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    I love to travel, to read, to go live life to its fullest, i am a huge Rick and Morty fan, i play a lot of games, The witcher included, Triss for the win! Who does not love a red head. I love to cook and honestly i just cant help to eat much more than i should when i cook. but again, by my size you can see i am a good cook.

    I honestly love to read, and aside from the witcher, bernard cornwell and some books from patrick rothfuss i love lovecraftian lore.

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    5' 7" (170cm)

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  1. @bust9111Β seeing this montage of myself, i ended up thinking and reminiscing about how delicious this journey has been, in fact, i kinda have to think that even before i realized i enjoyed gaining weight, i might have gained intentionally but in a subconscious level. Now that i am part of this community, feeling all the love and support that you all give me, feeling this encouragement, something that i have never had in my life, since no one understood why i kept gaining weight and being happy, i can say that the brakes are off and now i feel much more motivated to grow and expand, so, time to grow even more.πŸ·πŸ’“πŸ©πŸ³



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      "The brakes are off"Β πŸ˜πŸš…

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