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  1. not looking to meetup or date you can dm me (no men) and we can exchange socials and see wherever that takes us!i’m a female feedee 🥰
  2. hello! not looking for any relationships but really looking forward to meeting women & enbies to chat with so we can become friends ❤️ ^__^
  3. Hi all! This essay is the first chapter of a weight gain fantasy that I'm writing. Hope you like it! Chapter 1: Gotta get to class beep … Beep … BEEP … *thump* Allie’s soft palm stifled her alarm clock with reluctant heaviness. A cat nap was not enough to ameliorate the symptoms of yet another all-nighter, but it would have to hold her over. College was far more challenging than the high school curriculum that faded into the rearview mirror when she left home. Advanced microbiology lab would start promptly at 5:45 pm. If Allie wanted to eat dinner beforehand, she would have to hit the dining hall soon. Donning a pair of faded, baggy daisy dukes and a breathable tank top, Allie shuffled out of the dorm. Still dazed from her afternoon respite, Allie winced under the bright afternoon sun. She quickly acclimated, as the gentle rays danced across her fair skin. Bright light glinted off her flowing mop of chestnut hair, draped casually across her shoulders. The hem of her tank top rose slightly, as she raised her arms to corral the unruly strands into a convenient pony tail. Warm sunlight caressed her exposed navel. It sent a subtle signal, indicating immodesty to the small-town sweetheart. She quickly tugged her top back down. The blush on Allie’s face was barely discernable as she realized that it was getting harder to conceal her midriff. A strait-laced upbringing left Allie adept at hiding feelings that might belie her reputation as an uncorrupted, straight A student-athlete. Her former cross-country coach would surely chide her if he saw the growing body of evidence indicating that she hadn’t maintained her training. A stray frisbee skittered across the sidewalk chalk, snapping Allie back to attention. “Toss it here!” huffed an exasperated, blonde freshie. Sweat glinted off her ruddy complexion, as she clapped her hands in anticipation of Allie’s toss. With a disagreeing sigh, Allie flicked the disc back to the girl. She simply couldn’t understand why her peers squandered so much time on the quad, when they should be studying for the first round of midterms. They loomed just weeks away. As Allie crossed the threshold into her favorite dining hall, the scent of freshly baked bread washed away her stress. Crackling ovens churned out new loaves, along with pizzas, toasted subs, and the other carb-filled delights. Such delicacies had been forbidden to the teenage track star. A wry smile stretched across Allie’s face as she placed her order. Two slices of pepperoni and sausage, a side order of breadsticks, and a large Coke. Can’t forget the dipping sauce! With college came the freedom to indulge. Diagrams of plant and animal cells danced across Allie’s iPad as she prepped for her upcoming lab. As an aspiring microbiologist, she wanted nothing more than to ace this class. It was rare for a first-year student to get into such a seminar, and Allie relished the opportunity. Chewing absentmindedly, she settled into the cheesy bliss of her entrée, losing herself in a combination of savory flavors and passion for science. Gradual pressure against her waistband coaxed her out of the splendor. She rubbed her taut waistline, hoping nobody would notice her food baby bulge. Booth cushions groaned as Allie heaved herself from the table. Despite her sauntering pace, she arrived at the lab with time to spare. Her classmates were busy chatting about the upcoming football game, or the scuttlebutt from the latest kegger. Muffled rhythms emitted by the headphones of screen-obsessed introverts sailed hauntingly above the din. As she arranged her notes and calibrated her microscope, a welcome voice cut through the dull roar. “Hey there lab mate, ready for some science?” Jennifer plunked her blue JanSport backpack on the table, taking the seat next to Allie. She chomped into a panini as she waited for a reply. “No food in the lab, Jen!” smirked Allie, scanning the room to see if the teaching assistant had arrived. Allie was relieved by her friend’s presence, even if she was cavalier about lab safety. “Well then, help me finish,” Jen playfully commanded, thrusting half her toasted treat towards the already stuffed Allie. Not wanting to offend her gifted lab mate, Allie obliged. Jen was a brilliant student, sporting a high school transcript adorned with AP credits. As the only sophomore to be elected president of the Microbiology Club, she was a role model to Allie. After scoffing down her half of the panini, Allie hoped nobody could hear her overfilled belly groan. She disappeared into a flowing, white lab coat to cover her swelling stomach. After putting down her backpack, Jen walked to the glass cabinet containing the microscopes. The swoosh of her loose-fitting, jet black tunic top caught Allie’s eye as she walked away. It perfectly matched Jen’s soft, fastidious, pixie cut hairstyle. In the reflection of the glass, Jen’s piercing blue eyes and red lips stood out like sapphires and rubies spaced symmetrically across her snow-white complexion. The surgically precise horizontal line cut sharply by her bangs juxtaposed the enticing softness of her visage, with chubby cheeks flexed in a permanent smile. She exuded confidence. She held her chin up high, unabashed by the soft roll of pudge underneath, threatening to sprout a double chin. Jen turned slightly to the side as she slid the cabinet doors open. Her ample breasts, proudly protruding like the twin hulls of an ocean-faring catamaran, demanded too much space for her to casually pluck the scope off the shelf while facing it squarely. Her thick fingers and pudgy wrists, flexed against the cabinet’s handle, indicated the decadence of her life. No calluses from manual toil, only smooth softness. Her thighs had grown broad and sturdy, from holding up a pudgy torso. The dark blue jeans stretched across them looked worn between her thighs, as if the friction was taking its toll, but she still retained the supple physique of a girl who could be nimble, if necessary. Jen’s ample backside offset the perky melons barely contained by the upper half of her frame. Her ass could serve as a shelf, if someone needed to put down their beer at at party. Jen’s scope was one shelf too high for her 5’4” stature to easily reach. Her thick, supple arms reached overhead, to grab the base of her assigned equipment. With a guilty side-eyed glance, Allie caught a glimpse of Jen’s side-boob. The rising flutter of Jen’s top revealed two deep dimples on her lower back, just above her beltline. Allie melted. They didn’t make girls like Jen in Allie’s hometown. Bright, curious, sassy, and curvy. She was something new and enticing to Allie, who grew up in a culture where all the girls were expected to be sticks. Jen’s thick physique came with an independent, unique confidence that Allie found irresistible. With a clang, the doors in front of the lab swung open, heralding the arrival of the teaching assistant. A portly red-head in a flowing blue sundress and tight black leggings strode briskly to the front of the room. Her ample bosom rose and fell with each breath, as she placed a stack of papers on her desk. “Ok, class, settle down,” she commanded, with her hands placed atop her wide, hourglass hips. “While we’re waiting for lab to start, come get your quizzes! You’ll need them to study for your midterms!” Allie’s heart raced as she approached the TA’s desk. After shuffling through the papers, she came across her quiz, folded in nearly in half, so only her name was visible towards the top of the sheet. She scurried back to her seat. With trepidation, she unfolded the quiz. Allie’s heart sank. “Hey, you got an 82! Good job,” complimented Jen, while she finished setting up her microscope. “The class average was like a 76.” “Thanks,” quipped Allie, from behind a forced smile. “But I was hoping for better. Getting an A in this class is really important to me,” she confided. Jen couldn’t help but notice Allie’s disappointment. Jen had picked up her quiz before class, at the TA's office hours. She decided to keep her 98 out of the conversation. “Well, if you have some free time tomorrow afternoon, hit me up! Some of my sisters and I have a study group for this class. You’re welcome to join.” Allie beamed with newfound encouragement. “Thanks Jen! Text me the details, and I’ll be there.” Four hours later, the microbiology lab finally drew to a close. Allie was exhausted. She still had a bit of studying to do, so she stopped by the library on her way home. To stay awake, she decided to grab a coffee from the barista strategically placed right inside the library foyer. When she was in training for a track meet or cross-country race, Allie wouldn’t be caught dead with anything other than a black coffee or tea. All the missed opportunities of her youth haunted her taste buds like gustatory ghosts, warning her not to make the same mistake twice. “I’ll have a grande white chocolate mocha, please,” Allie mumbled to the barista, bashfully. Diligently, the barista’s stubble parted with a Human Resources approved smile, cocked his head to the side, and enticed her with a polite, “Will that be all?” “And a chocolate chunk cookie,” blurted the encouraged Allie. Internally, she rationalized “I deserve it, after that demanding lab.” Allie found a quiet table, reviewed her notes, and absentmindedly slurped down 600 calories of caffeinated sugar. She topped it off with every crumb of a cookie that could serve as a dinner plate for a more modest dieter. After returning to her dorm, the only thought on Allie’s mind was to shower off the stress of the day and go to sleep. It wasn’t long after closing the bedroom door that her daisy dukes and tank top were plunked unceremoniously in the hamper. Allie reached for the towel hanging by her mirror. What she saw looking back at her took her breath away. Allie’s gut, freed from the confines of her jean shorts, retained a thin red streak across the circumference of her bloated waist, serving as a remembrance of her belt line’s tyranny. Her jaw dropped, as her plump pointer finger traced its outline, just beneath her deepening navel. When she was a runner, she clearly sported an outie. It stood proudly beside her hardened six-pack, an ironic symbol of discipline, considering she couldn’t drink if she wanted to maintain it. In a matter of months since high school graduation, that testament to tenacious athleticism had been smothered under a smooth mound of fat, buried like the memories of all the nights she went to bed hungry. Allie cupped her budding belly in both hands, staring into the mirror, befuddled at the newfound curves. “I’m just a little bloated from the pizza,” she told herself, ignoring the love handle humps protruding above her panties. Giving her belly a gentle shake, she couldn’t help but notice how heavy it felt. She turned sideways, curious to see if her tubby tummy extended past her tits. Looking down, it was hard to see over their bloated bumps. They had grown to the point of straining her bra, spilling over the sides. In high school, her caloric deficit left her flat-chested. Faint, pink stretch marks near her armpits served as evidence that her resurgent womanhood wouldn’t be caged in the cramped sports bra of a track jersey any longer. Modest mounds that could be easily covered by Allie’s palms now stretched past even her splayed out fingers. “They’ve gotta be at least D’s by now,” Allie pondered, as she bounced them up and down, admiring their heft. The motion sent shockwaves rippling across her newly added abdominal adipose. It was the jiggling of cellulite on Allie’s ass and thighs that really caught her attention. While grabbing a handful of her softening hindquarters, she chortled at the thought of squeezing into her old, skimpy running shorts. “There’s no way all this would fit,” she joked, playfully spanking herself. “Coach would be so pissed.” That thought stuck with Allie as she wrapped her corpulent frame in the soft cotton of her towel, and jiggled her way to the shower. She felt so naughty as she rubbed soap suds across her burgeoning curves. She wasn’t supposed to look like this. Like a girl four months pregnant. As her gluttonous meals plodded through her digestive system, her overworked anatomy gurgled in complaint. Her hand slid to the underside of her belly, in a subconscious attempt to quiet the rumbling. As the warm water dripped down Allie’s plump stomach, she could feel little streams starting to form in the wrinkles of fat on her hips. They funneled the flow down to the crease where her chubby thighs met her widening hips. All that steamy water couldn’t stop Allie from shivering, as the excitement of her defiant, lazy lifestyle crashed against her willpower to remain fit and pure. Her hand ventured further south, past her flabby lower belly. She discovered that even the lips of her inexperienced vagina had grown pudgier. They tingled against her soft fingers, and enticingly parted. Allie’s pussy rivaled the hydration of the shower, and as she rubbed herself, the quivers rippled across her fattened body. It only served to urge her onward. As her throbbing clit began to stand out, she realized she still had one outie to play with. Allie knew she should be looking for a professional college boy with a good degree, but she just couldn't keep Jen out of her mind. She wondered whose voluptuous breasts were larger, whose belly softer... Allie would sleep well that night, and dream of the study group waiting for her tomorrow.
