve been eating Like a pig. Put on 20 lbs . But when I get home, I’m going to lose it and 20 more. “ “Anna laughed. Poor feeder can’t catch a break. “Anna said a bit sarcastically. “Yeah, it is pretty funny. But that’s kind of how it went in high school. No one I knew had this fetish and at times I thought I was the only one. “ “So when did it change said Anna. “Well about a year after high school I had a steady girlfriend, and we would see each other on weekends. She was a slight bit plump but still thin. I confided in her and told her that I wanted her to gain. Just 10-15 lbs . I think it will look great on you I told her . She was resisting the idea and then she said . Well how about if you trim down a bit . I had been working out pretty heavy at the gym and my muscles were getting pretty big . So I said . You got it . I will change my workout and trim down and you gain 10 lbs. for me. We shook on It and made a deal. Three weeks went by and when I saw her I could tell immediately She had actually lost weight. Maybe 10 lbs or even more. She said that her older cousin said she was getting too fat and put her on a strict diet. I had trimmed down just as I said I would. . I broke up with her right then and there. I told her she had reneged on our deal, and I felt betrayed.” “That must sound silly to you doesn’t it. “ “No, She did betray you “, “Skinny bitch”. said Anna said firmly “Yes, but I learned something. I would no longer be nicely politely asking women to gain. Those days were over. I was like a young Lion who had not learned how to hunt yet. But that all changed. I now understood what it was to be a Feeder, “Darwin said with a smile. About that time Rachael was waking up across the room. Brianna walked over to Darwin and started kissing him. She was sexually charged from watching the Honduras girl video. With her right hand she started massaging Anna and soon all 3 were feeling Brianna’s vibe. Darwin dives at Brianna’s massive thigh and starts kissing and licking it up and down. “Look how big your thighs have gotten” Darwin glowed. “You made them this big Darwin but now I want them bigger Brianna replied. “You should be feeding me more”. I’m too skinny. Brianna then grabbed Anna’s hand and dragged her down into the couch with her and Darwin. “But I shouldn’t Anna says meekly”. You certainly will says Brianna. Look how nice and fat our little Anna has gotten says Brianna in a proud voice. You’ve always liked her; she says to Darwin. You can’t believe how wide she’s gotten. Can you? Just then Brianna pulls down Anna’s one piece to reveal her well cultivated belly stretch marks and widened hips. Darwin is exited and impressed but he only has Brianna on his mind. He coaxes Brianna into his favorite position and starts making love to her enormous ass from behind. Brianna grabs Anna’s crotch with her tight hand and starts to pleasure her. The 3 are getting hotter and hotter as Brianna talks about how nice and fat her new executive recruiter is going to get for her and How fat all the new recruits are getting. Just then Rachael awakens. She feels a sharp ping in her stomach like she had never felt before. She is ravenous and strangely aroused. The Ghrelin was starting to have effect. Her usual demure manner is outmatched by an insatiable and aggressive appetite. She looks over to see her 3 coworkers making love. She starts to walk towards the 3 . “Come join us Anna blurts out’ . “NO says Brianna sternly as she points to a large buffet table near the pool entrance. You, EAT. screams out Brianna. “ Rachael walks towards Brianna kisses her on her lips and says Oh, I’m going to eat. I’ve never been so hungry in my life.” Rachael starts on a tray of fried chicken at the table. She sits down on the couch across from to the 3 lovers with the tray of chicken, she flings off her FA t shirt and reveals for all to see her small but blossoming belly as she starts to gorge. After the 3rd or 4th large piece of chicken her belly began to notably bulge. I’m going to feed her says Anna. She’s mine to fatten. Anna crawls over the 2 lovers to Rachel and starts feeding her as Brianna and Darwin watch her demolish. the entire tray of 14 pieces. All the while Darwin and Brianna are making love. As the marinated chicken is shoved into her mouth. All Rachael can say is.” I am so hungry”. I can’t believe I’m this hungry”. Anna fed Rachael for at least another 45 minutes until she fell asleep again. CHAPTER 2 Rachael wakes up in Anna’s car in the passenger seat. Ann’s is driving and almost at Rachael’s house.” I must have blacked out says Rachael. Was I drinking “asks Rachael? “Yeah, but it’s the food that is making you so tired. That and the crazy weight gain