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  1. Hi Alexandy big fan here. I love your big belly and how it swells up with anything. I also loved your inflation videos they where the hottest if you make more I wouldn’t turn them down for anything. Keep it up and grow bigger.

  2. Love it wish there was someone who let me do this😍
  3. So you’ve probably get asked this a lot so you can use me as a pin or whatever is the equivalent on here to help lessen the questions. Are you going to make more inflation content on here and do you plan to do more in the future?

    1. Floralfeedee


      I can, absolutely!


    2. Floralfeedee


      I have to have alone time, which doesn't often happen, so it may be a week or two, but I will make some inflation fun soon!

    3. Midwestboy22


      No problem can’t wait for the future.😀

    Keep it up you are doing great with inflation videos. Practice makes perfect for getting bigger.👌😏
  4. You inflate real well can’t wait for more
    This is a 10/10 video can’t wait for more of you inflations.
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