  4. Hey! I’m Ivy. I’ve been a gainer for 5 years now. Started as a super for cheerleader and now I’m a sexy fat hog eating everything in site. Join me on my journey and help me be the fattest I can be. I’m a gluttonous fatty that can’t wait to reach 350+. Follow my forum so you can keep track of my gains! Purchase videos to keep me fat and growing! Love you all so much❤️ Thank you for the support !
  5. Hi, my name is Kate. I'm 36, she/her/they/them, bisexual (but more willing to chat with other women). I'm married to a wonderful man but we are poly. I'm more solo poly. I'm shy, awkward, and gentle. I love to cook, I worked in HR before Covid but I'm trying to get my writing career off the ground and help my husband produce videos. I'm around 145-150 and 5'8" which is pretty standard for my height. I doubt being a feedee is actually something I can do because I have some digestive medical issues. Otherwise, I'd seriously consider becoming a model if I went down this road of being a feedee. I'm considering becoming a feeder instead. I would say my overall fetish is transformation and giving up control of one's body to another to shape as they please. I also am a huge fan of Femme to Butch and Femme to Masculine fantasies and am at least considering that for myself now. I like some BDSM but I really need to chat get to know you first before I engage in any sexy chat. I live around Seattle and would love to meet others from the area once things are better. That said, I'll chat with anyone from anywhere. I'm just looking to meet other women with similar interests from around the world.
  6. i don't really know how to start this but i'm currently in a long distance relationship and i really want to make my girlfriend really chubby before she comes to see me, when we're in person it will be much easier but i'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make her chubbier when we're so far away! i'm going back to work so i can buy her food more often and i'm warming her up to the idea of eating bigger portions & snacking more. she's really insecure, not about her body but insecure in general. she's around 5'8 and maybe 125-130? i want to try to get her to around 150-60 before we meet next year, can anyone help?
  7. Title says it all. Anyone know of any good BBWs that are like a couple that makes content together? Either a real life couple or just for show. I'm just a chubby lesbian looking for representation guys 😂😂
  8. Hi everybody, I'm Jennifer (Jennie)! I am new here and just posted my first clip in the store today, so i figured its time to make a forum and introduce myself! 🥰 For those of you who don't know, I am the lucky girlfriend & submissive of the beautiful @MissSugarPlumpFairy! She introduced me to this community and is helping me to grow into my FULL potential 😉 I have some clips with her on her account also, and I'm so excited to do more with her! We are in a real relationship even with the cameras off, but we enjoy getting to share our journey with you all as well! As an individual, this has been a mind-bending journey for me. I was raised with a toxic relationship with food and body dysmorphia & eating disorders are ever present in my family. It has been extremely freeing to learn to fall in love with my body as-is, not trying to pose in a way that makes me look smaller or edit out rolls or cellulite. I am learning to allow myself to enjoy food without regret and feel sexy even if my clothes are getting too small! Of course all the love y'all have given me already is so helpful. I never expected to feel so welcome. Some basics about me: I am 23 years old and 5'5". As far as my weight, that will definitely be addressed in coming videos, but hopefully that will be changing rapidly anyway 🤗. Some of my favorite things to eat are sushi, cheesecake, french fries, ramen, chocolate, and pasta! I am a big horror fan (books & novels), an animal lover, and a mother to 5 wonderful pet snails. I look forward to being able to share my wonderful life with you all!🧁🐄💕
  9. Some holiday-themed fun I hadn't posted here before! Dolly loved Christmas! Just about every single thing about it! The cheesy music, and presents, and of course all the food! The chilly weather and fresh snow and snuggling up in leisurewear! The decorations and scents and all the Lifetime straight-to-stream holiday rom-coms she could stand! What Dolly didn’t love was her boyfriend’s work schedule. A promotion to district manager for a big box chain left them wanting for nothing except for well, time together. Lots of time together. Alone time—together. Dolly sighed and flicked off her e-reader. She was just skimming the same page over and again, chowing down freshly-baked cookies like there was no tomorrow. The seedy erotica she picked up on sale in the e-store was exciting but it was just working her up for a release that wouldn’t… come. She would prefer to wait for Derek but it was only noon and he wouldn’t likely be home before dark. No, she’d have to take care of herself for now and worry about him later. Dolly leaned back on the couch, propped up by overstuffed pillows. She draped one leg over the back of the couch to comfortably open herself up. With a sigh, she threaded one hand through her copper hair and slipped the other into the waistband of her pajamas, white as the snow outside. Derek’s tongue and toned arms wrapped around her thick thighs would be better but she could use her imagination. Dolly found her rhythm within a few minutes. Derek made sure she stayed well-pleased often, so it was easy to think of any of their escapades to inspire her in his absence. As her right hand worked herself down below, moistening with each stroke, the other hand gripped at her thick waist and massaged her soft paunch the way Derek often would in any position he could reach. Dolly had to admit that she wasn’t surprised he liked curvy women but was surprised when he managed to convince her to put on some weight. Well, rather, he mostly just convinced her to let go and encouraged her appetite, which he rewarded handsomely. Getting deeper now into her pleasure, Dolly grabbed another cookie and shoved it in her mouth. She felt so deliciously naughty; surrounded by innocent mirth and cheer and here she was, all but jacking off in broad daylight. If the sofa had been flipped the other way and against the opposite wall, facing the wide living room window, she would have been doing just that. She giggled as she chewed, her folds sopping wet. Just as she was on the very edge, however, her doorbell rang. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me!” Dolly wiped the crumbs off her face and quickly dashed to the kitchen to wash her hands. If Dolly hadn’t been expecting deliveries, she would have ignored it outright. The doorbell rang again just as she was drying her hands, and she called out impatiently: “I’m coming!” But mentally followed it with a bitter I wish I actually were cumming. At the door stood an incredibly attractive woman, dressed head to toe in red fur-lined silk, complete with a black cape draped across her shoulders. She was tall and solidly built, but not chubby the way Dolly was. Rich brunette hair was perfectly coiffed and fell about her shoulders just so. Her lipstick matched the red of her suit precisely. Her face showed no wrinkles and yet it seemed firm and older. Dolly couldn’t place the woman’s age but something in her softened gut told her that this woman was much older than she appeared to be. Dolly stared at her, jaw hanging open. “I’m terribly sorry I don’t seem to be the packages you were expecting, but I think I can bring you a gift all the same. Mind if I come in?” The woman’s voice was sweet without being sing-songy. Though she formally asked a question, there was a power to her voice that suggested it wasn’t a request. Dolly’s damp pussy throbbed underneath her robe, reminding her of the business at hand. She wondered how the woman knew she was expecting a delivery as she stepped back and granted her entry, slipping the door closed behind as the woman breezed in, her cape gently brushing Dolly’s toes. “I didn’t catch your name?” Dolly asked as the woman unclipped her cape and casually draped it across the same sofa her host had just been masturbating on a few minutes prior. The woman glanced around the room, taking in all of the decorations. Her eyes landed on the plate of cookies before meeting Dolly’s gaze. “Nicola. You must be Dolly,” she extended a gloved hand. “How do you know my name? And that I am waiting for a package?” Nicola rolled her eyes, a vivid shade of green that Dolly only just picked up on. “Well, it’s December. The mail comes almost every day. Why wouldn’t you be expecting packages?” Her eyes pointedly fell again, this time on Dolly’s belly, before glancing back up at her. Maybe it was the hormones and unfinished need coursing through her, but Dolly couldn’t stop the blush that crept up her cheeks. She forced herself to break eye contact and closed her robe, tying it shut. She had to look away to stop herself from imagining this strange woman devouring her pussy the same way she’d been demolishing those cookies while thinking of her boyfriend feeding them to her. This wouldn’t have been the first time a sultry stranger had shown up at their door. Derek and Dolly had had a few adventures in their time together and were never ones to pass up the chance for some extra fun in the bedroom with another playmate. But she couldn’t recall them making this arrangement, and she was getting too horny to care. “Listen, Nicole, I’m sorry if I am messing up the script or something, but I don’t remember Derek or myself arranging this visit?” She ran a hand through her hair and bit her lip in frustration. She could last a long time but was going to lose her edge soon if it wasn’t paid off. Nicola’s mouth turned up slowly and the corners of her eyes crinkled. “Oh, Derek definitely arranged for this, you could say that,” she purred. She pressed one hand to Dolly’s ample chest. She stepped backward once, then again, but Nicola held fast. Dolly stumbled when a chair backed up against her knees, awkwardly flopping into it, one leg draped over the armrest. With her wetness on full display, Dolly gasped before slamming her legs shut—but not before the unexpected guest caught sight of it. “Oh, I arrived at just the perfect time, I see! It certainly explains the pink on your cheeks. Would you like some assistance with that?” Nicola closed the space between them, towering over her host. She gently grasped Dolly’s knees and opened them, and then she stood, awaiting a response. Dolly’s heart thrummed in time with her throbbing below. This would not have been the first time Derek surprised her with a treat from a visitor, but would be the first time he had not partaken. It had to be some early Christmas gift to make up for his absence, she reasoned. They had been honest with each other about their openness in their relationship and had been forthright about flirting with or wanting to court someone for extra fun. The thought of engaging with this mysterious and stunning-hot lady that showed up at her door right when Dolly needed the most just made her wetter. She couldn’t decide what was more thrilling: going along with Nicola or making it up to Derek later… “Yes, yes please!” Dolly whispered, her voice already husky with want. “Great!” Nicola perked up, turned around, and stepped back into the living room. She threw a snap of her fingers over her shoulder toward Dolly. Wide bands of plush red velvet ribbon unfurled from her broad sleeves and gently wrapped around Dolly’s wrists and knees, lashing her to the chair. In unison, they tied themselves off with a perfect bow. Dolly blinked; at first, she thought it was an advanced illusion and maybe she was just hallucinating. But she tested the bonds and they were anything but illusory. They were definitely real and held her fast, but were soft and comfortable. “Wow,” she breathed. Nicola returned, carrying the plate Dolly had been snacking from before. What had previously been a paltry selection of cookies had grown into a pile of baked goods, decadent and fragrant. Wafts of rich chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint tickled Dolly’s nose and made her mouth water. “How did you do that? Who are you?” Nicola just smiled again and set the platter on the table. She pondered it carefully, comically tapping her chin and screwing up her face in thought. Then, she picked up a brownie, large and moist. “Ah, yes, this one will do!” Yeah, Dolly thought to herself. This was definitely Derek’s doing. Any reservations she had before immediately dissipated. She relaxed knowing that Nicola was supposed to be here, but her heart raced at the sight of the goodies she now carried. Want to see what happens next?
