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  1. Looking like a well fed princess
  2. Definitely agree with you there. I love a bottom heavy fat girl with a model face. Theres no hiding her plush ass and thunder thighs no matter what she wears. The best new development is that gut hanging out of her dress and I’m sure also spilling out of those yoga pants. I just imagine holding onto that soft belly while she jiggles her fat ass for me
  3. Erica has been looking huge lately. Not just that fat ass but also her arms and stomach have gotten doughy. She also just made a post about struggling to accept her recent gains.
  4. I love how amber flaunts her thickness and proudly shows off every new pound as she tries to keep her gut from popping out. Amber is so soft and thick I would love to show off that blue ribbon pig in any of the tiny outfits she is always letting her fat ass hang out of
  5. I would parade her fat ass around
  6. Love how she’s in front of multiple plates of food, you know in real life this is a trophy wife who got spoiled and just pilled on the fat and just walks around jiggling and shaking getting fat transfers to add to her giant ass
  7. God she looks so plump. Really appreciate you’re time. Love to see this thick girl cross the threshold
  8. Goddamn ellana’s been getting big. She’s living every fat girls dream. Being a model in LA and eating whatever she wants
  9. Irl this girl has one of the biggest heaviest and softest corn bread fed asses you’ve ever seen. She loves showing off her thickness and loves that she can eat whatever she wants and guys still find her attractive
  10. God she looks hot fat. And yea all these insta thots try and hide their chub
  11. Hey community, if anyone wants to make my Christmas wish come true morph this thick queen into a bbw
  12. Hey community, if anyone wants to morph this thick girl I know I bet she would make a sexy bbw. She loves to eat rich foods and drink liquor while lounging around on that plump ass.
  13. Hey community, if anyone is so inclined can you please morph this thick girl into her final bbw form. She’s already looking spoiled and soft let’s see what she looks like once she’s really gets spoiled
  14. Wow thanks man. She looks great. If u got some time check out the other pics of the plump princess maybe show a few steps she took on the road of getting fat for us
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