shake Brianna gave you “says Anna. “What a day ‘says Rachael. That was 2 days smiles Anna. Tomorrow’s Monday. You lost a day says Anna as they both start to laugh. “Oh god. My mom’s going to kill me. Relax says Anna.” I called her and explained you were staying with me for the weekend. Everything is fine at home. “Oh thank you Anna”. ‘You’re not going to believe this but I’m starving. Well, I’m not surprised. You’re a growing girl and it’s my job to make sure you pack on the pounds.” “Do you think it went well? I’m mean it’s all a little crazy. ‘It went great. They both love you and you ate like a champ. “Are you sure? Brianna seems, well I don’t know. She adores you. She thinks your management material. In fact, we’re both invited to the engagement party in a couple of months. It’s another big pool bash. You’re going to have to really gorge yourself between now and then. I want you you fat for that party young lady. I’m pulling into this Chinese buffet here. It’s time for you to stuff yourself again. I can’t believe I’m so hungry. That’s the shake Brianna fed you. But it will where off in a couple of days. Judging from your negative reaction to it, we’re going in a different direction. As they settle down to eat their first plate Anna says, I’m bringing in Carlos. Who is that asks Rachael as she scarfs down some Chinese dumplings off her plate? He’s a master feeder. Legendary. He is from Mauritania. He comes from a family of 6 generations of fat houses where brides go to fattened before Marriage. Hi mother, grandmother, great grandmother, all the back six generation were all master feeders. It was the family business and he learned it from the age of 3 . It’s in his blood literally. I am sending him over to your house to prepare all your evening meals and snacks. He will have you ready for that engagement party . I want you to make an entrance there that no one will forget. I think I’m doing ok by myself and a little help from you . I must have put on like 12 lbs already. No, we’re bringing in a pro Anna says as she gestures to Rachael to continue eating. Anna picks up her phone and texts Carlos. Hi Carlos, I have a new prospect for you. She is in our exec training program. Her name is Rachael. She’s a spicy little thing. Good appetite. Carlos responds. “Hi Anna, I would love to help but Darwin has me flying to Tokyo office on Thursday” . Anna replies, “I have priority on this. I will talk to Darwin. I’m sending you her address. I need you here tomorrow night.” Anna looks at Rachael and says . He was going to the Tokyo office. Not any more he’s not. What’s going on in Tokyo Rachael asked Darwin just opened an office there. Profit margins are double but the girls in that office are way too skinny for Darwin’ and Brianna’s liking. Carlos got called in . But that will have to wait. Carlos will be giving you his full attention. “Do you think this idea can work in Japan asks Rachael? I mean it’s not like here” . “Sure, it’s just going to take some time to build our culture over there. But the ladies are coming along. “You would be surprised though. There are a lot of closet feeders in Japan. They don’t all like there women thin, it’s just the norm. If we get our feeders out there those girls will plump up a lot faster. That’s Darwin’s take anyway.” “I want 5 more plates from your young lady and no salad breaks said Anna. “It’s just incredible what Darwin and Brianna have been able to do Rachael mutters as she Chews on a meaty rib. “Well, where there’s a will there’s a way and those two are obsessed. “He is so into her, Rachael says. “It’s insane agrees Anna. “She seems so different than the sweet girl Darwin described to me in the pool says Rachael. “Did you hear her basically kicking me out of bed and telling me to EAT. I wasn’t going to touch Darwin. “It’s complicated says Anna. “Darwin was so obsessed fattening her up. I think it affected her personality as well. She confessed to me one time that as she was gaining for him initially Darwin would have her say things like I’m going to crush the skinny girl inside me. He had her say this over and over every day for months. It became like a Mantra. He was so obsessive about it that it wore off on her and she became a more obsessed feeder than he is . She told me that as she grew, she felt more and more powerful, and she had never felt a power like that before. She was also getting rich from the business. She went from a submissive feedee to a very aggressive feeder and Darwin loved every minute of it. Darwin called it her metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Now he’s like submissive to her. “ “So yeah he’s totally obsessed with her . She took it to an even more extreme