  10. I’ve seen people say that this was an old tumblr couple, but nobody seems to know who they are. Do any of y’all? https://ve.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_pofl2qTDVL1y7hukx.mp4 https://ve.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_po9y1dNxOV1y7hukx.mp4
  11. Looking for a sexy big girl who wants to play with me beheh
  12. The taxi stopped in the middle of the city’s largest urban scar, its red light flashing in the darkness of the semi-abandoned district. The Greyfields of North Avenue were not considered a rough neighbourhood, which would be a gross understatement. It was no-man’s land, a thin spread of urban dystopia left unattended. Almost no basic utilities reached the unfinished high rise projects and low income housings of this place. Stuck in a zoning legal feud for the last twelve years, it was now crawling with society’s less wanted, all non-humans, obviously. It wasn’t densely populated by any means, but it was full of hiding spots for squatters and militants alike. The rugged dwarven driver tipped his cap and glanced one last time at the girl sitting on the backseat. His moustache burrowed mouth opened slightly, as to give some last minute advice, but he said nothing. If this girl was looking for trouble, it was none of his business. He preferred to stay away from trouble and lay low, but she sure had a different approach. One thing was sure, this elven punk wasn’t going to blend in easily with the street marginal and other hardcore activists of this place. The outfit was right, at least it was fitting well enough with the general trend around here. She had mid-length electric blue hair shaved on one side, and her long pointy ears were also shamelessly exposed, with a cylinder piercing going through at the top. Her makeup was on point, maybe a little too perfect in fact for any street fashionista. She had blue lipstick on her full plump lips, and a small choker going around her soft neck. Looking at her face only, one could hardly expect what was to come. Her denim jacket was full of patch and studs and her blue cropped top was complimenting her set quite nicely. It wasn’t unusual for girls her age to go like this, with their jacket open to expose some cleavage, and their shirt revealing their stomach. But in the case of this girl, it was a different kind of statement altogether. Not in this century could this jacket button over the melon like breast of this girl, each globe more than twice the size of her head and tightly packed inside her struggling boob biting bra. This elf girl was so busty one would wonder if she was in fact half-nymph or something similar. Sadly, the truth was much simpler, as one only needed to glance a few inches lower to see her bosom wasn’t the only thing big about this girl. Her blue top was riding up the rolled dome of a massively overfed stomach, with her chest resting heavily on top of the upper curve of this decadent belly. The round blubbery thing was so big it filled most of her lap, and the driver remembered he had to move the seat so she could squeeze her absurd tummy inside the cab. She hadn’t buckled up for the ride either. How could she? The seat belt was several inches too short to go around that girth, and her wide bum was spreading over the buckle on the seat anyways. As he stopped near the gathering place, she smiled and glanced one last time at her cellphone before shoving it inside her jacked. ''Thanks for the ride. I just transferred you the money on the app. You should come you know, this gathering is for all of us.'' She said, before opening the passenger door and beginning to shuffle her way outside. She was a little wedged on the backseat, and she needed to rock her body in wave like motion so she could get her leg out of the cab and start to pull herself up. The dwarf driver tried not to stare as she rested one arm against the door and used the other to pull against the metal frame. With a grunt of effort, she managed to haul her massive bum off the seat, and she popped free of the car, her broad hips brushing against the door frame as she squeezed out, before stumbling on the sidewalk. She used the door for support until her soft body settled and she recovered her balance. The driver felt his car suspension bounce back into place with what almost sounded like a groan of relief, the car having being tipped on one side for the whole ride. She took a small moment to arrange her hair and to pull up her jean shorts over her stomach, before closing the door and walking away from the taxi with her slow ponderous gait. The dwarf glanced at her one last time, wondering a second what was to become of this pampered suburb girl before getting the hell out of the Greyfields, leaving her alone in the dark clad street. Nymeria wasn’t scared. Thanking her elven eyes for helping her with the darkness, the punk girl slowly walked toward one of the abandoned high rise buildings. It was the place. She could already hear the music thanks to her sensitive ears. She was feeling nervous, but it was also exhilarating to get to a non-human gathering. She always wanted to join the ranks of the egalitarian activists, but she had no way to join in when the movement was still underground. Nym wasn’t really connected with the street, having enjoyed a life as the daughter of two elven bureaucrats, growing in an upper middle class family in the suburbs, a very privileged life for any non-human. This event was the first openly legal and announced meeting in years. She couldn’t miss that, it was her chance! The oversized neophyte eventually managed to get in. She found the entrance a little cramped for her taste, and blushed under her foundation as she was forced to get through the door going sideways, struggling awkwardly with her overly generous hips under the stunned gaze of two orcish security staffers. Their surprise was justified. Elves weren’t supposed to grow fat. It was considered taboo and subject to disdain, even by the less traditionalists ones. But Nym had been raised surrounded by humans, and her parents could do little to keep her away from the high calorie foods humans enjoyed carelessly at school and in her community college, food no elf was supposed to touch. This diet wrecked the slow metabolism typical of her species, leaving her as a strange oddity in her world, something the rebellious elven girl embraced fully and unashamedly. As a result, she had thrown herself into the fat positivity movement, both as a way to fuck with her parents and to find some body confidence despite her overfed and ever-fattening figure. Most of the elf’s exposed flesh was covered by ink, and most of her tats were about food or displaying her shameless indulgence with provocative statements. Despite her pretty face, all this assurance wasn’t enough to make anyone overlook her taboo level of plumpness. The doormen averted their eyes as she went by. Even by orcish standard, she was way too much, having outgrown any positive fat euphemism more than an hundred pound ago. Luckily for Nymeria, despite all these minor setbacks, she wasn’t late for the evening speeches! Still, as she shuffled her way inside the cramped rally, Nym cursed under her breath, as she was unable to slip closer to the stage, her large curves making it impossible to navigate the cramped space. After she bumped one too many activists with her overfed curves, Nym was starting to draw a lot of attention to herself. Elves were often seen as collaborators in the human supremacist regime, and she looked like quite the pampered and privileged one in her punk poser attire. Between the hostility of the crowd and the real threat of police storming the place, things could turn sour for her at any moment, but Nym was too excited to notice. The obese elf girl was too busy trying in vain to stand on the tip of her toes to see better, even if she quickly realized she was too heavy for such nonsense.­­ * Nymeria was futilely trying to squeeze her oversized curves between two groups of werekins activists when she was forced to accept defeat. No matter how much she was trying to shimmy sideways, sucking in her rolled gut and holding her breasts against her body, there wasn’t any place for her to go. The blue haired elf watched with a spike of envy as a slender were-cat simply slipped past her and between the two groups, moving through the crowd with grace and ease. This one wouldn’t have to watch the speech on some screen. As Nym thought she couldn’t be more jealous, she eventually saw the slim were-cat find a tall half-orc in the front row, obviously a friend, and without much hesitation, she climbed on his shoulders, providing herself a perfect view at the cost of completely obscuring the stage to Nymeria. The decadent elf was ruminating powerlessly when she suddenly felt a firm hand on her soft shoulder. As soon as she turned around to see who it was, Nym was welcomed by the stunning smile of a tall and athletic half-orc, whose long silky hair were reaching impressive length as they danced down her toned body. Reaching out, the gorgeous half-blood placed a hand on the elf's plump shoulder. Bending her knees slightly so she could face Nym, she introduced herself, her shapely bosom accidentally brushing the elf’s massive melons. The girl had a truly beautiful smile, her soft plump lips curving around her short tusks in a seductive way. "Hey there, I never saw you in these parts. My name's Tamyana. What's yours?’’ The smile that appeared immediately on the elf’s gorgeous face was very genuine, with a touch of pleasant surprise and a flirty smirk. Clearly, Tamyana was Nym’s type, and the elf slightly blushed as she found such a gorgeous and rugged activist leaning over her. ‘’I am Nymeria, nice to meet you! You are right, I am kinda new. As soon as I knew there would be speeches and music, I knew I had to make it here! I am trying to get more involved, you know.’’ The rally was about to begin, and a small trimmed sprite with vibrant green hairs matching her wings flew nimbly above the stage, rousing the crowd before the event started. The ambience was electric. This was the largest and most public non-human gathering in years, and hopes were high among everyone present, Nym included. The egalitarians were gaining public support through grassroots movement, and after an event like this, they hoped their platform would be heard as a legitimate civil right movement and bring reforms to the table. For some reason, neither the authorities nor human supremacists seemed to take interest in the event, which gave many reasons to think the egalitarians were enjoying more tolerance than ever before from their opponents, a good signs of the progress to come. Of course, there could also be something fishy about this whole situation, but that kind of paranoia was for the security detail. No one wanted to worry on this day of celebration. Nym was clearly enjoying Tamyana attention, and she made little effort to move away from the half-orc when a duo of dwarf punks pushed her as they moved by, forcing some of the plump elf’s massive curves to press against the taller orcish girl, mostly her large and heavy bosom and parts of her thick rolled tummy. The tall girl reaction left Nym quite surprised. Indeed, Nymeria gasped and let out a playful giggle as the much taller and stronger girl squeezed her plump form in a protective embrace, strong hands moving down the plush rolls of her back fat to meet the gargantuan mass that was the elf’s bottom. The cramped denim shorts the obese punk were wearing could do little to contain the ridiculous girth of her bum, some of her butt cheeks was even hanging out of the tiny. They were doing nothing to support the avalanche of fat hanging from her waist, the poor tiny thing creaking at the front as it faced the lavishly large and absurdly heavy overhang of Nym’s lower belly. There was more skin exposed around the elf’s midsection than on the whole of most girls’ body, and here, they weren’t dressed conservatively by any means. Still, the rugged activist was a bit, forward, for Nym’s tastes. Of course she liked flirting and some cuddles, but this was so very public and intense. However, the overfed suburban girl was eager to blend in with the crowd, and being under the wing of such an impressive girl was clearly going to help. It’s not like the blue haired glutton didn’t appreciated the rough handling, it was just moving a little fast for her to feel at ease. More importantly, people stopped starring as much when Tamyana claimed her chubby bum for herself. Nym was used to the looks, she knew she was a fat elf, and even if she wasn’t ashamed by her cumbersome figure, she didn’t like to be pointed at like a circus freak. Of course, the general hostility against Nym had less to do with her ballooned appearance than her obvious privileged life, but understanding the nuances of class solidarity was above the busty elf’s capacity at this point in time. The important part was that Nym wasn’t scared by half-orc as much as she was scared to be rejected, so she played along, obvious to the fact she might not be the only one playing a game in this situation. The soft punk beauty nuzzled herself against Tamyana’s toned body, in a way that could be interpreted as coy teasing or overbearing enthusiasm, depending on one’s point of view. She was feeling the girl’s hardened stomach press against the huge masses of her bosom as she did. Having the obese elf pushed up against her was an interesting experience for the half-orc, it felt kind of like hugging a soft pillow, and the sensation alone was actually very pleasant, however the knowledge that it was a pillow of fat was a little disconcerting. When she felt the elf nuzzling against her, Tamyana got bolder, giving in to curiosity in to a moment of weakness. She let her fingers sink into the girl’s massive backside, amazed at how the fat ass squished under her hand. Releasing her grip, she felt the rolls of fat slide back to their original position, pushing her fingers back as well. She didn’t come even close to grab the whole girth of the thing. Nym felt the gentle squeeze on her bum, and noted to herself that this Tamyana was clearly a neophyte with the bigger girls like herself. It wasn’t so surprising considering that the blue haired punk was part of the 1% when fat was involved, but still, she could have thought that the activist might have been some kind of chubby chaser with the speed at which she introduced herself. The gentle, almost shy squeeze was simply adorable, and a clear sign that the half-b;ood was used to muscled glutes more than anything. The decadent elf girl didn’t sleep with any creature with hands big enough to fully grab the overflowing flesh of her juicy bum. Having the half-orc naively pinch a few inches of plush fat with her finger was so cute that Nym was almost disappointed when the taller girl released her. Nevertheless, she kept close, nuzzling the tall beauty. Her cavernous cleavage was riding up near her softened chin as she looked up, meeting the half-orc gaze with her stunning purple iris. ‘’I am so lucky I found you! You will be able to explain me all the subtleties I would miss otherwise. If you want, I can get us something to drink before it starts, what do you think?’’ Always the hedonist, Nym had indeed spotted an improvised bar nearby (and out of her reach, with her barrel of a gut blocking her way). She even saw they served this orcish milk liquor she couldn’t find anywhere! ‘’If you could be so nice as to fetch us something?’’ She asked, smirking playfully while she pulled a big bill from her jacket’s hidden pocket, struggling a little to reach around her own bosom. Pocketing the cash, the half-orc eyes lingered on Nym’s pocket, her continence slipping for a moment at the casual display of wealth. Regaining her bearing, Tamyana winked an overtly flirty wink, "Tell you what, I'll get us a drink, and then when the speeches are all over, we can get a few more down town. I can tell you about all those subtleties you mentioned and you can tell me a bit about what brings a cutie like you to this place." Tamyana was moving with such ease in the crowd thanks to her feline grace that it took her little time to get back with two large glasses of milky white liquid, a strong and sweet alcohol fermented from a mixture of goat milk and grain. She couldn’t lose Nym in that crowd even if she tried, she was easy to find. All Tamyana had to do was simply to look for the area where people weren’t packed tight. It wasn't that they weren't squished together, it was merely that Nym’s gut and rear meant there was only so close people could get. Nym licked her plump lips, smiling eagerly as she grabbed one glass, already smelling the potent yet entrancing aroma from the liquid. Finding this in the suburbs was simply impossible. Orc culture was considered inferior and unworthy, like most non-human heritages in fact. The biggest difference was that humans still liked to steal and appropriate dwarf and elven stuff for profit, while orcish culture was simply ignored and buried. It was through her anthropology classes in college that Nym slowly realized how humans were in fact creating this whole web of lies around the other species, so they would assimilate as best as they could to the majority, or turn to self-hatred. This was her first step toward the egalitarian cause, and her hedonistic self of course found a way to combine rediscovering marginalized cultures with getting hammered and stuffed. With a proud smirk, the short fat and busty elf followed the toast, and took a big sip of liquor, ready to do what she was best at : to indulge. Holding out one drink to Nym, the tall girl held the other up, "To the resistance" Nymeria expected the burn, but she didn’t expect the texture. The liquid was syrupy and silky, and rolled on her tongue like a mirage’s on the desert dunes. It was strong, it was sweet, probably too much for most, but Nym was used to overwhelm her senses, so she powered through and even took a second sip, this time tasting the sourness of the milk under the sweetness of the grain. She liked it, but she knew she couldn’t handle another glass of this if she wanted to remember her night. She pressed herself against her new crush’s toned body once more, but this time it was the plump elf that moved one arm around the much thinner waist of her new acquaintance. ‘’Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed!’’ The scheduled speeches had begun, and an emaciated giant lady was on stage, rousing the crowd with older slogans and memories of past struggles. She was clearly an old timer and a bit of a radical, and Nym was happy she was so tall. At least she had no trouble seeing her speak with her 9 feet frame leaning over the microphone, she was so imposing! Funnily enough, Nym was actually heavier than the giantess, not that the elf was aware of that. The plump poser drank her words, even if she didn’t understand half of it, for it was in political jargon, or comments on insider info from the streets. The passion in her voice was what caught Nym’s attention. * The speeches were quickly getting wild, and the crowd was cheering speaker after speaker, with some musical numbers here and there, form quiet non-human folk to politically radical rock music. Little people knew, but the abandoned high rise where the gathering was occurring was under police surveillance, with undercover infiltrators inside waiting for the signal for a descent. This gathering was about to turn very very messy and really soon. It was bait to identify and capture non-human radicals, and all the attendance was considered collateral's. With no secure emergency exits and such a crowd, it was going to turn into a scramble for escape.
  13. Hi! I'm a chunky growing gal interested in finding friends and play partners in the northeastern USA. I'd love to find friends who I could occasionally meet for a meal or stuffing session and some encouragement. I'm not interested in playing with men. I do think boy bellies can be cute and don't mind having interesting, clean conversations with guys (I'm not a hater, just not interested in being your fantasy). I have a lot of interests including outdoor activities, bowling, photography, billiards, gardening, music, movies, and more. I have a sort of twisted and perverse sense of humor, love animals and am pretty laid back. I'd like us to get to know each other. Ask me anything.
