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  1. Hey Lovlies my content is on hold for a little bit I blew out my knee and have a serious chest infection. I will try as I get better to fill my belly full of food fr you ❤

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    2. MintCAT27


      Bless... get better!xx

    3. Jordan


      Hope you get better soon 😘

    4. grateful


      Please rest and pamper yourself!  ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Stuffing my face with some gooey cheesy poutiné


  3. Hey Lovlies I will get new material up soon❤ life got a little crazy I adopted a fur babe she was very niglected and now found a forever home give Mav some love💜🥺🥰IMG_20200111_232806_439.thumb.jpg.e5bdbe6641678d14371c32747af82d76.jpg

  4. My lovelies please let me know what you might want too see so I can please you as my viewers 💎

  5. Here are some more pictures for my lovelies 20200107_002034.thumb.jpg.ee4e2a8f450c0203c9a4eebfdf01bcfd.jpg20200107_002126.thumb.jpg.140182124ab7cb5e4461afec33a0ec98.jpg20200107_002058.thumb.jpg.462101b86e517c1f0d1abb5e018350f4.jpg20200107_002152.thumb.jpg.6b15f7f116589a6d3316eb357be04fec.jpg20200107_002359.thumb.jpg.45b4b37162d6a23ca636b63dcfd1171a.jpg20200107_002315.thumb.jpg.4596efe3697c652597feba335d27c62a.jpg20200107_002518.thumb.jpg.71ef9ef45f26bfa795103ac5bae53f4e.jpg20200107_002455.thumb.jpg.1b13b3dd53d713a0c71d17bb0e823cfc.jpg20200107_002730.thumb.jpg.2f64e937b8ad75ffc0c7b6f23c3d2b7f.jpg meow 🐆

    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Jeans and top are looking so hot on you.

    2. SVegan


      Sexy 💗💖💖💘💘❤❤❤❤❤💋👄😍😍😍

  6. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the curviest of them all 💎20200107_001547.thumb.jpg.4f50c4a82df70a1d6036122e16fbbad5.jpg20200107_001413.thumb.jpg.c6667568b9f753ad37b38e52650df47f.jpg20200107_001956.thumb.jpg.08e13d9e791420bd280209f4412becfd.jpg20200107_002007.thumb.jpg.3e43e0167f0843a55bfe88ab84fdb2a3.jpg good morning Lovlies. 20200106_234644.thumb.jpg.14b70d4ddb9cf25363bde86bd9483215.jpg



    1. fritz256


      Mirror says: "That would be YOU!"

    2. BigDaddy03


      So hot and sexy

    3. SVegan
  7. As requested some of you Lovlies wanted to see more bananas full video of me Eating a Banana coming soon.❤🍌🤤


  8. A clip of me stuffing with some pogos full video coming soon. 

    Screenshot_20200107-201550_Video Player.jpg

  9. 3 pogos all on my mouth, some hiccups and belly rubbing


  10. Loving myself in the mirror❤


  11. My first time😋


  12. Hi my Lovlies I have some new fun pics for you 20200107_002802.thumb.jpg.7d6cdddc27087f02ed68f8794b93a59e.jpg20200107_002749.thumb.jpg.c9962505c2e1bbca5db9ea2e5f39198b.jpg20200107_002359.thumb.jpg.7ca2f38b32f1198eac004e6bb6d6283b.jpg

    1. padroid77


      A queen is born! 

    2. romeos92


      you will become top models here when you'll get much bigger...cant wait to see you that

    3. SVegan


      You are a very sexy lady. 

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