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  1. Can you guys guess what this is?...A ring light! ...yess..this girl is taking this whole thing seriously to offer you all the best quality videos & photos possible ..so stay tuned! 🥰


    Also, if you haven't heard I've gained 2 lbs this week since starting at Curvage 😝 I've been quite the piggy ..posted a new 52 photo pic set last night if you'd  like to check that out, the 2 lb gain is definitely noticeable ..my tummy is hanging a lot more than it used to! ..here's a few samples ❤️





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    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are filling your bra quite nincely. Soon you wil fill it even nicelier.

    3. Ryanbirds88


      such a babe. belly needs rubs the most in this set 😍😍😍

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