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Found 55 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    Finally.. this is so frequently requested and it's finally here! more than 4 minutes of heaven with my cute belly button - half innie half outie! - and my new curves. See for yourself how my lower belly curves over the waistline of my panties and how much it jiggles when I bounce it and shake it! I trace my belly button and feel inside and around it, see how it's gotten deeper and wider! And I'm a little bloated too so my belly is even rounder than usual.. Enjoy my cute little belly button and soft round belly!


  2. Version 1.0.0

    There's almost nothing in life that feels better than a nice rub when your belly is bloated, and boy oh boy is my belly bloated! Watch me get a nice rub down complete with baby oil and plenty of slaps, belly button play, jiggles, moans and groping!


  3. Version 1.0.0

    After the failed workout attempting Bunny decides to eat burgers in bed until get stuffed. There's a lot of moaning and belly rubs.


  4. Version 1.0.0

    After a huge meal, I stuff myself even more by eating slices of cake and rubbing my massive belly. My shorts dig into my growing belly and my shirt has become too small to cover even my belly button. I can't stop eating until I struggle to move!


  5. No talking in this clip, just pure belly love - lifting, dropping & jiggling. My belly has gotten so big! I love to play with it, jiggle it, squeeze it, and knead it like soft dough. I play with my belly in this clip and show off how soft it is, play with it a bit and do lots of belly plops on the counter - lifting it up high and dropping it down so it jiggles. If you like this video you may also enjoy: Belly Hang & Jiggle Too Tight Skirt Fridge Stuffing Click HERE to view all of my clips!


  6. Shar has stuffed so much food at the beach hut. Her shorts suddenly become too tight for her fat growing body. Shar later removes her shorts and lets her big swollen belly out while lay on the bed moaning to you. Shar rubs cream into her big swollen belly and tells you how fat, heavy and tired she has become. GS X x


  7. Bunny are having HOT DOGS before dinner, she's such a fatty. She will explain how stuffing before dinner helps her to increase her stomac capacity, dont miss it.


  8. After months my mom came to visit me for the summer holidays and my body left her breathless! She is convinced that I may be pregnant: she doesn't want to accept the fact that I am simply fat, so today she showed up with a pregnancy test. I show you my belly as I talk about being fat, about the fact that I could actually be mistaken for a pregnant girl... and then I decide to take the test. The moment I run the test in the bathroom is not present in the video. Do you also think that I can be pregnant or that I'm just fat? Well, I'll show you the result of the test and then I'll chat a little more with you while I massage some oil on my tummy. This video is absolutely friendly and informal *eheh*.


  9. Let yourself be seduced by my junonic body covered in delicious and sweet honey. I massage the golden nectar on my prominent belly and on my breasts, making them wobble with jumps, creating waves that you will hardly be able to get out of your head! ❤️


  10. All ready for bed and I decided I needed another snack, and what's better than cookies for some sweet dreams! Wearing nothing but my short black robe and a thong (which is more than what I usually sleep in 😘) I sit on the bed and savour some cookies while I rub my nice full and happy belly xo Hope you enjoy! xo