  14. Anybody want to rp? I am feeder and feedee and pretty bi
  15. This is a story I have been working on for a few weeks. It was intended to be a human-fantasy retelling of the Lafontaine's fable of the Weasel in the Mill, but I got caught with the world building and it's taking a new shape as it is written. I don't know how long I will build this up before the conclusion, but it's a fun little project. It's my first ''long term'' story, so feel free to comment and give me your input. Chapter 1 : a way in During the War of the Ashen Fields, countless refugees and victims of the conflict flooded the well-defended walled city, hoping to gain the protection of the king and his retinue. As they reached the famed capital of Malgoren, instead of help and protection, what they found was closed gates and repression. The newcomers quickly established themselves at the bottom of the massive city walls, villages and slums appearing overnight, growing like weeds around the roots of the ancient city. Yet, they were mercilessly refused entrance, only a handful of traders and officials were allowed to pass through the gates. The rest had nowhere to go, and survived from the trade that wouldn’t be allowed inside the pristine streets of the capital. The shanty towns were plagued by illicit trades, crime, prostitution, and hard, unsanitary industries that would repulse the sensitivities of the urban denizens of Malgoren. It was a scar on the kingdom, and a testimony of its ruler’s tyranny. Like many others born during the war, Sarya grew up as an orphan, scavenging the streets of the shanty towns surrounding the kingdom’s capital. She spent years surviving in the fringe of society, going through trash at first, then begging, stealing from merchants’ stalls, until she found her true calling as a pickpocket. She had a true gift for it, and after years of owning her skills, she stumbled into adulthood as a very successful thief, one of the few that retained her innocence in the eyes of the traders and the private guards they hired. No one suspected her, as she knew how to leverage her looks to her advantage to dismiss suspicion and go unnoticed. Rather short, Sarya had brown curly hairs waving down to her clavicles. Fair skinned apart from a few freckles, she had a cherubic face, with large blue expressive eyes and gorgeously plump lips. She enjoyed a slender and lean body, her shapely figure supporting a pert bosom, a narrow wasp-like waist, seductive hips, and a round and toned bottom. She was short and lithe, her nimble and spritely build allowing her to sneak with ease, to deflect any suspicion with her youth and airs of innocence, and to perform quick escapes when needed. When lesser thieves inevitably got caught, Sarya always managed to flee, running into an alleyway, slipping through a damaged fence, or vanishing into a narrow hideout, an escape path planned in advance by the clever rogue. If the clever pickpocket wasn’t necessarily the quickest or the most athletic, she was thoughtful and well prepared, never going for a target without some kind of emergency plan in case things went sour. In the worst case scenario, she even moved around Malgoren, jumping to a slum on the other side of the city if she aroused too much suspicion where she stayed. This methodical and prudent approach to thievery eventually made Sarya the most experienced and well-connected pickpocket in all the shanty towns. When her reputation began to spread in Malgoren’s underworld, her life quickly began to transform. Sarya was introduced by a contact to an illicit marketplace that was used as the liaison between the shanty towns’ shady trades, and the gated elites of the capital. Hidden in the abandoned dungeons of the old guard post, the Grey Market was only accessible by two specific entry points. One was a secret stairway that led to a fancy tavern inside Malgoren, the front of the whole operation. The city authorities thought that the former guard post was sealed and the dungeons collapsed, but criminal guilds had secured this ancient access and maintained the underground for their own use. The second access was much cruder, at the image of the community that used it. The passage leading to the slums was nothing but a wide crevice in the outer wall, large enough to allow single file passage to the malnourished young smugglers that used it daily. It was through this narrow slit, unknown to the guards, that contraband entered and left the city. When she learned the existence of this secret passage, Sarya’s mind went into motion, slowly building up an angle through which she could leverage this new connection. With the street urchins and petty thieves always getting caught outside in the slums, she realized that she more than simply experienced. She was safe, she was worthy of trust. Stolen goods were always in demand, and she happened to be the single stable element of the pickpocket world of outer Malgoren. Using her unparalleled reputation amidst the orphans and other thieves of the slums, Sarya began to buy most of the valuables that were taken in the shanty towns, and began moving them inside the Grey Market, introducing herself to all the resellers and some wealthy costumers in the dimly light stands of the illicit trading zone. Before long, she turned herself into the fence through which most of the stolen goods of the street reached the best buyers. She went by the alias of the Weasel, and she quickly realized that she just slithered inside the farmer’s granary. There was wealth to make for herself, and for the first time of her life, Sarya’s began to see a future for herself away from the squalor of poverty. Chapter 2 : filling the role It took only a few weeks for Sarya to begin to feel a drastic change in her lifestyle from her time as a street pickpocket. She was now turning a bigger profit than ever with much less work and risk, and with all this newfound wealth came new possibilities. The first thing the young fence did was to buy herself some fancy stolen clothes in the Grey Market, so she could begin to hide her modest origins and appeal to wealthier and more lucrative customers. Unfortunately, it appeared that the wealthy were of more well-fed proportions than the slender young woman. When Sarya finally found what she thought were clothes of the appropriate sizing, clothes she knew came from the carriage of a wealthy noble maiden of her age, the young and ambitious fence found that she was floating in the blouses and the dresses, and that the belt would simply slip off her narrow hips. The shapely young woman could fill the bust of her clothes decently enough, but her flat stomach and wasp-like waist were clearly much thinner than the midsection of the healthy urbanite she got the clothes from. The well fed noble girl certainly had a feminine softness around her tummy, while Sarya’s belly was as lean as it could be, making it easy to see her feline muscles flex under the skin anytime she moved. Unable to find anything of her size, the pretty criminal mastermind was forced to accept these awkwardly loose garments for a time, using the least grimy parts of her former pickpocket attire to keep everything from falling off her thin figure. She eventually came to the conclusion it was good enough for the current times, until she secured the fake papers needed to travel past the Grey Market and walk in Malgoren’ streets like a regular citizen. Sarya initially thought that once she could move inside the city, she would get herself something more fitting at a real tailor shop, even if she doubted she could afford such luxurious fabrics somewhere legit. Truth was, before she even left the Grey Market with her false papers in hand, she had completely forgotten these clothing issues, for she was filling her dresses quite elegantly. Since her shift of occupation from thief to fence, a few things changed in Sarya’s life, and the effects of those changes took some time to show. It was very subtle at first, subtle enough to leave the busy young woman unaware, but there was no hiding it for anyone that took attention; the Weasel was gaining weight. It appeared that spending your days darting through crowded marketplaces and rushing into alleyways to escape your victims involved a decent amount of exertion. While she used to jump over carriage, to run around the busy shops, and to climb on roofs to get good vantage points for nice targets, the former pickpocket’s intense exercise regimen had devolved into nothingness. Sarya’s new career replaced all of this workout with hours sitting in the shanty towns’ inns, waiting for stolen good drops by countless orphans and petty thieves. Even if her schedule was pretty busy, all this time spent sitting in inns and taverns also meant that the perky brunette was snacking quite a lot, if only so to keep up appearances. As former street urchin, she had spent most of her time on the brink of starvation. Her metabolism wasn't used to that much fuel with so little need for it, and her body quickly began stockpiling the goods all over her figure. The first things most people noticed were how her face looked healthier and her skin more radiant. Sarya always had been a pretty girl, but this newly well fed lifestyle transformed her into a real head turner for the modest folks of the shanty towns. Her warm smile was beginning to display a small dimple at the corner of her lush lips, which was most charming, everyone would agree. It was also pretty obvious to anyone that the already well developed bosom of this gorgeous girl was growing more luscious with each passing day. From the alluring and perky grapefruits the shapely thief used to leverage for her crimes, she was now beginning to support small melons, to the point her dresses were stuffed to the brim at the level of her chest. Her voluptuous charms were already testing the limits of the seams on her side, and forcing the charismatic fence to wear her blouses open at the top, at the great enjoyment of many tavern regulars, and a few very curious inn maids. But Sarya sizeable bosom wasn’t the only thing to grow. Her formerly slender figure was thickening at a quick pace, even if she didn’t really noticed the changes. If she wasn’t so busy planning her stellar rise into society, the curly haired rogue would have felt her body soften and get plumper ounce by ounce. When she removed her clothes before bed, she would have noticed that the toned and lean stomach she once had was now softer and slightly curving out, even when it was empty. She would have noticed how she could no longer quite see the lines of her abdominal muscles under the skin, how it all seemed blurred by a layer of plump flesh that would give slightly under the touch. She would have most certainly noticed how her hips and rump were fleshing out, and how they now swayed sensually when she walked. Apart for this, her thighs no longer had a visible gap between them, and they started to look quite round, like overstuffed sausages at the butcher’s market. Still, she didn’t noticed the changes, only looking at herself through the more and more appealing lenses of others, the ones constantly complimenting the young buxom lady for her elegant attire and her feminine looks. The dresses and clothes she used to struggle to keep on her bonny shoulders and narrow hips were now well-fitting, if not a bit snug around the chest and the bum. The former pickpocket was now supporting the figure of a pampered rich damsel, and was enjoying her well-endowed curves without second thoughts. Yet, there was a few among her thievery crew that were beginning to snicker behind her back, making fun of the well-fed looks and overindulgence of the one that used to be the best among them. They all knew very well what these ripe melons, soft hips, and thickened waist meant; the Weasel was off the thievery business, and they were pretty sure there was no coming back for her. More than a few toast were made at the departure of this mighty competitor, but not that Sarya knew. Chapter 3 : slender no more The day Sarya learned that her false papers were ready, she finished to put her business in order and prepared to move inside the city