level. “ “Did you know it was her idea to fatten the new recruits in the company. “Yeah, Darwin told me that. “I feel like I’ve entered an alternate universe. Says Rachel. Anna sighs and says, ‘Yes Dear, you sure have”. “Why don’t you take the day off tomorrow”, Rachel. Says Anna.” Save your energy for Carlos tomorrow night. He’s coming”. Rachael nods and gets up for another plate of spicy pork ribs and Chinese dumplings . Rachael returned home that night happy to see her family and stuffed to the brim with Chinese dumplings. As she walked through the door her mother noticed right away that Rachael had gained weight. “Oh my goodness said Rachael’s mom. Your face is all red and your boobs look Hugh. Do you have an allergy? “No mom. I’m tired. I would like to see Jason and go to bed. You should have seen this house OMG. “Well, it’s 9:30pm and he’s already sleeping her mother says. Maybe You should have thought about that before your weekend excursion. “Where did you get those shorts. They are all baggy and since when do you were tight T shirts at a work event. What is going on with you this week.’ ‘I ended up going swimming, so Darwin and Brianna lent me some casual clothes to chill in afterwards. Then you stayed with Anna? Mom You know what they’re paying me right. Plus starting tomorrow night there we have a private chef.” What? Rachel’s mom asks with a baffled look on her face. yeah, mom a private chef. He will cook dinner for us every night. That is just odd Rachael. It’s a mortgage company. Why would they supply a private chef? Rachael’s mom replies. Well, his name is Carlos and he’s coming tomorrow so be nice. Rachael quips. Chapter 3 Carlos is coming The next day Rachael knew she had the day off from work, so she slept in until about 1pm in the afternoon. This was unusual for her as she was naturally an early riser. Indeed, the shake Brianna had given her was changing her naturally fast metabolism. She awoke famished. Her mother greets her in the hallway and asks.’ No work today”? “No, I have the day off “says Rachael in a tired voice. “Well, I can made you a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt.” “Thanks mom “Rachael says hesitantly. But no thanks.” Since you started this new job, you’ve been eating like a pig and it’s starting to affect your slender figure. “Well maybe I don’t want a slender figure. That’s what you want’ Rachael snips”. That night around 7:00pm a full-sized black Chevy suburban pulls in front of Rachael’s house. Rachael had covered her tracks with her mom, but she was still nervous. After the build up from Anna she was expecting the Godzilla of all feeders to be intimidating and overbearing. Instead emerging from his vehicle was a mild looking reserved dark-complexioned man with nothing more than a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He stood well over 6 feet tall, closer to 7 ft. His body was lanky, but he exuded sternness. Rachael answers the door wearing a white t shirt and designer genes that have recently become snug around her waist and butt after her recent indulgence. “You must be Rachael. Carlos says calmly. It’s so good to meet you. “A pleasure to meet you as well. Rachael says politely” Please come in. I told my mom to take my son to the movies tonight so we could get acquainted.” “Wonderful, you have a son”. What is his name. His name is Jason. Ah, a very nice name he says in an undesirable accent. “Carlos hands Rachael the roses he brought with him.’ “Thank you so much. You did not need to bring these”. “I was hoping to Brighten your day”. Says Carlos. “Well thank you “Rachael says. “Let’s talk in the kitchen says Rachael. That is fine says Carlos. ‘Anna had told me how wonderful you are . She really thinks a lot of you” “Well, that’s very sweet but I have my concerns about our arrangement.” “Please tell me your concerns. Carlos says on a very present, caring voice. “My mother cannot know why you are here. She will not be able to get her head around it .” “Discretion is a big part of what I do. My lips are sealed. “ “I told her that you were a private chef supplied by the company. Says Rachael. “And so it is that I will be says Carlos. . “But I will need a full commitment from you Rachael. Anna has laid out a very aggressive goal for you If you are to be ready for the engagement party in a couple of months. “I will need to have you to myself for a period. The idea here is that you must eat on the schedule I give you and do as little physical activity as possible. “How can we do this Rachael asks? “I have an idea says Carlos. “Your mother has been taking care of your sons while since you started working right. “ “Yes” says Rachael. “You Send your mother and your