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    I love to travel, to read, to go live life to its fullest, i am a huge Rick and Morty fan, i play a lot of games, The witcher included, Triss for the win! Who does not love a red head. I love to cook and honestly i just cant help to eat much more than i should when i cook. but again, by my size you can see i am a good cook.

    I honestly love to read, and aside from the witcher, bernard cornwell and some books from patrick rothfuss i love lovecraftian lore.

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    5' 7" (170cm)

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  1. if you have not seen my stuffing vídeos you do not know what you are missing. i am doing some heavy stuffing sessions. honestly i am loving it, they have been my favorite to make.💕🐷🐳





    1. Pekito


      Linda 😍, é sexy o jeito que sua gordura balança. Como eu queria te alimentar enquanto eu esfrego sua barriga para sentir toda a fofura e maciez 

    2. AnnaOli


      As gordurinhas @Pekito fazem isso com vida propria! E bem, a distancia atrapalha, mas os videos estão ai pra quebrar essa barreira kkkk

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