for good. She had been setting up a network of suppliers that would bring stolen goods in through the Grey Market, where she planned to keep buying and reselling the merchandise at a more permanent storefront. She was prepared to rent a room at the Three Calices, the wealthy tavern that was acting as front for the underground marketplace, but her goal was to find herself a real propriety inside the city walls, and escape permanently the squalor and poverty of her youth. She had everything well figured out, and Sarya was confident that her rags to riches story was all but written. The Weasel could disappear, lingering as a legend of the underworld, while Sarya would enjoy the respectability of wealth. As she made her way through the slums toward the secret passage in the walls, Sarya had to be careful not to draw too much attention. If she once could slip through the crowd unnoticed, the young buxom ex-thief was now pretty difficult to ignore for any onlooker. Her fancy dress displayed a cavernous cleavage that bounced in a wave-like motion at each and every step, while her broad and shapely hips swayed like a pendulum, her round and abundant bum firmly pressed against the taunt green fabric. Many eyes were glued to her curves, and she made more than a few head turn. She even noticed a few dim-witted cutpurses and street urchins begin to trail her like she was some kind of plump prey, before they eventually realized this voluptuous damsel was in fact the Weasel, an ill-advised target if they wanted to stay in business. Despite the additional difficulties of blending in with a figure of such well-endowed proportions, Sarya eventually managed to reach the narrow crevice in the wall through which the undesired such as herself had to enter the Grey Market. She hadn’t used it in two weeks, as she was waiting for her plan to unfold. If everything went as planned, it would also be the last time she had to use this illicit route, since her papers would allow her to go through the gates like the merchant class and the legal citizens of the capital. Sarya was eager to leave this lowly access behind her, especially as she noticed it wasn’t as practical to use as she remembered. The first times she used this clandestine route, she could walk through the crevice without any problem, even while carrying large bags of stolen goods from her illegal activities. Her slender waist and narrow hips wouldn’t even brush the edges of the slim gap in the stone. At worst, she remembered needing to shift her shoulders slightly to slip through the tightest part of the passage, and it was more a precaution than a real necessity. Her body was thin and nimble, capable to slither in much more cramped spaces than that. With a flat and toned stomach and modest curves, she was no different than any of the scroungers that were used to walk this path. As Sarya stood right in front of the secret passage, it seemed it was no longer the case. When she tried to step in the crack, Sarya felt her well-padded hips bump softy against the edges, causing her to bounce back with a confused look on her face. She noticed not without some surprise that her womanly hips were now slightly wider than the opening, and she was forced to slip sideways to manage to get inside the crevice. Even then, she noticed with increasing confusion that her body was too thick to move in the confined space without some issues. She could very clearly feel her large bum brush against the wall behind her, while her heavy bosom slid against the stone in front of her. It wasn’t like she had to squeeze her body or get constricted in any ways, but she was feeling very claustrophobic navigating this dark and cramped path. Even moving sideways, she was taking more space than she used to when she was her former much more slender self. She had to be very careful not to damage her dress, as she could sometime feel the fabric scrape against the rough stone. In a rare moment of self-consciousness, Sarya moved a hand to her stomach, noticing for the first time how it was curving outward significantly, and how its flesh was giving under her trembling touch. She really had gotten soft, she thought. If the rate of her weight gain should have worried her, Sarya’s mind quickly forgot how vulnerable and helpless she had felt in the narrow tunnel. As soon as she got through and entered the Grey Market, her large bosom popping through with a hearty bounce, the plump damsel dusted herself with a sigh of relief and mentally wished farewell to this slim crevice. It mattered little how constricted and uncomfortable she felt moving her lush figure through this passage, for she obviously would never have to use it again. There was absolutely no reason for her to worry about her newly developed curves. A well-fed physique suited her better, anyways. Her new papers now firmly in hand, the overfed ex-thief prepared herself to climb the flight of stairs that was separating her from the inside of the forbidden city. For the first time, Sarya was about to discover the world of the privileged, and she was eager to taste what this world had to offer. A ravenous smile stretched her plump lips, a dimple appearing at the corner of her lush mouth. She was ready.
  16. "I'm very thrilled about the upcoming wedding this week" A man said talking to a young girl zoning him out looking toward the window instead. "Erika are you listening to me" The blonde girl turned to look back at him smiling. "Sorry father, I guess I just have a lot on my mind lately" Erika said. The girl that sat in her chair was the princess of the Spark Kingdom. Erika had blonde locks that reached her shoulder blades framing her cute angelic face. Her breasts were perky and full in her blue gown having decent cleavage for a young maiden. The bottom that sat in her chair was soft and plentiful. The girl's legs were toned and yet full at the same time. Erika rested her thin arms on the chair's sides as her delicate hands went to her lap. "Ah, I get it, are you nervous about marrying prince John. I know it will be nerve racking at first, but things will work out. Once you marry him your life will become so much better and amazing you'll see" The king smiled. "Yeah, thanks for the support father" Erika said sarcastically looking slightly annoyed. "Of course dear, I know it will work out. I arranged it in the first place because I know what's best for you, now get some rest. Your going to be very busy soon. Good night" The king said walking out fast. Erika turned to look at her window again and sighed resting her head on her arm. Erika was going to marry in the next few days and the stress was setting in fast. It was arranged by her father King Harry because he always made all the decisions for the girl through out her whole life. Ever since she was a baby he was very protective of her. To this day she mostly grew up inside the castle and had only gone outside a handful of times in the past. He would say that assassins or bandits could kidnap her if she went out. He told her the world was a scary place and that staying in the castle was the safest thing to do. The princess listened to him for these 18 years she's been alive and now Erika was starting to have some regrets. The truth was she hated being stuck in the castle all day. The girl read books in the library growing up about the different animals and landscapes that could exist in the world. Erika had never left the kingdom her father rules, so she never saw any of these things up close in person. Something she really wanted to see was the ocean. A huge body of water that had no end in sight. Compared to the streams around the castle she was blown away that such things existed. She wanted to get out in the world already and explore everything she read about. The princess thought that one day her father would let her have her freedom since she was an adult now technically. How wrong she was now that the girl was going to be married off to that man. First, did she love him. She only knew him for a couple of weeks so she couldn't form an answer, but probably not. Erika thought he was very egotistical and thought he was better than everyone. Not to mention very snobby, was coming off very fake and not genuine. But she was getting married anyway. She tried to convince her father to stop the marriage, but he told her it was happening so she might as well come to terms with it. Father knows best is a phrase she's gotten sick of. The girl knew the real reason they were getting together. She over heard her aunts talking one day, saying that it was all a political move. If Harry marries her off to John then their kingdoms will trade resource's and give the kingdom more money. Is that all she was. Just a pawn on the chess board of monarch's wanting more money. No say in anything. It all just didn't seem fair or just to the young girl. She was a human being with feelings after all, not some political puppet. But there was nothing she could do about any of this. That made her feel helpless and depressed. If the princess kept defying her father she knew it would only be the hard way. She remembered the whipping sessions he gave her when he got furious. The girl still had some scars on her back. She was a princess and apparently very beautiful according to her subjects, when she did get to see them. Things could be worse as she thought about her rich lifestyle and how much luxury she lived in. She was friends with some of the guards and the commander since she was a child. She also had Krista the head cook who taught her everything about cooking. She was the only person Erika could call her real family. But she still wanted more beyond these walls, beyond this life. There were always less fortunate people starving in the streets according to her father. There are worse things then being a prisoner of your family I guess she thought. At least she wasn't hungry and didn't need to make her own decisions. "Yeah everything's ok" she lied to herself. She was going to marry a snobby prince and based off how he spoke of women as his playthings he was probably going to be the boss of her. It would be her father all over again she worried. She heard about how women where treated in the kingdom. He would hit her if she spoke up against him because god forbid if a girl has an opinion. She would have his b**s and be a mom raising kids all day. Then before she knew it she would be middle aged when her kids finally grew up. Her life was going to be doing things she didn't want to do. No freedom, no will, no wants, just obey your man and shut up. The blonde began to cry as she let her emotions free at least. "My life isn't so bad" she kept lying to herself. Acceptance would have to come sooner or later. Crying wasn't going to solve her problems, but it could make her feel better a little. It was best just to accept that this was her life now. "BOOOOOOOOOOM!" Erika jumped as she heard a huge explosion coming from outside. "What was that" she questioned shaking in fear. She slowly looked toward her window and saw a fire on the castle's roof. There was also stones and wood scattered all over near a huge hole in the castle's wall. "Woah, this is scary, but exciting for some reason" she said seeing the most action in her whole life now. She was worried, but also enthralled by all the commotion. "BOOOOOOM!" Another explosion went off, but closer this time. The princess couldn't see where it had gone off, but she felt it was closer. This is just like those action stories she read she thought scared out of her mind. Then the girl heard a loud thump on her roof and Erika began shaking even more. She went toward her window shivering in fear as in a split second she saw a huge yellow eye ball looking into her room. "Ahhh" Erika jumped falling backwards from fright. Then before she could register what the hell she had made eye contact with the roof of her room came off. She saw the ripped part of the castle fall to the ground as she looked up in shock. The girl was on her butt leaning on her hands backing up from the thing that had made a opening in her room. A huge silver dragon was towering over her room standing on what was left of her walls. Erika