son on a company paid vacation for 3 weeks. When they get back, we tell your mom that you will be attending a company retreat at my ranch. I will come by every night to prepare and serve meals for your mom and son and then return to you at the ranch... “As we get closer to the party, I will want you all to myself. “Well, I guess it could work. If she will go for it. Rachael ponders the idea for a moment. “She’s always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise. That would do it . It’s still summer. Do you think the company would pay for that. Asks Rachael.” I will have Anna arrange it says Carlos. She is starting as executive recruiter next week. She has a budget for things like that.” “Well then says Carlos. I Will’s make arrangements.” ‘Please let Anna know if your mother and son can go on the cruise. “ Oh that won’t be a problem’ Rachael says. She’s been talking about this cruise forever. Jason is a little young for this says Rachael, but he would love it too. Wow this is awesome. I will be at work tomorrow so I will talk to Anna as also. Good, we have a plan says Carlos. ‘Yes, we do say Rachael. Your good at this, Rachael says with smile. I guess you have done this before. ‘ “Yes Ma’am. Says Carlos humbly. “Now, do you have a favorite place to sit “. “Yes I have a comfortable recliner. Perfect says Carlos. You will sit and eat, Get in some comfortable clothes while I prepare your first feeding.” Carlos goes out to his suburban and brings two large jugs of a thick liquid. Rachael enthusiastically changes into a pair of comfy sweatpants and waits. Carlos walks over to her and pours from his large jug the thick liquid into a smaller clear pitcher. “What is in this Rachael asks? “It is the traditional Mauritanian fattening mixture, my mother used says Carlos. “I have developed many more modern methods to fatten my girls, but I always start with the traditional fat house staples that my mother and grandmother used to fatten 1000s of brides before marriage. “This first mixture is made from Camel’s milk and melted butter. The mixture is kept warm, so it goes down smooth. I keep a warmer in my vehicle. The second mixture Carlos pours into a bowl. This one is bread crumbs dowsed in olive oil and goats meat. Before we start, I would like to say a prayer to my ancestors. Is that ok. Yes please, says Rachael now enchanted by the ritual she is experiencing. “I pray to my ancestors before me . I pray that this young woman, called Rachael will grow plump and round . That her belly will grow large. That her body will thicken. I call upon all your wisdom and power to make this frail girl a fat woman worthy of love and Marriage. “Rachael, you may drink from the pitcher now says Carlos . Rachael drinks the warm liquid. A face contorts for a moment. “Wow that is potent.” Rachael says. “Yes, Camel’s milk is very high in fat. The butter is also very rich. I have also sweetened it for you with molasses .and homey.” “Now you must finish. Carlos says. Take your time. Though. Not too fast. Rachael takes sips then bigger gulps . Again says Carlos .Rachael nods wanting to show him that she is complying with his wishes. It takes about 25 minutes for Rachael to finish the pitcher. “How was that” asks Carlos . “It was actually pretty good Rachael smiles. ‘Now I want you to eat from the bowl. Carlos says sternly. Bring the bowl directly to your mouth and slurp all your food . I use only the finest olive oil says Carlos . Everything is grown and raised on my property. Oh, I have never tasted anything like this before Rachael blurts. It is an acquired taste but you will learn to love it. After a while you will crave it. After another 20 minutes or so Rachael finished the jug . “Are you feeling full asked Carlos . Yes and my stomach is starting to ache”. This is normal says Carlos . Carlos starts to uncover Rachael’s belly. May I asks Carlos . Yes, says Rachael even before she knew what he meant. Carlos begins to massage her aching belly. He does so I’m a very precise manner moving his hands up and down her with the precision of a surgeon. Then his hands move to her thighs and calves. Then to her arms and finally her hips and bottom. That feels amazing says Rachael. “How long did it take you to learn that”? “All of my life” says Carlos. “My ancestors have given me the power to mold and grow a woman like a sculpture”. “I will make you many luscious meals but this you will eat meal every day .it will make you nice and plump’. “Your flesh will become living art “. You will be the desire of every man you encounter’. I will make you irresistible to all”. “You mean all who like fat girls. Rachel’s quips. “Is there any other asks Carlos laughs? In my country a