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    I love to travel, to read, to go live life to its fullest, i am a huge Rick and Morty fan, i play a lot of games, The witcher included, Triss for the win! Who does not love a red head. I love to cook and honestly i just cant help to eat much more than i should when i cook. but again, by my size you can see i am a good cook.

    I honestly love to read, and aside from the witcher, bernard cornwell and some books from patrick rothfuss i love lovecraftian lore.

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    5' 7" (170cm)

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  1. Before and after! When i used to drink juice and water and now that i just drink coke! 😝😎🐷


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Soja


      Of course, you are the whole fat package! 😍🥵

    3. Tendedsugar


      I want you biggerrrrr😍🤤

    4. AnnaOli


      Make me bigger!

    5. Tendedsugar


      Brb while I get you bottles and bottles of coke and multiple family meals! I’ll have you waddling even more and fatter in no time

    6. Gslover36


      You went from beautiful to beyond beautiful 😍

    7. masonfight


      Love everything and your huge arms! Awesome ruined body.

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