  11. This is something I've wanted to share for a while now. As some of you know, I really enjoy writing. I'm not the best at it but I have always loved weight gain stories and it has been a dream of mine for a while now to someday share my own. I have been working on this saga for almost 6 months. I am going to start sharing bits and pieces with it on this thread. I'm thinking one part a week for the next few weeks. It's as honest as it gets. So here we go Be gentle, this is my first time doing something like this! Hope you enjoy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASEY'S STORY I vividly remember being in 2nd grade when I first started to understand the concept of weight. I went to a Catholic school where we made our first communion in 2nd grade. Girls got beautiful pretty white dresses to wear for the ceremony. I remember going to get mine with my mother. It was beautiful. The day of my first communion came and my mom went to get me ready, only the dress wouldn't zip. I had outgrown it. Being only 7 years old, I had no idea what was going on. It was the first time in my life I ever realized body could change so fast. I remember being in 2nd grade, and being the only girl in my class who had to watch what she ate, because inevitably my mother became paranoid about my weight after that.... I continued to struggle throughout elementary school a little bit chubbier than my friends, but never huge. I used to get off the bus after school and hid my snack wrappers in between the couch cushions so my mother wouldn't see. The fixation with over indulgence was always there and I knew it was wrong. Middle school came along and with that came the changes to my body from puberty. I grew into my figure a bit and was more "average" sized compared to my friends. I was no longer the chubby girl, but I was still obsessed with food. I suppressed my fixation with food for so long. Until I was 18 years old, I was a competitive figure skater. In high school, I developed the unhealthy habit of both starvation and occasionally binge eating. This destroyed my metabolism, which is why later on it was so easy for me to BLOW up. But we will get into that later. High school was weird and confusing. I was skinny, but I was obsessed with my belly. Unaware of what feederism was, I always resented myself for this curiosity because it made me feel like a freak. Why couldn't I just want to be skinny like the other girls? I'd starve myself for weeks leading up to a skating competition and then when it was over, I remember I would eat so much so fast until it made me absolutely sick. I vividly remember the sensation of my belly being so full with so much food. It turned me on more than any guy ever had. It was so hard because it was SO confusing. It wasn't normal and it wasn't right. I was so lost in my thoughts and scared of this desire inside me. There were a handful of guys I dated in high school. There was one guy, however, who changed me. I had awful period cramps one night, so my boyfriend at the time rubbed my belly. It was thin then, but the sensation of having my belly rubbed gently and sensually was so erotic and satisfying. I became obsessed with it. I would fake period cramps sometimes just to get him to rub my belly for me. When we cuddled, I would move his hands onto my little belly. I was obsessed, but still not gaining. My senior year was when my over eating started to take it's true form. I was no longer skating, so I wasn't starving myself. I still knew I needed to be thin because that was the social norm. So instead, I would get home from school every day and stuff myself like crazy. Everything in the kitchen. Bags of chips, donuts, cheese, slices of bread, anything I could sneak away and get my hands on. My parents would come home and I'd eat dinner with them as if I wasn't already so full. And then before bed I would pretend to take a shower and purge myself in the bathroom to maintain my small figure. I wanted the fullness and the food, but was afraid to let my body take it's true form. This all changed in college..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More? Make sure you follow this thread to get updates when I post them!
  12. Casey has become a fat fucking slob recently. If you've followed her from the start, then you know she prides herself on being pretty put together and mobile throughout her gain. But lately, since entering the 220s, she is feeling lazier than ever. Casey is calling out of work so she can stay home and stuff herself. Simple tasks like walking downstairs, showering, doing her hair and make up, and getting dressed are becoming so draining. She's been waking up each day surrounded by crumbs from filling her gut the night before. She's been so full that she's hardly leaving her bed. Casey tells you how she has to sit a certain way now to accommodate her swollen fucking gut. Casey tells you all the fat details about what a lazy hog she's become while absolutely devouring a fat ass sandwich, AFTER a huge stuffing this morning. What a fucking pig Casey has become. Wow. There's no turning back now. She's just going to get fatter and lazier until she can't walk anymore, isn't she? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOMER SERVICE If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to either me via DM! If you are having difficulty streaming the video, I highly suggest downloading it to your computer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats to the winner of the previous challenge - @Grandfeeder , @Hank Scorpio, @Professor Foodie, and @Kool3deaf - i loved your kind words. Enjoy ❤️


  13. As many of us know, Casey used to be quite the athlete. She went from tiny, fit, little competitive athlete to a gigantic fat cow that can't stop eating. Damn, she let herself go. Casey was reminiscing on the old days (after devouring a huge pizza) and decided to stuff herself into her old little workout clothes and attempt a workout (comparison attached). She does maybe 4 pushups, barely 5 sit ups, and a couple jumping jacks before her fat ass can't take it anymore. She's sweating and can barely breathe. Casey is so fucking out of shape and she realizes it. FUCK, it turns her on. She loves to think about what a pig she's become and how much harder this will be down the road as she gets fatter. She shows off her jiggly gut for you from a few different angles and chats with you about how much she loves her fat body. Casey never wants to work out again, and she has a feeling you'll be just fine with that --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats to the winner of the previous challenge, @Matthew Malacara and @Grandfeeder - i loved your kind words. Enjoy ❤️


  14. $6.99 --> $4.99 It’s been a little while since Casey has updated you on her weight, her short term and long term goals, and her guilty little fatty pleasures. There’s been something on her mind…. It scares her and excites her at the same time. It’s been a desire inside her for a while now, but she was scared to admit it. She shares her ultimate goal for her weight with you, something she’s been fantasizing about for a while. Casey tells you what she currently weighs, where she hopes to be by the end of 2019, and how she’s been eating like a fat little pig lately. She got so excited sharing this all with you that she spends the last 4 minutes of the video giving you a naughty little tour of her body. View her fat ass, fat titties, and fat fucking gut from various angles with all the sexy jiggles you love so much. This is a longer video for a low price Enjoy. ❤️ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats to the winner of the previous challenge, @Matthew Malacara and @shmedly45 - i loved your kind words. Enjoy ❤️


  15. Version 1

    Me stuffing my face greedly with whipcream. I hope you enjoy it as i enjoyed eating all that whip cream. Visit my profile for more.


