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  1. Maybe three months.....?

  2. Any update by chance? Two months must've done a number..

  3. I’m back!! I just love playing with my rolls and stuffing myself at the end of a day!!


  4. Got something new for you!!! These wings and bread bites were so so so good!! I love stuffing myself for you! Mini update on my weight gain and what I’ve been noticing lately!! Hope you enjoy:)


  5. Watch me just briefly talking about my weight gain in the last couple of months!! I also added photos in there for you to see too! Life’s been stressful lately and I’ve been stress eating and gaining more and more!! I seriously barely fit my pants anymore!!


  6. I had eaten so much pizza before this and wanted more dessert so I thought I’d film it for you!!! That lava cake was so good even though I was so stuffed!!


  7. I’ve been sooo hungry all day and I finally found some of my favorite foods and wanted to share with you!! Come watch me stuff my face and eat all this food so quickly!!


  8. I’m soooo hungry right now but I don’t get paid until tomorrow and I have no food!! :( I’m starving and I just want to eat so much food...

  9. Posted a new video of me eating more food today!! Go watch me stuff my face and give me some tips on how to make the videos better and leave me a review!! In the next video I will be talking about my weight gain and my goals for this if the video I posted today does well! 
    I also took some pictures for you today and you can see my nice rolls and tummy! Let me know how you like them :) 


  10. I stuffed myself so full today and took some pics for you


  11. Watch me stuff my face with pepperoni pizza! I can’t believe I was hungry again after that big breakfast I had this morning. I ate eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and bagels!! I’ve already been gaining the past month and I’m at 170lbs!! I’m so excited to keep eating a lot and seeing my body get bigger!!


  12. Just stuffed myself with a huge meal. I stuffed my mouth with pizza, chicken Alfredo, buffalo wings, and chips. I’m soo full and thought I would share these with you!! :)88BCDB51-F7AD-4662-8BE6-D06EAB8BE89D.thumb.jpeg.d9f6343cb21e6f86d36632cfeb6672ee.jpeg














    1. thick lover

      thick lover

      It's good to see such a big appetite

    2. nomanisanisland1


      you r so very cute. please make another vid....

    3. cherrymontana


      Thank you! I just made one today! :)


  13. I was so hungry when I made those corndogs, pizza rolls, and the grilled cheese. Im so full now. I can't wait to eat more


  14. Watch me stuff my face with noodles and snacks


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