skinny bottom girl is an embarrassment to her family." “I must tell you that all my girls grow massive asses. I cannot help but to create the woman that I myself desire most. After a 30-minute massage Rachael is in a state of relaxation and bliss she had never felt before. “What did you do me Rachael repeated’? I have started to mold you Carlos said. Is only a matter of time. “Now I want you to rest .in the morning you will awake refreshed and hungry”. “I left a jug of Camels milk and butter in your refrigerator. Just heat it for a minute tomorrow morning and drink before work”. “Then I want you to gorge yourself at work all day”. “I’m leaving you now, just sleep my lovely. Sleep and eat. That is your job now. I will do the rest”. “I will return tomorrow night”. Rachael is now lying face down on her couch. She manages to raise her head for just a second and then falls into a deep sleep. Chapter 4 The bagel Test The next day Rachael is awakened by her son Jason.” Hi mommy” he says while running towards her. Then he runs away to play with his toys. Rachael feels good as prepares for work. She is still intrigued by Carlos and talks to her mother about this opportunity for a free Alaskan cruise.” I won the cruise in a company raffle Rachael fibs . I can’t go i have have work, but you and Jason can go”. Her mother is thrilled but with her doubts. “That’s some job you have”. “Yeah, isn’t it great gotta go now Bye mom”. As Rachael leaves for work her mother can’t help to notice that her suspensions about Rachael’s weight gain are confirmed. At this point she is too happy about her trip to be critical or say anything.. Maybe she’s going through a phase she thought to herself. Once Rachael arrived at work, she immediately goes to her crispy cream donuts. She is energized and happy to get back into a more normal routine. She sits at her desk with 4 donuts and a fresh Cinnabon and gets to work. Anna drops by sound 11:30 . “How’s it going she asks. Very well. I finished the sales reports for last month and sat in on the sales meeting this morning”. “Great says Anna, how many Crispy creams. 4 and a Cinnabon Rachael gloats How did it go with Carlos Anna Asked? “Incredible’ Rachael says with with passion in her voice. He’s dreamy it’s he. Good word for it Rachael says,” he is so enchanting. “You heard about the Cruise asks Rachael”.” “Oh Yeah it’s done says Anna . All set. Just have your mom call our travel coordinator. Great idea. “I will see you at lunch says”. Anna as she walks away from Rachael. By lunch Rachael is famished. She doesn’t wait for Anna. She stuffs herself on Mac and cheese. Then she starts in on a tray fettuccini Alfredo. She can’t believe how good everything tastes. That shake Brianna had given her changed her taste buds and everything tasted twice as good. Anna slides down on booth across from Rachael. I have never enjoyed food this much. “Everything tastes so amazing Rachael says as she inhales more creamy pasta”. “So, tell me what Carlos has planned for you tonight”. ‘ “I don’t really know Rachael says. “Yesterday we started on this traditional mixture. “I heard that stuff was nasty tasting,” said Anna. “No, it was potent but tasted pretty good. Your taste buds must be ** or something. ‘What about the goat’s meat asks Anna, bread and olive oil said Anna expecting a negative reaction.” I liked that too actually”. “I had to go the bathroom a lot and it made me super gassy, but the taste was not bad”. “Carlos made the whole feeding seem like a ritual, so I wanted to show proper courtesy for his culture as well. Like you said he comes from a long line of feeders”. “You have to watch yourself with him says Anna. All the girls fall madly in love with his charms. Oh don’t be silly Rachael says. He has a job to do and he takes it seriously. I can handle myself. “Is he single Rachael asks while scoffing down some pasta.? “I think he is, come to think of it. But you are way too skinny. Maybe someday. You've been warned young lady. Keep your head on straight. “How would you like to administer a bagel test after lunch” asks Anna . “Well I’d be honored says Rachael . I’ve only been here such a short period of time . “No matter you can do it says Anna” . “How are the new Recruits doing. How’s the new job coming along asks Rachael. Well, there not like you.” I will probably have to let most all of them go end of the week. They don’t pick up on the job as quickly as we like, and most are not open to the culture as we had hoped. Not everyone can work here. We’re looking for unicorns. I won’t allow the culture to be compromised on my watch. We do have one that looks promising. Well see how she does today”. “One wrong hire can really mess us