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  1. I would love to humiliate Erica
  2. Her only fans is a rip off. Donated to this greedy little piggy one time no doubt she spent it on food
  3. I would love to humiliate this greedy thick girl in public. Show everyone what a greedy piggy she is
  4. Miss piggy probably took it down
  5. I love how that fat ass wildabeast looks in that purple bikini
  6. I agree she’s enough of a pig as is. Her intentionally gaining would be a bridge too far. If she wanted to I’d be here for it though lol
  7. And you still want it bigger and thicker. So hot princess you’re gonna look so spoiled when you have a 60 inch ass
  8. Would love to see you with even thicker legs and a big bulbous ass
  9. That’s so hot! No one can resist a well fed pretty girl. Especially one with huge boobs a girl next door face and a big ol booty
  10. How much attention do you get from guys when you’re wearing those jeans? I bet they all hit on the plump princess
  11. You look so thick and spoiled bbw princess. Love how that tan belly looks. I bet guys wouldn’t leave you a lone when they saw a well fed Barbie busting out of her jeans
  12. Ashley being a feedee would be a dream come true stuffing her pretty face and showing off her porky figure
  13. I love this new breed of spoiled fat girl. One that keeps pigging out and transferring the fat to her big booty to show off
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