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  1. https://imgur.com/a/fDfLV66 definitely getting rounder and bigger. 

  2. Not sure if this belongs here but Seams are starting to split yay!.

  3. Who wants to help a guy gain weight to a ridiculous size encouragement only?.

    1. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      In a positive or demeaning way? Like.

      "Come on. you can do it! Just keep eating"


      "Pathetic, you could do better. Eat some more cupcakes, piggy."

    2. White24
  4. Anyone wanna spark up a conversation?.

  5. Hello anyone on here got stories of extreme weight gain?.

  6. The lightheaded feeling she gets when shes only half way up the steps to her apartment. Looking down and realizing her chest is pounding, her poor little heart bathed in grease as She takes the next step and has to lean against the banister to keep from falling Backwards. She guesses it's time to stop hitting the pub and all the fast food shops on the way home after class each and every day... Or maybe just time to look for an apartment on the ground floor. Maybe She is getting a bit ahead of herself for now though. For now, She still has to see if She can get to the top of the stairs before her heart gives out.

  7. Anyone up for a chat of the weight gain variety?. Or any female feedees wanna chat?

    1. Aris


      Message me too.

    2. James_fig


      lmao good luck with this. I wouldn't hold your breath. 

  8. Can’t wait to begin my weight gain journey.

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