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    I went back to when you started modeling on here and looked at some of your older pictures. Wow you really have come a long way and you look amazing. I hope you keep going because it seems like you only get prettier the bigger you get.
    Come on honey you can't be throwing away those buns like that you're wasting calories by not eating them. I really loved how fast you ate and how you didn't talk while you ate. So often you're watching video that's 20 minutes long and the woman will eat half a sandwich and then "oof I'm so full". I usually don't like watching eating videos but you put that food away so fast I'd love to buy more in the future just watching you stuff your face so well like you do. I know stuffing is hard for you but you did good. More food more quickly 😍. Overall entertaining video, a bit pricey but I get it. I really hope you keep up your amazing work. I would love to see you but the big 400 before the end of the year. I hope you remember to stay active and healthy, I know it makes gaining weight harder but I want you here for a long time and I want to see you be able to enjoy your life at your ever increasing size πŸ’–
    This is a really good video. As always you look absolutely amazing and you really do look bigger. You managed to keep the video sexy yet fun and light. I can't wait to see what the future holds.
    I'm going to be honest, I am really disappointed there was no weight update. Also the found it annoying that the majority of the video was shot in a 16x9 aspect ratio but forced into a 4x3 aspect ratio with white borders. The content was fine, you're incredibly attractive woman and I absolutely love seeing you get bigger. On this one though I don't know if it was worth the full purchase price.
    A fun light hearted video focusing more on a fun night out rather then being super sexualized. Fun watch. You look great, I especially love that you took out your piercings and now I can see your pretty face better. I'm glad you two are happy together.
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