up” Anna says with a concerned look on her face.. “It’s the law suits, isn’t it . Spouts Rachael.” Yeah sighs Anna they are becoming a real problem also. We need to find more Rachael’s but it’s not easy. It’s like we’re trying to hold back the real world with a dam. If that ocean of water gets through, we all will drown in it”. What does Darwin say, “He says that Reality is just the fantasy that we agree on “. They both pause for a second and then simultaneously break into laughter. Men! Rachael snips. After eating a few More helpings of pasta. Rachael and Anna waddle their way to the sales floor where the new top prospect was about to be tested. Anna greets her new recruit. Now you got this Bonney” says Anna with Rachael and the sales staff in wait. Bonnie gives a very impressive introduction speech, and the sales staff seems pleased with her performance. Bonnie is an ambitious statuesque beauty of 5ft 11 inches with short blond hair. She had been with the company just a few days less than Rachael. Her waist and hips were thin and she looked flat chested and tiny compared to the gaining beauties in the sales meeting. Still her appetite was impressive, and she seemed to have no problem with the idea of packing on the pounds to please management. She was already starting to fill out a bit. Rachael was noticeably thicker than Bonnie in the thighs and hips as she possessed a naturally more athletic build. After an intense week of stuffing herself Rachael looked at Bonnie as being thin . It was a strange feeling for her as she was starting to see thin bodies as undesirable. Rachael walks up to Bonnie and introduces herself. “I’m Rachael” she said cheerfully. . I’m in the executive training program under Anna also. “Pleasure to meet you “says Bonnie. “How was lunch” asked Rachael. That buffet is so awesome says Bonnie. I ate like a fucking pig. Pardon my language, I’m so stuffed. “Oh good ‘says Rachael, But you must try one of these killer fresh baked bagels “. They are good. Really good! Rachael pulls a bagel out of a brown paper bag. It’s a large, oversized bagel and she spreads a very large mound of cream crease on top. “No Thanks, I just had a really big lunch says Bonnie in a cheerful voice. “I insist” says Rachael in a slightly more serious tone. ‘Well In that case I will indulge. Here goes.’ Bonnie takes a good-sized bite out of bagel and then wipes her hands with a napkin. She doesn’t notice that the sales team is watching her closely. “Very good bagel Bonnie says My complements to the baker she says with a stuffed mouth.” That is a very big bagel she says. Bonnie then throws the remaining piece of bagel in the trash. Damn, Rachael thought. She would have made a great employee. But of course, she failed the bagel test and would be terminated. Rachael walked out with Anna while Bonnie continued talking to the other girls. ‘She did great says Rachael. “She’s out. Says Anna as they walked. “She’s smart and gorgeous says Rachael. When she plumps up she’ll be a stunner. Darwin would love that right”. “Brianna will not have it. She failed the bagel test. She’s out. Discussion over “Anna says sternly’. It’s out of my control”. “Isn’t Carlos coming over tonight”. “Yes, says Rachael sheepishly”. Chapter 5 - Make Your Feedee Grow At 7 pm Carlos walks through Rachael’s door. Good evening, Rachael he says with a caring smile. Where is your son and your Mom? My mother took Jason to her card game tonight. I asked her too Rachael says". I’m not ready for you to meet her. I hope you’re not upset with me. No, I understand says Carlos . Tonight, I will feed you the same mixture as last night but this time I’m going to use a funnel to speed the process. Why do we have to use a funnel? I got sick the last time I did that. “Don’t worry. You will not get sick on my watch. We will take our time.” “You are simply way to skinny my dear. I need to increase your calorie intake capacity and when you are bigger, I will be happy to take you off the funnel if you like.” “I also brought you some treats says Carlos. I know the mixture can be a bit too potent, so I bought these cute little cream puffs from a local bakery. After you finish your milk, you can eat these sweet cream puffs to get that potent taste out of your mouth. Carlos set up Rachael’s funnel slowly and deliberately. “Did you eat well today my dear. He asks. “Yes, I stuffed myself pretty good”. Rachael replies “I could not stop thinking about that massage last night.” “The better you eat. The better your massages says Carlos as he inserts the funnel gently into Rachael’s open mouth. Rachael smiles and starts to taste the milky liquid. ‘I’m growing already you know”. She mutters. Carlos scoffs and