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    women who can eat a lot, women who loves to stuff their bellies,
    eating very large portions, belly stuffing to the bursting point

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  1. Ideal to wear for a stuffing-event - your belly can expand unhindered - and turns on very much
  2. Your big protruding belly is a real eye-candy - You have gotten so much more beautiful and sexy - I love your bulging curves - keep on
  3. What a big stuffed sexy belly - soo beautiful - I love your round curves
  4. Yes, of course happier - keep on - most fat=most happy and beautiful - I love your wonderful growing belly😍
  5. Laura, your big overstuffed protruding belly is amazing - absolutely filled to the brim - but you are looking top sexy and beautiful - I love it
  6. What an exciting transformation - you are now so much more beautiful and sexy than before - keep up
  7. Good work - it´s a pleasure looking at your sweet stuffed protruding belly - keep up - it´s soo sexy - I love it
  8. I see with pleasure your belly grows bigger and bigger and you gets more beautiful and sexy - keep on
  9. It´s a pleasure for me to look at your big overstuffed protruding belly - soo sexy - turns me on so much
  10. It´s a pleasure to look at your big round stuffed belly - turn me on so much - keep up
  11. You are looking soo sexy in your tight pants - I love to see your bulging belly overbording the small pants - turns me on soo much
  12. Your sweet belly is getting rounder and sexier by the day - I love it - keep on
  13. It´s a pleasure to look at your lush figure and your sweet sexy stuffed belly
  14. Seeing you showing and jiggling your amazing fat belly is an real eye-candy and belongs to my greatest turn-ons
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