  16. Version 1.0.0

    Feeder decided to stuff me with donuts today. It was easy at start but then my belly got so huge and round and i felt it so heavy and stretching but feeder kept pushing the donuts inside my mouth making me moan for the fullness and heavyness while playing with my belly.


  17. Version 1.0.0

    This was Casey's first time ever hanging out and filming with other models. It was an awesome day full of MANY firsts for innocent Casey. In this video, Casey sits down with SSBBWs Reenaye Star and Asstronomy. The three babes explore eachother's bodies and talk about all things FAT. They play and jiggle and rub eachother's bellies. Casey sits in the middle dreaming to be as big as the both of them someday. She loves their beautiful and soft bellies so much and can't keep her hands off them. Someday, she will be as big as them ❤️ ***Customer Challenge - my favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ ***


  18. Version 1.0.0

    Being so chubby requires extreme care. See my new stretch marks? My belly needs many oil-based massages to keep my skin soft and elastic. Before starting the massage I measure the circumference of my belly, then I drop a large amount of oil that makes my skin shine. I vigorously massage my chubby tummy. I rub it, spank it and make it shake. I love to touch my belly and I think it's pretty clear!


  19. Version 1.0.0

    This is part I of a series of workout attempt / fail videos. Watch me try a very, very slight workout attempt. I am just not in the shape I used to be. I was a total health and fitness nut a few years ago. Take a look at my before photos on my profile. I was 125 lbs and I woke up every morning at 5AM to go to the gym before work. Now I am tugging on my jiggling tummy and rubbing my soft curves. Giving up in a few seconds to sit on the couch and watch TV instead. I went up 3 lbs since my last weigh in at 162 lbs. I am still growing! Trust me, stuffing my greedy little mouth is way more fun than doing leg lifts 🙂 enjoy!


  20. On day 1 of my epic birthday weekend of indulgence, I stuff myself into size 14 shorts, size medium tank top, and a 36G bra, and really let myself go. 2 brie and egg breakfast sandwiches, which I was too greedy to remember to film, followed by 2 12" pizzas ( 2 pieces stacked at a time), a couple beers, 30 cream puffs, and a couple more beers. I play with my fat belly and talk about how fat I'm getting, being a fat drunk slut, and how much fatter I want to get. I call myself greedy, stuff myself silly, and moan while rubbing my distended belly. My tits are huge and straining against my bra the whole time, and by the end you can see and hear the blissed out state I'm in from my indulgence. This is a handheld montage of shorter clips of a long stuffing, so some eating, mixed with belly play and fat talk at different levels of stuffed. By the end I'm so stuffed you get to watch me struggle to get up, a beached whale stuck under her greedy gut. This video is the fist installment of my first weekend of truly letting go and going for my goal of 300 Lbs. I do have a tripod now, so most future videos will have more fixed camera work. Please comment and review, this is my first video, and I love encouragement in living out my fantasies!


  21. Here's part 2 of my stuffing, meant to upload it sooner. More food makes a fatty very happy!


  22. I have big aspirations to be bigger and fatter. I strut around, rub my belly, and jiggle my butt. I can't wait to see how big I can get... Feed me to make my fatty dream come true.


  23. Its time i do my job and let my feeder boyfriend feel my weight on top of him. Its only fair i let him feel all my fat / roles / curves all over my body as i jump on top of him. And who cant say a nice belly / ass / and booby rub isnt just a great time. Time to have a nice rub down to get me all relaxed Please dont forget to give a review they are so helpful to me


  24. Highly requested tight clothes video was no problem for this pig, she has outgrown everything! Casey can’t stop gaining weight lately. There was a time when she used to be 105lbs fitting into size 0 or 2 jeans comfortably. Now, she's barely squeezing into a size 14. These jeans are a size 4 and Casey struggles to squeeze her fat ass into them. She gets so out of breath as she wiggles and jiggles her way into these little jeans. She miraculously gets them buttoned and can barely breathe. She pulls them up over her fat gut and her muffin top looks so fucking sexy. Damn, what a fucking PIG. Casey gets so turned on thinking about how fucking fat she's gotten.....what a fat slob she's become. Watch her blubber shake and jiggle with every move. She's nowhere near done yet. She's going to get SO much bigger. So much fatter. And she can't wait to share it with you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gif & preview have large watermark, video does not. All Rights Reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Challenge - FREE Video Giveaway My favorite review of this video will receive my next video FREE! Let your creativity shine ❤️ Promotion resets after next video is uploaded. Congrats to the winner of the previous challenge, @shmedly45 and @Bauer88 - i loved your kind words. Enjoy ❤️


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