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  1. feedemup

    Weight Update 4

    That is outstanding news. Couldn't have hoped for a better decision. 220 is gonna look SO sexy on you!
  2. feedemup

    Weight Update 3

    Hey Shar, as above, I'm very curious to know what you're planning beyond 200. I'm sure we'd all be chuffed and amazed to learn of any... bigger ambitions?!? You'd look incredible at 250. I think everyone here would agree!!!
  3. feedemup

    Rachel Keller

    She is so completely underrated. The embodiment of sexy curvy. I'm interested in her legs. We never get to see them, they're always covered up. Near as I can tell, they're chunky but not a weird shape or anything. Just more chunk to admire. Anyone got some bare leg action of her to share?
  4. feedemup

    Melissa Bell

    Mel’s Bells!!
  5. feedemup

    Cătălina Ştefănescu

    Whoa. what an awesome gain on an awesome looking woman. The politics of gorging agrees with her, despite her socialist tendencies!
  6. feedemup

    Glorious Gaining of Kelly

    Was Kelly the brunette student that went from being big to really huge? That really was amazing. If anybody has a link to a set, that would be awesome. Update would be the best, but we can't always get what we want.
  7. feedemup

    Gaining High School / College girl?

    Oh yeah, she is phenomenal. I'd love to know how she looks now. One of the best!
  8. Who is the stunning brunette? She ain't fat but damn, she's hot!
  9. feedemup

    Anyone know who this girl in the video is?

    Good god. I don't know, but I'd really like to find out too!
  10. feedemup

    I don't know who this girl is

    Whoever she is, she is amazing. There were pics of her on FF, but someone other than her posted them, they changed appearance suddenly then took these originals down. Shame. Would love to see more of this lovely lady.
  11. feedemup

    Nelly Furtado

  12. feedemup

    Nelly Furtado

    Exquisite! There's no coming back from that chunky undercarriage. Only going to thicken more. And she seems really comfortable with it.
  13. feedemup

    Rebecca Gibney

    I was unaware of that gain, but have always had s soft spot for her. Was it just for a role? Bummer she didn't just carry right on gaining.
  14. feedemup

    Mystery Girl who is extremely hot

    The new profile is of later Shazza, not the very hot chick who was posted as the original Shazzs but then was removed by Peanut formerly known as Shazza. Which still leaves the mystery of the hotty. Damn. Would love to know what she looks like now.
  15. feedemup

    Mystery Girl who is extremely hot

    Where else has she been? She would look lovely anywhere.