all of a sudden stopped moving as she was stunned by the sight. the dragon's head got close to her as it stared at her with big glowing yellow eyes. It showed its fangs and snarled making Erika shiver all over again. Its horns were long on the back of it's lizard like head held by a long neck. The dragon had a slim body all around with two shining bat like wings on it's back. It arms and legs looked strong with sharp claws on it's hands. Behind the dragon was a long tail that had begun to wrap around the tower they were standing under. Even if the princess had been taught educate her whole life, she felt like she was going to shit herself staring face to face with this creature. The dragon's eyes looked at her then the creature's eyes opened wider as a hand wrapped around Erika's waist taking the princess off her feet. As the girl felt herself lift into the air she began to scream. The dragon took flight with her still in its grasp. Erika could hardy keep up with her ever changing situation as she screamed for dear life flying over the castle. When the girl wished to go outside the wall's, this wasn't what she had in mind. She saw parts of the castle on fire and huge parts of the building blown off. She was starting to fade from the shock of everything as the girl blacked out. *** Erika opened her eyes once more slowly as she wanted this to be a terrible dream. The girl wasn't that lucky though as she was still high in the sky held by the dragon's sliver hand. She looked down to see many different landscapes like she always wanted, but wished it was under different circumstances. She was wishing she had just stayed in her room and not been taken by a huge monster. She looked up slowly at the dragon with wind blowing in her face from how fast they were going. The girl had read about dragons a couple of times in the castle's library. They were supposedly nasty beats that loved to destroy towns and hoard treasure. Great now its probably going to keep me in a cave full of gold until its decides to eat me. Now the life with a asshole husband and kids wasn't sounding to bad all of a sudden. Erika noticed that the dragon was starting to lower towards the ground. Closer and closer the ground got until it let go of Erika dropping her a few feet. The princess landed on her side as she slowly got on her butt. The dragon landed in front of her eyeing her every move. The girl could of started running, but thought that would of been a bad move. She took deep breaths as the dragon kept its stare on her. Then steam began to release from its scales all over as it created a mist. Am I going crazy or is the dragon getting smaller she thought. Then she lost sight of the huge beast entirely thanks to the mist. How could I lose sight of a huge beast like that she wondered. This was the princess's chance to get away as she started to get up to make a run for it. Then something began to walk towards her in the mist. It looked like a human to her. Maybe this guy killed the dragon she thought. Then the steam cleared completely as the human stood a few feet from Erika. It was a women in a sliver dress rope. Erika was speechless as the woman approached with the princess landing on her butt once more. The new woman walked over swaying her supple hips. Her long full legs moved slowly towards the princess with bare feet. Her breasts were large and plentiful and made the blonde's look like a child's. Her midriff was flat and slim for the most part, but was soft at the same time with a little slight belly fat around her navel. Her face was so pretty to Erika with yellow eyes staring at her. Her face was framed by locks of silver hair that reached her mid back with horns on top. Wait a minute Erika thought as she took a second glance. A silver tail came out from behind her as shining wings sprouted from her back. Don't tell me this sexy women is she thought gulping. "Can you stand human" asked the woman. "Yeah, I, I just need a moment" Erika said slowly getting to her feet. The girl held out her hand to help the blonde to her feet again. "Are you, you won't happen to be the dragon that just took me from my home would you?" Erika asked laughing nervously. The woman smiled with a her fangs showing. "Yeah, that's me" the woman said smiling. Erika gasped in shock from this as she never heard of dragons being able to change form. "Sorry, I'll explain myself. My species can turn into a human hybrid state you see". "By the way what's your name princess?" The dragon girl asked. "Its Erika" the blonde stuttered. "That's a lovely name, perfect for the princess of the Spark Kingdom. My name's Clair by the way" The dragon woman smiled. Erika looked into the women's eyes and saw those same yellow eye's she had saw back in her room's window. There were no doubts, this girl was the same beast that had kidnapped her. "Well, Clair you can just eat me and get it over with" Erika sighed making the dragoness laugh. "Don't worry, I have no intention of eating you" Clair said smirking. "Then why did you take me from my home. What's your aim here?" Erika questioned. The blonde was still scared by Clair as she could turn back into a monster at anytime. This woman was the same monster that took her she thought. "I'll explain later in detail, but the short version is I hate your Kingdom and want it to fall. That's all. Now follow me princess" Clair smirked. Oh that's all, ok then. I guess she's taking me to her cave now Erika thought. The girl followed the dragon woman toward the edge of a cliff. The princess saw the sun begin to rise as she looked upon a large town with huge buildings made of metal. The whole space was surrounded by a metal wall on all ends. The girl was in awe as she saw how large it all was. Not even the castles size could compare to some of these structures. "Welcome to the city I run. This is your home now princess Erika" Clair smiled. If you found this interesting there's more on my deviant art page Chubbygirls12. I'll post more here soonThe Dragon's Princess Part 1 (wg) by chubbygirls12 on DeviantArt
  17. My bbw girlfriend @BigHotTexan wants to help me make my belly bigger. Watch her feed me my 2nd weight gain shake of the evening (made with serious mass shake mixed with half % half and heavy cream) then she plays with my fat full belly. I get so turned on when I'm full that I of course I can't help but make out with her cute face. 😊😚☺
  18. Hi everyone! This is the first in our new series of unboxing snack crates! Watch me and my bbw girlfriend @BigHotTexan taste test new treats from other places. Have you ever had any of these snacks before? Let us know if you see any of your favorite treats! Xoxo nom nom nom
  19. Version 1.0.0

    Ivy Davenport has a big, rich chocolate cake to share with me.. it reminds me of the cake in the movie Matilda! A big, frosted dark chocolate cake for the two of us to share. We're such indulgent goddesses that we don't even bother with forks, we just shove our faces into the cake and dig in! Like lady and the tramp, we eat closer and closer to the center, and when we meet we share some dark chocolate frosted kisses. The cake is so rich and filling - almost as sweet as Ivy's lips! After chomping into the cake relentlessly we share some of the chocolate toppings and kiss some more.
  20. Version 1

    Reina, Charlie and Ero-Hime get together to take turns tickling each other sweetly through our cute lingerie! We all have different tickle spots, so we take different positions to be teased. Lots of cute shots of little feet, bellies, squishy thighs and more! These babes curves are the kind you see only in dreams.. If you purchase this clip and comment/rate, you get 1 photoset or 1 surprise Curvage Clip for free from me!
  21. I am so unbelievably stuffed and bloated. My roommate thinks I'm a real pig and she doesn't mind telling me so. I don't mind letting her see me like this and I show her just how huge I am. But what I really need is my belly rubbed because it's so painfully hard and round. Hopefully I can convince her that it's perfectly normal as my roommate to massage my giant rolls of fat!
  22. Guest

    Fat feedee housewife…

    Okay, so like, this fantasy just kinda popped into my head: just being someone’s feedee housewife: just a trophy. My soul purpose being there just to be fed, fattened, and played with, till I’m so heavy and massive I couldn’t get out of the house even if I wanted to: till all I can manage is a pathetic, jiggly waddle. That doesn’t sound half bad… thoughts?
  23. Sasha is tired of being fat, and Oxy is tired of healthy eating and training. My second story is about freshman girls falling in love with each other and about the changes in their bodies. As last time, I apologize for possible grammatical errors and I will be glad to receive feedback. Toned roommate no more By the age of 18, Sasha knew for sure that she preferred girls, she was never interested in guys. There was only one factor that upset her and did not allow her to feel confident before leaving for university. Sasha was fat. Not "chunky" or "plump", but fat. 85 kilograms (187 pounds) with a height of 165 centimeters (5 foot 5 inches). There are bigger girls, for sure, but the flabbiness, the complete absence of muscles on her soft body made it possible to identify Sasha as a fat girl. And how will she find a girlfriend at uni with such a weight? The fault, of course, was her parents. Unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle with constant lying in front of the TV have done their job. Mom, dad, and older brother were all even fatter than Sasha. After leaving them, the girl promised herself to lose weight. *** It was the end of August. Sasha was the first to move into the dorm room, not knowing who her roommate would be. She was bending over, putting things away in the bedside table, when she heard a mocking voice behind her: – These shorts look so good on you, honey. You have such a cute ass in them! Sasha, blushing, turned around. She saw in front of her the girl she would like to become herself in her dreams. About her height, bronze tan, mischievous eyes, a beautiful face and an incredibly athletic, pumped-up body. Muscular arms, small, toned breasts, well-defined abs and slender legs. – I'm Oksana, but you can just call me Oxy, – said the beautiful girl. – And I'm Sasha. Are you my roommate? – You catch it on the fly, honey. – Don't call me honey, please, – Sasha begged. –Whatever you say, dear, – Oxy smiled. "Is she flirting with me?" thought Sasha. Then she answered herself: "Don't be silly, what chance is there that she's a lesbian and at the same time she likes fatties." *** It soon became clear that Oxy, despite her athletic figure, likes to eat and lie in bed, and almost does not do sports. –My parents got me so sick, – she shared, munching on a sandwich smeared with a thick layer of Nutella. – They sent me to sports all the time and counted every calorie. Finally, I'm going to take a break from them here. –Mine, as you can see, have also worked on my figure, – Sasha replied, patting her fat belly. – Don't worry, Sasha, you're very nice. Besides, now plus-size girls are back in trend. –Well, let's hope so, – the fat girl sighed. – So, about sports. You know, Sasha, I'm not against sports, – Oxy continued. – But as a spectator. With beer and chips, watching football is for me. But shedding seven sweats in training is in the past. –You'll get fat, – Sasha smiled. –Well, let it be, – Oxy replied, making herself a new sandwich. *** The changes in the girls' figures were not long in coming. Sasha was losing weight by following a diet and doing sports. She was feeding Oxy all the junk food that attracted her so much – her roommate ate it with pleasure. Soon the abs of the former athlete became a memory, giving way to a soft tummy. Sasha, on the contrary, was rapidly losing weight. At the end of November, just three months after they met, Oxy asked Sasha to lend her clothes. – I've already outgrown all my own, except for sweatpants and what stretches, – she said, poking her small, but already noticeable belly. "Why does this excite me so much?"