says. “Your so skinny”. It took a good 40 minutes for Rachael to finish all her funneling food . She was very full. “You were a very good girl. You finished all your milk”. Now you can feast on these cream puffs”. Carlos gives Rachael a minute to wipe her face and go to the bathroom. When she returned Carlos had all the Cream Puffs lined up in a row . ‘You want me to eat all these’. Rachael asked. There were 24 pieces. “Yes all of them Carlos said . You still want your massage tonight right. Oh yeah Rachael Responded. I do. I’m just not sure I can eat all this.” ‘You can and you will ‘quipped Carlos. “I will feed you” Carlos said as he stuffed the first puff into Rachael’s mouth. “Why Carlos. Are you trying to make me fat Rachael said as they both began to laugh. “I’m going to make you bigger than Brianna’ says Carlos. With that Rachael started stuffing Puffs into her mouth more quickly and with a sense of purpose. I’d like that, Carlos. I would really like that. Let’s start your massage. I’m going to mold you into a goddess. Carlos started to massage Rachael. First her arms them her calves then her hips and thighs and then her finally her blossoming ass. He worked very intently and was getting her calories to propagate in the places he preferred. “Carlos, I have to ask you About this roomer /myth in the office. . ‘It’s like something everyone talks about. “ “And what is it that that they say? Asks Carlos massaging Rachael’s thickening thighs. “They say that when you make love to a woman she grows. Like you’re cum literally makes her grow fatter in almost real time’. Carlos laughs.” It is true the women that I make love to grow but I don’t believe this is due to my ejaculations.” Don’t believe everything you hear my dear. The reason my women gain is because I do to them what I am doing to you right now. I feed them, mold them, and nurture them. I told you that I cannot help but mold a woman into my ideal body type and this is true. My women do grow very large.” Rachael looks into Carlos dark eyes.” It’s true isn’t it. “Oh my god your being modest aren’t you. I want to Grow Carlos . Make your feedee grow’. Carlos smiled and said. “You are still too thin for me child. But this will soon change’. Rachael remembered Anna warned her not to fall in love with Carlos . But Rachael had gone down the feedee rabbit whole. She was so curious to find out if Carlos had some supernatural power to make women gain and she was enchanted. As the weeks passed Carlos gorged his feedee and she began to take shape and grow in all the places that he preferred. The meal portions grew. Funneled Gainer shakes every day. Camels milk every night with fresh baked treats. Carlos baked delicious cakes and pies daily enhanced with marijuana and weight gain powder that he insisted Rachael eat in one sitting. He would have her slurp camels’ milk from a bowel every night just before her sensual massage. At the end of the 3rd week Carlos put Rachael on a scale for the 1st time. Rachael could not believe her eyes as she glanced down at the scale, and it read 162 lbs. How is this possible Rachael mutters? I gained almost 40lbs. “We are just getting started’ dear, Carlos says calmly. As Rachael began to grow, she began to change not only physically but psychologically. Thin women who once seemed normal size to her were now increasingly unattractive. Chapter 6 Wheres My Slender Girl Rachael awoke the next morning hungry as usual. She gazed into a full-length mirror in her bedroom and liked what she saw. She was filling out quickly. Her once thin Calves were thickening, and her ass was ballooning in ways should had never imagined. How much longer could Carlos resist her she thought. Today was a big day. her mother and her son were getting home from their Alaskan cruise and Rachael was picking them up at the Airport, but not before devouring a dozen or so crispy creams on the way out the door. She was wearing baggy top to hide her huge boobs and the pair shorts she had from Darwin’s pool party. They were no longer two sizes too big. In fact, they were tight. Very tight. At the airport she sees her mom and Jason working their way down to where she was standing in the baggage claim area. As they are coming down the escalator, she could see Jason and the expression on her mother’s face. Jason Runs to Rachael and says “I missed you mommy ‘and hugs her tightly. Her Mom catches up. “Rachael, she gasps, Where’s my slender girl. “What has that chef been feeding you “? “You’ve gotten Sooo fat”. “Well good to see you too mom”. Thanks, and by the way I’m not your slender girl anymore. I’m my own woman now and I Like finally having some meat on my bones, says Rachael in a commanding voice.
