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    women who can eat a lot, women who loves to stuff their bellies,
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  1. Fantastic sexy your big swollen belly - a real eye-catcher - love it
  2. Always a pleasure to look at your big round stuffed belly - it´s a real hlghlight - you are looking incredible sexy with your lush figure and especially your amazing belly.
  3. Because you are looking so incredible beautiful and sexy with your big overstuffed belly and it´s surely a good feeling being stuffed to the brim
  4. Very good girl - incredible! - your big over-overstuffed belly is a feast for the eyes - super sexy - well done.
  5. Super sexy overstuffed belly - you are looking great - absolutely beautiful.
  6. Fantastic stuffed round belly - you are looking very beautiful and sexy - your belly is a hlghlight.
  7. With your sweet big stuffed belly you are looking so much more sexy now. I love it.
  8. Super sexy! - Your big fat overstuffed belly is a real eye-candy - you are looking great
  9. Love your big fat round belly soo much - it´s a pleasure to look at it - keep on stuffing your wonderful sexy belly
  10. Your big fat overstuffed belly is amazing - absolutely sexy - love it
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