– thought Sasha. "I've never liked chubby girls!" The pause dragged on. Sasha finally came out of her dreams and lent her roommate the clothes that became too big for her after losing weight. It was also too big for Oxy, but it only made her happy: – Thank God, I'm not as fat as you yet. Sorry, no offence. "Not as fat as I was in September," Sasha corrected her in her mind. "We're about the same weight now." *** A month later, by the end of December, Oxy had gained more weight, and Sasha had lost weight. It was now obvious that Oxy became the fatter roommate. Sasha's weight was 63 kilograms (139 pounds) – not yet slim, but not nearly as fat as she was. She didn't know Oksana's weight, but assumed that it was about10 kilograms (22 pounds) more. They were lying on their beds opposite each other and looking at screens of their phones. Sasha installed Tinder and was determined to finally find a girlfriend after losing weight. Suddenly, Tinder offered her an Oxy profile. – Are you a lesbian? – Sasha exclaimed. Oxy put the phone away and looked at her carefully. –Well, yes, – she said after a pause. – Have you ever seen me with a guy? – I thought you were having insecurities, because you're getting fat, - Sasha replied. – Do I look insecure? Whom do you take me for? – Oxy smiled and lifted her considerably grown breasts with her hands. –How did you find out? – I found you on Tinder. – On Tinder? So are you, too? –Yeah, – Sasha replied with a tremor in her voice. Oxy lazily got out of bed. –Well, if you want, we can try, – she said. – Unless, of course, you yourself have insecurities about dating a fat girl. – It seems to me that you have only become more beautiful, my sweet muffin, – Sasha passionately said, unexpectedly for herself. They kissed gently. *** After passionate but tender sex, they were lying on Sasha's bed and she suddenly said: – Oxy, how much do you weigh? – I don't know, I quit watching my weight as I settled here, – her plump girlfriend replied. – Do you want to weigh yourself? – Will you laugh at me? – Oxy asked. –No, I want to know how much beauty you have, – Sasha replied. Oxy climbed on the scale. It showed 75 kilograms (165 pounds) –Twenty kilos (44 pounds) more than at the end of August, – she said. – Too much for 165 centimeters. (5 foot 5 inches). – I think you look great, it suits you to be chubby, – Sasha replied. –Those were dangerous words, – Oxy said with a smile. – I perceive them as a call to get fatter. *** And yes, she continued to get fat and did not turn off this path, despite the indignation of relatives who barely recognized their recently athletic girl. They tried to convince her to lose weight both during the New Year holidays and the holidays between semesters – everything was in vain. Oksana now made all decisions by herself, and she was completely satisfied with her new fatter body. February began, and with it a new semester. Several things reminded Oxy at once, of how fat she was now. First, her physical education classes. In September, athletic and fit, with powerful leg muscles and excellent endurance, she was sent to a group for track and field athletes. In November, the coach, tired of her growing weight and absence in training, transferred her to the general group. Now, in February, Oxy became so fat that she was recommended to study in a special group with lighter loads. Last semester, Sasha studied in such a class – but now she lost weight, became much lighter and more resilient than before, and was transferred to the general group. The second thing that screamed: "Oxy, you're fat!" were clothes borrowed from Sasha. Oxy remembered how loose her roommate's outfits were a couple of months ago. Now, not all of Sasha's jeans fit on her round, well-fed ass. The ones that fit, did not fasten on her fat stomach. There was also a problem with shirts – they almost cracked on Oksana's big, full D-cup breasts. Finally, Oxy was fully convinced of her fatness by standing on the scale. It showed 89 kilograms (196 pounds). This was four kilos (9 pounds) more than Sasha's maximum weight and 32 kilos (71 pounds) more than the current, much thinner, 57-kilogram (125 pounds) Sasha. Oxy sighed. Losing so much weight is not an easy task, especially considering how she grown used to overeat and be lazy. Besides, Sasha looked at her fat girlfriend with such lust – well, how she could resist. *** By the end of February, Sasha had dropped two more kilograms (4 pounds), reaching her target weight of 55 kilos (121 pounds). That's how much the athletic, muscular Oxy, who now was only a memory, weighed six months ago. In the spring, Sasha decided not to lose weight further, but, remaining at the same weight, tighten the skin, tone the muscles and work on the musculature relief. Oksana, on the other hands, couldn't stay at the same weight – she was too used to laziness and gluttony and continued to get fat. Oxy shocked herself. Portions that used to seem huge to her were barely enough to satisfy her hunger. The light loads in the special group, which would have seemed like an easy warm-up to her in September, made her sweat profusely. Every week she became fatter, weaker and flabbier. And the most shocking thing is that she liked it all incredibly, and her slender girlfriend did too. Oxy now bought clothes in plus-size stores, giving preference to stretchy and loose outfits. When she once chose something tight, she and Sasha almost had sex right in the fitting room. Oxy's soft body in tight clothes excited them both so much. *** It was the end of May. The girls have just passed the physical education test. It was easy for Sasha – by the end of spring, the standards of the general group became elementary for her, as she was the most athletic in her class. On the other hand, Oxy failed all the tests and got credit only thanks to the teacher's good attitude and her lies about health problems. After returning to the dorm, they took shower and ate lunch (light for Sasha and big for Oxy). The girls lay on the bed, cuddling. Now they could hardly fit on it – Oksana took up too much space. Sasha suddenly said: – Oxy, I need your help. – Of course, honey, – the fat girl replied. – What do you want? – I was offered next year to move from the general group in physical education to the arm-wrestling section. I want to practice. Oxy laughed: – Sasha, I'm sorry, but aren't you too skinny for arm-wrestling? Sasha raised her hands above her head, straightening her hair and the fat girl saw something she hadn't noticed before – small but obvious biceps on the hands of her toned girlfriend. Oxy also have not noticed how her own muscles, trained over the years of sports, became weak from laziness and gluttony and disappeared under layers of soft fat. – Skinny, you say? – Sasha said thoughtfully. Her girlfriend’s strong arms impressed Oxy, but she was not used to backing down from her words: – Yes, skinny. I can handle you easily. Sasha smiled: – Come on, let’s do it. Whoever loses in arm-wrestling will fulfill the three wishes of the winner. – Agreed, – Oksana answered in a trembling voice. Soon Sasha showed how to do everything and their hands intertwined on the table. Oxy tried to move her athletic girlfriend’s hand, but it turned out that she couldn't do it –not by an inch. Sasha was in no hurry to go on the attack – she kept her hand in the same position, seemingly without making any effort to do so. –Is that all you can do? – she yawned. Oxy, shocked by how strong her once flabby, plump roommate had become, tried to add more. Still with no result. – Of course, I knew that you had become fat and weak, but I didn't think that it’s that much, – said Sasha. – Try with two hands, fat girl. It was humiliating, but Oksana was ready for anything to win. She took hold of Sasha's palm with both hands and she even managed to move it a couple of centimeters. And then Sasha went on the attack. In a couple of seconds, she pinned both Oxy's hands to the table. –You're a fucking Hulk! – the fat girl said. – Of course, I have become stronger, – Sasha agreed. – I recently called your parents and found out your sports results. It turned out that I'm already running faster than you and pressing bigger weights than you. – Wow, – Oxy was surprised. In recent months, she has been too focused on her own body, her weight gain, and has not noticed any changes in her girlfriend's body at all. –But it's not just that I've become stronger, but also what you've become. – Sasha continued. – My weak, flabby fatty… – Don't say that.... – Oksana whispered. Every word Sasha said excited her. – My first wish is that you get on the scale. You've been avoiding it since the beginning of the semester, – Sasha said. Oxy climbed on the scale, but because of her huge fat belly, she could not even see the figures. Her athletic girlfriend did it for her. – 112 kilograms (247 pounds), fat girl. You're twice as big as me. And twice as big as the fitness junkie you were. –I want you, my love, – Oxy exhaled. – Patience, honey. Before that, I want my second wish. I want to look in the mirror with you. They had a large full–length mirror in their room - however, Oksana had become so fat that they could not fit together in it. –Look at me, Oxy,– Sasha said. – This is what a real dedication looks like. I was flabby, weak fat girl and turned myself into a muscular athlete. And what did you do at that time? – I got fat, – Oxy replied. – Yes, that's right. You buried your athletic body under kilograms of soft fat. Just look at how much fat you have on, here (Sasha slapped her girl's fat ass, which sent waves all over Oksana's body), here (Sasha slapped her fat belly) and here (Sasha lifted her thick breasts with her hands). – That's because all I do is lie down, eat, drink beer and get fat, – Oxy moaned. – You have turned from the best athlete in the dorm into the fattest girl of the dorm, – Sasha whispered. – My fat, soft, weakling. Remember what you said to me when we first met? – That you have a cute ass in these shorts. – Yes, but now you can’t fasten these shorts if you want, they won't even fit on your fat thighs, – said Sasha. – Do you want me to try it on? – Oxy asked. – No, later. I'll fuck you properly first. *** After sex, they were lying and hugging again. Oxy asked: – Have you already chosen the third wish, honey? Sasha smiled: – I'm torn between making you try on these shorts and feeding you a bucket of ice cream. – I definitely prefer the second option, – said the fat girl.
  24. (Fat chat, WG denial, teasing, belly jiggles, lotion, POV) Kelli's visiting and chatting with her friend Candice (@MissSugarPlumpFairy), when her recent weight gain comes up. At first, Candice teases Kelli for blowing up so much since the last time she saw her, however it soon becomes apparent that she's actually attracted to Kelli's fattening body. At first, Kelli denies that she's put on any weight, but as Candice teases and jiggles her soft bloated belly, she starts to see what she's talking about! Candice eventually decides to rub lotion all over Kelli's huge belly which makes it look even fatter and gives her a perfect excuse to sink her hands into her soft body and jiggle all her new fat. At the end of the clip, we see Candice's POV as she looks up at Kelli and her enormous gut 🥵 Watching Kelli play with her fat from that low angle really shows how much of an faaaat piggy she's become 😍
  25. Cyber Week Sale 20% off all clips Originally $3.99 Now $3.20 This has been building for quite a while, I know we can both feel the tension. You've been wanting to gain for a while but you just haven't found the right feeder yet and you're a bit nervous. That's ok sweetheart, it's totally ok. I'm here to help you, I've been waiting for the day when you finally gave in. Let me guide you through your gain. I'm about to make you my very good girl feedee. I've gotten myself this fat, so trust me you in very good hands. Prepare to surrender to my goals for you. I think we're going to have a very fun time together babe, I can't wait to see where things go. I've always wanted an obedient little feedee. ****Clip features: female feeder, lesbian feeder, mommy feeder, gentle feederism
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