  11. Michelle Megan and I wanted to make a very quick but heavy snack to increase our calorie intake for the day. We decided to go for some extra thick candies and swallowed them in less than 3 minutes! +500 caloried for today! Afterward, I help Michelle finish every last bit, and I encourage her to keep eating to get even fatter. A bit of bellyrubs to lower the stuffing end up relaxing us completely, I even put my face in her belly and it feels so squishy!


  12. Version 1.0.0

    Time for new Measurements, well it's been a big change this month, I cant believe the changes!! Watch me as I try to measure myself, and believe me I really need another person to help me now, It's getting so hard to do it myself. My belly and boobs keep getting in the way, I'm always having to remeasure to get it right, and I keep getting out of breath. Would you like to help me? Please help me.


  13. I became a real glutton, it excites me so much, and there is always a feeling of hunger, how can I cope with this, being at home I can afford to eat huge portions, and the rest of the time people around me may suspect that something is wrong with me... my weight is 200 lbs and continues to grow...
  14. You are BUSTED STEP BRO! you think i haven't seen you around sneaking and pervying on me while i change and eat and go to the pool? Well, i caught you and now, you are in my hands! What will i do to you?? Come find out in this lovely RP video where i pretend to be your step sister and confront you about sneaking around the house trying to take a peek at me. This video features me at my biggest ever while not only i talk with you but also show you some clothes for you to droll over me! Come enjoy! This video is completely subbed in english for your pleasure!!


  15. Guest

    BBW or SSBBW

    I’m sure there’s been a thread like this before but I couldn’t immediately find one. The question is, when is a BBW considered an SSBBW. Is it reaching a certain BMI, a certain weight, is it based on appearance? What’s your personal gauge for this?
  16. Hey, I’m very new to this site. I’ve already made a few posts before and kinda skipped the introductions, but now I’m back for a formal introduction and hopefully some help! I have no idea how to build reputation on this site and I was wonder if anyone could give me some pointers. The main reason I joined this site is because my favorite model is one here! I have a dream of one day being able to message them and get a response. Sounds like lame simp behavior, I know, but it’s just something I feel could be really cool if it happened. Not on a mission to get any further than that, I have no unrealistic expectations of becoming besties or trying to pursue this person. But I need reputation to have a shot at engaging with someone as a really big fan. Can anyone help me build up my stats?
  17. Version 1.0.0

    I'm feeling hungry for mayo, can't get enough. It's making me feel, dirty and quite erotic. Watch me get more and more sticky as I eat my ham and mayo croissants. How much Mayo can I really eat!?!


  18. Version 1.0.0

    Swimming down at the creek, there are houses only 30 to 50 meters away and here I am swimming topless and then in the nude. I feel so free and liberated, it's so relaxing laying in the water totally without clothing. Watch me try to walk over the rocks and pebbles, I'm carrying so much extra weight that I'm extremely unbalanced!! I fell so many times it's a wonder I could walk the next day. lol I needed help to walk and sit down as I'm getting so huge now, and it's restricting my movements.


  19. In this 19 minute video there's a bit of everything! First, I drink a weight gain shake (1000 cals.) and a couple swiss rolls while I talk about how I have been getting my appetite back and can't wait to get bigger again. I tell you more about what turns me on and I burp and moan a bit while I do. Included is also a bit of slow motion belly jiggling (about 2 mins) because I love watching fat jiggle 😍


  20. Well, you look busy and entertained with your computer, plus, you have plans of going out? Well, i hope you don't mind me then as i walk in the room and try to do my mobility workout routine, after all, at least for now i have to keep myself able to drag around all this weight. Can you focus on your work with me jumping around, trying to run and make all the place quake with my weight? Well, how about seeing me stuffing my fat growing face with some burgers as a reward for such a hard work? Come see me then and lets see if you can focus on anything other than me and my fat ass!!


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